Over 60 Brutally Powerful Candle magick Spells
Available For You Right Now!

Compare the destructive power, precise accuracy and intense speed of a loaded crossbow pointed at your problem to a… plastic squirt gun…

…and then decide who will do Candle Magick Spells for you.

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Let me light a candle for you… And make sure you really want it, because so far, I consider my candle Magick to be the most powerful. I know it’s a strong statement to make, because there are so many gifted Magicians in this World. I truly respect every legitimate Magician and Spiritualist, but I have to admit – Candle Magick spells are something I practically studied for a very long time. And most importantly – mastered how to make it the most powerful, fastest and successful…

After my studies I performed a series of extensive experiments. I asked extremely gifted Magicians to give me cases that were unusually difficult to resolve. I simply knew that the power of my Candle Magick Spells would be able to have a significant effect.

I was right… Miracles started to take place. In fact, most of the miracles were extremely fast and amazing:

    • One person got his ex back in his life in less than a week… Just before that, the situation seemed to be completely hopeless. Psychics were advising to find someone new. But that person’s heart was not ready for anyone new. From expressing hate to each other, they are talking about marriage now…
    • Several serious Magickal attacks countered with just 1 candle. The person for whom I lit the candle started feeling much better right away. The person’s physical appearance and psychological state significantly increased. This person was then able to enjoy life. Shortly after that, it was discovered that an enemy was doing too well: suddenly, the enemy got in the exact same state as the client was in before. And that was just a start to that fascinating story.
    • From jobless for 3 months to a job and several offers in 14 days. Another person wasn’t able to find a job for 3 months. Bad record, no education, their only experience working in an industry that’s vanishing away, and on top of everything – shot Michigan economy not only made this person jobless for 3 months, but chances of getting any job did not look good at all. Nobody was responding to an enormous amount of submitted resumes, and nobody seemed interested in hiring that person. But after I did my Candle Magick Spells, the person got hired within 14 days. Not just that – the person suddenly started getting other job offers and switched to a better, higher paying job later.
    • Property got rented within 2 weeks. Sounds innocent, but the only problem is that property wasn’t wanted by anyone for over one and a half years!!! Yes, that’s right – a landlord could not rent out that exact same property for over one and a half years… Think of that! It was a nice property, but nobody wanted it. It was repelling people away. I spotted the problem (crossed condition by another practitioner who did not want neighbors), I eliminated it, and within 2 weeks that exact same property was wanted by 2 different people! They literally almost fought for it in the leasing office! The practitioner who purposely put a crossed condition on the property was living next to it, but not for a long after that…
    • Backstabbers out of your life! Do you know those people who smile in your face and tell you how great you are, but it’s all fake? But wait a second… Which ones are fake and which ones are real? You probably don’t know, but higher powers do. Just one candle successfully got hidden enemies out of the life of a person in less than 3 weeks, who were previously successfully taking advantage of a person for years.. Many plots were discovered later.

You just discovered what my Candle Magick can do for you. In the examples above, I clearly demonstrated how extremely effective it is, now it’s time for you to decide what I will be lighting your candle for.

In fact, those are just a few examples I gave you. In reality, I worked my Candle Magick very successfully for pretty much any situation! That includes situations with love, sex, money, protection, wishes, sales, Internet marketing, websites, business, opportunities, communications, emotional states, getting favors, school and the list goes on and on.

Why Candle Magick by Me?

There were too many times when with just one candle I was countering the power of complicated spells that others were casting.

There were too many times when with just one candle I was able to resolve problems that couldn’t be resolved for months, and some for years…

And there were too many other times for too many other situations when just one candle was doing the entire job successfully.

There are at least 13 must never be overlooked reasons why I should do Candle Magick Spells for you:

    1. I know candles and their designations. Not every candle is created equal, and there are special formulas used in creating a candle for pretty much any situation. It starts with the candle itself, and then goes into an assigned task. Think of it this way: if you have to take a bolt out, would you do it with a wrench, or pliers?
    2. I know which candle to select for which situation. Love candle for love? Money candle for money? Ok… But there are many different types of candles for love, and for money, and for other works. If you want desired results, it’s not a good idea to use the same love candle that is used to find love if you are trying to find a soul mate. See more details on candle types I offer below as I get very specific.
    3. I prepare your candle professionally. In Magickal work, when working with candles, they should be prepared in a very special way. There are secrets that I know on how to prepare candles very effectively, and if this step is not taken seriously, you can be burning tens of candles without getting any results.
    4. I have other Candle Magick components. For maximum results, it is strongly advised that a candle should be dressed with herbs and oils. Proper incense should be burned too. I have thousands of dollars worth of Magickal supplies at home, including rare herbs and oils. I also know how to make herb mixes and oils. By using the best suited herbs and oils for your purpose, again – Magickal results are getting maximized.
    5. I light your candle during best Astrological times. Astrology can be confusing: retrogrades, moon positions, sun positions, planetary days, planetary hours, zodiac signs… But Astrology adds extreme power for getting results. Don’t ever underestimate the power of Astrology. In fact, if you do, your whole spell work can easily get simply nullified.
    6. Moon phases. These are pretty easy to learn and understand, and I always use the correct Moon Phase for your situation. Again, specific Moon Phases add extreme power to any Magickal work.
    7. I lay out Tarot cards for your Candle Magick Spells. Tarot cards give me deeper understanding of the problem. They also provide me with the secret information of the right track of Candle Magick work that I do for you. Without the proper diagnostic of a problem, it simply doesn’t make sense to do any Magickal work. In some cases, you can create more problems if you don’t know which track to take.
    8. I am a Reiki practitioner. Reiki has the ability to solve problems from their deepest roots. Reiki energy is able to go beyond space and time to heal a problem. You almost never know the true case of a problem, and that is totally fine. Your problem might even be transferred from a past life, but it doesn’t matter when I implement my secret and sacred Reiki techniques to heal beyond time and space. I was trained on how to implement Reiki into Magick. Do you know anyone else who does this?
    9. I add a special prayer to any candle. After I activate that special prayer, your candle will start “vibrating” in my hands. It feels like it just became alive! That’s because that special prayer adds the most powerful energy of what some call Universal Love. But it goes much deeper than that. Combined with Reiki that heals beyond space and time, and also puts “all the power in the moment of now”, your candle will be charged with the brutally powerful forces of energies that will simply be unmatchable. Think of it as an unstoppable train that goes though anything that’s on it’s way to get what you want. In fact, if you could just put your hand above the candle that I will charge for you – you would be able to feel the unquestionable power of the World’s most powerful energies that are about to go and get you what you desire.
    10. I add the power of petition. No, it’s not the same petition that you probably read about in many Magick books. I just counted at least 8 secrets of making a petition that was passed on to me by another extremely powerful Magician, but I never saw them in any Magick books…
    11. I add Universal energy to the Magickal operation that I will do for you. That’s another brutally powerful life force that’s added to the whole Magickal operation and is responsible for failure or total success. If there are serious interferences in getting you what you desire, they can be eliminated with the energy of the Universe. But keep in mind that besides Universal energy, I also put Reiki energy and my secret prayer. Just think of the total energy force that will be output! Do you know anyone who adds more power than I do? Most don’t even know about these concepts at all… Compare this to a loaded crossbow versus a squirt gun when it comes to Magickal power… At this point, I light your candle, and the “trigger of a crossbow is squeezed”… The arrow is on it’s way…
    12. I read candle language. Magickal candles provide clear communication about success of the operation. Candle language explains how the spell work will take place, how fast desires should manifest, and very often provide a lot of additional information about the problem. You can always contact me if you are curious about how it all goes.
    13. Disposal of materials. After your candle is done, the candle spell isn’t. Remains of the candle must be properly disposed. Throwing everything in the garbage is very often not the way to go… Some materials require Water, Fire, Earth or Air elements in addition to finalize the work.

I don’t think I have to explain to you why it is extremely important to have brutally powerful force, accuracy and speed while working with Magick, but just in case you don’t know these things, allow yourself to take a moment and learn how they differentiate a failure from a total success:

  • Brutally powerful force (energy) is needed to reach the Astral realm and overcome obstacles. Without the proper amount of energy, your request is simply… a request. It’s just that, nothing more, nothing less. Think about this: if something prevents you from having what you want, don’t you need a force to destroy the block? Sure you do, and very often – you need a lot of force!Also, once the block is there, very often it grows even bigger. The sooner you send the force to destroy it – the faster you will get results. Remember: with blocks, taking time is not in your favor…
  • Accuracy is responsible to direct energy. That’s another very common reason why a lot of Magickal operations fail: energy simply doesn’t know “where to go and what to get”. I use numerous methods of assigning laser-sharp accuracy to the energy of your Magickal operation.By the way, have you heard of “energy spills”? Inexperienced practitioners very often cause this common problem, making their spells work only partially, temporarily or most often – not work at all.
  • Speed is beneficial to you. Energy force + accuracy increase the speed of getting your desired results. Energy force + accuracy are also responsible for destroying the block that prevents you from having what you desire. The more the force has power and the sharper the accuracy – the faster you will get results. Weak power and low accuracy almost always guarantee a complete failure.

Over 60 Brutally Powerful Candle Spells
Available For You Right Now!

In the list below, I provide you with Candle Magick spells for love, sex, money, protection, enemies and other situations, including custom Candle Magick spells

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Candle Magick Spells For
Passionate Love & Hot Sex

Quick Note: This applies to all Candle Magick spells regarding love, sex and competitor situations:

  • I do not require any pictures, but they are very helpful. Your name and at least a first name of a loved one is all I need.
  • For faster results, I may request that you send personal concerns. These are things that have a strong connection to the person you wish to target (hair, piece of clothing, etc.) and are commonly used in magick.
  • If driving competitor away, I do not require the name of a competitor, nor his/her picture, however it is greatly helpful if you have it.

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Spells & Their Descriptions:

Adam & Eve
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
A spell to increase passion, keep a couple together stronger in love. Excellent Candle Magick spell for couple who wants to strengthen their feelings, sex, and prevent infidelity. Helps to resolve arguments as well.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Extremely powerful Candle Magick Spell to increase general attraction. You will notice how people look at you differently and opposite sex becomes flirtatious. Very sexy and glamorous Candle Magick Spell!
Come to Me!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Very powerful Candle Magick spell to draw a person of an opposite sex closer to you for love, sex and passion. If you like someone, but he or she doesn’t notice you – this one is for you!
Follow Me Girl
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a super powerful Candle Magick Spell to make multiple women fall in love with you on all levels: sexual, emotional and other ways you can possibly think of. It creates that special glamour that is irresistible to women. Perfect spell for flings.
Follow Me Boy
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a super powerful Candle Magick Spell to make multiple men fall in love with you on all levels: sexual, emotional and other ways you can possibly think of. It creates that special glamour that is irresistible to men. Perfect spell for flings.
Kiss Me Now!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
If you want pure sexual pleasures with no commitment – this one will work excellent. This candle Magick Spell attracts multiple sexual partners into your life for pure sex. Excellent to discover your sexuality and make fantasies come true.
Lavender (Lesbian/Gay)
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This one is used to make a person of the same sex fall in love with you. Desired person must be bisexual or homosexual, or at least curious. Perfect lesbian or gay spell!
Look Me Over
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Need glamour? Feel like being an extremely attractive girl that draws men’s attention like crazy? Here you go: Look Me Over Candle Magick Spell is just for that! Excellent for flirts who love to be seduced by men for some hot fun.
Love Me
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is an extremely powerful Candle Magick Spell to make a desired person fall madly in love with you. It makes another person discover what he or she is missing out on. One of the most requested!
Marriage Blessing
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Ready to take a relationship to the next level of marriage? Or maybe you want to propose to someone but need some serious help? Need blessing in current marriage? Need Wedding Day Blessing? This spell is for you then!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This Candle Magick spell is excellent for people who had extensive history of bad relationships or were deeply hurt by one or several of them. It clears all that negativity and opens up ways to find new love, but this time – a legitimate one!
Return To Me
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Do you have a lover who left? Want him or her back into your life? Let me do it with my Return To Me Candle Magick Spell! It will significantly increase the desire of a person to come back to you!
Stay At Home
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Do you feel that your loved one wants to cheat on you? If you live together, Stay At Home Candle Magick Spell is just for you! It will keep your loved one who lives with you faithful at home.
Stay With Me
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Excellent Candle Magick Spell to encourage fidelity, long term commitment and avoid separation in a relationship. If you want a stable relationship on all levels – let me do Stay With Me Candle Magick spell for you.


Darker Candle Magick Spells For
Passionate Love & Hot Sex

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Spells & Their Descriptions:

Bewitching A Lover
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
The name says it all! If you like someone, my Bewitching Lover Candle Magick Spell will enthrall, beguile, and ensorcel a lover. This is an extremely powerful spell.
Candle Magick spellAdd to cart
If you tried all possible means to get back with the person who left, or if you love someone who doesn’t pay attention to you but nothing works – I can send the Spirit of Intranquility to help you. The other person will suffer until he or she gets with you. You will be on the other person’s mind pretty much all the time and he/she will be in mental pain while not being with you. It can easily cause obsession over you. This is a spell of last resort and make sure you are ready to be with that person for the rest of your life. This is not a joke. If you ever use this spell out of personal gain, you can suffer some serious consequences. It is also a good idea if you contact me later and pay to remove and replace this spell with an easier one. Consider it as an emergency situation only spell. We reserve the right to not perform this spell if we deem it unnecessary or harmful.
Secret Desires
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
The spell itself is not dark, but your intentions might be… People have dark sexual desires. and it’s a part of human nature. Do you want your deep, dark sexual fantasies to come into reality? Do you want a hot lover on the side? But do you want all that to be a secret? Sounds hot and intriguing? Good, Secret Desires Candle Magick Spell is for you!
I Can, You Can’t!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Competing for that special boy or girl? How about putting your competitor far behind and getting far ahead yourself? I Can, You Can’t! Candle Magick spell will do it for you. Once the candle is on, your competitor will be getting further and further behind, while you will be getting further and further ahead. It’s unfair advantage working on your side!


Dark Candle Magick Spells To
Break Up A Relationship

WARNING: Due to ethical reasoning, I do not break up happy marriages and happy couples.

However, very often, break up is an ultimate solution in many cases which involve a nuisance competitor. More and more often, an ill-minded competitor enters into a relationship and uses manipulative, unethical and totally inappropriate ways to steal your lover for personal gain and satisfaction of personal ego.

What do you do when it happens and you feel so powerless and totally hopeless? Do you let the competitor take over you and your loved one?

If you feel like nothing can be done because your loved one is with someone else, I can provide you with an extremely powerful solution that will definitely make your competitor extremely unhappy… while making you a winner in the situation, reclaiming a relationship with your loved one. Your options are listed below:

Please Contact Us for a free consultation to purchase these spells!

Black Art Break Up
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This one is used for extreme cases to get rid of a competitor who is manipulative, unethical and ignorant. If someone like this is stealing your loved one and is being successful at it – let me teach them a lesson. If your competitor willingly used unethical moves, lies and gossip for self gain to steal your loved mate – let me help you make him or her sink in his or her actions. Let your competitor feel what he or she caused you, but highly magnified. The more evil or more unethical your competitor is, the more damage he/she did – the harder punishment will be.
Break Up
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This spell is to break a couple apart by causing them to disagree and fight. Excellent Candle Magick Spell to put a shadow on a relationship once and forever. Great choice for break up of unhealthy relationships.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a very powerful Candle Magick Spell to break up a couple because it is based on causing severe jealousy between them, illusion of infidelity, as well as intranquility with discord. How worse can it get for a couple?
Run Competitor Run!
Candle Magick Spell
This is a spell to make a specific person run away from another person and never come back. Excellent for situations when someone is trying to steal your significant other. Works even faster when the person whom you want to run away is evil or puts a bad influence on your significant other. This is a lighter version of Black Art Break Up Candle Magick Spell, except it is not for making your competitor sink in their actions, even though it may easily happen. It is mostly used to make them run away like a deer from a wolf.
Candle Magick Spell
This one is used to separate a couple by making them really confused about each other. It creates a powerful discord, makes what was fun – boring, what was exciting – dull, and finally creates annoyance leading to separation.


Candle Magick Spells For Gaining Money & Luck In Job Matters, Success In Your Business, Gambling And Other Financial Areas Of Your Life

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Spells & Their Descriptions:

Attract Money
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This spell makes you a magnet for money attraction. It makes money come much easier to you. It helps to increase your finances primarily from the current means of income, but it is not limited to just that.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Excellent spell for bringing money to the home. It works more on increasing your luck and putting money into your pocket. Bayberry spells are a very powerful, ancient form of Money Magick.
Black Cat
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a spell for the gamblers. It severely increases luck in gambling, casinos, dice, cards, betting systems and pretty much all forms of increasing the odds. Increases luck.
Boss Fix
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
One of the most common work-related Magick Spells. Used for angry bosses, to get a boss on your side, to get a promotion, stop problems at your job, make your work place enjoyable and it goes beyond that.
Crown of Success
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Seeking a job that you will love? Know what job you want? If yes, then Crown of Success Candle Magick Spell will help you with that. Not only does it help you to get a job that you want, but it puts a hardcore punch of success energy in whatever you put your mind and effort into.
Fast Luck
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Need luck fast? Not a problem. This Candle Magick Spell will increase your luck in job matters, gambling, business and even love life. It is used to turn bad luck into good luck, or simply increase luckiness.
Lady Luck
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a very special Candle Magick Spell for those who like to play at casinos. Great Candle Magick Spell for people who want to take a trip to Las Vegas.
Lucky 13
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
If you like to play lottery or bingo – get this Lucky 13 Candle Magick Spell! It is also used for all other sorts of unlucky conditions to turn those into a good luck. Sometimes, what people call “bad luck” can truly help to avoid problems.
Lucky Hands
Candle Magick Spell
This one is for all kinds of gambling luck as well as for luck on which you put your 5 fingers. Great Candle Magick Spell for gamblers who are crafty people. Great for artists, musicians, writers and pretty much everyone!
Money Drawing
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
One of the most popular when it comes to Money Magick! This excellent spell is for those who desire to attract more money in their life. It opens up new ways for you to receive money as well as strengthens current ways.
Money House Blessing
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Just send me your address or picture of your place and I will do Money House Blessing Candle Magick Spell for you. Let your home be a money magnet. It is a great spell for those who are self-employed or have a home-based business. And it is great for any home as well.
Money Stay With Me
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Making money can be much easier than keeping it. Do you have money slipping through your fingers. Constant unexpected expenses? Wife or a husband who spends your money all the time? Or maybe you are a compulsive spender? No matter what, if you want help keeping your money – get this spell!
Pay Me
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Someone owes you money? Or maybe you have a business with unpaid accounts? Want that money that is owed to you? Well, let me do Pay Me Candle Magick Spell. It’s very simple!
Better Business & Prosperity
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Do you want prosperity for your business? Do you do business from home? Are you self-employed? Or maybe you just want to have a prosperous home? Let me know the place that needs to prosper and I will do this magnificent spell for you!
Road Opening
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a great way to open roads, or what most call to get new opportunities. Truly amazing spell! If you feel stuck, if you feel like nothing is moving, if you are looking for new ways to get money – let Road Opening Magick do the work. In fact, Road Opening is used for many life situations, not just money. It is also an excellent combinational spell for any other spell as it strengthens the powers with new ways and possibilities.
Steady Work
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Do you feel like you may get laid off? Unjustly fired? Having problems at work? Or someone else whom you care about does? Well, don’t panic. Steady Work Candle Magick Spell is a special energetic treat to find a job, get a job, keep a job and to avoid being laid off.
3 Jacks & a King
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Name says it all! This is a great spell for people who play cards. Let it help you become a winner, more and more!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Whether you need victory over competitors, in marketing, in money situations, in projects, maybe even over a competitor who likes someone you do too… or any situations where you want to be a winner – Victory Magick is your choice! It is also done for general daily victories and it is some powerful stuff!


Protection, Blessing, Cleansing,
Uncrossing, Black Magick Combat

Click Here See All Protection and Uncrossing Supplies

Spells & Their Descriptions:

Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
To help those who are in need, to ease sorrow and pain, to bless a house, a car, an expensive item, a situation, a person, a project, a business or whatever comes to your mind.
Remove Evil
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
To rid yourself and loved ones from negative people, negative situations, clocks, evil, misfortunes or whatever you think you or your loved ones need to get rid of. This spell is often used to rid teenagers from trouble-causing friends and addictions, peer pressure, to drive enemies away, to drive controlling people away, to put an end on bad luck, etc…
Fear Not To Walk Over Evil
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This spell is used if you know that enemies laid tricks on you or other people constantly cause you problems. It gives you special powers over them and helps you clean up the messes. Fear no enemies with this spell!
Archangel St. Michael: Fiery Wall of Protection
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
There is no evil out there that Archangel St. Michael can’t take on! A messenger of God, a patron of protection, a master of hard cases – he and his army are seeking a battle against evil. He is also a protector of military men, policemen and all armed forces. Fiery Wall Of Protection spell can be done on people, items, situations, against your enemies and anything that requires protective and evil eliminating forces.
Healing Miracle
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This spell is used to bring comfort, additional healing, rest and faster recovery for those who are ill. A petition for a miracle is done with this spell. Master Plutocraft sets lights for healing for a donation ($10 minimum).
House Blessing
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
If you are moving to a new house or your current place of residence needs blessing, or if you have constant arguments in your home – let House Blessing Spell help you. It is also often used if you feel discomfort at home and don’t want to go home, or if your place of residence is visited by negative people. Great spell for peace and harmony at home.
Marriage Blessing
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a great spell to attract a marriage proposal, bless a new marriage or help a current marriage. It helps to bring harmony, peace and tranquility between husband and wife.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Reversing Candle Magick Spell is used to reverse evil and harm. It can be used to reverse it back to the Universe where Higher Powers will determine what to do with that energy or it can be used to reverse it back to your enemies with magnified force. This is extremely powerful reversing spell!
Run Devil Run
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Drives negative people and enemies away, making them fall in their tracks. Puts fear in your enemies not to mess with you and keep away.
Stop Gossip
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Tired of gossip? Tired of others telling stories about you? If so, then you need Stop Gossip Candle Magick Spell. It shuts the mouth of those who love to spread rumors about you, whether it is at work or in daily life. Also, it is often used if secrets are known to others and you don’t want them to spread.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Uncrossing Candle Magick Spell is used to uncross crossed conditions, break jinxes, curses and other tricks laid by your enemies. It is also used to break powers of other spells. It can be used to uncross people from non-Magickal conditions as well.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is an excellent spell when you need a boost of very powerful and directed energy to come out as a winner. Used to win over people and in different situations.


Planetary Candle Spells

Click Here to Purchase Planet Candle Magick Spells

Spells & Their Descriptions:

Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
For bringing luck, money and prosperity. Also can be used as an an addition of positive energies to certain situations.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This spell is used for general victories, victories over enemies, male power, male sexual powers, destruction of enemies, victory in sports, general energy boost and masculinity.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Used for assistance in communications, Mercury is a messenger planet. It can be used to improve communication and aid those who work with computers, Internet and other technologies. Advertisers often use this spell to gain exposure of their advertising campaigns. This planetary spell can also be used to trick enemies and competition.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Used for creativity, psychic abilities and dreams. Also great spell for women to evoke feminine powers. Moon spell can also be used by people who have insomnia and love night life. Great for creative people who love working at night.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
A spell for travelers as well as those who need help with Spirituality. It helps you greatly evoke Spiritual powers. Neptune Candle Magick Spell can also be used to cause illusions over your enemies and help you find the truth.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Pluto is a planet of death, rebirth and destruction. Pluto Candle Magick Spell can be used to gain “invisibility” in those situations where you want to stay unnoticeable, in situations where you want to get rid of bad habits and during transformational times in your life. This spell can also be used to severely punish your enemies with the forces of the Underworld. Pluto planetary spell is also used to transform dark situations and get rid of evil.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
This is a great spell to use for synchronicity, while building any building, where you need energy to obtain structure, and for businesses. Saturn Candle Magick spell can be used to bring fast Karmic consequences on the wrongdoers as well.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Sun Candle Magick Spell is used for gaining better health, wealth, prosperity and to aid in recovery after any negative and dramatic event. This is a great spell for people who wake up early as it aids with all daily activities.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Earth is our home planet. This Earth Candle Magick Spell is great for those who do any work associated with Earth, for example gardening. Farmers can greatly benefit from this spell and ask for blessing over all the crops.
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Uranus is a planet of eccentrics, exotics and anything unusual. This is a great Candle Magick Spell to assist you with creativity or with anything where you want to stand out from a crowd. It can also be used for discovering eccentric sexual sides of yourself. Great sexual fantasies enhancer!
Candle Magick SpellAdd to cart
Venus Candle Magick Spell is used to bring love, money and feminine beauty. This is also a planet associated with Aphrodite. This spell is good for women who want glamour and for those who want to discover feminine beauty.



If for any reason you don’t see a spell that you like and you need a custom one – just let me know and let’s see what can be done.

If you are unsure which spell or spells to order, please email me and I will get back to you.

It is strongly recommended that you shortly describe your situation prior to ordering a Candle Magick Spell. I provide free consultations, however, keep in mind that some cases require in-depth diagnostics.

The best place to start is to send me an email right now by clicking here and explaining the situation. I will get back to you with the details and advice.


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  • Linda Washington
    September 11, 2013 1:39 pm

    Hi, I would like to purchase the lady luck candle spell.
    Please e-mail me the information or instructions I need to purchase
    the spell.

    Thank you.

  • Interested in stay at home and return to me candle. having problems w/mate of 7 years. possibly-fidelity issues and outside interference. ..negative friends . are there any other herbs or tarot cards that will strengthen these candles powers

    • plutocraft777
      October 5, 2013 12:46 pm

      Lisa, please contact us using the Contact link at the top of the page so that we can give you a consultation.

  • Hi I would like to purchase Intranquility and Lucky 13 candle spell. Please email me the instructions I need to purchases the spell. Thank you

  • Which candle spell can heal a current relationship?

  • I am interested in the lucky 13 spell. Can it help with scratch off lotteries?

    • Thank you for the comment Demetrius. I’ve answered your e-mail about this, but in case anyone else has the same question, I’ve copied my response below:

      The Lucky 13 spell is designed to increase luck energies, especially in the area of gambling and games. The details of how this energy manifests in your life will depend on you and the will of the Universe.


  • I cannot able to purchase Bayberry Money Spell because there is no option to Add it in the Cart .
    Plz help

  • Thank you. Btw I have start my new business and I need success. As I saw on the sitemape that you have offer for the Free Business Spell.. can you do for me ?

  • Hi, I would like to purchase ‘Custom Spell’

  • I lost my job 4 months ago and have not found one yet. I decided to start an online business selling traffics to websites. I want my business to be very successful and I don’t know what candle to choose.
    Also I want to get another two candle for my two sons to pass their courses with at least a B.

    My wife is a principle and is under the gun this year to get her school to pass the state achievement test. I don’t have a lot of money but do you think a crown of success for her will do?

    Let me know what all will cost and please get back with me.
    GOD Bless