Exorcism spells At A Distance

One of the gifts that I received from the Universe is the
ability to perform exorcism spells at a distance.

No matter where you live, if there is a force that possesses you
or another person, I can perform an exorcism at a distance.

A message from Yevgeniy of PlutoCraft:

As I said earlier, a possession can be as simple as the attachment of a supernatural force to an ethereal human body, either what most people classify as evil or not.

You can have a non-evil Spirit attached to you, and it can still cause a lot of discomfort.

The biggest problem with attachment of a supernatural force (possession) is that it needs to feed on your energy. The second problem, if the force is evil, is that it might make you do actions you normally wouldn’t want to do.

Unfortunately, any attachment, evil or not, can cause issues such as, but not limited to: aggression, arguing between family members and friends, uncontrollable
desire for Earthly pleasures, uncontrollable insomnia, quick loss of energy, feelings that something is touching certain parts of the body – usually the head and under the eyes, swings of energies usually around the head area, feeling that something is touching or even lightly pulling hair, very stiff neck, stiff facial muscles, black circles under the eyes, constant
uncontrollable thoughts about the past, constant uncontrollable “what if” questions, constant uncontrollable feelings of guilt, very frequent crying, suicidal thoughts, the desire to constantly get into physical fights, full loss of control after drinking, violence after consuming alcohol, and the list can go on and on…

This doesn’t mean that you are possessed if you, for example, drink alcohol and become violent. Or if you have black circles under your eyes, this doesn’t mean you are
definitely possessed.

I always strongly encourage people to seek medical help and counseling first. But sometimes, a person just knows that he or she is being possessed by some sort of
supernatural force. Sometimes, the person is in denial too, but friends and relatives “just know”.

One of the interesting tests you can perform on yourself is to go to Church. It doesn’t matter what your religion is. Just go to a Church that feels good to you and see if you feel “lighter” when you are in the Church. Then, see if you start feeling “heavier” after you come out of Church. You can try going to several Churches to run this test.

A reputable psychic or a medium can help you answer these questions too. People who have an ability to see Spirits and auras are able to see supernatural forces as well. Just make sure you are not consulting with a charlatan.

Now let’s talk about the supernatural force itself. I hear many people say “I am (or he, or she is) possessed by a Demon…” Well, that’s a very strong statement. Actually, belief in such statement can result in a possession itself.

Most of the possessions that people have are non-Demonic. It is usually a low vibration Spirit or an Astral entity that gets attached to people. Even a “good” Spirit attachment can cause serious problems, because it still needs to feed on your energy.

How does it happen? It can happen several ways:

Christians and Catholics usually believe that a person must have sins to be possessed. This is true. I noticed that people who either commit unhealthy actions towards others are the ones getting possessed. Another type of crowd are those who are trying to learn Occult Arts, but are led by “dark” Occultists. Very often, those Occultists who at first seem like awesome friends, are those who run experiments on the person and willingly possess people just “to see what happens”.

So, I personally find it very true: the more you stay “light”, the more good things you do, and the more forgiving you are – the less chance you have of being possessed.

Ok, so what if you or someone you know is possessed? There are several options you have. You can fight the force itself or ask an Exorcist for help.

Please keep in mind that there are all sorts of supernatural forces that can get attached. This means that some are easy to exorcise and some take really strong effort
and time. I witnessed Exorcisms performed in seconds with absolutely no tools or preparation by an experienced Occultist, and I have seen those that took several days to complete with large amounts of time, effort and means of exorcism.

It is easier to exorcise a Spirit than a Demon.

I am not going to give an exact procedure of exorcism spells here for the major reason: it can be dangerous to perform. Also, the methods that work for me might not work for you.

But, consider taking uncrossing and cleansing baths if you feel possessions. These baths are good anyways, as they get rid of a lot of negativity people pick up daily. If you took an uncrossing bath and felt “lighter”, but then started feeling “heavier” again later – repeat it. Try to repeat it for 13 days in a row while reciting Psalm 51 or Psalm 23. I recommend doing it for 13 days, reciting Psalm 51 and taking an uncrossing bath with Hyssop.

If you feel like this is too much for you, I can perform exorcism spells at a distance. You don’t have to be physically present in front of me. In fact, I’ve found that it is much easier for me to do this work at a distance. This is what I will do:

  • Release the Spirit from your body completely

  • Set protection on you so the Spirit doesn’t come back

  • Set an “invisible” shield on you so the Spirit doesn’t “recognize” you

  • Restore your ethereal body so you feel great and fantastic

  • Start the “repair” process on your ethereal body

Most people feel my work within just hours after I start. Usually, the supernatural force leaves you completely in less than 24 hours. But I take about one week for the full process, and that’s because I set protection against future attachments and do a repair of all damages.

I always prefer to work with the picture of a person, however a name will be fine. I give advice on how to avoid future attachments as well, and on how to enlighten yourself Spiritually.

Some wonder, how is it possible to do exorcism spells at a distance? How is it possible, if we are used to knowing that “a Priest must be called and do it in person”?

I will not disclose how exactly I do it. But it is very possible and I have done it several times, always successfully. That’s because when it comes to Magick – distance has absolutely no relevance. When you master Spiritualism and Magick – you can do miracles. In fact, I found that doing exorcism spells at a distance works much safer and quicker, and with much better overall results.

Another important factor I learned is that most people panic too much when they are possessed. It is definitely better to take action when it comes to dealing with attached entities than taking none at all, but panicking is one of the last things you should do. Sure, seek help immediately! But don’t over stress either by thinking about horrible things that might happen. Belief in those things is what can cause them to happen.

I simply understand the nature of what exactly happens when a person is possessed. I also understand the Laws of the Universe. I was granted knowledge by the Universe on how to perform this procedure. I have performed it several times and always successfully.

After we decide on the date of the exorcism, it is important that you let me know the time when I can start. This is because every single time it is done, people
experience “something pulling out of them” and have wild energy swings after that. Then, they feel that something is “leaking” into them (that’s because as soon as the entity is pulled out, the repair process starts). And finally, there is a feeling of and need for sleep, which is perfectly normal (regeneration of energy). Some people need to sleep extra hours which is, again, perfectly normal and a very good thing. So, because of that, you must not be driving or doing anything that might be dangerous. I always suggest to watch a comedy while I am doing work, or simply rest and relax.

These feelings might last for a second day, too, depending on the entity attached and how long it was attached.

If you have any questions, you can use the Contact Me form to get more information on the procedure.

However, if by any means, you feel that you would prefer a Catholic or other Priest to perform exorcism – please, by all means, do just that. Do what you believe in. That’s one of the Keys to Success in life, no matter what the situation is.