Team PlutoCraft:

We’re here to help!

Each member of the Plutocraft team plays an important role in providing the very best spiritual services. All are capable of providing spiritual guidance and magick services, but each has their specialty. So feel free to read about each one, and contact us if you have any questions.

  • Master Plutocraft – A.K.A. Pluto. He inspired the creation of this site and has brought Team Plutocraft together for the highest good of all. He has experience in all areas of magick and particularly enjoys aiding clients with business and sex magick. Master PlutoCraft is an expert in solving “impossible” cases as well as extremely complex love cases.He is also extremely proficient in Business Magick, Money Magick, Sex Magick and all sorts of Love Magick scenarior. Gifted psychic who took 2-nd place in toughet psychic competition in Atlanta, GA in 2012.Master PlutoCraft also successfully practices Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing and energetic problem correction. He invented new form of Remote Influencing where he speeds up results at least 10 times fold! He is also certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, author. metaphysician and innovator. Reiki 2 healer with remorete outcome.

    Creator of custom Talismans. To make everything simple – Master PlutoCraft loves to solve “impossible cases!” No matter what your problem is – Master PlutoCraft is your best choice!

    If you are looking for GUARANTEED RESULTS APPROACH, Master PlutoCraft IS your sure-fire choice – no questions asked – because his Magick works!

Note: We can direct your case to a specific member if you wish, but this is definitely not necessary. We are always happy to intuitively guide you to whomever is best suited to fulfill your needs at this time. The amount of time available and specific skills of each practitioner is taken into account so that you don’t have to make any guesses. Plus, every member of Plutocraft works together as needed to bring about your ultimate success!