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Magick and Remote Influencing are the best ways to solve all your love, money, protection, and custom-intimate problems when all other means fail. Especially in these strange, hard times.

It’s a proven, time-tested way at PlutoCraft – to find you the best solution to any of your severe problems. And at PlutoCraft, you can enjoy full honesty, integrity and complete dedication to get your Magick or Remote Influencing results fast! This is how I work for over 11 years. Period.

Besides that, I offer you my best-selling eBook A Prayer That Always Works (2-nd Edition) and I am the inventor of the new and improved Kahuna Psychic Disks for protection against viruses and so much more.

Enjoy my other FREE eBooks too and you will enlighten yourself with the Magick and Spiritual knowledge not found anywhere else.

On top of that, I offer you very powerful Psychic Readings and in-depth Case Diagnostics to quickly and efficiently solve all your most desperate problems for the lowest cost possible!

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And this is just a tip of an iceberg…

Come to my Magick Shop for your full discovery of over 125 Magick, Psychic And Astrological solutions for all your needs!

And like I said – I Love quickly solving ALL YOUR DESPERATE CASES ONLY!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: PlutoCraft Remote Influencing And Magick Brings You SAFETY AND SPEED!

Only straight talk and no runaround!

Get To Know Me Better Or…


Contact Me Now To Begin Anything!

I know how to get you results with Magick or other Spiritual means – fast and cost-effective!

Little Proof For You:

Welcome! And No Worries! Because You Are In The RIGHT AND SAFE Place! Even According To ShutterStock, In These Strange Times, A Demand For Magick Grows By +525%.

People Are Seeking Spiritual Help By +289%! BUT! Two Master Cautions Are Below – Devil Set A Very Serious Trap! DON’T BECOME A VICTIM OF BLACK MAGICK!

Guess What? I’m Already Celebrating The 11-th Year Of Serving You With Remote Influencing, Magick And All Kinds Of Spiritual Needs (And Wants! :)))!

Are You Craxing To Learn Some Magick Secrets That Happen, Especially These Days?



Those Who Did It – Suffer Now! PLEASE, Use Your Best Judgement In These Strange Dark Times And DON’T Do Black Magick, No Matter What Kind Of Fairy Tales Those “Voodoo Experts”, “Mamas”, “Papas”, Etc Tell You!

DON’T Willingly Give Your Money To Servants Of Dark And Evil!!! It Does NOT Work Because God And Archangel St. Michael Are At Work – And I Get Lots Of Horror Stories From People Who Did It! I WARNED YOU – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


Because PlutoCraft is successfully serving clients for over 11 years and I am a founder of it – I see a lot of times that some of those evil magicians, voodoo “experts”, mamas, papas, and CHARLATANS are COPYING PlutoCraft and it’s looks, structure, MAGICK SPELLS WITH RENAMING THEM, sincere strategies and tactics for your best intentions and present themselves as “black magick or dark voodoo is not a big deal”.

Because they copy PlutoCraft – they appear to be innocent. BUT THIS IS WHERE LOOKS ARE VERY DECEIVING!

The problem is: USA statistics show that only 0.02% of new websites will ever make a penny and only 0.1% of them will survive over 10 years. That’s why they copy PlutoCraft because I am in business for over 11 years – and VERY successfully!

I went to college in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Western Michigan University to better serve people, I have business diplomas, Spiritual certificates (see below) and other business certificates.

4But those 99% of copycats have NONE – nor do they care of what even happens to you! Want sweet lies – sure, go to them… That’s why they copy PlutoCraft…

But you know what I noticed? THEY EVENTUALLY DISAPPEAR! Just make sure it’s not too late for you.

PlutoCraft Remote Influencing & Magick is your ultimate solution because it flawlessly works for over 11 proven years!

Better read my REAL testimonials (I NEVER USE ANYTHING FAKE, MADE UP OR OVEREXAGGERATED, ETC!!!) – to know that you are at the right Magick and enlightening Spiritual place where the success rate is over 99%!!!

That’s for Magick and Remote influencing – because I work with GOD, Angels and Light! I never sold my soul to the devil for money and never will!


I Reconcile Hard Love Spell Cases When All Hope Is Lost! I have SEVERAL TIME-TESTED, WORKING SOLUTIONS!

And I said this:

“If anyone ever questions at least any of my reviews or anything else that I claim to you and people – I am willing to make a $50,000.00+ bet that they are real – and will be proven with attorneys as well – my attorney and whatever amount of lawyers anyone wants to pick!”

Master PlutoCraft

I Use Magick And Remote Influencing – And Yes, I Like Nice Clothes! I Don’t Dress Like A Clown In Those “Magick Ropes” To Delude People That It Means “Knowledge And Power”.

I invite you to look at my massive collection of Magick Spells and discover how I do Remote Influencing! Here is a little piece of truth:

I bought BOSS clothes only after I truly felt that I am the World’s leading Magick boss. It reminds me to do my job better and better!

It’s like a magical affirmation to always progress higher and higher! And I use French colognes, not those stinky odors with magick ropes.

So, yes, this is me and this is how I truly look. No deception is needed!

With PlutoCraft, You Will Earn Trust!

My Goal Is To Give You Comfort, Make You Feel Safe & Become A Trusted Resolver Of All Your Problems – Starting Now!


If We Never Met Before, Just Research My Website & Your World Will Change Because Ypu’ll Know Me!

Words Are Words, But I Work By Action & Your Successful, Speedy Results-Only Approach!


“I’ve Seen It All In Magick And Over 99%+ Of True Success Rate, Feel The Sense That You Can Count On Me Even With The “Impossible”. Master PlutoCraft

“Prevention is 100 times more valuable than a cure. Reinvent in the front of the need. All of this is available to you at PlutoCraft and this is just 1% of its Magick power!

What’s your move is going to be during these uncertain times? Stop suffering, ignite your pleasures!” – Mater PlutoCraft

By Using Magick, Miracles, And Many Time-Tested Energy Means, I Solve Your Hardest Problems Where Other Means Always Fail!


By Using Magick, Miracles, And Many Time-Tested Energy Means, I Solve Your Hardest Problems Where Other Means Always Fail!


Welcome To PlutoCraft!

Magick, miracles, remote influencing, and other metaphysical help, more often than not, can be the only way to solve a problem.

Be it love spells, money spells, protection spells, or other custom work that you need – I can give you the top 5 reasons (and facts!) to pick me as your Magician and to know that you did the smartest choice – no questions asked!

Before we even begin, let me make it very clear: I am looking for a life-long relationship with you, rather than just performing a quickly cheap service that never works to begin with.

So, if you are considering hiring a spell caster, do any Magick, or you just think words like “Magick”, “miracles” or “remote influencing” – then you must first know the top 5 facts about me.

They will also greatly deepen your knowledge and understanding of Magick.

You will no longer ask yourself a question: “Did I do the right choice?” or “Did I pick a qualified master of Magick science and arts to get the best results which I need?”

Ready? Let’s begin!

5 Fact-Based Reasons Why You Must Trust PlutoCraft With All Your Magic And Miracles Needs

Reason # 1: I Do Magick & Psychic Services Professionally Since 2010.

When I say Magick, I also mean remote influencing, psychic readings, and all other custom solutions that I offer. Basically, what I mean is solution-based energy work.

A lot of times, people just like you contact me with their various problems and I find the best solution which will produce results.

Since 2010, here are my statistics on the number of magick services that I performed:

Reason # 2: If You Need A Love Spell, Money Spell, Or Protection Spell – You’re In!


Reason # 3: I Back Up What I Say!

Many people don’t know, but I am also an author.

One of my best-selling books is called “A Prayer That Always Works”.

And my 2-nd best-selling book is called “Mastering Tarot In 1 Day”.

If you want to see all of my publications, you can do it in the Books section of my magick store. There is also an amazing system that I wrote on attracting a soulmate. Take a look!

I highly encourage you to get my free book called:

“Before Reuniting With Ex-Lover” and

“After Ordering Magick”

Both are FREE!

In 2021, I plan to release 2 big hits:

  • “Remote Influencing Master Course” (already edited and ready to go) and
  • “World’s Best KARMA Bible” (also ready to go)

These two books are just going through the final stages and will be available to you soon! And below you’ll see preview covers.

Reason # 4: I Teach Magick, Remote Influencing & Attune Psychics And Magicians For Massive Power!

If you ever question my power, intelligence, and abilities, I can assure you that you work with World’s best.

Those who know me from back in the day will easily attest to it.

More importantly, be assured that I can even turn you into a Supreme Psychic through my Psychic Attunement Service even if you have zero skills and experience.

I also attune other Magicians for power but that’s not so readily available just for everyone to order because it is more serious stuff.

But you get the idea. You can be very assured that speed, power, intelligence and unparalleled prove is on your side, working in your favor whenever you choose PlutoCraft.

Reason # 5: I Invented The Most Powerful Magick Love Spell That Even I Am Still “Scared“ Of!

Call it “sick invention” or whatever you want, but I outpowered the ancient Intranquility Spell by my own much more powerful Inevitable Change Love Pluto Spell.

Quick story on this one: Intranquility Spell used to be very powerful but nobody could figure out the true secrets of casting it right. It always filed back and I had a flood of clients telling me something like this:

“I went to some xyz, ordered Intranquility Spell from him/her and it fired back”.

As you can only imagine, that’s not fun. If you really want to know how horrifying it is, just read the Intranquilty Spell Prayer.

Now, imagine that fired back at you 3x strong just like any failed love spell always fires back!!!

That is sick!

Then, after helping all these people, I decided to create something much more powerful: a love spell that works no matter what! Zero failure rate. No obstacles can overcome it and no other Magick can break it. Period.

That’s how Inevitable Change Love Pluto Spell was born and you can check it out! It causes an inevitable change!

Reason # 6: NO MAGICK SCAMS!

For over 10 years, PlutoCraft brand is widely acknowledged as brutal honesty, no scams business. No rip-offs. No sugarcoating. I earned superb trust through hard work and dedication to Magick cases.

You can be assured that if I take your case, you will see results!

Thanks to my innovative approach to diagnose your case for an outcome before you pay for it, you can be assured that you will see results!


If I accept your case, I guarantee to perform spiritual services with utmost power, potency, and skill on your behalf. I’m always careful to keep our Magick cloaked and safe for you and your loved ones.

I never abuse or take Magick for granted, and I work with the Universe to bring about the best outcome possible for you!

Get Magick from PlutoCraft for returning ex back, love, sex, money, protection, custom spells, remote influencing, and pretty much everything that you desire!!!

Trust Your Case To A Certified Professional:

8 Magick Questions You Must Know Answers To In Order To Avoid Misconception – Even If You Just Think “Magick”:

Question: Is Magick A Sin?

No. It’s Not A Sin As Soon As You Do It Right!

The devil can be tricky… While others can offer you “help” that comes at an expense of your Karma, PlutoCraft Magick is not a sin!

Why? Because I was extensively trained to employ metaphysical Magick without creating conflicts with God and the Universe.

I work with God and the Universe, not against God and the Universe. I’ll tell you even more – PlutoCraft Magick was tested by time and countless cases to be beneficial! After over 2,000 successful cases, nobody ever had a problem. Ever.

So, think about whom you do business with when you think “Magick” because others can easily take advantage of your emotional state and trick you into doing something very harmful.

I clear people’s Karma after such cases all the time and what they experienced was not pretty at all.

So am I! And I will never trade anything for Christianity.

God worked miracles, gave messages, foresaw things, warned people, and did many, many magical things.

Me and you – we are co-creators. Therefore, the question becomes not about the use of Magick itself – but the right question is WHY do you want to use Magick.

For example, I knew one “very righteous Christian woman” who was passionately asked God to curse anyone who did something that she did not like…

I worked as an apartment complex manager at that time and we did not have old models of telecoms anymore…

When I installed a new model, she began to yell at me and yell that “God will punish me, etc, etc, etc”…

I explained to her that she needs to talk to a landlord if she wants an old model because there is nothing I can personally do.

She began to yell at me “How dare you to talk to me and tell me what to do, etc, etc, etc”…

I just left her apartment and I knew, I just knew that her psychotic state will make her seriously put some curse on me.

All I did is simple protection and the next day, I saw an ambulance, carrying her out…

I felt sad because that’s not what I wanted. But what I did was simple protection as a personal defense. That’s it!

Do you now see that Magick is not about the “system” of getting your results itself – but rather what’s your intent? Is it good or evil?

For example, if you want a love spell, do you want it for true love and a fun relationship or have someone you can abuse?

When you want an abundance of money, is it because you want a comfortable life filled with joy, or is it because you want to point fingers and say:

“Look how loser you are, look at me, look how rich I am, I have what you don’t”.

Do you see the difference? It’s about YOUR INTENT, not the system!

Is Magick Bad For Karma?

Magick Is Used To Heal Karma!

Sure, Magick can severely damage your Karma. There are three main cases when it damages your Karma: wrong intent, not removing failed spells, and doing incorrect spells for your case.

For example, Jenni wants to get her boyfriend back who is in a happy relationship. She finds some “caster” online who tells her: “Don’t worry honey, he will be yours in 7 days” or “His ex put a curse on him”, etc, etc, etc…

In my book “Before Reuniting With Ex-Lover“, I write on how to spot a charlatan. You can read it for free and be armed against them!

If Jenni gets that “work”, she will get Karma damage due to failure to remove a failed spell at the very least.

But I work with Karma very closely. In fact, I have several practices to repair Karma. For example, I use Karma Saturn Spell for the quickest Karma repair not just from failed Magick – but even to correct Ancestral Karma.

Magick in itself is used to heal Karma. It’s just people can use it to cause damages and suffer the harshest consequences.

PlutoCraft Magick is always 100% Karma-Safe and Karma-Helpful – no matter what! Feel happy and secure because your Karma will only improve!

To make you feel even better, know that I am a Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner and an author of “A Prayer That Always Works“. All of that is mainly about clearing your Karma!

My Case Is Hard And I Want Results Fast!

It Will Work For Your Case, Just Drop The Anxiety!

If you already looked online, you say constant complaints that a lot of Magick, especially love spells fail. That’s with simple cases. Imagine if you have a complex case? Especially Love Magick case?

Why do love spells fail? Because 99% of practitioners use an outdated, generic approach.

To save you from trouble, time, and financial losses, I diagnose what is it exactly will work for you and what kind of results you’ll get. I do this for over 9 years

I diagnose with my personal invention – Case Diagnostic and I apply my 7+ years of Remote Viewing & Influencing experience.

What’s the result? I never failed a case as soon as you follow Rules of Magick. It’s that simple! Besides… If you want even faster results, I can easily deploy my invented spell called Speed Magick.

Other Spell Casters Tried It And It Did Not Work. Why?

Let’s Seal The Deal Of Trust!

About 45% of the cases come to me from people who tried other rootworkers, spell casters, psychics, and so on… Not only that – they tried several of them.

Like one of my customers reported that she already spent over $20,000.00 and over 4 years trying to get her lover back.

And absolutely nothing worked! She said that an “unlimited” amount of love spells was cast by all types of “papas” and “mamas”.

After doing a Case Diagnostic, I discovered that the problem was in the customer’s subconscious mind – lack of confidence in Self-Image due to PTSD. I even wrote a blog post about that…

We simply did Uncrossing Spells to remove all the wrong and damaging Magick put by others, cleared the customer, and did 3 simple spells: Crown of Success, Come To Me Spell and Victory Spell.

Less than three months later, she got the long-waiting cute text message from her ex… And you’ve got the idea of what happened next!

Let’s seal a deal of trust between us by this understanding: Magick is immense power and it requires intelligence to correctly direct such a massive power!

Unfortunately, others use and abuse spells trying to get some power. But with intelligence, you can get results in less than 3 months instead of 4 years of complete time-waste and save yourself over 95% in money!!!

That’s the trust and real power of PlutoCraft!

Like I say: you can go and order spells somewhere else but you will still always return to me! Because I work by Results Only Approach!

You Are Popular And Your Prices Seem High.

Ask Yourself: Do You Want Cheap Magick Or Do You Want Results?

There is no such thing as cheap Magick. It’s a trick and an illusion. It costs money to do Magick.

Let me ask you a question: if you have a case, do you want a $500.00/hour lawyer or a $50.00/hour lawyer to represent you?

In fact, a Magician is like an attorney, who represents your case in front of a Higher Power using ancient formulas and an intelligent approach.

And here is the truth: it is much cheaper to hire an experienced professional to do the job right from the first time than constantly waste money on spells that don’t work.

Besides, I perfectly understand you and I do my best to accommodate any budget. And if you decide to do a Magick Ritual with me, you can always pay 50% to start the work and 50% after you start getting results!

It’s a myth that my Magick prices are high. They are in congruence with today’s standard of my expertise and qualifications.

Sure, some may charge you just $100.00 for a “best” love ritual but how is it possible when the average cost of premium supplies for one love ritual can easily run over $200.00 for an average love case?

And always remember: no true Magick practitioner who has respect and authority will ever do your case for cheap because it is Magician’s career! It can easily take over 20 hours to do a simple case if done right!

Therefore, you must agree that you get what you pay for.

Do you now get an idea of how your “work” can be done?

For cheap but completely ineffective or for a reasonable price but with proven results!

Sure, the choice is always yours…

I Am Scared Of Magick

Don’t Worry Because You’ll Be Protected

Many people ask me these questions: “Will Spirits haunt me if I get Magick done?”, “Will it somehow mess up my life?”, “Does Love Magick make him truly love me?” and so on…

People are scared when it comes to Magick and deep down inside, you may feel it too.

Let me tell you the full truth: Magick is NOT a toy to play with!

It can easily cause harm and problems.

It can make you attractive to Spirits and it can cause more problems than you already have. Then, you will have to at least get Uncrossing Spells done! Or even a full Exorcism.

It depends on who worked your case and how much damage it caused.

However… The way I do Magick is with an Ancient rule: “100% Safe For ALL”. All also means you, everyone, and everything involved.

As a result, when I opened PlutoCraft in January of 2010, I NEVER, EVER had a problem. None of my customers ever had a problem.

Instead, people report only positive results and only positive improvements!

Put it this way: over 70% of my business comes from the same customers and referrals!

When people resolve one issue with me, they begin to want to improve their life even further – take care of their financial issues, debt, legal issues, work issues, love problems, sex hardships, become more attractive and influential, win friends and destroy enemies – you name it!

Of course, I always suggest the following:

Rules Of Magick

for better and much faster results!

And here comes a very interesting point that you MUST KNOW – it is about AUTHORITY!

What Does Magick Authority Mean?

Authority In Magick Means: Results Only Approach!

If you want to effortlessly get results with Magick if you want to save time, money, and a lot of your nerves – work with Authority Only Magick Practitioner!

Claimed experience in itself does not mean Authority.


Anyone can write on their website about the experience and how cool they are, post fake testimonials, and take advantage of you during your crisis.

In fact, over 90% of “magicians” on the Internet are simply people who opened up websites but never even touched a Magick tool – and never will. It is simply a rip off business.

Any respectful authority Magick practitioner will publish books and will prove his certification on Metaphysical Arts. Also, doing Magick is one thing but serving people as a Spiritual Leader is a totally different realm.

Here is what I can prove to you as Authority Magician:

  • I have published several books on Magic, Psychic Development, Love Magick, Spirituality, Getting A Soulmate, and Getting Your Ex Back With Magicktopics. In fact, A Prayer That Always Works became my bestseller! Also, Before Reuniting With Your Ex-Lover is the most demanded ebook that I give you away for free!
  • I also got certified as Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner to serve you even better – and yes, I do Ho’oponopono on your case too!
  • Besides that, I got certified as a Life Coach in Conscious, Subconscious, Higher Self, and Surrounding practices to better serve you as a client and to deliver you much faster results! All my certifications are from Doctor’s Levels.
  • Then, besides my numerous researches, developments, and education, I improved the 1960’s invention of Kahuna Disk to perfection! As a result, I now proudly offer it to the public! I make them myself and charge them myself for 325X more power than the original invention.

My Prayers – Use Them Too Because I Lost Count Of How Many Times They Worked Me “Impossible” Magic & Miracles! And My Customers “WOW!” Them Too All The Time!

My Favorite Daily Prayer To Our Father

Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive them who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.

For thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory, for ever.


Cleansing Prayer

Do you want a clearing right now?

If yes, then right now, right this moment, le’s begin cleansing and clearing you from the problems, so Divine Light may start entering you and
eliminating your problems right away!

Simply read and visualize any way you like it:

Oh, Infinite Divine Mind,
Through my beloved Highest Self,
Please cleanse this unit of all negativity,
Both within and without,
So it may be a perfect vessel for
Your Divine Presence.

Right now, right this moment, PlutoCraft is cleansing you and the World from all negativity, transforming darkest energies into The Purest Light. May God Bless You!

You are in a moment and place of power, safe,
and honest spiritual assistance for
love, money, protection
or whatever concerns you may have…

A Prayer To Archangel St. Michael

Since 2012, Magickal vessels (portals, vortexes) are more open than ever, many means of problem resolutions fail harder and faster. Therefore, many people proactively seek the help of Magick.

A powerful prayer to Archangel Saint Michael for defense against darkness, negativity, and problems you may now have. Read 3 times a day while thinking of your problems:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Archangel Saint Michael rituals called “Fiery Wall Of Protection” are also available through PlutoCraft, just tell us what your problem is and we will perform the ritual for you! Click here to learn more.

A Prayer Of A Metaphysical Practitioner To Help Customers

Oh Infinite Divine Mind,

Father, Mother, Son as One

All Mighty God and All the Powers of The Universe,

Angels, Archangels and all the Spirits,

Visible and Invisible,

Blessings and Lessons,

Always, I evoke your power as a Magickal Practitioner, Psychic and your gifted Healer,

To help me people whom I can help, and have the wisdom to know and say “no” to those I can’t,

To heal the brokenhearted, to cause miracles and to be a Divine Blessing to those who transform,

To help solve the problems which seem to be illusionally-unsolvable,

To help business owners succeed super-abundantly,

To overcome all competition, trickstery and deceit,

To defend those that are threatened and to uplift the Spirits of disadvantaged,

To bring love, prosperity, health and protection to All,

To defend and bring Divine Wisdom to those who are deceived and manipulated,

To easily restore romantic relationships that must be restored, and quickly have lovers in joy,

To destroy rusted cages built by evil, shame, guilt, embarrassment, confusion and hurts,

To bring congruence to Conscious and Subconscious minds so they always integrate,

To clear and purify Mental, Emotional, Physical, Astral and Spiritual bodies,

To heal the Inner Child of a hurt person so it always plays in fun and joy,

To cut the Aka cords, remove psychic vampires and all evil so it will be gone,

Let those who chose dark path to be found by God and Light, and be returned,

And let me, through my Psychic Powers, let people know what they need to learn,

To Remove Influence for greatest outcomes for All Concerned!

Let the money people pay me be returned to them at least ten times fold,

Let generosity only grow and grow,

And let only positive abundance appear like a miracle, which always freely flows.

Let PlutoCraft’s customers, members and workers enjoy love, wealth, health, unleashed sexuality, happiness, radiantly laugh and live only in pure joy – because we know, even though mistakes were done – by the power of forgiveness and Love of God, we all deserve it – and even so much more of good – and this is so!

Master PlutoCraft

A Prayer That Always Works

I also create ever-working Prayers and created a product called A Prayer That Always Works

And here is who I am as well with the help of A Prayer That Always Works:

  • I am an author and traveler (currently in France)
  • Practice several styles of Magickal arts
  • Metaphysician
  • Successful in life – I do not “sell” what I am personally lack
  • Teach by example only
  • An authentic person
  • Always innovative and an improver
  • I innovated several ever-working love spells and Inevitable Change Pluto Spell
  • Talisman creator
  • Practice from high energy places
  • I quit a prestigious university to start my own business helping people
  • I love to donate to less-fortunate
  • I collect money in different currencies
  • And there is more… Much more…

Magick And Miracles From PlutoCraft

Psychic Powers And Remote Influencing!

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