What about finances in 2016 Pluto Retrograde? Do they look good or bad? Are businesses solid? Anything you have to worry about? The news are good, but only if you listen!

Hate him or love him, but highest paying athlete on the planet Floyd Mayweather Jr. said one interesting thing:

“I would rather work & have money and no social life than be broke and hang with the same people that was doing the same thing last year” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd also proved and continues to prove the most common myths when it comes to money. And of someone knows how to make wealth out of “thin air” – that would be Floyd.

But this is a false perception. It is not made just out of thin air. It is made out of precise, careful, specific action that was performed previously. Because of that, Floyd CAN make money “out of thin air” – and make millions!

I will be upfront with you – I am not a multimillionaire yet, however I am on a very clear road to that and that’s why I feel comfortable teaching about money and wealth. I know a thing or two about money, especially when it comes to Magick.


  1. Absolutely, urgently, as soon as possible identify what is blocking your finances at ALL COSTS!!! This will be your investment! Remember, it brings out your HIDDEN blocks that were deeply hidden for years and you wondered why you struggled…
  2. If you are experiencing MONEY LEAKS, do metaphysical money hole sealing process as soon as you can! Pluto Retrograde PURPOSELY intensifies your money leaks to show you that they exist! Unexpected expenses? Overspending? Going higher than planned budget? Emotional spending? Relatives ask for money? Something else??? Do the repair as soon as you can! Speed counts!
  3. CONSIDER SELF-EMPLOYMENT! This is probably the biggest money message out of all three! Did you have that book you wanted to publish? Are you tired of working 9 – 5? Are you sure you are in school doing the right program? Do you have a desire for passive income? Do you want to start your own Internet business? Do you even know where your power is when it comes to money??? Pluto wants you to look at ALL of these areas and maybe, do a drastic (or gradual) course change. IT IS A TIME TO SET THE STAGE FOR WEALTH, WHICH CAN MANIFEST QUICKER THAN YOU EXPECT! (We will be talking about self-employment in the next session because most people think “it takes money to make money” – one of the biggest myths Pluto currently exposes).

Besides all of that, this is the best time to do MONEY MAGICK!

If you do not own the business and want to increase your finances, the current best combination for Money Magick candles is:

Pluto Spell + Jupiter Spell

And if you are looking for prosperity, it would be:

Pluto Spell + Jupiter Spell + King Solomon Spell + Road Opener

Against money leaks:

Click Here To Get The Spell To Fix Money Leaks

And finally, if you are not sure WHERE YOUR MONEY POWER IS, you must get a Case Diagnostic from us. Based on a Diagnostic, we can easily build your money strategy!

Here is a final money and finances tip for now: a lot of people have PROCRATSTINATION PROBLEMS and that reflects in their finances. If you feel that you are procrastinating, Pluto is URGING you to remove that as quick as possible.

How Simple!!!

Either you get the MARS SPELL or you get RUN DEVIL RUN SPELL. Which one do you pick? If you feel like procrastination comes from you (laziness), go with Mars! If you feel like others influence you to procrastinate (“hey bro, let’s go to the bar instead…”), go with Run Devil Run!

Here is one money-making tip I want to give you personally. And if you want to have money in your life, you better remember it 24/7/365, day, morning and if someone wake you up in the middle of the night – you must recite it like a prayer in your head. Here it comes:

If you want to have more money in your life, you must do ACTIONS that are SPECIFIC to ATTRACTING MONEY.

Running errands, going partying, delaying, “starting projects”, even doing projects will NOT bring you immediate money.

What will do it is a SPECIFIC ACTION.

For example, if you own a small business, what makes you money? Doing the paper work or sending thank you cards with offers to the clients? See the difference?

If you give me a small page website that sells something and I spend an hour a day ATTRACTING CLIENTS that will bring money. But if you give me a small website and I always say “I need to expand it more, etc” – that does not bring immediate money.

The strategy is to make money NOW and work on expansion later.

Write down a list – what can you SPECIFICALLY DO NOW TO BRING MORE MONEY?

If you are a hair dresser, what would make you more money now? Giving out your business cards or shopping for “better scissors”? See what I mean?

If you are working 9 – 5, what would bring you more money: starting a small website or actively looking for a better job, or telling your friends that some day “you will make it”?

And backed up with Case Diagnostic (we can diagnose for a specific action) PLUS Magick this becomes a super strategy to make your wallet so fat, that it will not be able to close!

This is what rich people do: they take money-making, specific action that attracts money. Their mindset is set that way. What average person does “tomorrow” (and let’s face the truth: their “tomorrow” almost never comes…), a rich person does NOW.

When I worked for businesses with non-Magickal jobs, this is how I separated myself from previous managers. I know that every business has an agenda: to make money. Otherwise, no matter what it’s mission is – it will not survive. Even if it is the best mission in the World! It NEEDS resources (money) to achieve the mission!

So, what I would do is find every possible angle to bring money NOW. And that’s how I took two failing apartment complexes to make they all filled with residents and create a waiting list.

Here is another example for you.

Once I was told this story. “The guy was an excellent auto body repaid man. He bought a car, it was nearly all damaged, he fixed it like new but he had such a hard time selling it that he realized he needs to quit a business of buying, fixing and selling cars”.

And he did!

I looked at people and asked one question:

“How much time did he spend to fix the car, but how much time did he spend to find a client for that car?”

Everyone’s eyes went down. Nobody was able to say a word.

What happened was, the guy bough the car, did beyond magnificent job, put “FOR SALE” sign and parked $8,000.00 in the front of the drive way.

Let’s face the truth: who drives on the road looking for $8,000.00 cars???

Where is a business sense here?

But when I was called to help a failing auto dealership, with average selling time of 3 months per car, I did what I did and average selling time became less than 3 weeks!!!

Do you see how simple mind shift can put fat cash in your wallet?

And do you even understand the power when it is combined with psychic diagnostics and Magick???

And someone is telling me “that business doesn’t work???”

Come on… Seriously…

From my life, I learned one thing that is a FACT to me: EVERYONE, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, no matter what happened in the past can make their wallet so fat that it will not even close. Or build a solid bank account.

But as soon as they understand and know HOW it is done!

If you want your finances to grow, we can do a SPECIFIC Case Diagnostic for you, for that SPECIFIC issue and give you a SPECIFIC plan, so you can take SPECIFIC ACTION to grow your money like mushrooms after the rain!

I proved it in practice too many times and it ALWAYS WORKS!

During Pluto Retrograde, this is one of the best things you can do to make your finances grow – INVESTIGATE THE HIDDEN TREASURES OF WHERE YOUR MONEY ARE AT AND HOW TO GET THEM!!!

Do it yourself or do it with us! The choice is yours!

And now we go into next subject:

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