A candle that regains your love…

Master PlutoCraft answers the question on how to return a lost lover using a very simple method that worked for Mary and works for many others!

A letter from a troubled person who needs a candle that regains your love – and does it fast:

Andrew and I have been together for a few years. He constantly stood for the night and sometimes spent a few days at my place. But that was enough for me…

Yet, later I started to think about family, about kids. I wanted to transform our relations into a new status. And before putting the question on edge I went to the fortune teller to check if Andrew is my real fate.

The furtune teller told me that he was not my destiny, and I had to break off the relations to give the green light to my true fiancée.

I broke up with him even though it was so painful for me. One year later the new destiny didn’t show up but I still missed Andrew.

What a stupid I was!

What a mistake I had done to believe that doubtful diviner. People told me that he was still alone. And I tried to regain his love. I phoned him but he was cold with me.

But what did you expect? I started to look for rituals that could help me. Knowing people hinted me about 2 strong ceremonies which could help to restore relations.

You have to print off the mutual photo with your lover. Going to bed put the photo by your side on another pillow. And tell to the sky and moon:

“The moon will not swim through the sky, the river never flows backwards, but the Child of God (say the same of the one you love) comes back to me! Into the soft pillows, into my hugs and lips. He’ll give me the whole world – that is my word!”

Put the photo after that under your pillow. You should make the ceremony at all days of the growing (Waning) moon.

And also you need to do the following: Get together all his gifts, all his things which he forgot to take with him. Put on the white table cloth, lit the candle (preferably pink color) and say:

“Everything that Child of God (say the name of the one you love) gifted to me, and everything he forgot, keeps his love and brings it back to my life. Slave of God (say the name of the one you love) is flying to me. He knows his way, for you I pray!”

And then wrap together with extinguished candle into table cloth and leave it there for 7cdays.

After one week he came back, we have a beautiful daughter now.


Note from Master PlutoCraft: I know these types of enchantments and this type of Magick. It looks very simple and innocnet. But don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity!

It is an extremely powerful formula to return a lost love. There is a candle that regains your love. I use very similar formulas all the time when I help people. Sure, I go little bit more complex and advanced but only if it is necessary.

There is no need to go more complex. Usually, this is enough!

Just remember one thing that I keep telling over and over throughout my website and my teachings: the major thing that makes your spells fail or delays the result is your obsession to get the result (your ex lover).

And what is the root of obsession? Basically, it is a doubt, a disbelief that you will get results. It is like saying “I want to see results now because if I see them now, I know it is working”.

Yet, Magick is subjective. With Magick, you should not look for signs. What you need is a strong faith – and with it, all miracles are yours!

And remember to do a candle that regains your love!

Wishing you all the best,

Master PlutoCraft.

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