Magick Prices

These are base prices for complete cases with ritual work. These situations usually involve 4+ candle spells and months of dedicated work, including e-mail support, periodic updates, and whatever else is necessary for your situation.

When you have a large problem, it is less expensive (and more effective) to open a case that covers all spells needed during the course of work rather than to pick and choose single candle spells at random.

Towards the bottom of the list are included the costs for an individual candle spell as well as Tarot & Diagnostic readings.

The final price for ritual magick services will be quoted to you after your free consultation or a plan for magick has been determined with your Case Diagnostic report. We offer our magick services at the most affordable prices possible while retaining quality and value for all of our clients.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Prices for Magick Services

Reconcile RelationshipStarting at $2000
Love MagickStarting at $1500
Sex MagickStarting at $1000
Money MagickStarting at $300
Protection MagickStarting at $1500
Custom SpellsStarting at $225
ExorcismStarting at $1500
Candle Magick$225 per candle
Diagnostic$199 per Case
Tarot Reading$80 per Reading

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  • I believe in your work. I wish I had the money for this but I don’t at the moment. Maybe I’ll come back in the future. But I think it’s wonderful that you guys are so honest and helpful to people. Keep it up.

    • Susan, thank you. We get people with money issues at times. But did you know we do Money Candle Spells and they cost much less than rituals? We have a lot of returning customers for them. You may want to check out our Candle Magick page for that. Thank you.

  • There is absolutely no way I can afford this (including money magick)… Which is really sad because when you can’t even turn to magick…. Well, even though I can’t afford it at all, I’m glad you do what you do, and that its an option for some people. I love what you do here, and how helpful you are. So keep up the good work. C/:)

    • Just a few short years ago, I would say I would be in a similar situation. Working 12 – 14 hour shifts as a taxi driver, bringing sometimes only $30 home, living in a rotten basement, feeling like I don’t even want to describe now… I took action. had faith and worked Magick. I sent you a present, start with it. See you at the wealth line!

  • I responded to your e-mail on 5/15 and sent another on 5/16. Please check your inbox and spam folder for a message from “Plutocraft Magick & Tarot” and “Melusina”.

  • I want to buy magick service ”Sex Magick” but Starting at $1000 ouch!!! I guess you can’t compare your magick service to Candle Magick???
    The results must not even be comparable since it is 1/4th of the price!!!
    I guess I will occupy my thoughts since I can’t afford $1000:(

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