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Name: Yevgeniy (Eugene) Date of birth: November 19, 1982 Place of birth: Moscow, Russian Federation Nationality: Ukrainian (by parents) Permanent Residency: United States of America, Wisconsin Current Residency: Sopot, Poland First business experience: studied Joe Vitale's book called "Hypnotic Writing" and became 2-nd best eBay seller in two different niches using Hypnotic Sales copies. Later, his business massively progressed... Master PlutoCraft was born in Moscow in 1982 when his father served at the military. He grew up in a military town in Russia and then moved to Ukraine. When Master PlutoCraft just turned 16, he moved to USA and successfully finished KVCC college along with completion of all Marketing classes from Western Michigan University. Master PlutoCraft has many passions that he applies on the web: Spirituality (Double-Certified metaphysical), Marketing (Certified Copywriter for AWAI and Certified E-Commerce Specialist by Digital Marketer) and one of his passions is to fly airplanes, performing combat maneuvers. Right now Master PlutoCraft lives in Sopot, Poland after 23 years of living in USA where he peacefully publishes books by the Baltic Sea beach, educating people on his very rich life experiences in business, Internet business, advertising, marketing, Spirituality, Magick and even dating along with relationships repair using energy-correction methods (Magick, Remote Influencing, Reiki, etc). Some professionals say that he deserves a Ph.D. in Psychology or Philosophy because of his very self-honest and deep analysis where most are afraid to go. When Master PlutoCraft is asked "What are your plans for the future?", he often smiles and says: "Whatever Universe will ask me to do. I am a Child of God and I try to enjoy life". Master PlutoCraft also suffers from PTSD, Anxiety and Moderate depression when he was suddennly and unexpectedly hit with severe traumas simultaneously. He fought for his life very hard and caused what's called "impossible". After that, he developed a Spiritual passion to help people with all kinds of needs and Magical powers were granted. On January 4-th of 2010, he opened a project called PlutoCraft where he offers his services to those who are in need. He also build several "minor" websites, yet he wrote and published a second version of his Best Seller Book called: "A Prayer That Always Works", which saved many lives and solved many problems. Master PlutoCraft is not a big believer in "work hard". He is a huge believer in "work smart and fun, so it's not even work!" His personal motto: "Quality always beats quantity. Do your best and you'll be amazed!" His Spiritual Advice: "Karma is not what you think. God works through people. All you have to do is good deeds and avoid bad ones. You'll be amazed how much your life will change". Master PlutoCraft wrote World's mot powerful Karma Bible and one of the best courses on Remote Influencing which are getting NDA and editing in England and scheduled to be released in July 2020. By occupation, Master PlutoCraft describes himself as Spiritual Enterpreneur even though he possesses massive Godly talents to solve "impossible" problems, including Metaphysical Energy Correction at the distance and saving failing businesses to the point they are overwhelmed with new customers. "It's easy. You take a business that has $15,000.00 monthly loss and turn it into a $50,000.00 monthly profit and all you have to do is pay attention to what you are paying attention to when to solve the problem! Same applies to other areas of life and other problems! You just have to see with attention and solutions are always there." Master PlutoCraft has interesting personality and he is very outgoing. Yet, one think he says: "I avoid jealous, envious vampires that think what I achieved simply fell from the sky. They don't understand that I often worked for over 20 hours a day when I just started as a teenager. Gossip false claims is a sin, so you too - avoid those types of people". When Master PlutoCraft was a child, he has a passion to make money. He would often go to sunflower fields, get the seeds, fry them with salt and sell them at flea market. "When others plaid dolls and toy cars, I was getting cold at the flea market making some money because I understood that it's better to make your own $50.00 with labor than beg your mom or day for $1.00 or $2.00. Sure, I was hated a lot as a child because I risked and did something other kids would pee their pants to do - but it gave me a great experience to serve YOU right now!" As a metaphysician, Magick practitioner and psychic, Master PlutoCraft Achieved: - In 2014, won a 2-nd place in Tarot Reading accuracy in Atlanta, GA with accuracy of 94.3% during his 1-st year of professional Tarot reading, where average accuracy of an experienced psychic is 60%. - Performed over 250 successful love spells and over 500 successful money spells, yet overall - over 1,500 spells of all kinds with 98% success rate of results. As Master PlutoCraft sales: "if people would listen to me and followed advice, I would have nearly 100% success rate. But it's on them, not on me, I am still proud of my 98% success rate because I beat the "impossible". - Performed over 2,000 psychic readings - Attuned over 20 psychics who now have a successful psychic career - Helped to build extremely sucessful websites to other people who want to offer their services and Spiritual gifts to people all over the World. - Published 6 books and plans to release 2 new books in July 2020. Yevgeniy often goes to France to "recharge" his powers at special French churches and works with Magick Power Vortexes in northern part of France (Normandy). He is very dedicated to his craft and helping people the best he can and his success rate proves it!

Magick, Emotional Wounds And Pain That We Need To Heal

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Emotional wounds... They are the deepest affecters of negativity.... Drawing everything from bad luck ending to evil eye and even curses. They are evil. Evil that is waiting to be healed. I put such picture for this blog because it represents emotional wounds: we feel powerless against them, submissive, we enjoy the pain which we [...]

Powerful Magick – Dark Moon March 17, 2018!

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Do You Want Dark Moon to Reduce Your Anger and Frustration? I really hope so, because if you would only know how more beautiful life will be - and Dark Moon is your powerful solution! Date of upcoming Dark Moon: March 17, 2018 Dark Moon is something that scares people. But let it scare the [...]

March Blue Moon Is Full – Again!

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BLUE MOON - AGAIN! ARE YOU READY FOR MARCH 2 FULL MOONS? (On March 1-st & March 31-st) And I will present a simple 3-step formula on how to get Magick spell done for you with simplicity and ease! Ok, we have Blue Moon coming again along with some interesting lunar times approaching.... As I [...]

Dark Moon (New) On Valentine’s Day February 15-th, 2018

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Dark Moon. Solar Eclipse. Hot Sex! But plans may not go as expected... So, find out what to do! So, Dark Moon on February 15, 2018 is approaching... Valentine’s day will be a special one this year because with the New Moon on February 15 and a solar eclipse. Together with the January 31 lunar [...]

How To Remove Bad Karma!

By |2019-07-30T11:24:15-05:00February 8th, 2018|KARMA, PlutoCraft Wisdom|

Remove bad Karma with A Prayer That Always Works available on PlutoCraft Magick & Tarot! Do you feel like you have bad Karma? No, I am not saying you did something wrong... Or maybe you have... That's not for me to judge... But bad Karma can also be ancestral, from past lives and even come [...]

Secrets Of Waning Moon And Banishing Magick Spells

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Secrets Of Waning Moon And Banishing Magick Spells How to effectively use the powers of Waning Moon with Banishing Magick to get rid yourself from blocks and evil, so you can easily attract what you want! And... How To Banish Bad Karma At The Same Time! The Waning Moon follows the Full Moon, and the [...]

Finding Your Soulmate Made Easy! With Master PlutoCraft!

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You've been wondering if finding your soulmate is possible? What if there is a way to attract a soulmate in just few weeks? What if finding your soulmate is now done? What if I can take you on a hypnotic journey where you'll meet your soulmate before you even attract it? And what if... What [...]

Blue Moon (Super + Full) On January 31-st, 2018

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ATTENTION – Blue Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon Is Coming Soon!!! Therefore, A Super Power Vortex Will Open On January 31-st!!! What Does This Mean For YOU? Well, when a Blue Moon, Full Moon becomes a Super Moon - it means EVERYTHING for you! Are you ready to find out what can happen to you? [...]

10 Facts About Master PlutoCraft And Magick

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Interesting facts about Master PlutoCraft! Ok, maybe some of them you know but I bet you don't know it all. And I promise you that if you know it all – you know what you can expect if you will ever have a problem or have problems now. Read it, it is fun and quick! [...]

Sun in Aries, time to do Victory Magick! And Win!

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Sun in Aries - Magick For Victory! When Sun in Aries, it gives supreme boost to do vkictory types of Magick! Sun in Aries... Cafe Astrology explains it's power and I love it! Because i gives supreme boost to do the following types of Magick: Victory spells Crown of Success Energy enhancement Protection Magick Love Magick for [...]

Attract Money With An Envelope Magnet!

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I attract money. I attract money easy. I attract money in large sums. $100,000.00? Not a problem... And I don't do much... Money just come on their own. Because I am a money magnet and I know how to attract money the right way. I succeed where others fail but they preach you their failures like they succeeded [...]

Love Magick: Three Major Secrets To Getting Your Lover Back!

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Love Magick: Three Major Secrets To Getting Your Lover Back New interview with clients and Master PlutoCraft on subject of Love Magick to easily get your lover back!!! These ARE the must-known three secrets of Love Magick for getting your lover back! Yes, actually,they are the very same secrets that, when you apply them, create magic [...]

Venus Retrograde 2017 – Starts March 4, 2017 And Goes To Mid-April

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Venus Retrograde 2017 Is On! How does Venus Retrograde 2017 affects your life? What is the magic formula that I use to fly high while others fall? And how can you increase your inner values, love, romance, money, luxuries and even have better sex? Venus Retrograde 2017 - that's what we call it in the [...]

Lottery Spell Explained – How To Win In Gambling!

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Many people write to PlutoCraft, requesting lottery spell, desiring to win a large sum of money in a lottery. While it all sounds very interesting, we should always look at the real picture of gambling and understand what exactly Lottery Spells do. First of all, let's break the lottery gambling in itself. According to statistics, [...]

How To Achieve Impossible Goals With Magick And Use Of A Victory (Mars) Spell

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How To Achieve Impossible Goals With Magick And Use Of A Victory Spell If you look close at your life, you will notice that you achieve some goal on autopilot. You don’t even think of them much. You just do it. For example, when you return home from work, you may remember that you need [...]

Magick And Logic Myth Exposed

By |2019-07-30T12:07:22-05:00April 28th, 2016|Magick, Love Magick, Love Spells, Money Magick, Money Spells, Sex Magick|

Magick And Logic BIG MYTH ABOUT MAGICK AND LOGIC EXPOSED! MAGICK AND LOGIC ARE PARTS OF YOUR MIND! READ CAREFULLY! I will begin right away and get down to the point about Magick and logic: many Wiccan, Pagan and other communities treat Magick as Spiritual and “Spiritual only”. That's a huge mistake when it comes to [...]

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