A Candle That Regains Your Love!

A Candle That Regains Your Love!

A candle that regains your love… Master PlutoCraft answers the question on how to return a lost lover using a very simple method that worked for Mary and works for many others! A letter from a troubled person: Andrew and I have been together for a few years. He...

Is Love Magick Ethical?

Is Love Magick Ethical? Many people wonder if Love Magick is the ethical thing to do… Don’t you? Some say: “How can you force someone to fall in love when they don’t want to? This is terrible!!!” “Isn’t it bad Karma?” “This is evil!!!” “You should never use love...
How Love Magick Done Right!

How Love Magick Done Right!

Hello Friends, Today I want to talk about Love Magick and how it all woks. First of all, Love Magick is one of the most complex forms of Magick. Yet, it is one of the most demanded forms of Magick and there is a reason why – relationships are generally fragile and...

Love, Light, and Beltane Magick

We hope you had a beautiful Beltane full of light and love! Summer is finally arriving in the Northern hemisphere, though some of you are still waiting for the warmth to set in. We invite you to take advantage of this season’s romantic sexual energies with a new...

Why Most Love Spells Fail

Know the secrets to why most love spells fail. So, you like that special girl or boy and you are so into them. They give you butterflies every time you see them. When your phone beeps from a text message, your head automatically fills with the thought that it better...
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