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I am going to give you some information about targeted Love spells that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, except through years of experience…

Before you even THINK to get ANY help with Love Magick Spells,
I strongly recommend you read the critically important information below,
as I will explain the beauty and power of Love Magick,
as well as it’s dangers and potential consequences.

This information was collected from
NOT from theories and fantasies.

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Why Pursue Ritual Love Magick Spells?

For lost love:

  • Do love problems keep you awake at night?
  • Did your lover leave you, but you want love back?
  • Does it seem like everything you tried failed? Or the more you try, the worse it gets?
  • Does he or she see someone else? Are you “on and off”?
  • Does he or she tell you “it will never be the same again”?

For new love (including targeted spells):

  • Tired of lame relationships that lead nowhere?
  • Tired of constant break ups and cheaters?
  • Tired of incompatible lovers?
  • Tired of partners who can’t make up their minds?
  • Looking for a perfect lover?
  • Do you like someone and wish that person would fall deeply in love with you?

For couples:

  • Is your love losing spark?
  • Sex life not the same as it used to be?
  • Do you feel like attraction has vanished?
  • Do you feel like cheating is on the way?
  • Has your partner become more distant?
  • Want to remove negative outside influences of friends and family?
  • Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Perhaps a marriage proposal?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, or if you have other concerns, you are not the first and not the last… Things like these happen every day. If you are serious about improving your love life, I can help. No matter how hopeless your situation seems to be – my extremely powerful, safe and cloaked Magick can be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Is Targeted Love Magick Ethical? Is It Safe?…

…Does It Create True Love?

I am going to give you some information about targeted Love spells that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, except through my own experience

So, allow your mind to accept every word of this information that you now read. Remember: I couldn’t find such a viewpoint anywhere else, except by my own experience.

It makes me wonder: who publishes information about targeted Love Magick, if over 97% of it contradicts what’s going on in reality?


Let’s first understand what Love Magick is, in a nutshell. Or any Magick… It is energy directed for a particular action or purpose. You can be right next to the target or across the globe, and magick will still find its destination. Of course, targeted Love Magick is performed to affect a certain person.

Some claim it is “binding a person’s will”, “zombying the person”, “putting a person’s soul in chains” and the list goes on and on… Wow… Those are strong claims so-called experts make. But it looks like they forget and discount some very important factors…

Usually, people who make such claims either don’t know anything about Magick or simply have very stubborn and subjective beliefs about it.

What these people are probably referring to is Dark Magick or Black Magick. Yes, this makes perfect sense. But read on before judging Dark Arts practitioners, too. (I am not saying they are either “good” or “bad”.)

You should know this is NOT how I do my work. This also means that I do targeted love spells without using dangerous forms of Black Magick.

Instead, I only perform magick when there is a “spark” to work with. This is the flame that I feed so that it can grow into love, sexual attraction, and more. Remember, magick is a tool. We’re not here to make people’s lives miserable or force them to do something they really don’t want. We’re here to help form loving, lasting relationships and positive experiences.

So, let’s draw a conclusion: not all targeted love spells are evil or unethical.

Now, what do you do without Magick if you love someone? Aren’t you mentally pursuing that person anyways? Aren’t you trying to pursue that person physically, too? And if the person is in another relationship, does it stop you? Most people I know, who are not using any Magick, go to the fullest extent to get what they want, whether it is a lover or a job or whatever.

So, you are targeting a person already, no matter what! And it is considered to be perfectly acceptable. In fact, I’ve noticed that if someone steals someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, people usually say “Oh well, it was not meant to be…”

Excuse me! Why can’t we use Magick to do the same? Why does it suddenly become unethical to attract someone’s interest? Maybe it is caused by jealousy that someone is able to think outside the box and use other forces available to us? Or maybe it’s because most people are very subjective and programmed to believe what they are taught without having any desire to explore more about Magick?

As I said earlier, I am not putting souls into chains when I do targeted Love Magick, whether it is for a new love or healing a relationship.

Read on, as it gets even more interesting…

If I don’t bind people and force them to “love” another, then how do I do my work? I find the block that’s causing two people not to be together. Then I eliminate that block. It is that exact same block that causes a separation. Then, I find what will allow them to be together again. And then, I “suggest” to both of them to be together under the best possible circumstances.

Can you guess what is the major block that most people have that breaks up couples and doesn’t allow two people to be in love? Here’s the answer: it is negativity. All kinds of it, all different forms. I could write a whole book on that subject itself.

So, if I simply identify the negative blocks and remove them, and two people get back together naturally, how is it unethical? And yes, I do target two people for that block removal. So, if I turn that dark energy into Love, how is it unethical? Stop here and think…

I perfectly understand that not everyone does targeted Love Magick the way I do it. And that’s probably where the belief of unethical action arises.

Now, here is another question for thought: By using perfume, make up, dressing nice and even wishing to be with someone – how is that not a targeted spell in itself? It is!

If you project energy towards a certain desire (in other words, if you wish to be with him or her) – you are already doing Magick. If you put action into it (making a phone call, texting that person, going out somewhere) – you are putting even more effort towards your Magick. These two activate Law of Attraction and Law of Creation. These two powerful laws bring results!

Here is a third thought: If by doing targeted Love Magick, you turn negative energies into Love, why is it unethical?

Some people try to object by saying that it is unethical to break up a couple in order for an ex lover to come back. In other words, if your girlfriend or boyfriend left you for someone else – it is unethical to break them up and return them to you.

But I can easily object to that, too. That relationship most likely occurred due to negativity that was there in the first place. It is a by-product of it, therefore this new relationship usually doesn’t last. Also, a lot of people get confused during a break up and seek to rebound with another person, mistaking this rebound for a so called “new love”.

No, I do not break up happy couples who are in love, or married couples with children, for someone’s personal gain. This is not how I work. I don’t create evil just to satisfy someone’s ego. And I strongly do not recommend anyone to do or even wish that.

To make sure that two people are compatible and that a break up is ethical for your situation, we always suggest that you begin with a Diagnostic Reading for this very reason.

Jealousy and Love Magick

Happy couples attract envy and jealousy from other people. Jealousy is a negative form of energy (also known as Evil Eye). Constant jealousy projected from numerous people towards a happy couple can stick to their energy fields and later turn into loss of desire, loss of attraction, arguments, fights, doubts about each other, cheating and finally separation. But usually, a person with more understanding is seeking to correct this, or some supernatural force is making that person to seek reconciliation. That’s because there is a great chance that they can get back together. It’s present. All you have to know is how to grab it. That’s where Magick comes in handy.

Another big problem for separated couples is willfully projected energy like hexes, jinxes and curses. This happens more often than people think.

I am providing this information not from books I read and not from people I listened to. This information comes from personal knowledge and understanding, as well as my experiences with clients and the experiences of my friends who practice Magick.

Understanding your options is a major Key to Happiness.

Fighting negativity and evil is not unethical. It’s the intentions that people have that might be unethical. Always ask yourself: why do you want to reunite with your lost lover? Is it because of your personal ego, or is it because you truly love that person? Is it for revenge, or is it because you plan to give that person true love and happiness?

Here is another statement I often hear: “Magick created an artificial love. That love is not a true love.” Wow… Again, people who state that either don’t have knowledge about Magick, or are simply very subjective and don’t want to broaden their thinking.

If you understand numerous Laws of the Universe, you perfectly understand that it is impossible to create something out of nothing. Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. Magick does not create or destroy energy. It takes available energy and directs it at a target (the target can be a person, event, situation, etc.). It directs it towards a certain outcome.

Again, what people call “artificial love” is a form of Dark Magick that most inexperienced Dark Arts practitioners do. But again – that’s not even love. That’s forcing someone to be with someone else. In fact, an experienced Dark Arts practitioner can easily help to successfully reunite two people in “love”.

So, when I do my work, I remove negativity and create a vacuum that can be filled with the energy of love. Then, this vacuum is filled with an energy that acts like a magnetic force between two people, causing these two people to reunite in a way chosen by their individual wills.

The Danger of Performing Love Magick Yourself

However, I want to give a warning here: if you don’t know what you are doing, please don’t do Love Magick on your own. Most likely you will create more problems than you already have. Most likely you will end up being uncontrollably obsessed with the person whom you want to reunite with, pushing him or her even further away.

Always consult a reputable psychic, medium or Magician if you plan to reunite with your ex lover – and especially if you plan to use magick. This way you can get objective assistance.

Love Magick is a very complicated form of Magick. Yet, it is the most demanded one. There are so many “ins” and “outs” that I could write another book on just that. I view it as a sort of psychic surgery. You must take a great deal of precaution and have a lot of knowledge before dealing with people’s feelings. It is a very delicate process. Learn about it as much as you can if you plan to do it yourself. You can also read Wikipedia Love Magick articles about success and failures.

Then, learn the Laws of Universe and how they work. Most importantly, understand them before you do this form of Magick. It is something not to play or experiment with. The same goes for people’s feelings.

I always suggest troubled couples visit a reputable Relationship Counselor if possible!

Another note on safety: There are many forms of love spells available. Never perform dark forms of love spells if you don’t have experience in Magick. It can be very unsafe, dangerous, and can easily create ill health by blocking Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, as well as other chakras. This can easily lead to heavy Karmic consequences as well. If you feel you must use Magick yourself, always try to use “lighter” forms of Magick for best results.

I have given you information, options and choices. What you choose is up to you.

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