Blue Moon (Super + Full) On January 31-st, 2018

Blue Moon (Super + Full) On January 31-st, 2018

ATTENTION – Blue Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon Is Coming Soon!!!
Therefore, A Super Power Vortex Will Open On January 31-st!!!

What Does This Mean For YOU?

Well, when a Blue Moon, Full Moon becomes a Super Moon – it means EVERYTHING for you!

Are you ready to find out what can happen to you?

Are you ready to discover what you can do?

Are you ready to completely change your destiny if you want to?

What you will discover below is:

  • Very important information on Blue Super Moon
  • 7 Spells that I consider you absolutely must do (pick one or more) – one if Remote Influencing
  • 4 psychic divination services
  • How to completely change your destiny (or part of it) if you don’t like your life!
  • Inspiration… I will inspire you to take action!


And… The Blue Moon Super Vortex Will Remain Open For Just Hours!

Make sure you rush in to take the advantage of once-in150-years-chance.

They say “It it happens, it happens once in a Blue Moon”…

What does this mean for you?

What can you do on the Blue Moon?

What can you create or attract using the power of Super Moon?

Basically, it is a time to do the hardest, most challenging spells and it is a time to do spells for ANY hardest and most challenging problems you may ever face! That’s because Magick is greatly ruled by Moon and on Jan. 31-st, Blue Super Moon will give us SUPER POWERS!


So, An Immensely Powerful Lunar Vortex Will Open on January 31, 2018!

Not Only this is a Super Moon, which means that the Moon affects Earth more. This is an EXTREMELY rare event which occurs on a VERY special day. There will be a total lunar eclipse on the night of the Full Blue Moon as well as it being a Super Blood Moon!

Is that not incredible? This is an EXTREMELY rare event which occurs on a VERY special day. The last time all three events lined up this perfectly was more than 150 years ago.

The last time humans saw a total eclipse of a blue moon was 31 March 1866. We began the New Year with a Full Moon and we are going to end it on the 31st with a Full Moon.

Great fortune is going to be abundant during this special full Moon and the lunar eclipse.  The energy that has been pouring out this month has been incredibly strong and this Full Moon will be so important for you and what’s going on in 2018.

The Blue Moon is shrouded in mystery, magic and folklore, perhaps because it only appears once every 2.7 years. The very term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or absurd.

The rarity of a full moon appearing twice in one month, or a third full moon appearing in an astronomical season with four full moons versus the normal three, must have inspired the great playwright to coin the term.

The term “once in a blue Moon” means that that something is very rare. But just how rare, depends on your definition.

The Blue Moon has been considered fortunate, something to celebrate, and a perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future.  This Blue Moon occurring at the beginning of the year marks a year of tremendous positive growth in your personal life.

The Blue Moon is usually prime time for rituals, ceremonies, and protection. It’s also a good time to perform ceremonies to attract a new job, healing, love, legal undertakings, money and dreams.

Whether you can see the Full Blue Moon or not remember the gentle power of the Moon is still penetrating our Spirits.  So do whatever you feel is sacred to you on this special night.  Feel free to howl at the Blue Moon inside your home.


Right now the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth all Month. Can you feel it? Have you noticed you are picking on little things for no good reason, having very random thoughts or other people seem to be having a go at you?

Be aware that we are being influenced by the cosmic weather.

So if you are a little agitated right now, let it pass without lashing out at someone or something you will later feel sadness over. Stay in your own space over the next 24 hours of the Blue Moon and contemplate the bigger picture of your life.

So if you are looking to improve your luck or to finish a long-term goal, this is the time to get things done!  This full moon is a lucky one and the beginning of a great new journey for yourself.

With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on intimate relationships, your home and your family.

A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

Virgo and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the Eclipse, as they won’t receive as much stress as the others. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Cancer will probably be the ones facing the most stress

Financials will be affected by this Lunar Eclipse, one way or another. Corrections in your financial management may become important. In some cases, the fear of a “coming” financial disaster can stress you, but the disaster itself may never actually take place.

Try to stay calm and do not act hastily. In fact, no matter the stress and how realistic the danger seems, this Eclipse won’t cause you serious problems in your financials. On the contrary, if you remain calm your decisions will be right, and will eventually help your financial growth.

Love life is also affected by the Eclipse. Problematic relationships can come near their ending. Depending on your individual situation, they can actually end. If the relationship is not that problematic, then the revelation of the problems can help you release them and then face and heal them.

This, too, needs a calm and clear mind, and this can become a challenge on its own. Significant changes can happen in your love life, but they will be for the better.

Family can be affected by the Lunar Eclipse as well.

A Full Moon always has great magical potential, a Blue Moon even more, an Eclipse even more. So, you can understand that not only this Full Moon, but also the whole waning period will have a huge magical potential.

The problem is that the energies of an Eclipse are so strong that you should know what you are doing. Therefore, healing, beautification, love and whatever magic has to do with the arts will be very strong during this waning Moon.

A Blue Moon is rare and if you are finding yourself at a crossroads in life, now would be the perfect time to get spiritual advice to help you on your path.

The energies that are lining up for this rare Blue Moon, Eclipse and Super Moon are going to be astounding so take advantage and change your life for the better!!!

“Ok, so, what type of Magick should we do on this type of a Blue Moon?”

Here is my advice on 7 types of spells that I strongly recommend you seriously evaluate to do – because all Magick will be kicking with the double power, at the very least.

And as I said earlier, if it is something that you think that’s impossible to manifest, it may happen once in a Blue Moon!

Don’t miss your chance! Remember to take advantage and take it as soon as possible!

Here come my top 7 picks for this Blue Super Moon when it comes to Magick, spells and divination:

  1. Moon Spell – Unlock Your Personal Mysteries You Never Knew About + Secret Creativity
  2. Money Drawing Spell
  3. Remote Influencing (will be VERY powerful!!!). Oh, God, this will be so very powerful on the Blue Super Moon! I will be Remote Influencing all day and night long!
  4. Protection Spell With Archangel St. Michael – this one will fight the toughest demons!
  5. Uncrossing Spell – get rid of the toughest blocks and most annoying conditions!
  6. LOVE MAGICK of any kind! New love or ex back – it all kicks with DOUBLE POWER!!! You can take a look at all my love spells here, I have a very wide range for you! If you are considering to reunite with your ex lover, make sure you read this information first! I have a free educational PDF for you!
  7. Can I make you psychic? Get one of my Best Sellers –  Psychic Attunement Spell! This is one of the most demanded candle spell along with Secret Desires – Wishing Candle Spell! Becoming a psychic is one of the wisest, emotionally blissful and Spiritually loving choices you can ever make! The World is yours when you are a psychic! Become psychic and you are golden!

And let’s not forget that Moon rules the divination. Here are 4 ways you get uncover locked secrets about your destiny or solve the problems with my very powerful psychic services:

  1. Get a Case Diagnostic if you are facing extremely challenging situation and think of using Magick to resolve it.
  2. If you have a simple question, use my quick answer Tarot reading.
  3. Or get a more comprehensive Tarot reading if you have more questions.
  4. Also, if you want to check what energies surround you and get a powerful advice on what you should do, get Law of Attraction Tarot Reading that unlocks hidden secrets you are not able to see, yet you may have mixed feelings (or signals).

Ok, the Blue Moon will happen on January 31, 2018… But it’s energies will last for about 72 hours. This means that it’s vortex will remain open for just… hours… 72 hours…

That’s your window of opportunity which happens once in about 150 years…

This means it is time to ACT!

This means it is time to act NOW!

This means that now, the person who acts is YOU!

Don’t delay. Don’t second-guess. Don’t doubt.


And you will reap the massive rewards!

I think it.

I feel it.

Therefore, I act too!

Join me in this powerful time and let’s get your issues SOLVED!

And if you have any questions, you can always write to me right now! And if you want to completely change your life, or part of it – then write me! See, this time vortex will be so powerful that it will allow you to work on Karma and destiny! As I am working on some powerful products on Karma work, I can guide you with the solid action plan on how we can change your destiny – even if you completely hate your life and think there is nothing can be done!

Guess what?

I have a solution. Quick. Powerful. Precise solution.

No matter what kind of help you need, from a simple Tarot reading to a complete positive destiny turnaround – always remember to contact me for help! Don’t wait! Just do it and do it quick! Do it NOW!


Just do it and please do it quick because time is coming!


Attract Money With An Envelope Magnet!

Attract Money With An Envelope Magnet!

I attract money.

I attract money easy.

I attract money in large sums.

$100,000.00? Not a problem…

And I don’t do much… Money just come on their own. Because I am a money magnet and I know how to attract money the right way.

I succeed where others fail but they preach you their failures like they succeeded by selling you “how to attract money” so-called “information”. And most of it has missing keys.

Look, I’m not bragging. Seriously. In fact, I keep my mouth shut when it comes to others. You do the same. If you landed on this page, it was not an accident. Learn the real money miracle secret and keep the silence.

Right now, I want to reveal to you real-working secret formula and the way I apply it, so you too can have effortless riches!

Attract Money Magnet

Imagine that: my attract money envelope does it for me. You will see it below how I attract money with investment of about just $33.00 total…

I do this process to attract money for me. And yes, it attracts money for me. I don’t do anything. Then, all I do, is take out the money from it and spend it…

But it begins to attract more… And more… It’s like an endless, infinite money attraction magical portal… Yet, I control how much I want to attract with my mind. I’m not kidding you.

Soon, you too will have same money miracles coming to you – and you will WITNESS it with your own eyes!

Why does this secret formula to attract money works so miraculously consistent?

How come it never fails? And why is it really working with predictable consistency???

And why can you rely on it’s predictable consistency to attract money endlessly?

Because I unlocked several missing secrets to do it right. I seriously found the loopholes of the other money attraction systems and fixed them.

I knew that either there is a missing secret or most likely, they just hide the real truth when they teach Law of Attraction (and other systems) to attract money.

I had that suspicion and I think I proved it to be right.

Today, I want to share a real-working secret to attract money with you. Witness how I attract money effortlessly with Law of Attraction and a light touch of Magick. Do it the PlutoCraft way and do it right!!!

I want you to write to me your “OMG” money miracle success story after you see that PlutoCraft money attraction formula really works!

There are couple of tricks to this process and I will tell you about all of them. Do it – and it will work for you too. Miss the secret or two and I have no idea how it will turn out for you.


You want to attract money. But you don’t want to do much. I don’t blame you. Since we all were born to be abundant, I also choose to attract money the lazy way. But lazy way does not mean you sacrifice the quality of your work. It is actually completely opposite.

Good money come from creating value. To me, PlutoCraft is a creator of a HUGE value!

And I am very sure that you too want to do what you love and attract tons of money not only from what you do, but also from all the unexpected sources of income and miraculous financial gifts of God.

Ok, cool. Let’s do it together for you. I will guide you like I’m holding your hand. When you attract money by such a good, God-given process, I will attract them too automatically! That’s why I want you to succeed and use this simple process all the time! It is 100% Karma-safe!

This is what you will need:

  • 1 envelope (see the picture for this post – that’s one of the envelopes I use! Yes, you can have several enveloped, but I recommend having no more than three. One envelope for one financial goal. I will explain later…)
  • 3 stamps
  • Black marker or a good black pen
  • 1 good looking largest bill of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $100 bill)
  • 1 good looking second largest bill of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $50 bill)
  • 30 smallest bills of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $1 bill)

ATTENTION: Never use bills that are torn, have writings in them, old, too used, marked or whatever… Bills must be beautiful and clean! Like-new! This will accelerate your money attraction because you will be attracting what’s called “high energy clean money”.

And high energy is fast! It’s your money attraction speed!

Now, take a look at this example and study what I wrote and drew on my envelope:

Attract Money

PlutoCraft Envelope Example of Attract Money Procedure

Let’s examine what I did, so you can do this real, working, magical money attraction envelope too!

Take an envelope…

In the portion where you need to write an address of the sender (top left corner), write the words:

  • GOD
  • Jupiter
  • Pluto
  • Mercury

Then, next to them, draw their symbols. Leave GOD blank. The symbol for the universe is just a black filled circle. You can clearly see how I drew it and take it as an example.

If you want to know all the planetary symbols, you can look them up in Wikipedia Astrological Symbols.

Then, think of a REASONABLE amount of money you want to attract effortlessly. For me, it is $100,000.00 at this moment. This is the amount I want to attract effortlessly right now and I know I will – because I already did it many times.

When I was starting out first, I think attracting $2,000.00 was my goal. But that was years ago. Now, I aimed for another $100,000.00. You know why? Because this system to attract money works! Do it right and you will be the witness with your jaw dropped!!! Because it really works!!!

Now, after you thought of a reasonable amount, write the words “Thank You For __________”

Fill it that blank with the amount you want to attract, just like you saw on my envelope.

Always know your money currency sign! For USA, it is US Dollar with this symbol: $

If you do not know your country symbol, look it up on

Here is the important part: after you write the words “Thank You For __________” with your amount, imagine that you already have your amount for just a second. Yes, just for one second.Then, let it go with gratitude that you already have it. That’s it.

The next thing you want to do is draw a magnet. Magnet needs to be thick. Look at the picture above how I drew it.

At the left side of the magnet, draw 7 bills. They do not have to be perfect. Look at how messy I drew them. Then, what I did was drew two largest amount bill numbers inside the bills.

You need to put the largest bill 4 times and the next largest 3 times.

Now you have your 7 bills filled with numbers.

In USA, the largest bill is $100.00 and the next one is $50.00

These are the numbers I drew inside the bills.

Determine what are the largest bills are in your country and then – next largest one.

You got the idea.

OK, now comes the fun part! What you need to do now is to write your name with full address (country included) on the bottom right hand side of the envelope.

For example, it would look something like this:

PO BOX 700

For the photo example, I wrote the words so you can see how it is done. But I will change them with application of a sticker and rewrite it to my name. This will tell the Universe where to attract money.

Ok, what you just did is creation of attract money envelope. And most importantly, you symbolized it. Then, you told the Universe where to attract money by writing your name and address. This creates a laser-like beam of high money attraction energy that’s specifically targeted towards you!

Finally, what you want to do is to put three stamps on the envelope. Don’t ask me why… It just works to attract money to you!!!

Now you have what’s called targeted, safe and attractive place for money to come in.

It is welcoming money that you will spend later.

Why did you have to create this symbolized, written and targeted envelope?

Because in order to attract money, you have to create a place that money will love. And money do not love what you necessarily think they love.

Why did you have to write words and symbols of planets like Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury?

Let me tell you why…

Put it this way: Jupiter rules your money expansion. It’s energy is expansive and high. When you have right relationship with Jupiter, you always know how to expand anything you want. Jupiter is your loving gives and it wants you to give back!

For example, when I do Magick for big businesses or corporations, I use Jupiter as “10% Wealth Spell Rule”. It means that I price Magick service with 10% addition to use Jupiter for spell casting.

What it does is takes the 10% invested and returns the investor at least 10 times more. For every $10,000.00 invested, I set the Jupiter to return at least 10 times more – $100,000.00

This is an ancient secret. Only few people know it. But this secret is time-tested and is passed from ancient generations. What’s weird about it is that one way or another  it ALWAYS WORKS!

Pluto, of mighty Pluto… A planet of unconditional love… There is so much B.S. about it… They call it “dark, heavy, dangerous…” Don’t listen to them. Pluto rules wealth, hidden money secrets, unexpected sources of income and so much more. It’s energy generally moves slow, but it is very steady.

When it’s energy comes, it comes with supreme power. And it is always able to pull money from somewhere “out there” so precisely, that even I still get shocked!

For example, I use Pluto energy for spells when someone has severe money issues. Someone who feels very blocked financially. Someone who runs in circles, trying to reach a certain financial level but is not able to.

When you really feel Pluto energy, it comes with an unforgettable smell of power. It is like a cologne that you’ll never forget. As I am writing this right now, I smell it. And when you smell it – you smell unquestionable power not to mess with. You just know that you can trust it and it will do the job.

I also use Pluto energy to attract money to weird situations. For example, when a poor student needs large sums of money to open a business, but has no idea how and where to get it.

Or when a small business is failing and it needs to be fixed…Fixed so well – that it will become a super-booming business.

Or when someone is in the financial crisis…

You get the idea…

Pluto does it all! And you never question Pluto. It is your loyal friend. Question it and you’ll learn a harsh lesson. So harsh, that you’ll regret it. Get a good relationship with Pluto – and you are golden!

Here is another trick: most people have very poor relationship with Pluto and that’s why they are so subconsciously blocked. Since Pluto also rules sex, their sex desires are not fulfilled at the fullest too. So, money and supreme-quality sex are both blocked!

Mercury also rules your money and speed at which you attract money. It makes you think. Right relationship with Mercury creates unlimited riches and ability to consistently have them! In fact, when you have right relationship with Mercury, you can become an instant money magnet.

Now, think of a combination of these money planets: expansion, unquestionable power and speed.

But when you think deeper, you discover that such combination creates reliable, miraculous money attraction consistency.


What you really want is called financial prosperity. Just money itself mean very little to you. It is things that you want to do with money that mean a lot to you. Or if you dig deeper — it is meeting necessities and satisfying your feelings… But let’s not do psychoanalysis here.

Once you created your envelope (money heaven), it is now time to pull out your highest and second highest currency bills. I will just use $100 and $50 as an example.

Remember: like I said earlier, the must be like-new! NEVER-EVER use bills that are torn, have writings or markings on them or are too used and old.

Take $100 bill…

Begin looking at it and noticing all the details about it. Look at it until you “connect” to it and it is though it almost becomes alive to you. Like it smiles to you or something. You will feel the connection once it happens. Whatever it will be for you, I do not know.

Once it happens, thank the bill and whisper to it like you whisper the words in the ear of a person you are in love with during hugging before sexy times:

“I love you. Thank you. I value you. Come to me. Be with me. Multiply until my financial goal is reached. And thank you again for all your help. I love you. Sincerely.”

Feel what you are saying! You are talking to it like to your dear lover!!!!

You can say more. Say whatever comes from your heart. But speak to it positively! Never complain!!! Never say anything negative like “Help me because I need money and I am so blocked, I do not know what to do, etc…”

Always speak positively. You can say things like “Thank you for help. Thank you for bringing me more money. Thank you for attracting me so much money that I now feel I can open a business instead of working. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to create value for people!”

This is another secret to attract money: first, you always want to speak positive and second – you always want to feel as though your goal is already achieved! It is just a matter of time when it will manifest into a physical reality.

Now, put $100 bill into an envelope and feel how it loves being there!

Take $50 bill and do the same process. You can say different words to it. Whatever comes from your heart.

When you will look at $50 bill and connect to it, you will notice different details. And you will notice that difference is good. Therefore, you begin to understand right now that trying new, different things is good – and is a great way to attract money.

While you do this process, listen to bills as well. They may tell you something. Money energy may tell you that you need to do certain actions.

Here is another secret: write down these messages, if any, and do them! No matter how weird they may sound.

Then, you put your $50 bill into the envelope below $100 bill, so $100 bill covers your $50.

After that, you put your envelope somewhere safe, where nobody will ever find it.

Whenever you can, start adding only $50 and $100 bills in your envelope.

Never add lesser value bills.

Add only clean bills. Do not ever add torn, marked or written bills.

Never take your money out of this envelope to spend until you reach your desired amount. Even if it is “just few dollars short”.

For your first experience to attract money, I highly recommend that you choose a very reasonable amount and add $100 to it. For example, if you choose to attract money in the sum of $1,000.00, try to attract $1,100.00 instead.

Now comes the fun part – extensive Jupiter and Mercury money attraction energy acceleration!

Remember I wrote that you will need 30 smallest bills, like $1 in USA?

Prepare these bills.

They do not have to be new and clean. It doesn’t matter how they look like…

I want you to pick a place where every day, you will put one of these bills knowing that someone will find one and be happily surprised about it.

This place can be a book store, street full of people, subway station…

The point is that your bill will be found by someone.

And when you put the bill, set the intention: the person who finds it will use it productively and will be pleasantly surprised!

This is another secret!

Do not put the bill in order just to do it. It’s not like it will not work, but the money that you will attract will also give you “meh” attitude.

Money is energy represented by paper. Think about the energy you output when it comes to money.

Finally, we want to deepen and maybe even accelerate powerful Pluto energy.

In order to attract money and wealth with Pluto, you need to do this exercise at least weekly:

Lay down on your bed and close your eyes. Relax as much as you can. Just relax…

Relax about the whole thing. Imagine that you absolutely do not care about your thoughts and feelings. It’s like your thoughts and feelings have no power.

Then, imagine that you safely end up on the planet Pluto. And imagine that when you end up there, you feel it’s powerful energy. It is so powerful, deep and intense that it can overcome any obstacle.

Thank Pluto for fulfilling your request to attract money. Thank Pluto for attracting the amount you want, like it already did happen. Imagine that all you did is just came to thank Pluto because the amount you wanted to attract was already attracted and manifested a long time ago.

Imagine that you already even spent, saved or invested that money. And it happened a long time ago. So, all you do now is come to thank Pluto.

While you do that, listen to any messages. Fully allow your mind to expand and accept pretty much anything. Know that Pluto protects you and no dark stuff will come to you. Know that Pluto repels all darkness and negativity.

All you want to do is be silent and “listen”. You may feel the loving and healing energy of Pluto. You may have your darkest and deepest fears come out – those fears that never came out before. You may Astral travel… Or you may just enjoy the process…

Whatever happens is for your observation. It is fully up to you what to do with that observation. You may discover that you have desires that you are not fulfilling due to fears and anxieties. Or you may get some very powerful advises from Pluto. Whatever happens, it is all good!

When you feel it is time to return, just get back into your body, take three deep breaths and write down any important messages or observations. Analyze them and if you have to take action on some advises – then take action!

All of this will bring a very powerful transformation, so you can attract money like a powerful money magnet!

When you really do what I wrote about without asking questions, doubting or fearing it – you will notice how your magical envelope grows with money! And let me tell you something: at first, it may be slow, especially if you are doing it fr the first time, but then – you will be surprised how fast everything happens!

Also, always remember to attract safe and good money. What I mean by that is avoiding any crime, manipulations, deceit and any other negative ways to attract money.

Do not question how and when money will come. This is one of the worst things you can do. This will slow down your money attraction process. And it can actually make you quit. Then, you will say that this process doesn’t work.

And yet, you do know that it works!

It always works!

The process itself always works. But not everyone can work with this process. Even if it is so simple in reality.

The 7 main obstacles to this process to attract money are:

  • doubts
  • fears of failure and/or success
  • lack of discipline
  • forgetfulness
  • lack of motivation
  • indifference towards money themselves
  • greediness

Let’s talk about greediness for a second. It is one of the main obstacles to attract money.

Can you answer this question?

If Joe has 4 candies and he gives 2 candles to his friend, how many candies will Joe have left?

If you answered “two”, then you are thinking logically. But Karmically, Joe will get at least 20 candies in return. Not instantly, but over a short period of time. Same applies to money or anything else. Whatever you give out, you attract back magnified – especially if you correctly desire so!

What are you giving out?

I truly hope that this article on how to article on how to attract money will make you… attract money… Lots of money… Wealth… Prosperity… And become more happy.

As I said, you do not have to believe if this secret formula works or not. It will work either you believe it or not.

Either you want to do it to attract large sums of money or small sums of money, the choice is yours.

And remember the last very important secret: do not tell anyone that you are doing it. Keep the silence!

You did not end up on this page by accident…

You know it for sure…


Master PlutoCraft

Venus Retrograde 2017 – Starts March 4, 2017 And Goes To Mid-April

Venus Retrograde 2017 – Starts March 4, 2017 And Goes To Mid-April

Venus Retrograde 2017 Is On!

How does Venus Retrograde 2017 affects your life? What is the magic formula that I use to fly high while others fall?

And how can you increase your inner values, love, romance, money, luxuries and even have better sex?

Venus Retrograde 2017 – that’s what we call it in the World of Magick.

Ok, so!

Venus retrograde is on!!! This is some serious business for you or not?

Do you need to apply my magic formula described below to survive it?

Chances are, you absolutely do! And I don’t need to be a psychic to tell you that.

It is logic.

So, let’s find out!

Pay very close attention because you may have already felt some issues with relationships, money or your inner conflicts.

See, Venus rules many things in your life.

Love, relationships, money, law, luxuries…

But what you didn’t know is that Venus rules your INNER VALUES.

And what you also don’t know is that Venus is responsible for Law of Attraction.

You ALWAYS attract something.

The question is – is it good or bad?

The answer is: both.


Because you always attract something and majority of your attraction is based on your inner values. Both, attraction and inner values are ruled by Venus. And Venus went in retrograde mode until April 15-th, 2017.

So, if your inner values which you probably never even looked at deeply, if you are being completely honest with yourself are, let’s assume, 24% positive, 23% neutral and 53% negative – then this is what you get!

You get 24% of positivity in a day…

At the same time, you feel bored at 23% and…

You think 53% of negative thoughts, which fuel your negativity attraction even higher.

Now, imagine if you go through some sort of relationship or financial crisis???

Do you now see how Venus Retrograde can really make you feel like hell?

Make you feel unwanted?



So, what do you do to fix all of that quickly?

I have a magic formula that I use:

1. Examine your inner values. Both, conscious and subconscious. That is a major priority right now! If you are having a hard time finding out your “inner magnets”, email me for in-depth Case Diagnostic. You can just reply to this email…

2. Based on these values, pay close attention to what you want, what you do not want and very importantly – if there are any cycles that repeat themselves. For example, some people just get in trouble one way or another, because they have “trouble inner magnet:” secretly operating in them.

And no matter what they do, trouble repeats itself, It can be a relationship trouble too that just repeats itself.

3. After you find out what you want, on a separate sheet of paper, rewrite it and fire Astrological Venus Spell on that list!!! If you want to know more about Venus Spell, take a look at my Astrological Spells. In there, I have Venus Spell which is used for Venus Retrograde.

Do it on Friday. And preferably, when the Moon is Waxing or Full.

4. After you find out what you are neutral about, things that do not give you much feelings, on a separate sheet of paper, rewrite them as well. Put Astrological Neptune Spell on them and fire it! Again, take a look at Neptune spell on my website and read about it very carefully, because it is one of the best yet misunderstood spells you can do in your life!!! Neptune energy is VERY HIGH!

Do it anytime in the morning.

5. Now come things that you do not want. Rewrite them on a separate sheet of paper. Put Uncrossing candle on them in conjunction with Mars candle. Fire it!!! And watch how negativity, unpleasant situations, all those things that you do not want – get DESTROYED!!!

So, as the final result, you get: attraction of what you want, becoming more aware of neutral things so you can make better decisions and having your pains taken away from you once and for all – if you do it right!

This is MIRACLES delivered to your door!

This is opening up magic portals of goodness!

This is creation of vortexes that destroy what threatens you and makes your life negative one way or another!

This is Magick!

This is PLUTOCRAFT MAGICK! As always, with best precise strategy, focus and intent!

If you would only know how powerful this formula is! Once you try it, you will always crave to do more!

I promise you that after applying this formula correctly, your life will never be the same!


And, if for some reason, you cannot do it yourself or have difficulties, or questions, ALWAYS email me for support!

I will try to do my best to help you as quickly as I can.

And again, I would love if you visit my PlutoCraft Magick Shop and take a very close look at all the candle Magick spells I have! And take a look at Talismans too because Talismans save lives!

Take a look at my books that I wrote if you like to read sacred stuff.

And most importantly, live a magical life! With PlutoCraft Magick, you can!

Write to me!

With Sincere Best Regards,

Master PlutoCraft

Lottery Spell Explained – How To Win In Gambling!

Lottery Spell Explained – How To Win In Gambling!

Many people write to PlutoCraft, requesting lottery spell, desiring to win a large sum of money in a lottery.

While it all sounds very interesting, we should always look at the real picture of gambling and understand what exactly Lottery Spells do.

First of all, let’s break the lottery gambling in itself.

According to statistics, the odds of winning a 1 in 13,983,816… That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a lot of other types of lottery and all sorts of gambling with much better odds.

Let’s just say that you play some lottery where your chance of winning is 1 in 250,000.

What Lottery Spell does is it increases your odds.

Let’s just imagine that Lottery Spell increased your odds by 10 times.

You are still left with 1 chance over 25,000.

Does not look good, right?

Let’s imagine we did a lot of Lottery Spells for you and your chance of winning the lottery increased by 100 times.

You are still left with 1 chance over 2,500.

So, how do you overcome losing?

You have to think of yourself as strategic player and take different angles of approach, such as:

  • Using Money Drawing Spells and
  • Using Psychic Attunments spells, and…
  • Maybe even using Wish Granting Spells

Money Drawing Spells help you to increase the sums of money to win in the lottery. After all, you are playing to win more money, not just a lottery, right?

Psychic Attunment spells help you with intuition on when to play the lottery, when not to play, what kind of lottery to play, where to buy it… You get the idea.

Wish Granting spells help you to achieve your goals and manifest your wishes into a physical reality.

What’s cool about all these spells is they can help you gain more money one way or another! After all, money is your desired goal when you play lottery, right?

So, how do you select the right spells if you really want to win big in the lottery?

Here is a very powerful suggestion:

  1. Start with Lucky Black Cat Spell to increase your odds.
  2. Fire it simultaneously with Money Drawing Spell or/and with Bayberry Money Spell.
  3. Add Psychic Attunment (Become Psychic) spell either at the same time, or no longer than 90 days after you did previous spells.
  4. Finally, seal all the work with Secret Desires Wishing Candle Spell as soon as possible! And yes, that’s right – keep it all as a secret to yourself and NEVER tell anyone!

After all Magick is done, wait for about week or two before you start playing.

Start playing slow… Use your intuition.

And if you do it all right, one day, you can start claiming good winnings!

When you start to notice that your winnings decrease, repeat the spell work.

This is how you with with Lottery Spell and other spells!

It is not a wise idea to order just a Lottery Spell and rely on it for your income!

I hope this information helps and if you have any questions, just contact me!


Magick And Logic Myth Exposed

Magick And Logic Myth Exposed

Magick And Logic



I will begin right away and get down to the point about Magick and logic: many Wiccan, Pagan and other communities treat Magick as Spiritual and “Spiritual only”.

That’s a huge mistake when it comes to Magick. Take a look yourself why:

Feeling bad? “Of, it’s a curse”.

Lack of money? “You need money ritual”

Ex left? “Put a love spell on her/him”

Like someone but they don’t like you back? “Do Love Magick”

Can’t make a decision? “Do a psychic reading”

Someone called you out? “Put a curse on them”

He/she is more successful? “Jinx them!


And then comes the major complaint: WHY IS IT 99% OF SPELLS DO NOT WORK?



The answer is this: because Magick and Logic work together but they are not used together.

Too many just do not understand it and even deny it.

Let’s do a comparison.

Here is how PlutoCraft works when it comes to Magick:

Feeling bad? “Let’s look at what’s going on. Where is the problem? Have you been to the doctor? No? Why? Because someone said it is a curse? Let’s find out if it is or isn’t”.

Lack of money? “You may need money spell. But money will not fall from the sky. You need a strategy and “money vehicle” to get the money. “Money vehicle” means the SOURCE through which money comes in. It can be a better job, small business, Internet website, flea market sales – whatever that gives you an ability to get money SAFELY!!! Keep this in mind: SAFELY!!! You do NOT want unsafe money.”

Ex left? “No problems! Let’s do a CASE DIAGNOSTIC and find out what’s going on. Then, let’s build a strategy to reconcile you! Be careful with spells – one wrong spell and your ex can hate you forever. Not joke. Guidance will be given. Follow it.”

Like someone but they don’t like you back? “Again. Let’s do CASE DIAGNOSTIC and see what’s going on. Are you incompatible? If yes, which area? Let’s use Astrological Magick to remove incompatibility or maybe just an Uncrossing candle will do it. Guidance will be given. Follow it. ”

Can’t make a decision? “Do a psychic reading. But have precise questions if you want precise answers. Question like “What should I do to have all I want? is NOT a precise question. Question like: “How exactly can I make more money?” is a precise question. Also, during the reading, we pick u a lot of extra information that is RELEVANT to your question (even if it doesn’t seem so) – listen to that information carefully because you are getting FULL PICTURE ANSWER!”

Someone called you out? “DON’T put a curse on them. They called you out? Maybe you DO need to take deep look inside and see if, maybe, they are actually correct? And if so, maybe you can have that “call out” as the best guidance to make a huge improvement??? Why curse a person who is doing you a favor???”

He/she is more successful? “Make friends with them! At least, try! Did you know that statistics say that you are somewhere in the middle of 10 people you socialize with? And if you want to have what they have – let us know!!! We can help and you can have MORE AND MUCH EASIER!!!”

Did you spot a MAJOR difference here

At PlutoCraft, we use LOGIC

And to be more exact, we build a SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY

Again, let’s take money Magick scenario

Which will work better:

  1. A spell cast for Joe who lays on the couch watching TV, not looking for jobs? What does Joe think? That spell will make employers line up in the front of the door, getting on the kneed and begging him to work for them? No. That’s not going to happen unless Joe is super-demanded worker who does not even need a spell. Or…
  2. A Crown of Success spell cast for Amy who just graduated and looking for a job. Crown of Success can easily make Amy pick up the right newspaper with the right ad, feel intuitively which one to call, have the interview and get hired on the spot – and employer will not even know why he hired Amy! She is not the best candidate, did not finish best school, has overload of competition – yet, she “stands out”!

What did Amy do VS Joe when it comes to Magick?

Amy used logic and strategy.

But what else did you notice, if you did when it comes to Amy’s Magick?

At least, 90% of the effort was eliminated for Amy.


Because Higher Power did the work FOR her – and guided her immensely! All she had to do is listen to her inner voice and do the typical stuff: calling, applying and showing up for the interview.

Now think about something:


Knowing that:

  • About 90% of your efforts are eliminated and Higher Power is behind your back!
  • You are working with recognized, World-Class Magick Specialists
  • You are being guided
  • You get RIGHT spells done that help you, instead of wrong spells that dig your hole even deeper (and very fast!!!)
  • That we can always try to speed things up with our SPEED MAGICK, using Mercury Candle
  • If you have a big goal, it is within your reach because Magick creates miracles. That’s what it is known for to begin with!
  • That what you call a “problem” now becomes a “temporary challenge”
  • That once you get what you want, you can always have more!
  • And very importantly, that you work with SMART Magicians who use LOGIC AND STRATEGY instead of shooting counter-productive spells.
  • Nancy worked with Spirits during young age, read cards during early childhood and amazed adults with her accuracy. She is a top of the line Magician and extremely wise person on top of that.
  • Personally, I am a college graduate, attended one of the top Business Schools in America, and lost count of how many certificates and reference letters I have… I am NOT some guy who is “doing craft”, using his clouded judgment and lack of experience.

Oh, and let’s touch on that topic too: LIFE EXPERIENCE?

Who do you think will do a better job for you?

An anti-social “only Spiritual” guy who has a problem getting a date or a guy who has very rich experience in all sorts of areas of life (including sex), who knows how to seduce a woman just logically? I’m not even talking about Magick here… That’s on Love Magick.

A guy who has some GED or someone who finished a Degree and knows business, when it comes to money Magick? A guy who has a proven record of business success, or a guy who just claims he can cast a spell?

What about protection? Would you choose some Wiccan who reads books from bookstores on “how to cast protection spells” or a woman who has no problems going into the Underworld, rewriting contracts with Spirits and able to work with Karma and Past Lives? Most Wiccans are terrified of this idea alone.

Please note I am not bashing anyone, yet facts are the facts. I still would love to meet at least one Wiccan who can do at least 20% of what we can do.

They are actually our customers and we put them on the right path, using logic and strategy. It is a tough process for most because they are very used to “it’s a curse” and “put a spell” approaches.

Do you now see how Magick and Logic are best friends when it comes to getting results?

Why is that?

Let me explain you why.

You have conscious, logical mind. And you have subconscious, “metaphysical” or “Spiritual only” mind, if you will… Even though, subconscious mind has it’s own logic…

So, here is a BIG MAGICK SECRET:

Desired manifestation happens if and only if BOTH minds agree on it.

If you ever had basic Logic 101 class, you know what “if and only if” means.

Basically, there are no “ifs, buts, ands and what’s” there.

It is “if and only if” both minds agree.

Do you now see why if you want to return your ex lover or make more money it may not work?

Your subconscious mind may block your conscious mind’s desire.

And the harder you try, the deeper hole you dig.

The secret is not trying hard.

The secret is to work SMART!

Think of it this way. Let’s assume your car doesn’t start. You take it to a mechanic.

What happens if mechanic replaces a door, car seat and tires?

If will still not start. But you will have to pay for it.

What is mechanic replaces a starter?

It may still not start. And you have to pay for it.

What if mechanic replaces a battery?

It may still not start. And you have to pay for it.

But what if mechanic plugs in his diagnostic tool (just like we do Case Diagnostics) and finds out that your car has ignition module issue – and that $15.00 part needs to be replaced?

He replaces that and the car starts!

That’s a difference between using logic and going “Spiritual only”.

Except, with the car, you lose money and get new parts. But with Magick, counter-productive spells create severe damage.

So, the MYTH of Magick is not logical is a MYTH!


Do you have a goal?

I’m sure you do.

What is it?

Make more money?

Bring your ex lover back?

Make that special someone to fall in love with you?

Protect yourself from all sorts of evil?

Maybe all of that???

CONTACT US NOW and let us know!

Our consultations are FREE and we can build a strategy for you!

Some people ask if there are obligations for our free consultations.

NO! Never!

Our mission is to help you!

And our slogan is, as you know it – “Transforming Dark Energies Into Light”

If you would only know how much easier Magick makes things happen!

Write us a message and we will go from there! With the Magick, logic and strategy!

2016 Pluto Retrograde & Finances

2016 Pluto Retrograde & Finances


What about finances in 2016 Pluto Retrograde? Do they look good or bad? Are businesses solid? Anything you have to worry about? The news are good, but only if you listen!

Hate him or love him, but highest paying athlete on the planet Floyd Mayweather Jr. said one interesting thing:

“I would rather work & have money and no social life than be broke and hang with the same people that was doing the same thing last year” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd also proved and continues to prove the most common myths when it comes to money. And of someone knows how to make wealth out of “thin air” – that would be Floyd.

But this is a false perception. It is not made just out of thin air. It is made out of precise, careful, specific action that was performed previously. Because of that, Floyd CAN make money “out of thin air” – and make millions!

I will be upfront with you – I am not a multimillionaire yet, however I am on a very clear road to that and that’s why I feel comfortable teaching about money and wealth. I know a thing or two about money, especially when it comes to Magick.


  1. Absolutely, urgently, as soon as possible identify what is blocking your finances at ALL COSTS!!! This will be your investment! Remember, it brings out your HIDDEN blocks that were deeply hidden for years and you wondered why you struggled…
  2. If you are experiencing MONEY LEAKS, do metaphysical money hole sealing process as soon as you can! Pluto Retrograde PURPOSELY intensifies your money leaks to show you that they exist! Unexpected expenses? Overspending? Going higher than planned budget? Emotional spending? Relatives ask for money? Something else??? Do the repair as soon as you can! Speed counts!
  3. CONSIDER SELF-EMPLOYMENT! This is probably the biggest money message out of all three! Did you have that book you wanted to publish? Are you tired of working 9 – 5? Are you sure you are in school doing the right program? Do you have a desire for passive income? Do you want to start your own Internet business? Do you even know where your power is when it comes to money??? Pluto wants you to look at ALL of these areas and maybe, do a drastic (or gradual) course change. IT IS A TIME TO SET THE STAGE FOR WEALTH, WHICH CAN MANIFEST QUICKER THAN YOU EXPECT! (We will be talking about self-employment in the next session because most people think “it takes money to make money” – one of the biggest myths Pluto currently exposes).

Besides all of that, this is the best time to do MONEY MAGICK!

If you do not own the business and want to increase your finances, the current best combination for Money Magick candles is:

Pluto Spell + Jupiter Spell

And if you are looking for prosperity, it would be:

Pluto Spell + Jupiter Spell + King Solomon Spell + Road Opener                          

Against money leaks:

Click Here To Get The Spell To Fix Money Leaks

And finally, if you are not sure WHERE YOUR MONEY POWER IS, you must get a Case Diagnostic from us. Based on a Diagnostic, we can easily build your money strategy!

Here is a final money and finances tip for now: a lot of people have PROCRATSTINATION PROBLEMS and that reflects in their finances. If you feel that you are procrastinating, Pluto is URGING you to remove that as quick as possible.

How Simple!!!

Either you get the MARS SPELL or you get RUN DEVIL RUN SPELL. Which one do you pick? If you feel like procrastination comes from you (laziness), go with Mars! If you feel like others influence you to procrastinate (“hey bro, let’s go to the bar instead…”), go with Run Devil Run!

Here is one money-making tip I want to give you personally. And if you want to have money in your life, you better remember it 24/7/365, day, morning and if someone wake you up in the middle of the night – you must recite it like a prayer in your head. Here it comes:

If you want to have more money in your life, you must do ACTIONS that are SPECIFIC to ATTRACTING MONEY.

Running errands, going partying, delaying, “starting projects”, even doing projects will NOT bring you immediate money.

What will do it is a SPECIFIC ACTION.

For example, if you own a small business, what makes you money? Doing the paper work or sending thank you cards with offers to the clients? See the difference?

If you give me a small page website that sells something and I spend an hour a day ATTRACTING CLIENTS that will bring money. But if you give me a small website and I always say “I need to expand it more, etc” – that does not bring immediate money.

The strategy is to make money NOW and work on expansion later.

Write down a list – what can you SPECIFICALLY DO NOW TO BRING MORE MONEY?

If you are a hair dresser, what would make you more money now? Giving out your business cards or shopping for “better scissors”? See what I mean?

If you are working 9 – 5, what would bring you more money: starting a small website or actively looking for a better job, or telling your friends that some day “you will make it”?

And backed up with Case Diagnostic (we can diagnose for a specific action) PLUS Magick this becomes a super strategy to make your wallet so fat, that it will not be able to close!

This is what rich people do: they take money-making, specific action that attracts money. Their mindset is set that way. What average person does “tomorrow” (and let’s face the truth: their “tomorrow” almost never comes…), a rich person does NOW.

When I worked for businesses with non-Magickal jobs, this is how I separated myself from previous managers. I know that every business has an agenda: to make money. Otherwise, no matter what it’s mission is – it will not survive. Even if it is the best mission in the World! It NEEDS resources (money) to achieve the mission!

So, what I would do is find every possible angle to bring money NOW. And that’s how I took two failing apartment complexes to make they all filled with residents and create a waiting list.

Here is another example for you.

Once I was told this story. “The guy was an excellent auto body repaid man. He bought a car, it was nearly all damaged, he fixed it like new but he had such a hard time selling it that he realized he needs to quit a business of buying, fixing and selling cars”.

And he did!

I looked at people and asked one question:

“How much time did he spend to fix the car, but how much time did he spend to find a client for that car?”

Everyone’s eyes went down. Nobody was able to say a word.

What happened was, the guy bough the car, did beyond magnificent job, put “FOR SALE” sign and parked $8,000.00 in the front of the drive way.

Let’s face the truth: who drives on the road looking for $8,000.00 cars???

Where is a business sense here?

But when I was called to help a failing auto dealership, with average selling time of 3 months per car, I did what I did and average selling time became less than 3 weeks!!!

Do you see how simple mind shift can put fat cash in your wallet?

And do you even understand the power when it is combined with psychic diagnostics and Magick???

And someone is telling me “that business doesn’t work???”

Come on… Seriously…

From my life, I learned one thing that is a FACT to me: EVERYONE, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, no matter what happened in the past can make their wallet so fat that it will not even close. Or build a solid bank account.

But as soon as they understand and know HOW it is done!

If you want your finances to grow, we can do a SPECIFIC Case Diagnostic for you, for that SPECIFIC issue and give you a SPECIFIC plan, so you can take SPECIFIC ACTION to grow your money like mushrooms after the rain!

I proved it in practice too many times and it ALWAYS WORKS!

During Pluto Retrograde, this is one of the best things you can do to make your finances grow – INVESTIGATE THE HIDDEN TREASURES OF WHERE YOUR MONEY ARE AT AND HOW TO GET THEM!!!

Do it yourself or do it with us! The choice is yours!

And now we go into next subject:

2016 Pluto Retrograde And KARMA – NEXT >>>

Previous on 2016 Pluto Retrograde – SEX >>>

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