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Money Magick

Eliminating Poverty. Welcoming Prosperity!

Money Magick Of Highest Degree! It’s Done For You… Or For Your Business… Or both…

“…this power makes no attempt to discriminate between destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts, that it will urge us to translate into the physical reality thoughts of poverty, just as quickly as it will influence us to act upon thoughts of riches”

Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich”


Experience Money Magick by Plutocraft

Poverty or riches is purely your choice. And day by day you’ll find
yourself more and more attracted towards financial freedom.

If somehow, no matter how, you attracted poverty or any unpleasant financial situations into your life, allow yourself to allow me to do extremely powerful Money Magick that will put you on the road to financial independence and prosperity.

I work on individual and business cases. Please keep in mind that besides Magick
I have over ten years of experience in advertising and customer relations.

Spells and rituals for individuals (detailed description below):

  • Magick to help banish debt
  • Elimination of unnecessary expenses
  • Banishing vampyric money loss energies
  • Removal of money blocks
  • Road opening (creating opportunities)
  • Find a job, get a promotion, get recognition spells
  • Start a new business spells
  • Quick money spells
  • Money Come to Me spells
  • Abundance spells
  • Prosperity spells
  • Money and asset protection
  • Law Stay Away spells
  • Money and prosperity amulets and talismans
  • Custom Needs Magick

Spells and rituals for businesses (detailed description below):

  • Elimination of Evil Eye with Money Magick to open your financial vortexes
  • Business defense from Magickal attacks
  • Elimination of harmful people from the business
  • Cleansing of business area (store, office, etc)
  • Attraction of desired customers
  • Attraction of masses of customers
  • Business growth and prosperity rituals
  • Charging marketing materials with attraction energies
  • Creating productive marketing materials (10+ years of experience)
  • Website promotion spells
  • Custom work for individual business situations

Ask yourself this question: how would you feel right now if all of your financial goals and desires were manifested into a reality? Allow yourself to relax and imagine how you would feel having everything you ever wanted.

How would you feel knowing that the most powerful forces of the Universe were working for you, not against you… Know that all of that and so much more can easily happen with Money Magick application!

Just One Real Money Magick Story Of 2013

How a troubled apartment complex got an unstoppable flow of residents and increased revenue by about 45%, eliminating unwanted events at the same time. All done by my Money Magick – fast & easy!

I want to tell you just one of the recent success stories that I achieved with Business & Money Magick. This one truly inspires me to tell, because when I first saw the business – I was shocked. When I entered the property of the complex, I saw a road to emptiness. As I was talking to the landlord, two residents came in to inform them that they are moving out. The atmosphere was nearly catastrophic… Allow yourself to relax and read on…

One day I was called from the Southeast Wisconsin area to see what was going on with a troubled apartment complex. I usually like to work at a distance, but just for my own benefit, I drove there and temporarily relocated in that same apartment complex. It really appealed to me because it was so troubled that it’s impossible to completely describe in here. But my nature is to fight troubles for others, and this is what I feel is part of the purpose of my life. Of course, a situation like that would attract me like a magnet.

There was a main apartment complex and a minor one. The main one consisted of 96 apartment units, and the minor one had 12 units. I don’t even want to start describing the condition those units were in…

This business suffered 2 major problems: Half of the apartments were empty and current residents were moving out, and it had constant maintenance break downs. In other words, this business wasn’t making any money and it was too expensive to maintain, not including taxes, mortgage and other bills.

I perfectly remember that the minor complex had only 6 residents filled out of 12, and the major one had about 25 units empty. That’s a huge income loss. Just do the basic math: 71 apartments out of 108 total were filled, 37 were empty and current residents were constantly moving out. That’s about a 34% income loss per month, and it was growing. When it comes to apartment complexes, it is a huge income loss. Take the average cost for an apartment, which is $550.00, times 37 empty apartments, and it equals $20,350.00 per month!!!

On top of all that, take the costs for constant maintenance breakdowns, as pipes and electrical components were mysteriously failing. But the scary thing was that there were no signs of improvement… It was getting worse and worse…

Money Magick changed everything and turned the tables around…

After I did a diagnostic of what was going on, I identified massive amounts of negative energies present in both complexes. I identified the blocks. I could easily feel them and I knew they must be eliminated.

To make a long story short, in just one and a half months, a minor complex that had 12 units was fully filled with residents and had a waiting list. Apartments which the landlord could not fill for over year and a half got filled with a passion!

In three months, the main complex that had 96 units had only 5 units unfilled. And those were simply unavailable, because they needed to be remodeled. Maintenance got too busy preparing apartments for move-ins because new residents started renting like never before. There was an unstoppable flow of new residents coming in!

The landlord could not fill certain units for years. They were actually very nice units, clean and spacious, but people did not want them because “there was something about them”. I did my special form of Magick on those units and in just 2 weeks one of these units was wanted by two different families at the same time. Stop for a moment and think about it…

One of the female members of the family was actually crying in the leasing office asking for one of those units because she was so in love with it. She got it! She was deeply in love with it afterwards.

There were days when 2 apartments would be leased on the same day, and the leasing agent just didn’t have time to lease more. Current residents stopped moving out. They were asking to cancel their 30 day notices.

On top of everything, unnecessary repairs vanished. They just did. Sure, normal maintenance due to normal wear and tear was still present, but emergencies with busted pipes and electrical problems vanished.

I do not want to give exact numbers here, but the income of the business increased by approximately 45% from leased apartments and extensively lowered repair costs.

That’s unquestionably powerful Money and Business Magick!

I really enjoyed my stay in Wisconsin. It wasn’t absolutely unnecessary, but sometimes I like to relocate and live in a different place just to get in “another atmosphere”. For me, it is very exciting to travel and do what I love. I made a lot of friends in Wisconsin, and saw the land on the opposite part of Lake Michigan.

By the time you finish reading available types of spells and rituals I can perform for you, you’ll have foreseen which one, or maybe several, will put you on the road to financial freedom.

Again, I encourage you to seriously consider my Money Magick because money loves speed!

Spells and rituals for Individuals:

  • Magick to help banish debt. If you are in debt, I can help. I will not make your debt fully disappear, even though you might find that parts of it do. This type of Magick is excellent for people who want to get out of debt, but are experiencing a struggle. It usually stops harassing phone calls and letters and makes debt collectors look at you from a different perspective. Many debt collectors are aggressive, misleading, manipulative and completely dishonest. Many run their businesses based on fear and intimidation of their “victims”. But if you legitimately want to get rid of debt, there is absolutely no need to deal with debt
    collectors of that type. Very often I do this form of Magick to also stop planned lawsuits against you. Keep in mind that there are many excellent debt collectors who actually consult people and help them to work out the situation. If you decide to get out of debt – let it
    work for you, not against you.

  • Money stay with me. Making money is often much easier than keeping it. There are people out there who, no matter how much they make, they never have money. People have a tendency to think that all they need is just a little bit more and they will be fine. Almost always, that’s not the case. There is a well known term: “money just slips through your
    fingers”. It can be your spending habits, or unnecessary expenses that you can’t avoid. No matter what it is – I will perform a very serious spell to stop this problem. Having more money always feels good.

  • Banishing vampyric money loss energies. This is a more serious form of spell I do to banish money loss. Unlike the one described above, this one is excellent if you experience constant unavoidable expenses. If you get more money, but then it leads to heavy losses – allow me to perform this spell for you. It will go deep into the root of the problem and fix it there.

  • Removal of money blocks. If you try to make money, but just can’t figure out why you can’t – you need this spell. If you notice that you “almost got it” but then something happens – there is a block, or several blocks that interfere with money coming through. It means that you attract money, but then some force repels that attraction from you. Is it ok? No.

  • Road Opening. This is an excellent spell I can do for you to open roads for new opportunities. This spell is a great combination with any other money spell. It opens more chances for you to receive money. Stop thinking about all the possible ways you might be
    getting money. That’s a limitation you put on yourself. The Universe can pleasantly surprise you in many different ways. After this spell, you might suddenly get new offers for a much better job or even start your own business. It can be a small home-based business which
    will grow into success. I’ve seen this happen many times.

  • Find a job, get a promotion, get recognition spell. I will perform this spell for you if you are looking for a new job, or if you are looking to be promoted, or if you want to improve the situation at your work place and get recognized for your efforts. Let me know what you desire and always aim high!

  • Start a new business spell. You don’t need any start up capital. But you need an idea and most importantly – strong desire. I want to repeat this again: you need strong desire. Everything else is achievable. Things like knowledge, start up capital, assets, etc. can be
    achieved in no time if you have a strong desire to put your idea into action combined with one of my business start up spells. You must also be fearless and doubtless about your desire. You must believe in your desire. Leave everything else up to Magick – the Universe knows the best possible and quickest ways to grant your requests for an inspired action.

  • Quick money spell. This is a very simple spell I do to get a quick sum of money, usually a smaller sum. It is good if you have an upcoming expense, but worry how you will get money for it. Again, the Universe knows much faster and better ways than all of us do.

  • Money come to me spell. This is a great spell that I would love to do if you want to increase your amount of money. This is when you realize that you want more. It may influence the current sources of income to provide you more, or it may create new unexpected sources.

  • Abundance spell. I do abundance spells and rituals for people who already have money, but want an abundance of it. This is a more advanced form of Money Magick that leads to riches. If you are looking to become rich and take action on it – allow me to help you make it happen.

  • Prosperity spells and rituals. I do these similarly to Abundance Magick, except with one difference – I concentrate on adding joy. For some people, money is everything. For some people, having money and happiness is everything. When you have money and you are happy – you prosper. Allow me to put you on the road to prosperity.

  • Money and asset protection. I described possible money losses above. But there are more. For example, thieves or envious people (also called Evil Eye). Envious people have a tendency to unconsciously put negative energy on you, whether you like it or not. Evil Eye is actually an extremely serious and dangerous form of negative energy that slowly, like a parasite, eats your success. And of course, there are thieves and others with ill wishes. Let me put an extremely strong defense on your money and assets. Being unprotected is
    unwise, and if crisis comes – it just does not feel good.

  • Law Stay Away spells. No, you can’t willingly commit a crime thinking that you are covered by Magick. But all of us make mistakes, very often without realizing it at first. Think about your driving. You are constantly breaking the law if you increase your speed limit by at
    least 1 mile per hour. And too often – you don’t even notice. Some people want me to perform this spell as a general protection from the law, others made some mistakes and realized that they were wrong. As soon as you willingly did not commit a serious crime – this
    spell can protect you from the authorities.

  • Money and prosperity amulets and talismans. I make extremely powerful amulets and talismans charged with fierce energies for pretty much any custom need, including money. Then the amulet or talisman is shipped to you, and you can either wear it or put it next to a picture of yourself. Just like most people, I’m sure you will feel extremely powerful energy coming from an amulet or talisman that I make for you. This energy acts as a magnet for your desire, whether it’s money, business success, help with sales, contracts, finding a job,
    getting a promotion or whatever you can think of. This is also a great addition to any Money Magick that I may do for you.

  • Custom needs Money Magick. Do you have something on your mind that is not listed here? Let’s talk.


Spells and rituals for Businesses

  • Full comprehensive business diagnostics and consultations. Need to get your questions answered? Need to acquire hidden knowledge about your business? Need help with decisions like whether to sign a contract or not? Want to learn if anyone is plotting against your business? I offer comprehensive business analysis. It is not your basic Tarot reading. I summon certain energies to acquire hidden knowledge that you might not be aware of. Get your questions answered and stay ahead.

  • Elimination of negative energies from a business. Once in a while businesses get unsatisfied customers or projected jealousy like Evil Eye. These energies have
    a tendency to stick around. Sometimes it may just be the place where business is conducted. Very often negative energies are passed on from a previous business, should it have been conducted in the same office. Allow yourself to drift back to a time where you stepped into an office, or maybe a shop, and within seconds you either felt good or bad about that place. Now allow yourself to recall a place where you felt really good… Let me work on your business to create a very pleasant feeling for your prospective clients, as it will be much easier to turn them into customers. This works for any businesses, including Internet stores and other websites.

  • Elimination of Evil Eye. Evil Eye is caused mostly by jealousy. When you are a successful businessman, people simply get jealous and not in a good way. The more successful you are, and the faster you become successful, those who know will start thinking about your success and not in a healthy way. This creates an Evil Eye energies. Those energies can be extremely dangerous and hurtful for you and your business. They are hard to track and penetrate slowly, making them very inconspicuous. Have you ever had an incident where you shared some plans with someone and then noticed that things didn’t go your way at all? Have you ever had a person in your life who you would tell your plans and later on your plans didn’t come into reality? This is just one of the simple examples of Evil Eye.

  • Business defense from Magickal attacks. You never know what your enemies and competitors are up to. Due to the New Age movement, Magick is becoming more and more popular. Like with pretty much everything, it is easier to destroy than create. Very often this is true when it comes to Magick. Protect your business from a Magick attack, as it is much easier to simply protect than eliminate it once it is fired.

  • Elimination of harmful people from the business. Do you have people that you just want to get rid of but don’t know how? It may be workers, general public, nuisance customers, enemies or anyone else. I can help you get rid of them nicely and easily. They will simply leave you and your business alone. You may never see or hear from them again, depending on how deep you want to go with this. They will simply leave you and your business alone, moving on with their lives.

  • Cleansing of business area. Whether you have a store, office, or a home based business, I can clear it from negative energies from a distance. Simply send me a
    picture of the area that needs to be cleansed and I will take care of the rest. This is a good general practice to do once in a while, as well as after someone “negative” visited your place. I can also set protective energies to avoid “negative” people in the future. They will simply not visit your place or will feel very uncomfortable there, thus unable to project negativity once inside. This will make them powerless when it comes to harming you.

  • Attraction of desired customers. I can help you to attract customers that will be a pleasure to deal with. If your business has too many nuisance customers, then it has a magnetic field of energy that either draws them in, or changes the attitude of people. It can cause misunderstandings, irritation and anger. Or maybe you just want a flow of customers that you will have great pleasure to dealing with? Either way, I can help.

  • Attraction of masses of customers. Like in the real world story written above, I can build the same map of success for your business and attract an unstoppable flow of customers. Besides that, I am summoning desired types of customers, the type of customers that are best suited to your business aura. This is an excellent way to expand your business to heights you may have never even thought of. After this type of Magick, businesses witness new customers coming from out of town and other directions you haven’t thought of. The real beauty of this Magick is that, instead of manipulating people to visit your business and purchase your products, it summons those who are already looking for what you sell. This is an extremely potent and powerful form of Magick to skyrocket your sales and revenue.

  • Business growth and prosperity rituals. After businesses have more customers than they know what to do with, or even at “financial comfort levels”, their owners want to take the next step: growth and prosperity. This type of Magick brings your business recognition and respect. If you are looking to make your business more upscale and work with more upscale customers and business partners – this is an excellent type of Magick that I can do for you.

  • Charging marketing materials with attraction energies. I can write a whole book on the importance of this subject. I could never understand why business owners underestimate this concept. Allow yourself to recall an experience where in a bunch of ads, one really stood out. Now think: what if your ad stands out with much, much greater power and makes people take action on it? I work with this concept all the time for various businesses and various ads. I can charge your ad with irresistible magnetic energy whether it is for magazine, newspaper, online, press release, a business proposal, a contract or whatever it may be. In fact, if you have access to aura photography equipment, take a charged ad and see what a powerful field of energy it radiates! You will clearly see for yourself that other ads are tens and very often hundreds of times weaker. This will ensure a much higher response to your advertising as well as a definite increase in sales!

  • Creation of productive marketing materials. Advertising is my other specialty. Creation of effective marketing materials is my true passion. It all starts from the power that’s within me. I studied the secrets of the World’s most successful marketers for over a decade. It is a fact that most successful marketers believe in the Power of Spirit and have different ways of describing such beliefs. When it comes to creating an ad for your business, I use all the real world secrets and charge it with the best possible energies. The result? Highly effective ads that persuade, magnetize and attract a flow of customers. Why waste money on expensive advertising campaigns which get no or low results if you can make an investment in advertising materials that will draw total success?

  • Website promotion spells. Do you have a website and want to increase your online sales? Need more leads? Let me do a website promotion spell for you. It won’t be long before you notice results of my work.

  • Custom work for business situations. Do you have something in mind that you haven’t seen here? Let me know.


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PlutoCraft Money Magick Spells Proved To Work In Any Economy!
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