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Plutocraft performs seriously powerful ritual magick
for all different situations and circumstances.

Love Magick - Targeted love spells, return to ex, repair a relationship, attract a new love - we cover it all with dedicated ritual magick!

Sex Magick - Increase sexual energies, attract sexual partners and experiences, enhance your confidence and sex appeal.

Money Magick - Attract money, get a promotion, increase business success energies, flirt with lady luck, and more.

Protection - Defend against enemies, protect against harm, reverse spells, and deep uncrossing of negative energies.

Remote Influence - New! Utilize remote influence and remote viewing to receive the answers you're looking for and influence situations to your advantage.

Exorcism - Remove spirit attachments, demons, and all other harmful entities at any distance.

Astrological Magick - Candle magick designed to support and strengthen the weaker aspects of your astrological report that affect your relationships and personal life.

Custom Spells - Need magick we haven't mentioned anywhere else? We're more than happy to put together a custom ritual or spell for you.

If you wish to open a case with us, you want to begin by ordering a Diagnostic Report.
Remember: divination is always the first step in creating an effective plan for magick.

If you have any questions please Contact Us for a free consultation.

We are glad to help you choose just the right magick for you!

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