Rules Of Magick From PlutoCraft That You Must Follow – No Matter What!


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Here is a list of Rules of Magick that you MUST accept before doing any work with PlutoCraft. Make sure you agree to them before I accept your case.

I am extremely serious and strict about rules. These are not my rules. These are the Rules of Magick. I did not compose them. If I see a customer violates any of the rules, I have a full right to instantly drop the customer for violation with absolutely no refund issued whatsoever. This is how serious it is.

Follow these rules for YOUR faster and better outcome and to avoid Karmic hits along with making things worse than they originally are!

  • Secrecy. You are not going to tell anyone, absolutely anyone, including your best friend, mother, sister, or brother that you ordered certain work from PlutoCraft. It is only and strictly between you and me. Secrecy is one of the most important elements in a successful Magick.
  • Faith. If you don’t believe in your results when I take your case – then you are not my customer. Simple as that. Only if you want to believe in it, or you do have faith – then we can work. Just faith alone delivers miracles.
  • Patience. I can’t say that results in from PlutoCraft Magick don’t happen within hours. It’s happened and is happening a lot. But everyone’s demands are different and everyone’s cases are different. Even though PlutoCraft often gets quick results and I use the best possible ways to get the quickest results possible for you – you too must be patient and understanding that Magick takes time to manifest. Also, know that there are many other factors responsible for the speed of your results. As I said, I always work to get your results as fast as possible and that’s a part of my customer care. Therefore, be patient and always grateful because inpatient in Magick purposely delays your results, especially in love cases.
  • You go on. After I start doing the work, the last thing I want you to do is to sit and project a question in your mind “when it is going to happen?”. NO!!! Instead, you go on with your life. You “forget” about our work. And you allow the results to come as soon as the Universe is ready to deliver, not when you want them.
  • Time frames. I never give out exact time frames when results will show up. From my experience, only charlatans do that and they know they violate the Rules of Magick. I can give you an approximate timeframe, but I can’t make any guarantees. Another big reason is I don’t like to give out time-frames because then, most people sit and desperately wait for that day projecting a lot of needy energy of desperation. Needy energy of desperation attar’s only needy energy of desperation by Law of Attraction. If you want those “guarantees with time frames”, please go to someone else. They will be glad to take your money and promise you what you want to hear.
  • I guarantee work. This means that I guarantee that I will do our best for you. But I will not guarantee that “you will get your ex back in 3 days” or “you will be rich in 3 months” because again, from my experience, only charlatans guarantee that. Even though I usually know approximately when things will happen, I don’t tell it, people, because then they “sit and wait” for that, counting days and hours… However, keep in mind that most of PlutoCraft’s business is repeat business with massive referrals – and that should tell you a lot about the effectiveness of results and my diligent intentions towards your work and your results.
  • Payment. Payment for the work is due in full before work will be started. My goal is to help everyone at affordable, comfortable rates.
  • Other rules. There may be other Rules of Magick according to each case, as cases are very individual. If any – I will let you know.
  • I don’t want you to do anything. This is PlutoCraft’s job and ONLY PlutoCraft’s JOB, to resolve your case. This means that you should not “help” me by lighting candles and doing spells yourself, thinking you will get results faster. In that case, you will only delay results, creating extra work for clearance.
  • I don’t want you to hire anyone else. You paid PlutoCraft. If you have extra money, save it. If you really want to part with your money, give it to a charity. PlutoCraft prices are final prices unless you will ask for extra work. But one of the last things you should do is hire someone else to do Magickal work on your case besides PlutoCraft. This will create fully counter-desired results for you. It can also create some very serious problems. The mess of energies isn’t kosher and it will cost you one way or another.
  • How we structure the cost. Magick is not a creation of something out of nothing. Magick is a transformation, or redirection of energy at someone, or something for a desired result. This means that Magick is not free. There is a cost. A cost can be monetary or non-monetary. Non-monetary cost can be a loss of something for the gain of something. For example, you can lose a job because you got your ex-girlfriend back using Magick (happens left and right). It can also be a loss of gained result. Or both… You don’t want that. Monetary cost is giving up your money, or what was originally your energy spent on making money in order to gain the desired result. This is the safest and most convenient form of payment for you and a Magician – even though sometimes I would gladly take other help. Now, when it comes to the question of “how much”, I follow my intuitive psychic abilities to determine that. This means that every case is individual and every price is individual. So far, this approach allows me to do Magick for people with full comfort. Magick is not a cost, it is one of the smartest investments.
  • More about the cost. Is the cost for Magick really a cost? It seems like that in the beginning. I personally view it as an investment. Allow your mind to be receptive to the idea: wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get 10X more (Money Magick)? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get your loved person back, who will make you happy, and that happy state of mind will affect all other areas of your life, including finances? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to resolve your problems with attracting the opposite sex so you can concentrate your efforts on other areas of your life? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get protection against your enemies and save your assets, concentrating your energy on growth? Or would you get a Psychic Attunement, knowing that you can always make $2.00 a minute easily – or just to know when someone lies or tells you the truth? See? When done right, Magick is your wisest investment!


There Is 1 Magick Rule That I Have:

  • Don’t EVER lie to me. It’s simple as that. Lying to me is lying to yourself. Don’t do it. Lying to me is disrespect. Lying to yourself is a disrespect of your subconscious mind and your soul. If you would only know how well I smell lies and take advantage of them. I attune people to smell lies a mile away. PlutoCraft Magick is not designed to lie to you and be lied to. Truth always wins. Always. Period.

Other Rules Of Magick From

  • For orders of Kahuna Disks: please keep in mind that this is a custom product and requires time to be custom made and changes. Depending on your request, it may take 2 – 4 weeks (3 weeks in general). Kahuna Disks are mailed from France and others parts of Europe, depending on where I am at. Therefore, if you order from the USA, Canada, Australia, and some other countries, please give it time for delivery and customs clearing. Usually, this process is fast even during the epidemic. The tracking number can be given to you upon request. If your disk is lost, I offer free replacement with no questions asked. My goal is to make you happy with the results. But never happened.


PlutoCraft’s Magick Approach Is A:

Results Only!!!


Trust your intuition on whom you work with.

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