With Remote Influencing, You Win Where Others Fail

Always A Deeper And Harder Penetration!


Now, Why Can Remote Influencing Work For You

Remote influencing, also known as remote mind control is a very powerful technique to influence a person or an outcome.

Do you feel like you need one?

If yes, then…

This letter is a must-read for everyone determined to make professional remote influencing work for them!

“Many People Who Tried PlutoCraft Remote Influencing Already Experienced Massive Success, Because I Offer ONLY Real, Powerful, BEST OUTCOME DRIVEN Service, And Now I Expect YOU To Be The Winner Of Success!”

REMEMBER: This is not just remote influencing…

What Is It And Why Do I Want It?

Remote Influencing – The Forbidden, Brutally Powerful,
Instant, Covert Method To Achieve Your Goals
And Finally, Get What You Want!

Picture representing remote influence and mind control
To Get Ex Back…
To Make More Money…
To Influence Someone…
To Have More Sex…
To Stop Cheating…
To Get What YOU Want…  

Remember: Whenever you have problems, you need a powerful RELIABLE solution, the one that reaches far beyond the constraints of time, space, and intellect… And that solution is called…

PlutoCraft Professional Remote Influencing Service

Let’s face the facts: you can’t be truly satisfied until you get what you want, or whom you want… And that can make you upset, or even depressed. It can be stressful. And it can cause more problems in your life. You already know it yourself…

You may even start to notice that the solutions you’ve tried so far are weak and they don’t work. They do, however, cost you time and money…94% of my clients report positive changes within just the next few days… Now, YOU make a judgment whom you hire to handle your case from now on…

Now, how do you hire the secret force which gives you the power to influence people, events and achieve desired outcomes?

Read the must-possess information below to know!

I specialize in resolving SEVERE cases, those cases where others failed and even hope is now lost… My motto: nothing is impossible!

Is he/she cheating on you?  How to get an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back? What does someone truly think of you? How to make more money? How do YOU become rich? How do you get out of the problem you got into? – many people ask me to do Remote Viewing to find clear answers quickly to such questions. Why? Well… Remember: information is your power!

To make someone faithful… To get an ex back… To change someone’s opinion about you on a deep level… To attract money… Become rich… Resolve a problem in your favor and prevent future ones… Gain control and power… – people order Remote Influencing on such things. Why? To come out as strong winners!

Why do you need remote viewing and remote influencing? The reason is, when you look deep inside your problem (any problem) and notice that because of it, there is something missing in your life, you are losing a fight for completeness and wholeness, your life isn’t working the way you want, and you know that there is a key to a solution that you haven’t found… but you don’t even know what this key looks like… then you want a resolution of the problem, answers to your questions because the missing piece allows you to arrive at a more complete you, a new you, who can finally take a deep breath, and happily close the door on that problem with a smile, knowing that it’s all now gone.” – Yevgeniy.

What I can do for you:

  • Remotely read hidden information.

  • Help to detect lies, cheating, backstabbing, identify true from false.

  • Influence people from a distance towards a positive desired outcome.

  • Receive guidance from High Intelligence and pass it to you.

  • Detect invisible barriers of the problems and eliminate them.

  • Detect most hidden future problems and eliminate them on the spot.

  • Help you correct your past and present mistakes.

  • Help you with paranoia, anxiety, worry, doubts, fear, stress, and confusion, given that outcome is possible.

  • Unlock doors to your success. Decode secrets.

  • Rekindle relationships with ex-lovers.

  • Repair relationships with kids, friends, business partners, and much more!

All you have to do is:

1) Tell me the problem.

2) Tell me your desired outcome.

3) Pay the fee.

4) Let me do remote viewing and influencing for you.

4) Enjoy the outcome!

My Areas Of Expertise For Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing:

  • Relationships. Diagnosing troubled areas, eliminating blocks, rekindling relationships of all kinds, eliminating past hurt feelings, bringing an ex back, re-programming their attitude and perception towards you, connecting to new love, “love spells”, remote seduction.

  • Money & Business. Contracts, sales increases, diagnosing business and individual troubled areas, elimination of obstacles, influencing partners.

  • Protection. Intercepting and neutralizing enemies, re-programming enemies, creating severe blocks against hurt, eliminating competitors. Intercepting and neutralizing enemy Magick, suspending powers through Karma, and returning hurtful Magick to enemies.

  • Personal. Help to neutralize your anxiety, shyness, fears, worries, doubts, stress, installing new powerful programs for success, irresistible magnetism, increasing your seductive powers, help to increase social skills.

  • Past, Present, Future. Diagnosing what went wrong in the past, scanning present and correcting interferences, detecting upcoming problems in the future and neutralizing them, exchanging future problems for the desired outcome.

  • EMERGENCY SERVICES. Any of the problems above can be classified as emergency problems. Additional emergency situations I work on: missing person, saving a life, fast recovery, helping children, and most cases you can think of.

Requirements for PlutoCraft Remote Influencing:

  • Requests MUST be reasonable. No idiotic requests
  • Requests MUST be beneficial and not hurt the innocent
  • Requests MUST be for good only
  • No guarantees of outcome. PlutoCraft Remote Influencing is done for BEST OUTCOME meaning that Universe will select HOW and WHEN everything will happen. Even though most people get their desired outcome on time, I still remove all guarantees and promises, mainly due to the fact that most people’s desires and decisions change often. Also, I am NOT The God to guarantee you’ll get what you want. This service is for serious and dedicated people only.
  • Most harder cases require 3+ sessions over different time periods.

Remote Influencing is $325.00 per session. Email Me for a free consultation.

If you’re ready to get started, you can order your sessions now!


  • I value the details on your site. Thank you!

  • Something terrible happened in my life, my son, without any reason he text me , in that text he said that I was not his father he also said that he will campaign against me to his younger brother and sister’s he did just that. At my job I have never been promoted even the position that I have they have been fighting to take it away. I have lost a lot including good business partners. I need a permanent solution and rest.Your Expertise For Remote Viewing & Influencing is the answer to my problems. I paid a lot of money to wrong magician without success. Kindly, help me!

    Isaiah Kapologwe

    • Dear Isaiah,

      Each of these situations may be separate or related. I recommend beginning with a Remote Viewing session to locate the sources of these issues, then follow up with Remote Influence to help correct them.

      We can arrange a session by e-mail, simply contact us.


  • What’s an example of an idiotic request? Seems like a pretty judgmental and patronizing sentiment to have on a site whose mission is to help people.

    • Dear Ronnie: An idiotic request is one that is completely unreasonable, like “Can you perform remote influence to turn me into a dog,” or “Make (insert celebrity here) fall desperately in love with me,” or “I want to win a million dollars in three days.” Believe it or not, we do get these kinds of requests. We do not use the word lightly.

  • Is the remote viewing included with the remote influencing session or is this a seperate service? Is there a dedicated page about it?

    • Sunchild: Remote Viewing is a separate session (the same price as a Remote Influence session, so you can order it on this page). It is very much like a Remote Influencing session except that it is for information gathering purposes. It is a way of seeing what is really going on and uncovering any hidden information before going ahead with Remote Influence.