Magick services pricing

This is base magick services pricing for complete cases with ritual work. These situations usually involve 4+ candle spells and months of dedicated work, including e-mail support, periodic updates, and whatever else is necessary for your situation.

When you have a large problem, it is less expensive (and more effective) to open a case that covers all spells needed during the course of work rather than to pick and choose single candle spells at random.

Towards the bottom of the list are included the costs for an individual candle spell as well as Tarot & Diagnostic readings.

The final ritual magick pricing will be quoted to you after your free consultation or a plan for magick has been determined with your Case Diagnostic report. We offer our magick services at the most affordable prices possible while retaining quality and value for all of our clients.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Prices for Magick Services

Reconcile Relationship Starting at $2000
Love Magick Starting at $1500
Sex Magick Starting at $1000
Money Magick Starting at $300
Protection Magick Starting at $1500
Custom Spells Starting at $325
Exorcism Starting at $1500
Candle Magick $325 per candle
Diagnostic $199 per Case
Tarot Reading $80 per Reading