Ganesh Chaturthi Harvest Moon Tonight marks the final Super Moon of 2014. It is the Full Moon nearest the Autumn Equinox and is also known as the Harvest Moon. This wonderfully bright moon rises earlier than other Full Moons, illuminating crops for the perfect early evening harvest (hence it’s name!).

What seeds have you sown this year? What projects and goals have you been working to attain? Reap the energy of your earnings this night, reflecting on what you have done and what you can do to bring more peace, joy, and harmony into your daily life. Have the courage to separate the wheat from its protective chaff, and discard what no long serves you.

Now, step forward with strength and confidence.

Today is also Anant Chaturdashi, the final day of Ganesh Visarjan. This is when the gorgeous statues made of Ganesh during the 11 days of Chaturthi are placed in a body of water and left to break apart. Visarjan means “immersion” and submerging these hand-made forms of Ganesh symbolizes the belief that nothing in the world is permanent, and we must let go in order to allow for change.

Ganesh (or Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati) is a road opener, helping us to overcome obstacles and make the world a better place. He is also a writer, warrior, and keeper of knowledge. You can pray to Ganesha for removal of blocks and interfering energies (both physical and astral) with this Hindu Devotional:

“Ganapati Bappa Morya! Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa!”

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