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Befriend your KARMA and you are golden! Read how to do it below because 2020 is the year to get reborn again!




LOOK! My Goal Is To Warn You And Tell You The Truth... What You Do With It Is Completely Up To You. You Can Either Make 2020 A Beginning Of A New Life Of Your Dreams, Or You Can Continue Just Like It Was... I Warned You... You Act!


Here Are 23+ New Rules That Magick Changed In 2020 And I Suggest You To Take A VERY Careful Look:

  • Love Magick is in super-high demand because 2020 is a relationship-breaker due to Astrological transits
  • Money Magick & Business Magick is in constant demand because jobs and businesses crash!
  • In 2020, we have another Magick EMERGENCY – Coronavirus! I put a fight against it and WE ARE WINNING due to NEW PLUTOCRAFT KAHUINA PSYCHIC DISKS!
  • Protection Magick is something people overlook in 2020, doing a HUGE MISTAKE!!! HUGE! Everyone should get a least one Protection Candle Spell of any kind in 2020!
  • REMOTE INFLUENCING is in super high demand right now because people come to me when “it’s too late”. Please do yourself a favor: don’t want until it is too late!
  • BIG MAGICK PROBLEM OF 2020:So-called “magick” and “psychic” charlatans (different “mamas”, “papas” from Africa and “high priests” with “queens” from all over the World)profit from victim’s money and I spend over 30% of my time just uncrossing charlatan work and backing them off for over 50% of my clients!It gets annoying people people believe in fairy tails and end up losing tens of thousands of dollars at the end! Plus I have to do the work to back off that harassment and threats to cover the back of my clients! Please, be smarts: read Rules Of PlutoCraft and check out my personally written Magick books!There are two main books where I explain how Love Magick CHARLATANS work and here is a second one that explains their “craft” of trapping you into “money money needs to be paid”.Both books are now FREE as I put a fight against psychic and magick charlatans! Enjoy, be informed, save  money and most importantly – get your results much FASTER!!!
  • People lost confidence and now demand supreme quality Sex Magick, where I have to restore their lower chakras, aura and bring them back on track!
  • But Lottery Magick (Lottery Spells) are doing fine because of the favorable planet positions (JUPITER). Therefore, demand for Lottery Spells went up, especially for 3 Jacks & A King Spell!
  • Real Estate Magick is BOOMING! Great times to “buy and sell” if you know what you are doing!
  • Thank God, compare to last 3 years, demand for Exorcisms went down!
  • One of the most demanded spells in 2018 and 2019 was INTRANQUILITY SPELL! So far, I had only 2 orders for it (March 14, 20202).
  • The most demanded Kahuna Disk is for Psychic Guidance And Protection!SURPRISE: Over 60% of my clients who ask me to get them Psychic Kahuna Disk also ask me to build them a psychic website charged with Magick!As you know it, Psychic Business is an EASY $2.00 PER MINUTE business. And that’s just for reading cards! My rates are way over quadruple!And since I have over 11 years of experience in self-improvement, Magick, Occult and Psychic niches – I GLADLY put people who want to serve others with Tarot cards! In fact, I have books written on these subjects.You may know it but I build YOUR websites from A to Z, I will also drive clients to it! So, if you ever want to get trained by me and start a psychic business making $2.00+ per minute – just send me an email! And I’ll lead the process and do the rest for you – even if you are afraid to touch Tarot cards 🙂
  • Speaking of websites, this business is driven by planet  Mercury, and it is booming! I did a prediction in my newsletter in the beginning of 2020 that ANYONE who seriously starts a website for investing less than just $100.00 into it will see profits. So far, so good! And if you read my newsletter, I explained how 20202 connects to your sexuality.
  • Ok, maybe you missed my newsletter. Let me quickly explain again: year of 2020 is a year of business and sexuality. One helps another! The more you take care of yourself and feel sexier, the more money you have. The more money you have, the more you feel sexier. It’s simple as that!But did you know that there. is a secret candle that takes care of both of that for men and women? It is called Aphrodite Candle. It rules money, sex, sexuality, beauty, luxury and satisfaction. In fact, it is till one of my best sellers and I invite you to take a look why yourself!
  • A war between Good and evil will escalate in 2020. Good all be swimming and unlike in other years – much easier! Anyone who participates – will get huge rewards! Anyone who will choose a Dark Side – I have no mercy for you. If you are  not a fighter, what can you do? Support Good forces by either going to church and burning a candle to Archangel St.Michael or get one here, include any one wish for yourself – and let the other part of elegy go into slaying demons. You WILL feel the power! FOR GOOD!
  • 2020 Magick year is a perfect year to reconcile relationships starting after March 5-th of 2020, while Sun is still in Pisces. At the same time, it is the best time to become a REAL PSYCHIC! Let me ask you a very honest question:
    Can I Make You Psychic?All your have to say if YES!That’s it!

    And here is EXACTLY how I will make you supreme psychic!

    Become Psychic

    Psychics Rule!

    After that, your life will never be the same – FOR GOOD! Imagine how fun it it to sense the lies, hit people with blunt truth, know any solution to the problem and even make $2.00 – $6.00 a minute with overabundance of clients???

    YES, there are really more clients than you can serve and once you get my training – you can work 24/7/365! The choice is yours!

  • The Magick of 2020 can give you NEW LIFE – THE ONE YOU WANT! Here is a secret about 2020 Magick – it is a year of TRANSFORMATION. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transformed.Here are just some ideas for you:- If you are unlucky in your love life, I can transform it into supreme luck.
    – If y0u broke up with your ex, I can transform the break up into a new beginning.
    – If you struggle with money, I can transform it into prosperity.
    – If you struggle with low self-confidence, I can transform you into a loving, confident, happy person.
    – If you suffer stress and all those things, I can transform them into peace, joy and laugh.
    – If you do not like where you live, I can transform your place of living like I did it for me – I now live in Sopot, Poland. And it took me less than 6 weeks to transform…
    – If you don’t like your skin, I can transform it into model-beauty look!
    – I can transform your car, house, even gray hair color…
    – And most importantly, I can transform you internally. All you have to tel me whom you want to be and what you want to do for a living. You must also include AT LEAST 10 GOALS on paper and SIGN IT! Because you will see – it will all be transformed!So, how do I do it? A long time, I came uo with a nasty challenge – no matter what spells I tried, in some cases, they were failing! So, I meditated for good amount of hours, used Remote Influencing, then went to church and I got a solution:TO CEATE MY OWN INEVITABLE CHANGE PLUTO SPELL!It cases a change that is inevitable, no matter what other forces try to stop it! Nothing stops Pluto, my intelligence and secret formula I put there for mass-results.In fact, the more someone tried to stop it – the harder they get hit because their “stoppage” gets programmed into their self-desctuctions.I don’t advertise Inevitable Change Pluto Spell but I do mention about it here and there, like in my blog post “33 Secret Affirmations To Get Your Ex Back”.

    It is NOT an easy spell because it is rehabbing your life around – from health to love, from joy to wealth!By the end, you come out as SUPREME AUTHORITY OF YOUR NICHE AND YOU FEEL VERY RESPECTED. Others will only wonder about… And you too won’t understand how you lived without it become because it’s like being reborn again – but with GREATEST KARMA POSSIBLE – because that’s exactly a part of the process too!Quick true tory: my very cute friend was 23 and could not get married. She was smart, funny, cute, pretty, feminine, loyal, cooked, looked and felt beyond sexy, she was a model – but something wasn’t right there.We did Inevitable Change Pluto Spell and I felt Karmic uplift along with countless garbage… It was nasty and she fell asleep like a baby… Then, 7 months later, she got married to a guy from California! All happy!Nut not only that! Her appetite went to normal, her depression levels stopped and she said “You know, finally I just feel myself without need of weed and alcohol!”Then, she looked me in the eyes and said “I love you,OMG I love you so much… She began to cry…”. Finally, she gave me a kiss that I will never forget and I walked her to the airport security.Lastly, I heard her screaming: “I fuc#g love you!!! I will always love you! I’m all yours! I love you!”… until airport security began to calm her down which turned into an argument…That’s a power of COMPLETE LIFE TRANSFORMATION using my best-kept secret Inevitable Change Pluto Spell!!DO YOU WANT A NEW LIFE OR CHANGE PARTS OF YOUR LIFE? IF YES, CONTACT ME NOW AND I’LL DO IT FOR YOU!
  • In 2020, a powerful year of Magick and metaphysics, one of the worst things you can do is: MESS UP YOUR KARMA!Ok, I will give you a very serious warning: I know it may be nearly impossible to some, but drop ALL your lies to yourself and others, drop all manipulations, cheating, shortcuts, deceit, telling people what they want to hear rather than truth and COMPLETELY STOP BEING FAKE!I mean – COMP{LETELY! Don’t even say “your dress looks so cute” when you do not mean it.What happens if you continue? Well, some time by 2023, some of you may regret you were born, Your subconscious mind will register all the minor lies and manipulations and unlike in the past – it will multiply it with Mars and will add imaginary power of Neptune, by suspending Mercury.But those who will keep the work and will live honestly will establish steel subconscious authority with superb calculating powers, supreme psychic vision and imagination which will be congruent with upscale Mercury logic.What’s YOUR results? INSTANT MANIFESTATION!What’s awaiting cheaters and liars? NOTHING WILL WORK OUT FOR THEM. NOTHING! And yes, they will go crazy. You bet!Here is what to do IF you messed up upper Karma in the past:1. Realize the mistake2. Order Karma Appeal Hearing with Saturn Candle (I do these hearings all the time in Astral World and already know judges). If your sins are light, you need just one Saturn Candle. If your sins involve cheating your wife and friends, you need two Saturn candles (and it does not matter who started first). If your sins are very heavy (betrayals for money, leaving your family in need to party with “younger”, raising your hand on your wife…) – you need 3 Saturn Karma Candle spells.One spell can be done only once a month, so if you order 2 spells – give me 2 months.You must also feel not guilt, but a learning lesson about these sins. Karma does not like guilt, It wants you to learn the lesson, let go and be more productive (do something good!)Don’t worry, we will talk about this more because I am very attuned to Karma and work with it all the time. It is one of the most loving (or punishing) Ladies Of The Sky. It can make your life a paradise or hell. The choice is yours!
  • And finally, last but not least – Magick of 2020 calls you to be Spiritual!What does it mean? It’s simple as that: take a control of your life with Spirituality!Here is just an example:- Discover your passion, something you really wanted to do.But maybe you are scared or you don’t know how.Or it seems “too far ahead”. Having trouble? Contact me!

    GET A WEBSITE! I cannot stress enough how it’s important for 2020 because Universe unleashed countless requests to people with a help of Mercury and is LOOKING for people who will do this – even with zero experience and fear of computers!Even simple website will work! Or let me know and I’ll make you a magical money-magnet website, beaming and looking for customers who are seeking what you offer 24/7/365! I do it for over 21 years!
  • Get sexy and get rich! 2020 is your year! Drop all those guilts and shames, free yourself and begin to live! Have sex, look great and make tons of money – Universe got your covered!
  • Become protected. Either through Kahuna Disk or Protection spell – but the sooner, the better! Evil is still out there haunting ANYONE who wants to progress in 2020. Evil’s agenda is not to let 2020 escalate to the point of supreme job, happiness, riches, sexuality and peaceful relationships. And never reason with evil – it has one and one reason only – do harm! It may even “talk” to you like a friend but then – it will backstabs you right away! Evil has NO LOGIC!
  • Get Your Karma Clear As Much As Possible! This will set you free in so many ways and you will begin to witness real magic and miracles! There is nothing better than Karma is on your side! Let your sins go with Saturn Karma Candles and forget the past! Let Saturn Candles rest your Karma to the point of joy and wealth of all kinds!
  • Finally, either completely transform your life or let me do you the right Magick to transform parts of your life that need attention: money, marriage, school, business, self-discovery, protection against Psychic-Vampites, drying abundance to you – you name it!
PlutoCraft Magick Pentagram

Why PlutoCraft Magick Works Unlike Others While Most Fail?

Because of these secretly-formulated and strategically applied 5 crucial elements:


That’s PlutoCraft Magick – Now Ask Yourself – Do You Want It?

If You Want Karma-Safe Results, Then You Must Say – YES!

Get Magick That Always Works AND That IS 100% Karma-Safe For You! Don’t Play Games! Be Wise!

And If You Are Truly Serious To Hear What I’ll Tell You Now , Then Listen To This: You Must Have Magick That Solves Even Your Nastiest Problems ONLY By The Path Of Least Resistance! I repeat it again: ONLY!

So, therefore, why is it so many customers find PlutoCraft Magick as the most demanded?

And Why You MUST HAVE It Too?

Because Soon, You’ll Know 7 Shocking Magick Secrets Why…

And Then, REMEMBER – It Will Change Your Mind And  You’ll Just Never Look Back Again!

But before we get to this in just a few seconds, since we have coronavirus emergency going on, let me quickly address this issue for people who may need urgent help!

Magick Against Coronavirus And Psychic Protection! PlutoCraft Has The Solution For You And Your Loved Ones!

LOOK! PlutoCraft's Brutally Compelling Magick COMMANDS To Cause Inevitable Change That You Desire - Despite The Barriers And Complications That Exist!

Master PlutoCraft

7 Shocking Secrets Of PlutoCraft Magick:

  • ``Isn't Magick A Sin?`` No. It's Not A Sin As Soon As You Do It Right!

    Devil can be tricky… While others can offer you “help” that comes at an expense of your Karma, PlutoCraft Magick is not a sin! Why? Because I was extensively trained to employ metaphysical Magick without creating conflics with God and Universe.

    I work with God and Universe, not against God and Universe. I’ll tell you even more – PlutoCraft Magick was tested by time and countless cases to be beneficial! After over 2,000 successful cases, nobody ever had a problem. Ever.

    So, think whom you do business with when you think “Magick”, because others can easily take adventage of your emotional state and trick you into doing something very harmful. I clear people’s Karma after such cases all the time and what they experienced was not pretty at all.

  • ``Isn't Magick Bad For Karma?`` Well, Magick Is Used To Heal Karma!

    Sure, Magick can severely damage your Karma. There are three main cases when it damages your Karma: wrong intent, not removing failed spells and doing incorrect spells for your case.

    For example, Jenni wants to get her boyfriend back who is in a happy relationship. She finds some “caster” online who tells her: “Don’t worry honey, he will be yours in 7 days” or “His ex put a curse on him”, etc, etc, etc…

    In my book “Before Reuniting With Ex Lover“, I write on how to spot a charlatan. You can read it for free and be armed against them!

    If Jenni gets that “work”, she will get Karma damage due to failure to remove a failed spell at the very least.

    But I work with Karma very closely. In fact, I have several practices to repair Karma. For example, I use Karma Saturn Spell for the quickest Karma repair not just from failed Magick – but even to correct Ancestral Karma.

    Magick in itself is used to heal Karma. It’s just people can use it to cause damages and suffer the harshest consequences.

    PlutoCraft Magick is always 100% Karma-Safe and Karma-Helpful – no matter what! Feel happy and secure because your Karma will only improve!

    To make you feel even better, know that I am a Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner and an author of “A Prayer That Always Works“. All of that is mainly about clearing your Karma!

  • ``But My Case Is Hard And I want Results FAST!!!`` It Will Work For Your Case - Drop Your Anxienty!

    If you already looked online, you say constant complaints that a lot of Magick, especially love spells fail. That’s with simple cases. Imagine if you have a complex case? Especially Love Magick case?

    Why do love spells fail? Because 99% of practitioners use outdated, generic approach.

    To save you from trouble, time and financial losses, I diagnose what is it exactly will work for you and what kind of results you’ll get. I do this for over 9 years. I diagnose with my personal invention – Case Diagnostic and I apply my 7+ years of Remote Vieving & Influencing experience.

    What’s the result? I never failed a case as soon as you follow Rules of Magick. It’s that simple! Besides… If you want even faster results, I can easily deploy my invented spell called Speed Magick.

  • ``But Others Already Tried It And It Did Not Work!!!`` - Let's Seal The Deal Of Trust!

    About  45% of my cases come from people who tried other root workers, spell casters, psychics and so on… Not only that – they tried several of them.

    Like one of my customers reported that she already spent over $20,000.00 and over 4 years trying to get her lover back. And absolutely nothing worked! She said that “unlimited” amount of love spells was cast by all types of “papas” and “mamas”.

    After doing a Case Diagnostic, I discovered that the problem was in the customer’s subconscious mind – lack of confidence in Self-Image due to PTSD. I even wrote a blog post about that…

    We simply did Uncrossing Spells to remove all the wrong and damaging Magick put by others, cleared the customer and did 3 simple spells: Crown of Success, Come To Me Spell and Victory Spell.

    Less than three months later, she got the long-waiting cute text message from her ex… And you’ve got the idea what happened next!

    Let’s seal a deal of trust between us by this understanding: Magick is an immense power and it requires intelligence to correctly derect such a massive power!

    Unfortunately, others use and abuse spells trying to get some power. But with intelligence, you can get results in less than 3 months instead of 4 years of complete time-waste and save yourself over 95% in money!!!

    That’s the trust and real power of PlutoCraft!

    Like I say: you can go and order spells somewhere else but you will still always return to me! Because I work by Results Only Approach!

  • “But You Are Popular And Your Prices Seem High” - ``Actually, You Will Save Money & Get Results!``

    Let me ask you a question: if you have a case, do you want $500.00/hour lawyer or $50.00/hour lawyer to represent you?

    In fact, Magician is like an attorney, who represents your case in the front of a Higher Power using ancient formulas and intelligence approach.

    And here is the truth: it is much cheaper to hire an experienced professional to do the job right from the first time than constantly waste money on spells that don’t work.

    Besides, I perfectly understand you and I do my best to accommodate any budget. And if you decide to do a Magick Ritual with me, you can always pay 50% to start the work and 50% after you start getting results!

    It’s a myth that my Magick prices are high. They are in congruence with today’s standard of my expertise and qualifications.

    Sure, some may charge you just $100.00 for a “best” love ritual but how is it possible when average cost of premium supplies for one love ritual can easily run over $200.00 for an average love case?

    And always remember: no true Magick practitioner who has respect and authority will ever do your case for cheap because it is Magician’s career! It can easily take over 20 hours to do a simple case, if done right!

    Therefore, you must agree that you get what you pay for.

    Do you now get an idea how your “work” can be done?

    For cheap but completely ineffetive or for reasonable price but with proven results!

    Sure, the choice is always yours…

  • ``I Am Scared`` - ``Don't Worry, You'll Be Protected``

    May people ask me these questions: “Will Spirits haunt me if I get Magick done?”, “Will it somehow mess up my life?”, “Does Love Magick make him truly love me?” and so on…

    People are scared when it comes to Magick and deep down inside, you may feel it too.

    Let me tell you full truth: Magick is NOT a toy to play with!

    It can easily cause harm and problems.

    It can make you attractive to Spirits and it can cause more problems than you already have. Then, you will have to at least get Uncrossing Spells done! Or even a full Exorcism. It depends who worked your case and how much damage it caused.

    However… The way I do Magick is with an Ancient rule: “100% Safe For ALL”. All also means you, everyone and everything involved.

    As a result, when I opened PlutoCraft in January of 2010, I NEVER, EVER had a problem. None of my customers ever had a problem.

    Instead, people report only positive results and only positive improvements!

    Put it this way: over 70% of my business comes from same customers and referrals!

    When people resolve one issue with me, they begin to want to improve their life even further – take care of their financial issues, debt, legal issues, work issues, love problems, sex hardships, become more attractive and influential, win friends and destroy enemies – you name it!

    Of course, I always suggest to follow Rules Of Magick for better and much faster results!

    And here comes a very interesting point that you MUST KNOW – it is about AUTHORITY!


    If you want to effortlessly get results with Magick, if you want to save time, money and a lot of your nerves – work with Authority Only Magick Practitioner!

    Claimed experience in itself does not mean Authority.


    Anyone can write on their website about experience and how cool they are, post fake testimonials and take adventage of you during your crisis.

    In fact, over 90% of “magicians” on the Internet are simply people who opened up websites but never even touched a Magick tool – and never will. It is simply a rip off business.

    Any respectful authority Magick practitioner will publish books and will prove his certification on Metaphysical Arts. Also, doing Magick is one thing but serving people as a Spiritual Leader is a totally different realm.

    Here is what I can prove you as Authority Magician:

    • I have published several books on Magic, Psychic Development, Love Magick, Spirituality, Getting A Soulmate And Getting Your Ex Back With Magick topics. In fact, A Prayer That Always Works became my bestseller! Also, Before Reuniting With Your Ex Lover is the most demanded ebook that I give you away for free!
    • I also got certified as Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner to serve you even better – and yes, I do Ho’oponopono on your case too!
    • Besides that, I got certified as a Life Coach in Conscious, Subconscious, Higher Self and Surrounding practices to better serve you as a client and to deliver you much faster results! All my certifications are from Doctor’s Levels.
    • Then, besides my numerous researches, developments and education, I improved 1960’s invention of Kahuna Disk to a perfection! As a result, I now proudly offer it to public! I make them myself and charge them myself for 325X more power than original invention.

PlutoCraft Magick Blog Posts

ALWAYS REMEMBER: PlutoCraft’s Magick = It’s Your Obeyed Success.

Period. Guaranteed! No “Iffs” And “Butts”.

Welcome To Official PlutoCraft Magick & Miracles Website -
World's Most Authoritative Double-Certified Magician!


Here Is My BIG Promise To You:
I Do Magick With RESULTS ONLY Approach For You!

Magick Is Not A Toy!

Because It Works.

When Done Right…



When It Comes To You, All You Have To Do Is Know That…

Master PlutoCraft Makes Magick To Be 100% Karma Safe…

You Get FREE Psychic Evaluation Of Your Case…

And The Best Part – Speed & Results Are Compelled As Your TOP PRIORITY!

That’s The Power, Expirience and Intelligence
Of Master PlutoCraft And His Advanced Magick.

And Why Experience It Yourself NOW?

Because When Others Make Big Claims, Master PlutoCraft Delivers!

PlutoCraft Voodoo Magick Love Spell – How It’s Done!

So, It’s Magick time! ALL THE TIME!

Now… Ask Yourself…

Why just want it…when you can HAVE IT.
Why just imagine it… when you can SEE IT.
Why just attract it…when you can MAKE IT.

Meet Master PlutoCraft - Double-Certified Magick Practitioner.

Hello. My name is Master PlutoCraft. I am an experienced, gifted Magician, Remote Influencer, Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and gifted Psychic. Along with other metaphysical practices that I do, I bring you fast results that you desire!

My advice to you: when it comes to Magick and life, always be careful whom you work with. Choose with your intuition and logic! That’s all I want to say…

Here are three interesting facts about me that will quickly shows you that your success is my passion:

  • My Magick success rate is 99% – that means if I take your case, you will see results!
  • My Remote Influencing success rate is 100% – and I think it says it all!
  • My Pstchic accuracy was tested at 98.3% in Atlanta, GA… And it was back in 2012…

Now, ask yourself a question: will you contact me for your FREE consultation right now or later?

Better now because the longer you wait, the longer you will wait for your results.

Here are my top areas of expertise:

What Else?

I also create ever-working Prayers and created a product called A Prayer That Always Works

And here is who I am as well:

  • I am an author
  • Travel and life enjoyer
  • Practice several styles of Magickal arts
  • Metaphysician
  • Successful in life – I do not “sell” what I am personally not good at
  • Teach by example only
  • Authentic person
  • Always innovative and an improver
  • I innovated several ever-working love spells and Inevitable Change Pluto Spell
  • Talisman creator
  • Practice from high energy places
  • Scorpio by zodiac
  • I quit prestegious university to start my own business helping people
  • I love to donate to less-fortunate
  • I collect money in different currencies
  • And there is more… Much more…

Now You Too Can Enjoy Magick, Voodoo, Psychic And Remote Influencing Miracle Creation Services With Guaranteed Supreme Casting


From A Certified Magician Master PlutoCraft!

Magick solvles problems where others fail!

It’s a proven fact!

With over 99% success rate that I have, even you’ll realize that PlutoCraft Magick is the best and quickest solution to all your love, sex, money, protection and custom needs! It is the smartest and most gratifying solutiion you’ll ever experience, as soon as you become aware of it’s immense power and it’s law-like working rules!

When spells are cast right, Magick has no choice but to deliver you results because it is a Law of Creation, Law of Attraction and Law of Manifestation – all in one. IT’S A LAW

YES! PlutoCraft Is the Place Where
Magick And Miracles DO Happen For YOU!

And Legendary Psychic & Magician
Master PlutoCraft manifests miracles for you!

Ho'oponopono Certificate

About Master MasterPlutoCraft.

Master PlutoCraft is a Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Magick Practitioner, Completed courses of Remote Viewing and Influencing, Energy Worker, Gifted Psychic with 98% Accuracy, 2-nd Level Reiki Practitioner, Symbol Worker, Practical Metaphysician, Intuitive Problem Solver, Author of several books, Object Empowerer and Distance Healer, Distance Problem Corrector and successful researcher of Miracle Creations. He makes “impossible” – all possible!

Magick Love Spell That Works By PlutoCraft (Relationship Miracle Casting)

*** Time Tested Since 2010! Proven By Customers!
# 1 Choice Of Our Clients! ***

Therefore, PlutoCraft Wins Your Choice!
Anytime All The Time, Guaranteed!

LOOK: PlutoCraft Iron-Clad Guarantee Of Magick Results!

In most cases, I charge 50% to begin your case and other 50% is done AFTER you start getting your results! This way, it is a win-win situation. Since I want my other 50% faster – I do A+ quality work with speed. The faster I get you results, the faster I get paid. Sounds fair?
I think it is very fair for both of us!

The truth is, if I take your case – you WILL get results! 99% time tested and proven! I have nothing to doubt because I already know that if I take your case – you will get results and I will get paid! PERIOD!

PlutoCraft Magick. Since 2010.

Since January of 2010, PlutoCraft provides viciously powerful MagickalPsychic and Remote Influencing services to people from all walks of life. Starting from a poor man in India, ending with corporations of United States, PlutoCraft serves people with love, sex, money, protection. business and custom Magick needs!

Starting with comprehensive Case Diagnostic Service, we are able to identify the root of your problem and find the best possible shown solution with 99.9% accuracy, so you too can have a happy and successful Magick service outcome!

With our # 1 Best Seller Product A Prayer That Always Works, along with hundreds of Magickal items from our miraculous PlutoCraft Shop, thousands of people already experienced the benefits of REAL Magick that’s done right, and most importantly – 100% Karma Safe for you!!!

And if you come here for Love Magick to reunite with your ex lover, I have a free presents for you: Love Magick secret sequence of how spell casting is done right, called Before Reuniting With Your Ex Lover It’s a MUST READ if you want to gain complete, confident and total success in Love Magick Reconciliation Formula!

For all other types of Magick, read my free fun, yet informational and very educational e-book called “After Ordering Magick“. WHY? Because always remember: there is PLUTOCRAFT MAGICK, and there is YOU!

Got Problems? Is PlutoCraft Magick Your Solution?

With over 98% of proven success rate for over five years, I think, your choice is very clear…

Remember: While others make claims, we give facts. Based on the facts, YOU are in control to decide. Let Divine Spirit guide you the right way!


Right now, right this moment, let us begin cleansing and clearing you from the problems, so Divine Light may start entering you and
eliminating your problems right away!

Oh, Infinite Divine Mind,
Through my beloved Highest Self,
Please cleanse this unit of all negativity,
Both within and without,
So it may be a perfect vessel for
Your Divine Presence. 

Right now, right this moment, PlutoCraft is cleansing you and the World from all negativity, transforming darkest energies into The Purest Light. May God Bless You!

You are in a moment and place of powerful, safe,
and honest spiritual assistance for
love, money, protection
or whatever concerns you may have…

Magick Portals Are Now Open!

*** Since 2012,  Magickal vessels (portals, vortexes) are more open than ever, many means of problem resolutions fail harder and faster. Therefore, many people proactively seek help of Magick. But before you even consider to order Magick, I highly encourage you to take time and read my page on

How to Order Magick The Right Way ↠

A powerful prayer to Archangel Saint Michael for defense against darkness, negativity and problems you may now have. Read 3 times a day while thinking of your problems:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Archangel Saint Michael rituals called “Fiery Wall Of Protection” are also available through PlutoCraft, just tell us what your problem is and we will perform the ritual for you! Click here to learn more.


Prayer Of The Metaphysical Practitioner To Help Customers:

Oh Infinite Divine Mind,
Father, Mother, Son as One

All Mighty God and All the Powers of The Universe,

Angels, Archangels and all the Spirits,

Visible and Invisible,

Blessings and Lessons,

Always, I evoke your power as a Magickal Practitioner, Psychic and your gifted Healer,

To help me people whom I can help, and have the wisdom to know and say “no” to those I can’t,

To heal the brokenhearted, to cause miracles and to be a Divine Blessing to those who transform,

To help solve the problems which seem to be illusionally-unsolvable,

To help business owners succeed super-abundantly,

To overcome all competition, trickstery and deceit,

To defend those that are threatened and to uplift the Spirits of disadvantaged,

To bring love, prosperity, health and protection to All,

To defend and bring Divine Wisdom to those who are deceived and manipulated,

To easily restore romantic relationships that must be restored, and quickly have lovers in joy,

To destroy rusted cages built by evil, shame, guilt, embarrassment, confusion and hurts,

To bring congruence to Conscious and Subconscious minds so they always intergrate,

To clear and purify Mental, Emotional, Physical, Astral and Spiritual bodies,

To heal the Inner Child of a hurt person so it always plays in fun and joy,

To cut the Aka cords, remove psychic vampires and all evil so it will be gone,

Let those who chose dark path be found by God and Light, and be returned,

And let me, through my Psychic Powers, let people know what they need to learn,

To Remove Influence for greatest outcomes for All Concerned!

Let the money people pay me be returned to them at least ten times fold,

Let generosity only grow and grow,

And let only positive abundance appear like a miracle, which always freely flows.

Let PlutoCraft’s customers, members and workers enjoy love, wealth, health, unleashed sexuality, happiness, radiantly laugh and live only in pure joy – because we know, even though mistakes were done – by the power of forgiveness and Love of God, we all deserve it – and even so much more of good – and this is so!

Master PlutoCraft

Moon Magick

What is PlutoCraft And Who Is Master PlutoCraft?

Pluto Craft is a place for your powerful transformation. It is your sacred temple for transforming your life’s hopeless negative situations into brightness. This sanctuary has been carefully created to provide you with genuine spiritual guidance and Magick.

Magick is an ancient tool that can be applied to all areas of life for balance, success, and joy. Its mysteries have been practiced for thousands of years by people all around the world, from the pauper to the King. These forces transcend time, distance, and the physical plane. As you probably know, this power is not to be taken for granted or used for greedy ends. Doing so risks very negative Karmic consequences.

The way we work Magick creates a path for spiritual growth that extends further than you know — and can lead as far as you are willing to take it.

NEW! View our Testimonials Page

       Ethical Love Magick. Heal your relationship with energies of peace and harmony, create an opportunity for true reconciliation, remove harmful interference such as jealousy, meddlesome parties, and misunderstanding. Find the love that you are seeking in your life – within yourself and with the right partner for you.

  • Prosperity and Abundance. Tired of working for a company that you don’t like? Tired of living to make money and never having enough? Tired of being financially stuck? Know that you can choose to accept riches, not poverty. We all have choices and opportunities, some of us just need a push in the right direction…
  • Sexual Magnetism. A boost of sexual energy can make all the difference. Whether it’s in a relationship or to attract fun and like-minded partners, sex magick is highly valued for its passionate energies. Imagine what can happen if you radiate sex appeal and become a magnet of seduction…
  • Supreme Magick Defense. Are you under Magickal attack? Enemies giving you problems? Gossip? Harassment? Injustice? Imagine you’re fully protected and in control of the situation as justice towards your enemies is being served. Don’t be afraid to give Karma a fair helping hand — you always have the right to defend yourself and those you care for.
  • Experiencing Bad Luck? Seems like everything you try fails? Seems like you don’t have any options? Seems like people are getting ahead of you? Something interesting is going to happen if you choose to reverse all of that and accept only the positive, what you truly deserve. Removing obstacles and opening roads is the path to success.
  • Tired of Paying Money for False Promises? Did someone promise to resolve your problems or reunite you with your lost lover, but absolutely nothing happened? Did that someone ask you for more money or tell you it’s your fault? You’re not the only one. Wipe away all thoughts of past effort. We have years of practice in uncrossing past work that was performed incorrectly so that you have a fresh start. Then we can work your case the right way!

Think As If Your Problem Already Solved!

Think as if your problem is already solved…

  • From now on you will only accept brutally honest, fully confidential, serious and extremely powerful Magickal help. You should never have to settle for inferior work or false practitioners.
  • Here, tables are turned around… Reuniting separated lovers, working on money and luck situations, doing powerful love and sex Magick, providing Magickal defense against your enemies… Those are just few of the cases we’ve worked on…
  • Remember these words: PlutoCraft is a place where your wishes and desires are manifested into the Universe. I am not here to tell you fairytales about anything that I feel isn’t true. I treat people the same way I want to be treated. I’m sure that you feel the same way!

From Master PlutoCraft

Another Message From Master PlutoCraft

I’m Master PlutoCraft (or Pluto, as some like to call me). I am a gifted Spiritualist and Magician of powerful disciplines, a Reiki Energy Healer, Reiki Magick Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic (Tarot, Pendulum, Channeling, and Candle Language). I was born with Magickal abilities and later in my life I received a strong message from the Universe that it is time to put my abilities into action – help people who come to me for help.

Just like everyone else, I had choices. I chose to study and practice the most powerful forms of Magick, those forms that actually resolve problems from the core root, from their depths, not just from the surface. This is extremely crucial, and that’s what makes the difference between successful spells and failed spells. That’s what makes the difference between spells that last and spells that fall apart. That’s what makes the difference between failure and total success.

As is commonly known, the fuel for every spell is energy. Without a sufficient amount of energy, it is hard for a spell to be manifested. This is the most common reason why most spells fail, whether performed by a novice or not. Not only does a spell need to “reach the destination”, but it also needs to overcome the interference that might be there. What if someone really does not want you to have what you want? What if there is spell work already present there? What if the situation is only getting worse? I don’t just raise the energy once, I fuel the spells with more than enough energy to overcome the actual barriers. Again, that’s what makes the difference between failure and total success.

When it comes to Magick, I like to take an explosive, “results only!” approach!

At least once in a while, every single human being has problems that are extremely hard to resolve and situations that seem fully hopeless. Usually, there is a combination of such problems coming from different life aspects: love, financial, friends, etc. Such a combination can easily lead to emotional crisis and disbalance, which later leads to extreme unhappiness. But thanks to Magick,many of these “problems” become nothing more than illusion.

People usually try to stay strong and seek out help on their own. Some situations get successfully resolved that way – but most get even worse. That’s because during an emotional crisis people don’t usually think logically and clearly – they think, of course, deeply negatively emotionally and bury themselves into even harder problems. The biggest problem is that they output powerful negative emotional force to fuel the problem even more.

However, many life problems can easily and quickly be relieved with energetic corrections. For example, those dark, negative blocks that interfere between lost lovers can be removed, no matter how hopeless it seems, even if a lost lover is with somebody else, and claims “I hate you, leave me alone“. (In fact, very often, that exact somebody else is a byproduct of the exact same block that occurred earlier).

A sickening and stressful energy of poverty can be eliminated and filled with the energy of financial abundance. A nasty energy that your enemies create for you ether intentionally or unintentionally can be turned away from you and sent back to them – with much more powerful force, if you choose so. A strong shield of protective energy and the help of Angels and other Higher Powers can be sent to protect you.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: There is pretty much no limit what can be done with Magick!

That’s the power of Magick. In fact, a lot of problems can be resolved only with the help of Magick, especially if you want them to be resolved in your favor.

I created this website for those people who can’t come and see me in person. I currently reside in the Midwest, but when working Magick, distance has absolutely no relevance.

If you need help – let me know. After I perform a Diagnostic of your situation, I select the best possible rituals that I will perform for you. After I look into your situation, you can already feel my power. I am already beginning the process of cleansing the situation.

I never give false promises just to make you feel better. And I don’t perform vague diagnostics either with equally vague answers. I see what exactly caused the problem and tell you what exactly can be done, as well as how easy or difficult the process is.

Don’t assume that if your situation seems hopeless it will be hard to resolve. That’s very often a false perception. Also, to me, it doesn’t matter how hard it might be – as soon as the Universe allows me to resolve your case, and as soon as my personal moral judgment agrees to do it – my persistence will get even the hardest job done.

I treat people just like I want to be treated. I don’t make up stories of so-called walls of negativity that are around you and don’t ever allow good things to come true. I don’t charge any extra fees for my work, nor do I charge any unreasonable prices. I charge accordingly – for the hours, days, and even months spent on each case, as well as the supplies, energy, and focus required for this work.

I am also not an entertaining clown who tries to make people feel better. From my experience, my clients are usually somewhat at fault for their problems. If you work with me, be ready to accept and handle truths I may tell you about yourself. I don’t prejudge people – we all make mistakes.

For instance, if your lover left you and found someone else because you didn’t give your lover enough personal space while being too clingy – I will tell it to you, just like it is. But I will also help you to bring your lover back and reconcile your relationship, and tell you how to keep it secure again with my future Tarot reading.

I strongly respect people who realize their mistakes and are willing to work on them versus those who always blame others for their faults.

When I work on your problem, I use my experience, knowledge and Magickal powers that are available to me. I have acquired a lot of spiritual knowledge from the Divine, and I am always seeking the best and fastest methods to resolve problems.

A Guarantee From PlutoCraft

If we accept your case, we guarantee to perform spiritual services with utmost power, potency, and skill on your behalf. We are always careful to keep our Magick cloaked and safe for you and your loved ones. We never abuse or take Magick for granted, and we work with the Universe to bring about the best outcome possible for you!
Magick from PlutoCraft for returning ex back, love, sex, money, protection, custom spells, remote influencing and pretty much everything that you desire!!!
Pluto Magick

Get Your FREE Consultation Now!

And start changing all that negativity into happy majesty!

May the Universe bless you
with prosperity, joy, and love.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Magick is NOT a sin! It is a powerful tool to do evil or good. What makes a sin is the intention of the person to do evil or good. But let’s face the fact – we are all humans and we have human desires.

At least at PlutoCraft, all Magick is 100% Karma-safe! You have nothing to worry about and your secrecy is protected at the the best level that we can! Rest assured that your problems will be solved in the best manner (usually, Angelic) and nobody will know about your work.

Keep the secrecy yourself and watch miracles manifest fast with the help of PlutoCraft Magick! Yes, we do deliver Magick and Miracles! Take your time to explore PlutoCraft website and you will be surprised at the power of Magick and Remote Influencing that we do!

FACT: Many people choose other “magicians/spell casters” because they offer lower prices as a bait to hook you to pay more later for some “curse removals” And the true fact is – people still come back to me later, asking me to correct the damage caused by others.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: No matter where you go, you will STILL return to ME, Master PlutoCraft at because NOBODY in the World offers such an A+ service!

Do yourself a huge favor: if you want best results, work only with the best and that is – Master PlutoCraft – your passionate and very dedicated Magician, ready to fight for you day and night to solve your even most stubborn problems! I NEVER GIVE UP! PERIOD!

REMEMBER: If I take your case, be assured that everything will be done with an A+ grade! And there are no “ifs” and “buts” about it! Only super quality Magick service that works with a GUARANTEE!
PlutoCraft Iron-Clad Guarantee Of  Magick Results!
In most cases, I charge 50% to begin your case and other 50% is done AFTER you start getting your results! This way, it is a win-win situation. Since I want my other 50% faster – I do A+ quality work with speed. The faster I get you results, the faster I get paid. Sounds fair?
I think it is very fair for both of us!
The truth is, if I take your case – you WILL get results! 99% time tested and proven! I have nothing to doubt because I already know that if I take your case – you will get results and I will get paid! PERIOD!



The Choice Is Yours!

Pluto Magick

Get your FREE Consultation, contact us right now and start
changing all that negativity into happy majesty!

May the Universe bless you
with prosperity, joy, and love.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Magick is NOT a sin! It is a powerful tool to do evil or good. What makes a sin is the intention of the person to do evil or good. But let’s face the fact – we are all humans and we have human desires.

At least at PlutoCraft, all Magick is 100% Karma-safe! You have nothing to worry about and your secrecy is protected at the the best level that we can! Rest assured that your problems will be solved in the best manner (usually, Angelic) and nobody will know about your work.

Keep the secrecy yourself and watch miracles manifest fast with the help of PlutoCraft Magick! Yes, we do deliver Magick and Miracles! Take your time to explore PlutoCraft website and you will be surprised at the power of Magick and Remote Influencing that we do!

FACT: Many people choose other “magicians/spell casters” because they offer lower prices as a bait to hook you to pay more later for some “curse removals” And the true fact is – people still come back to me later, asking me to correct the damage caused by others.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: No matter where you go, you will STILL return to ME, Master PlutoCraft at because NOBODY in the World offers such an A+ service!

Do yourself a huge favor: if you want best results, work only with the best and that is – Master PlutoCraft – your passionate and very dedicated Magician, ready to fight for you day and night to solve your even most stubborn problems! I NEVER GIVE UP! PERIOD!

REMEMBER: If I take your case, be assured that everything will be done with an A+ grade! And there are no “ifs” and “buts” about it! Only super quality Magick service that works with a GUARANTEE!
PlutoCraft Iron-Clad Guarantee Of  Magick Results!
In most cases, I charge 50% to begin your case and other 50% is done AFTER you start getting your results! This way, it is a win-win situation. Since I want my other 50% faster – I do A+ quality work with speed. The faster I get you results, the faster I get paid. Sounds fair?
I think it is very fair for both of us!
The truth is, if I take your case – you WILL get results! 99% time tested and proven! I have nothing to doubt because I already know that if I take your case – you will get results and I will get paid! PERIOD!



The Choice Is Yours!

Master PlutoCraft

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  • I try to by candle but I could not complete the order

  • How long does it usually take to get a reply to an email sent to you? I only sent it yesterday, but I don’t recall seeing how much time I need to allow you to read and reply.

    • Response time depends on how busy we are, though usually it is no more than a day or two at most.

  • Im doing a love spell by poking pins into red candle to make my crush fall for me. So is it right will it be effective or just useless…. ?

    • Kitsune: Normally pins are reserved for revenge and cursing work. We do not teach how to perform candle magick at this time. I suggest you do more research if you wish to practice magick, as an incorrect spell can do much harm.

  • I want to be very attractive to the opposite sex, i want every single guy fall for me….
    Any solution ?

  • Btw thanks for your quick reply 🙂 Pluto craft you are Great! ♥

  • Hi I just purchased the money and Uriel oil from the magick store. I brought the arch angel Uriel oil for more creativity as I’m a music producer wanting to project more creativity in my music and I also brought the money oil to help me earn more money for bigger spells. How do I correctly use these oils?

    • Demetrius: Thank you for your order! I have notified Nancy, and she will be shipping your oils on Friday.

      There are many, many ways to use these oils. You can anoint yourself by putting a drop or two on your body. It is best to do this on appropriate chakra points. For example, the Sacral chakra to increase creativity and inspiration (this is also called the Second Chakra or the Swadhisthan, and is located in the center of your pelvic area). As you anoint, you can mentally call on Archangel Uriel for blessings in your music and creativity.

      For more money, it is traditional to anoint your wallet to symbolically send the message to the Universe to attract more money. You may also anoint your Root Chakra for abundance (below the sacrum bone) or the bottoms of your feet to express your intent to walk on the path to money.

      These oils can also be used for dressing candles as well. This means that you can use them on or in a candle you work to attract what you desire, or to receive blessings in that area of your life. Since the oils are powerfully charged for you, you have the energies you need available already, just provide your intent.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Just wanted to stop by and say thank you. It took time, growth, and moving on but my love came back to me of his own accord I can’t say where things will go however I’m taking all of your words into consideration and am just letting everything work itself out and am trusting the process of it all. Regardless of if we have a happy ending I’ve taken away a strong peace with the situation knowing it will work how it will and plan on ordering again very soon.

    • Dear Alicia,

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback. It’s wonderful to hear that your love has returned and, most importantly, that you have found peace.


  • Hi,I,m a new commer ,and I,m very much interested in knowing how the magic works.

  • i want someone to love me and always feel to have sex with me what should i do?

    • Dear Sheriff: First, think about what you are seeking. You want someone who always wants to have sex with you – that could quickly get out of hand! Also, remember that it is normal for people to have highs and lows in their sexual relationship. It is a part of the natural flow.

      Instead you may want something more attainable, like a new relationship with love and passion. The “Find a New Love” spell is perfect for this!

  • Is there any option to pay later ? Cuz I don’t have this much .

    • Dear Lillian: All transactions on the site can be paid through PayPal, which has its own credit system should you wish to use it. Some people also find it helpful to pay for individual candle spells one at a time instead of all at once – it depends on the case.


  • Hi I have many issues, love, bad luck, financial, health etc, if I get a diagnostic will you tell me what problems I have and what to do? , or do I do a diagnostic on each situation ?

    • Dear Nena: Normally one Diagnostic will look into all areas of your life, unless you have some extremely complex, deep issues that need to be dealt with separately.


  • I’m not understanding how to set up a reading or pay for it. Can you please help me? Please email me. I’m very interested.


  • I am trying to contact you and already send a message a few days ago but you didnt response maybe you are busy at the moment maybe my emails didnt send correctly so i thought i can send you like this a message

  • Here is my message again

    To start with i want to make an apoligize because i made so many promises that i am going toorder magick and over and over again i didnt do it. The problem that i didnt do it because there is always something blocking me if i want to do something in this case it was ordering magick but not only this case. In many of my life areas i want to accomplish things but there is something blocking me from taking steps forward i really feel stucked and dont have ideas what to do!
    So to begin my life in a right direction i really feel i have to start here to make roads open and take chances in my life i am really ready to make huge steps forward in my life and i really want to take every chance i can get. And also everytime when i have money it is gone for bills so ordering magick would be difficult without money i guess
    But no problem i will make for this i have a job so it wouldnt be so difficult if my bills are finishes

    So I think we can start with a diagnostic??

    Let me know pluto

    Best regarda

  • i was wondering if thier is a spell that make a wish come true i also have a pendulumn and i was wondering how i can activate its hidden powers and i want to learn how to perform majic with it sorry for my spelling.

  • Hey plutocraft i just revieved an email from you about a spell but i am windering why you dont respond to my emails that i sended before please can you let me know something

  • Lady Masquerade
    October 1, 2015 11:33 pm

    Hi, can you help me to stop interferencs from my life ? My family never let me to achieve my goals… I want them to just not interfere in my life ever or get over concerned about it.. I want them to be happy and let me be happy as well.


    • Yes, there are several options that can be done, starting with Remote Influencing, ending with Magick. But you will have to contact me through Contact Form on the website so we can talk in private.

  • Every time go talk to the Lady’s they don’t lesson to me they ignorent they always make a full and is been 5yrs no girlfriend and I mastrubate is been 3yrs been doing the hand job. Can I get help I really need help am 21yrs old. Any one wiling to help me please contact me @ (phone # removed for privacy by Administrator).

    • That can be fixed but we do not discuss personal issues like these in pubic view. You need to contact us through Contact link at the top of the website and we can talk. Thank you.

  • I don’t want to be afraid I want to have clairvoyance to see my Spirit friends to hear them and see them clearly and have good conversations 🙂

  • Hey!i need to become a hybrid of vampire and werewolf can you help me?

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