7 Secrets Of Love Magick Spells That Bring 100% Success!

Love Magick is the most demanded form of Magick. But at the same time, you may already know that it’s the hardest, trickest, least-working form of Magick.

When you do statistics for Love Magick, you will discover that the success rate of love spells equals no more than 12%!

So, is there a way to bring 100% success rate?


After 11 years of professional practice and studying love spells to the fullest, investigating what works and what doesn’t, I came up with an ever-working formula.

But all 27 secrets must be implemented if you want your Love Magick to work, especially when it comes to getting your ex-lover back!

Are you excited to know them all?

Then, let’s not waste time and begin!

Secret # 1 – Love Magick Requires Correct Love Spells For Every Individual!

When I began with Love Magick, I witnessed something strange:

Everyone was claiming to cast those ancient love spells.

But they are generic spells.

Also, “ancient” does not fully correlate with today’s modern world. And especially, as I am writing this to you during a pandemic, Love Magick needed a very special approach.

So, after I discovered this mistake of treating everyone as a generic customer, I came up with an individualized solution called:

Case Diagnostic

What it does is read what’s going on behind the scenes, why the relationship broke, how exactly to get your ex-lover back fastest and least expensive, which spells to do, and which spells not to do.

You can see a full example of it by clicking the link above.

Basically, without it, you are simply playing a guessing game and your success rate equals 12% at the maximum.

Secret # 2: Failed Love Spells Create Severe Interference And Push Love Away! Proven!

Many people come to me and complain of one same probles:

“I ordered a love spell from this African papa, or mama, or whoever else. It didn’t work. Then, I ordered a spell from this witch. It didn’t work… Etc… And my ex-lover is happily seeing someone else… PLEASE HELP!

If you study Love Magick more carefully, you will find out that any failed love spell will only create major interference between you and your lover.

It will create an aura of failure on you, pushing your ex only further away from you.

On top of that, it will help your ex find someone new and be in a happy relationship, romantically, sexually, and Spiritually because you caused damage to your Karma.

That’s the Law of Love Magick and there is nothing you can do about it.

When people come to me with this problem, I often utilize two special spells to clear them from that.

No new Love Magick can be cast unless you do clearing first!

It also applies if you did a love spell yourself and it failed.

Any failed love spell must be uncrossed. Period.

Only then, you can do a successful Love Magick by applying Secret # 1 as we talked about earlier.

That’s because some generic love spell was cast and of course, it did not work for you!

Which spells do I use to clear the situation?

It all depends after I do a Case Diagnostic, but over 70% they are:

Uncrossing Spell for love and

Karma Restoration Spell for love to get rid of bad Love Karma! This spell also aids to bind your lover to you, so it has many benefits fr love work! Sometimes, after casting only these two spells – your ex-lover returns!

Secret # 3: It Is Better To Be Ripped Off Than Have A Failed Love Spell On You!

Ok, you know that there are over 90% of scammers on the Internet claiming to be psychics, magicians, mamas, papas, etc.

The # 1 types of scammers are those African ones. I never heard a story from any of my customers that some African Voodoo master helped them in any way.

In fact, I watched a documentary about how they rip off people, often for over $15,000.00, and claim that they will die if they don’t pay the money.

What I found out is that they are not any Voodoo masters. All they are – hypnotists! They get in your head using hypnosis. A person who “believes a lot” and “believes a lot in them”, especially by a “credible referral” becomes a wide-open victim to any hypnosis they do.

They make people do very nasty things, repeat sentences like:

“If I don’t pay $15,000.00, I know I will die and I believe in it” and so on. It’s all NLP and hypnosis.

They are themselves are very afraid of real magicians!

But how do they rip you off?

The story is pretty much same: they take your case by telling you some bs, they “do the spells” (butt they don’t) and they demand more and more money from you because there is another reason why.

You pay to hope that this time it will work but there is always some other reason why.

In reality, all you get is some dude writing to 50 different people the same scrips.

And when finally realize that it’s a scam or “magick doesn’t work”, most of them begin to threaten you with curses, curses on your love life, death-spell, telling you will die, your family will die, and so on.

I have people come to me psychotically-paranoid. They think what they say is true.

But in reality, those are just well-written scripts!

Remember: no legitimate Magician or even a Spiritual person will ever threaten you!!!

Even me: sometimes, I take love cases on 50% payment upfront and 50% payment after results begin to show. Over 80% of people do not pay the other 50% and even though I know they will lose a relationship due to non-payment – I never even write them an email!

It’s all on them! If they don’t value results, ok. But I never wrote an email saying something like:

“Hey, pay me the other 50% or your relationship will fail and you will get Karma hit plus I have a full right to make you my lab rabbit for that.”

So, the conclusion is this: it is much better not to have any love spells cast on you and simply be ripped off because I don’t have to clear you.

How do I know IF any Love Magick was done on you, to begin with?

I can easily see it through a Case Diagnostic!

It shows me everything! EVERYTHING!

It shows me things you know and you don’t know.

I can even investigate your most hidden 12-th house of Astrology with it and tell you why and where your problems come from – and what exactly you should do!

Secret # 4: Always Investigate Love Magick Before You Do Anything!

The more you know, the better!

That’s why I created free PDF Love Magick guides for you:

“Before Reuniting With Ex Lover”

“After Ordering Magick” – a VERY important book!

And I also publish a lot of useful information about love spells success on my blog.

Even if you read just one of my guides, you will already know more than 99% of people know. And you will be much more equipped before you even think to order Love Magick! You will do it right!

Secret # 5: DON’T EVER ask questions to those charlatans!

I noticed that some people read my guides mentioned above, go to some charlatan and start asking questions.

Guess what they hear from them…

Yes, everything they want to hear.

Not the truth, but what they want to hear.

Don’t do it. The sweeter the promise sounds, the closer you are to a rip of…

One of my clients reported that he was ripped off for other $35,000.00 by just one scammer – and most definitely, he was treatened “to die if he stops paying because the case is going and “Spirit” wants more money”.

Wow. LOL :))) “Spirit wants more money” – that’s epic!

Secret # 6: In 2012, I Became World’s # 1 Authority In Magick!

But guess what happened next?

As many charlatans watch successful competition, they begain to copy PlutoCraft, it’s ideas, the Case Diagnostic itself which never existed before…

They started to examine my website, my books, my writing style and I even saw websites built similar to PlutoCraft.

They wanted what I had: success.

But how can you get success if you are dedicated to rip people off instead of doing Love Magick?

They are scammers to begin with, not even Magicians, so what kind of Love Magick do I even think now? It’s silly.

So, be VERY careful if you feel that someone is using PlutoCraft tactics. They even write you emails based on my website information, presenting themselves as “credible”.

No legitimate Magician will ever copy the other one because we are all unique!!! Plus copying is a sin!

And listen to your intuition too! I always say that it’s your best guide!

Secret # 7: Always Get A Free Consultation For Your Love Magick And Know The Spells!

I always provide free consultations and examine all requests very carefully.

Sometimes, I can simply tell you which Magick Spells you need and sometimes, if your case may be too complex, I may refer to doing a Case Diagnostic.

There are times when I suggest to design a custom spell or ritual for you.

It all depends.

Always remember: your love case is very individual and not like others!

Yes, you may have similarities than others do, but if your wife is Pisces born in 1986 and someone’s husband is Pisces born in 1982, there are two different approaches!

Unless you look at my Magick Shop and look at my Candle Spells, and you FEEL that’s a spell you need for you – it is better to Contact Me for your free consultation!

Ok, What Else Should You Know?

PlutoCraft is the Author of “Before Reuniting With Ex Lover”: Learn the untold truth and what it really takes to reunite with your ex loverDOWNLOAD

Love Magick Spells By PlutoCraft

Love Magick Spells Will Help You To Reunite With Ex Lover, Find New Love, Attract Desired Person For Relationship, Save Your Marriage & Much More!

Severe Conditions Practically a Specialty

I am going to give you some information about targeted Love spells that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, except through years of experience…

Before you even THINK to get ANY help with Love Magick Spells,
I strongly recommend you read the critically important information below,
as I will explain the beauty and power of Love Magick,
as well as it’s dangers and potential consequences.

This information was collected from
NOT from theories and fantasies.

love magick

Why Pursue Ritual Love Magick Spells?

For lost love:

  • Do love problems keep you awake at night?
  • Did your lover leave you, but you want love back?
  • Does it seem like everything you tried failed? Or the more you try, the worse it gets?
  • Does he or she see someone else? Are you “on and off”?
  • Does he or she tell you “it will never be the same again”?

For new love (including targeted spells):

  • Tired of lame relationships that lead nowhere?
  • Tired of constant break ups and cheaters?
  • Tired of incompatible lovers?
  • Tired of partners who can’t make up their minds?
  • Looking for a perfect lover?
  • Do you like someone and wish that person would fall deeply in love with you?

For couples:

  • Is your love losing spark?
  • Sex life not the same as it used to be?
  • Do you feel like attraction has vanished?
  • Do you feel like cheating is on the way?
  • Has your partner become more distant?
  • Want to remove negative outside influences of friends and family?
  • Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Perhaps a marriage proposal?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, or if you have other concerns, you are not the first and not the last… Things like these happen every day. If you are serious about improving your love life, I can help. No matter how hopeless your situation seems to be – my extremely powerful, safe and cloaked Magick can be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Is Targeted Love Magick Ethical? Is It Safe?…

…Does It Create True Love?

I am going to give you some information about targeted Love spells that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, except through my own experience

So, allow your mind to accept every word of this information that you now read. Remember: I couldn’t find such a viewpoint anywhere else, except by my own experience.

It makes me wonder: who publishes information about targeted Love Magick, if over 97% of it contradicts what’s going on in reality?


Let’s first understand what Love Magick is, in a nutshell. Or any Magick… It is energy directed for a particular action or purpose. You can be right next to the target or across the globe, and magick will still find its destination. Of course, targeted Love Magick is performed to affect a certain person.

Some claim it is “binding a person’s will”, “zombying the person”, “putting a person’s soul in chains” and the list goes on and on… Wow… Those are strong claims so-called experts make. But it looks like they forget and discount some very important factors…

Usually, people who make such claims either don’t know anything about Magick or simply have very stubborn and subjective beliefs about it.

What these people are probably referring to is Dark Magick or Black Magick. Yes, this makes perfect sense. But read on before judging Dark Arts practitioners, too. (I am not saying they are either “good” or “bad”.)

You should know this is NOT how I do my work. This also means that I do targeted love spells without using dangerous forms of Black Magick.

Instead, I only perform magick when there is a “spark” to work with. This is the flame that I feed so that it can grow into love, sexual attraction, and more. Remember, magick is a tool. We’re not here to make people’s lives miserable or force them to do something they really don’t want. We’re here to help form loving, lasting relationships and positive experiences.

So, let’s draw a conclusion: not all targeted love spells are evil or unethical.

Now, what do you do without Magick if you love someone? Aren’t you mentally pursuing that person anyways? Aren’t you trying to pursue that person physically, too? And if the person is in another relationship, does it stop you? Most people I know, who are not using any Magick, go to the fullest extent to get what they want, whether it is a lover or a job or whatever.

So, you are targeting a person already, no matter what! And it is considered to be perfectly acceptable. In fact, I’ve noticed that if someone steals someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, people usually say “Oh well, it was not meant to be…”

Excuse me! Why can’t we use Magick to do the same? Why does it suddenly become unethical to attract someone’s interest?

Maybe it is caused by jealousy that someone is able to think outside the box and use other forces available to us?

Or maybe it’s because most people are very subjective and programmed to believe what they are taught without having any desire to explore more about Magick?

As I said earlier, I am not putting souls into chains when I do targeted Love Magick, whether it is for a new love or healing a relationship.

Read on, as it gets even more interesting…

If I don’t bind people and force them to “love” another, then how do I do my work?

I find the block that’s causing two people not to be together. Then I eliminate that block. It is that exact same block that causes a separation.

Then, I find what will allow them to be together again. And then, I “suggest” to both of them to be together under the best possible circumstances.

Can you guess what is the major block that most people have that breaks up couples and doesn’t allow two people to be in love? Here’s the answer: it is negativity.

All kinds of it, all different forms. I could write a whole book on that subject itself.

So, if I simply identify the negative blocks and remove them, and two people get back together naturally, how is it unethical? And yes, I do target two people for that block removal.

So, if I turn that dark energy into Love, how is it unethical? Stop here and think…

I perfectly understand that not everyone does targeted Love Magick the way I do it. And that’s probably where the belief of unethical action arises.

Now, here is another question for thought: By using perfume, make up, dressing nice and even wishing to be with someone – how is that not a targeted spell in itself? It is!

If you project energy towards a certain desire (in other words, if you wish to be with him or her) – you are already doing Magick.

If you put action into it (making a phone call, texting that person, going out somewhere) – you are putting even more effort towards your Magick.

These two activate Law of Attraction and Law of Creation. These two powerful laws bring results!

Here is a third thought: If by doing targeted Love Magick, you turn negative energies into Love, why is it unethical?

Some people try to object by saying that it is unethical to break up a couple in order for an ex lover to come back. In other words, if your girlfriend or boyfriend left you for someone else – it is unethical to break them up and return them to you.

But I can easily object to that, too. That relationship most likely occurred due to negativity that was there in the first place. It is a by-product of it, therefore this new relationship usually doesn’t last.

Also, a lot of people get confused during a break up and seek to rebound with another person, mistaking this rebound for a so called “new love”.

No, I do not break up happy couples who are in love, or married couples with children, for someone’s personal gain.

This is not how I work. I don’t create evil just to satisfy someone’s ego. And I strongly do not recommend anyone to do or even wish that.

To make sure that two people are compatible and that a break up is ethical for your situation, we always suggest that you begin with a Diagnostic Reading for this very reason.

Jealousy and Love Magick

Happy couples attract envy and jealousy from other people. Jealousy is a negative form of energy (also known as Evil Eye).

Constant jealousy projected from numerous people towards a happy couple can stick to their energy fields and later turn into loss of desire, loss of attraction, arguments, fights, doubts about each other, cheating and finally separation.

But usually, a person with more understanding is seeking to correct this, or some supernatural force is making that person to seek reconciliation.

That’s because there is a great chance that they can get back together. It’s present. All you have to know is how to grab it. That’s where Magick comes in handy.

Another big problem for separated couples is willfully projected energy like hexes, jinxes and curses. This happens more often than people think.

I am providing this information not from books I read and not from people I listened to.

This information comes from personal knowledge and understanding, as well as my experiences with clients and the experiences of my friends who practice Magick.

Understanding your options is a major Key to Happiness.

Fighting negativity and evil is not unethical. It’s the intentions that people have that might be unethical.

Always ask yourself: why do you want to reunite with your lost lover? Is it because of your personal ego, or is it because you truly love that person? Is it for revenge, or is it because you plan to give that person true love and happiness?

Here is another statement I often hear: “Magick created an artificial love.

That love is not a true love.” Wow… Again, people who state that either don’t have knowledge about Magick, or are simply very subjective and don’t want to broaden their thinking.

If you understand numerous Laws of the Universe, you perfectly understand that it is impossible to create something out of nothing. Energy cannot be created.

Energy cannot be destroyed. Magick does not create or destroy energy. It takes available energy and directs it at a target (the target can be a person, event, situation, etc.). It directs it towards a certain outcome.

Again, what people call “artificial love” is a form of Dark Magick that most inexperienced Dark Arts practitioners do. But again – that’s not even love.

That’s forcing someone to be with someone else. In fact, an experienced Dark Arts practitioner can easily help to successfully reunite two people in “love”.

So, when I do my work, I remove negativity and create a vacuum that can be filled with the energy of love.

Then, this vacuum is filled with an energy that acts like a magnetic force between two people, causing these two people to reunite in a way chosen by their individual wills.

The Danger of Performing Love Magick Yourself

However, I want to give a warning here: if you don’t know what you are doing, please don’t do Love Magick on your own.

Most likely you will create more problems than you already have. Most likely you will end up being uncontrollably obsessed with the person whom you want to reunite with, pushing him or her even further away.

Always consult a reputable psychic, medium or Magician if you plan to reunite with your ex lover – and especially if you plan to use magick. This way you can get objective assistance.

Love Magick is a very complicated form of Magick. Yet, it is the most demanded one.

There are so many “ins” and “outs” that I could write another book on just that.

I view it as a sort of psychic surgery. You must take a great deal of precaution and have a lot of knowledge before dealing with people’s feelings.

It is a very delicate process. Learn about it as much as you can if you plan to do it yourself. You can also read Wikipedia Love Magick articles about success and failures.

Then, learn the Laws of Universe and how they work. Most importantly, understand them before you do this form of Magick. It is something not to play or experiment with. The same goes for people’s feelings.

I always suggest troubled couples visit a reputable Relationship Counselor if possible!

Another note on safety: There are many forms of love spells available. Never perform dark forms of love spells if you don’t have experience in Magick.

It can be very unsafe, dangerous, and can easily create ill health by blocking Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, as well as other chakras. This can easily lead to heavy Karmic consequences as well.

If you feel you must use Magick yourself, always try to use “lighter” forms of Magick for best results.

I have given you information, options and choices. What you choose is up to you.

Contact me for your free love magick consultation.


Get your Love Magick Spells


  • This is very interesting. But I do have some questions.

    1. Unhealthy/abusive relationships. Sometimes people formulate abusive tactics, unhealthy tactics, and the one being abused will go on. Abusive people tend to be persistent, come looking again, wont take no for an answer…. And I can greatly see how what you do could benefit them. A way to get that pesky person realize what they *really* want.

    If the abuse is not a product of the relationship (a negative block), but is rather a constant part of the persons character (whether it be hidden or shown), then would you reunite the couple? That could really escalate the abuse cycle.

    2. Sometimes people know what they want.

    I for one, dated a guy, and nearly instantly found he was not what I was looking for. I am pretty in tune with myself, and I realize what I do and do not want out of a partnership. Sometimes the person is what you don’t want, rather then the relationship with a negative block. For instance, in my situation, he (himself) was not what I wanted. Staying in the relationship with someone I didn’t truly love, and didn’t truly want to be with, would be very unhealthy.

    So in your process, do you respect a persons own sense of judgement about what they want? Because I can also see how that guy might benefit from this to get me, and I don’t want to be “gotten”, I don’t want him, or a relationship with him.

    I guess overall what I’m asking is if someone asks your assistance, do you respect the overall wishes of the person you are asked to retrieve?

    When it comes to two lovers who truly want to be reunited, I can see how this would be a wonderful thing. But I can also see how it could be manipulative and abusive, if requested from the wrong person without the same wishes of the other.

    • plutocraft777
      August 28, 2013 11:39 pm

      Hi, great questions! Here are the answers:

      1. Most of the love cases start with diagnostic. This is where the true picture comes out. If the abusive person claims that they love the 2-nd half but he/she is abusive, it comes up. In such a case, we either decline the work for the client or we offer help with removal of abuse. Each case is individual. Some abusive people do not want to be abusive and have have had a traumatic experience in childhood. We try to do our best to help. To make it simpler, no, we do not reunite for abuse.

      2. Again, this falls into a criteria of diagnostic for a love spell. If we see that the other person truly does not want to be with the client, we inform the client as it is and decline the case. Or if let’s say their destiny is not meant to be.

      We work based on love, not based on creating abuse or anything of that sort.

      However, keep in mind that a lot of love relationships end because of interference. That’s why we work certain kind of Magick before Love Magick is being done. Otherwise, Love Magick work won’t bring success and can block chakras of both halves of the couple.

      What also often happens is that if the person is abusive and it is the interference, we see that it is removable, we add this part of Magick to the strategy and lovers reunite in a happy relationship. No more abuse (or jealousy, or control, or… you will in the blank). Lovers reunited!

      This should answer the questions.

  • Just saving up my money to order some magick !!! Had 2 very accurate diagnostic from Nancy I really recommend her diagnostic to people and if I have my results I will post again to let people now that I have my results

    Knowing already that I am gonna have my results :D:D:D:D

  • My boyfriend and I haven’t been together very long but everything started out perfect. We would be affectionate and talk to each other, the sex was amazing, and we were both happy. Out of nowhere things just changed. He became distant and detached from me, he doesn’t touch me, he barely talks to me at all. I know I’m falling in love with him, and I know somewhere he feels the same but I just don’t know what to do and I don’t want to lose him. He’s the first person I’ve been with in years and I’m not ready to just throw everything away. I know he’s not cheating, but I’m scared that he will. Please help me, I don’t want this to be the end.

  • I ordered some love magick several months ago, and it worked wonders. I was very obsessive and plutocraft helped me undo that horrible downward spiral and I ended up meeting someone new! It was amazing! :) I highly recommend this after you’ve gotten rid of the obsession!


  • hi i am in trouble plz hlp me i love the guy who left me for another girl we have been in relationship since 2010 now i want him back in my life plz hlp me.he loves me alot bt i don’t know why this happen to me plz hlp.

  • What if another spell caster has used the ancestors to cast a protection spell on someone and you are trying to do a love spell on her. Is it still going to work?

    • Airura: A Diagnostic is best to answer these questions for your specific situation.

      In general, I would only advise love magick that does not harm her. That way the ancestors will not need to protect her, and you create an honest foundation for love to grow.

  • I have tried all spell casters and nothing worked. Can you guarantee you can bring my man back?

    • Linda: There are no guarantees in this world. Can a lawyer guarantee he’ll win your case? Can a doctor guarantee a specific outcome? Anyone who makes guarantees about the future is being untruthful.

      We guarantee dedicated, powerful magick performed with years of practical experience helping people transform their lives. For more specifics about your situation, you can order a Case Diagnostic report.

      Feel free to see more about how we do magick here: Magick Rules

  • If someone orders a love spell and everything is going well. They start seeing the name of their ex everywhere and they can feel it’s working.
    Then they have Sex with someone else. Will that ruin the love spell?

    • Eleanor: If your desire is to reconcile with a former lover, then having sex with someone else may be counterproductive. You’re sending mixed signals on the physical, mental and emotional planes.

      For your specific case, a Diagnostic reading answers your questions about the course of magick and how to proceed.

  • Reading this has helped me and has frightened me my ex did leave me for someone esle i do want him back extremely bad but what do i do if he is in a relationship and its not possible ………

    Do you have work to forget about ex and fanish feelings

    • I mean to say this person means a lot to me and i feel ill never meet anyone better or like him

      I tried meeting new people or hooking up to but it wont work i even stopped dating all together after the break up amd just focused on school and my career hoping that could get my mind off of him amd the situation but it helps to and extent maybe im not meant to be in a relationship

    • Dear Ann: I’m sorry to hear of your heartbreak, but you do not have to give up hope.

      I recommend a Moon Candle spell to heal and balance your emotional wounds and find clarity about this situation (there is a New Moon on August 14th, which would be perfect timing). You may also be interested in a Spiritual Healing candle if you are feeling particularly wounded.

      Should you wish for more insight concerning your ex, your love life, and your path in general then a Diagnostic reading is where to start. It may be that your relationship is possible to repair or that there are greater opportunities coming your way.


      • When i do order diagnostic reading do i email names and brithdates to or are they not needed?

        Part of me is scared to do the diagnostic reading because i feel ive failed in something or messed opportunity or that i cant have my ex back

        • Dear Ann: After an order is made, we always contact you by e-mail for details.

          Names and birth dates are extremely helpful in a reading, as are pictures of you each individually and together as a couple (if you have them). Pictures make it easier to read the spiritual body/aura, and birth dates are useful for any astrological aspects of the report.

          We all make choices as best we can at the time, and that is not a failure – that is a part of living. It is understandable to be afraid of facing truth, but it is also liberating to know what is possible.

  • Katrina dockstader
    September 22, 2015 7:45 am

    Can. You do the love spell for me?