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With powerful sex spells & seductive sex magick working for you, your sexual loneliness, or whatever sexual problems that you may have – stop!

Ask yourself: why it’s a good time to have fun now?

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Ummm, those powerful sex spells… That alluring sex magick… That irresistible magnetism…

Just allow your deepest sexual desires to become reality with powerful sex spells…

  • Want to radiate magnetic attraction?
  • Tired of being lonely? Want to meet the right person for you?
  • Is your sex life shot? Nothing you do seems to work?
  • Have secret sexual desires? Want a sexual soulmate?
  • He/she doesn’t pay attention to you? Does it bother you?
  • Seeking a more intense sexual experience?

Clear your mind. Forget about all your worries and concerns. Powerful sex spells are an excellent approach for your sex problems. And my expertise adds an unquestionable touch to manifesting your desires into reality.

I can open the door to a new exciting sex life, the one that is beyond your imagination, the one others only dream of, the one that reaches deep down into your passion and desire, with powerful sex spells that work.

Attraction, wild seduction, uncontrollable lust that you produce, erotic beauty that you project, mind-blowing orgasms that you experience and share… Is this exciting or what? Think of THAT!

I thought about writing a book, “Magick to Become a Casanova”… But from what I’ve seen and experienced, it’s too powerful of a weapon if it gets in the wrong hands… People who go from nothing to several sex partners of a caliber that they could only dream of in the past don’t follow ethics. It made me put that idea aside…

The good news is you don’t need it. Tackling sex problems isn’t for everyone. Resolving your own sex problems might be even harder for you. Starting from zero and doing hard work isn’t for everyone, either.

But… Sex Magick is my true passion, just like sex and Magick… I am not a general spell-caster when it comes to this or any other type of spell work.

Treat yourself to one of the most desired Earthly pleasures. You deserve it. A healthy sex life is… well, healthy. I have no words to describe how much your whole life changes once you experience the depth of your sexual desires.

Relax your whole body from your head to your toes… Focus on your breath flowing in and out… Allow your thoughts to disappear… We are now going to discover how my sex Magick gives you the power of transformation, shifting you from old problems to a new, sexually-Magickal paradigm… Imagine that you are learning a future which no one else knows yet, including you.

Attraction With Sex Magick

I would like for you to take a few moments to think about a situation that happened to you in the past… I would like you to think of a time in your past when you encountered a very attractive person….

A person that made your heart jump. That same person, whoever it may be, that made you freeze, made you forget the words and made you feel like time simply stopped. Maybe it is a girl or a guy when you were in high school…

Maybe it is a person whom you randomly ran into at the grocery store…
Or maybe it is someone you fell in love with or sexual love at first sight…
Whoever it may be…It may be that you suddenly become aware of feelings associated with this situation…

Maybe a scene where it took place comes into your mind… Maybe some sounds or some smells come into your mind… Whatever it is that comes into your mind, allow it to flow freely…

As you allow yourself to completely explore and experience this event fully one more time, just as if it is actually happening right now, you allow feelings that you experienced at that time to freely flow through your body. Notice how it feels…

Continue letting these feelings spread all over your body. Now I want you to go way deep into your mind and visualize how you would feel if you could make others feel just like you feel right now.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you were the one who makes people’s hearts jump from the first seconds they see you?

Continue to hold this image in your mind and notice how you feel right now. Ask yourself: what would you do with such power?

How happy would you be to possess a deeply spiritual attraction? I’ve helped many to achieve this… From now on you can be certain and excited knowing that you too can experience a powerful attraction that can create miracles in your love and sex life.

Seduction With Sex Magick

Let’s take another trip through your brain … A trip to irresistibly wild sexual magnetism. I want you to think of these words again: irresistibly wild sexual magnetism.

As you concentrate your attention on these words, I want you to recall a memory when you were extremely sexually attracted to someone. Let yourself visualize and re-experience the moment when you and that person were in a comfortable situation together.

A moment when the wild sexual attraction between the two of you created an unforgettable moment and wiped out everything else that did not belong to that highly erotic moment. Now let’s go to that lovely moment when that person made a move on you…

Take a moment to re-experience how your heart jumped when his or her lips were just an inch apart from yours… How then, you felt those lips gently touching your lips… How you felt the warmth of those hands that were gently moving all around your body, making you want more second by second…

Recall the feeling of how time simply stopped and you were craving for more… and more… and more…It was just the two of you in wild sexual pleasure and nothing else mattered… There is no way in the World you wanted it to stop, as you weren’t able to resist…

Now let me ask you an awkward question: can you imagine, right now, what would it be like if you could recreate these experiences over and over again in your life?

What would it be like if you could radiate an aura of wild sexual seduction that others wouldn’t be able to resist?

And what would it be like if you could easily have wild sexual experiences over and over again? Just like I helped others to put their sex life onto a pedestal (as I strongly believe that’s where it belongs, and I am sure we agree on this) I can help you.

Being sexually seductive feels like you rule the World. I want you to experience it, too…

Targeted Sex Magick

Let your inner mind now select a person with who you want to have sex…

Not just one time, but actually have an amazing sexual adventure together, which can, in fact, grow into something even more beautiful. Now, in your mind, formulate a future you would like to have with that person.

A future that welcomes you with a widely open door that leads to hot, passionate, wild sexual pleasures between the two of you… Now let’s go to that lovely place of your choice and thoroughly enjoy every minute of both of you there… Pay attention to your body as you continue to imagine this.

Pay closer attention to the pleasant sensations as you imagine just the two of you in that lovely place of your choice. Now, what is it that you’re feeling? Arousal? Let it freely flow through your body and mind…

Don’t be surprised if that same person will actually contact you soon. Or maybe he or she will perceive you differently. Sexier. Visualizations like these are very telepathic…

Ask yourself a question: what’s the point of delaying? Let my powerful, safe, and confidential sex Magick bring that person to you. You might have questions, like: will I force him or her? Will he or she want to have sex with you against his or her will? Will someone else find out? Are there are any risks?

Let me answer: I have good news and “bad” news. Let me tell you the “bad” news first: I do not do this type of Magick, as well as other forms of Love/Sex Magick, against people who are happily married or in a relationship.

That other person of your choice must be either single or unhappy with the current relationship and seeking a way out. The good news is that your chosen person will not be forced to be with you.

I don’t create forced environments when it comes to attracting someone with Sex Magick to you. I have much better ways of creating great, pleasant, and joyful environments.

So, he or she will not have sex against his or her will. Due to the nature of my work, I remove the risks of consequences from you, and my Magick is always cloaked for invisibility. Don’t tell others and people won’t find out.

Using Sex Magick Spells To Summon A Sex Partner

Now picture you are watching your life in a time machine going from past to present. Remember when, as children, we couldn’t understand how the world works.

Remember when we were in our teens; we thought we knew everything. Now concentrate your mind on the present and honestly ask yourself: would you like to have a pleasant, surprising experience with a new sex partner that is your sexual soulmate?

Now picture you are watching the erotic movie of your life going from past to present. Picture yourself watching the present part of it. Ask yourself: Is this a perfect present?

Or perhaps you would make it better if you could? Let’s get a little deeper. Let me ask you some awkward questions: What is your fetish? Have you been able to explore your deepest sexual desires to the full extent? Are you a sexually adventurous person?

Let’s get even deeper. Let me ask you an even more awkward question: Have you considered that life may be too short to delay and pass up the opportunity to make your ultimate sexual desires a reality? Do yourself a big favor: Forget what society says. Forget about that doctrine of what’s “normal” and what’s not.

Now you can begin to break through the negative programming that society has placed in you over the years and proudly admit: If there is a person out there who wants what you want – why not?

This is when my ritual of summoning a perfect sex partner for you comes into play. Think about this: There is another person with the same desires who probably can’t find a way to make them a reality either. That makes two of you… So, what’s your fetish?

Keep all that you have read locked in your mind – the letters, words, meanings – and think about them. More and more, starting today, you feel that it is time to change your sex life because, unfortunately, as time goes by, it is not in your favor…

Other Sex Magick rituals:

  • Stop infidelity. If you have a significant other, or a spouse cheating on you – I can do a powerful ritual against infidelity. This ritual eliminates all unnecessary interference between loyalty. Contact me if you want to discuss this issue.
  • Custom sex Magick work. If there is something that you want specific, let’s talk.

You may now realize you need to experience the power of my sex Magick. Be attractive. Meet new people. Have sex. Be confident. Feel desired. Live a long, joyful life!

Whenever you need help with Sex Magick, click here to send me a message with your requests for first-class, friendly service!


Get Your Sex Magick Candle Spells!

Remember: Sex magick is NOT about making everyone you meet to have sex with you. Think about all of the people you meet on a daily basis — do you really want that? Not to mention, it’s simply unrealistic.

Sex magick is designed to increase your attraction and sexual energies and remove obstacles to bring the right kind of passionate people to you, opening up amazing sexual opportunities!


  • I want to have sex with Black Men

    • plutocraft777
      August 9, 2013 4:28 am

      Sounds good Dasha! We can do Aphrodite Secret Desires candle for that. Contact us through the contact form about this and we can discuss it. Thank you!

    • My skype is ROCK9895601148 my name-ROSHAN SEBASTIAN

  • I’m looking to have sex with white girls

    • I have a very sick wife who stopped having sex with me now I want her to have sex with me

      • Roy: There is a reason why your sick wife stopped having sex with you. Knowing that reason and working on it constructively is the path to resolution. (A Case Diagnostic can help with this.)

        I recommend focusing on how to help heal your wife (emotionally and spiritually) so that she is in a place where sex is appealing for her again. A relationship counselor can be of great assistance!

        Meanwhile, you may wish to take a look at the demands you place on her and how they can be transformed into respectful requests.

        ~ Blessings

  • I want my husband to stop cheating on me and I want him back in my arms

    • plutocraft777
      August 17, 2013 4:51 am

      Diagnostic would need to be done first to determine the roots of cheating. Contact us for a diagnostic. Thank you.

  • I missed having a passionate and wild sex with my husband

  • I am interested in changing my life — to increase the number of women I meet, to increase my attraction and to increase their desire for me, which in turn leads to sexual satisfaction. I have one in mine that I previously dated, and it was very exciting, but we broke up due to my erectile dysfunction. I’ve been working on relieving that, but I’m afraid she has found another. If she is happy with someone else, I don’t want her, but if we were meant to be, then I want to get that back and continue to explore to greater heights our sexual soulmate compatibilities. Thank you!

    • plutocraft777
      August 17, 2013 4:54 am

      Rod, that would definitely require a diagnostic first. Over 90% of the cases I start with the diagnostic because the issues are rarely what customers thing they are. More often than not, an issue is a consequence of a root problem. Just contact us about this and we’ll see what we can do. Thank you.

  • This actually does work I made love that same night.

  • I want to have sex with my girlfriend but she wants to wait till marriage but I can’t wait please help. I want her

  • I am currently living at my ex boyfriends house again. However I am pregnant by a man whom I loved very much.He meant the world to me. However his life was cut short when he was killed unexpectidly by someone driving without a license.My ex found another girlfriend during the time I was with my new love as well. She is basically a stalker who cannot get over the fact that my ex and I are trying to work on things and help one another out. I have always loved him and always will.I never planned this pregnancy and def didnt forsee any of this happening especially to me. So basically I want this woman to forget about my ex.He wants nothing to do with her and every time she calls the house it just puts up both in sour moods. Do you have any suggestuions for me?

    • Banishing candle on her + healing candle on both of you + truth candle on both of you. There is much more to it than what you described here. Good luck!

  • hi there, i would like a spell to make a few certain people want to have sex with me, no strings attaches or relationships just sex

  • I would love to have a 3some with my wife and one of her co-workers

  • i would like my husband to have sexual obsession for me and lust for wild sex with me daily.

  • I want the girl of my dream to feel the same way about me , but most of all I want to have wild sex with her . I want her to dream about me and lust over me . if this is possible I would be greatfull

  • i want to have sex with my neighbour. she is 10-11 yrs older than me. she lives right after our house.

    • You are over 18, right? You’ll have to contact us in private for that… We can do sex magick spell for it and we’ll need more details. Thank you.

  • I have recently left a not so healthy poly relationship with my husband..i really seek desire need a partner who is super stable and optimistic ,intelligent,switch between being dominating and submissive…very bisexual and of course poly..but seeking a committed honest, open very intimate magical experience within our case probably a triple or quadruple flame kinda situation! lol… umm can you help me go for my hearts truest desire…so i can finally quench the thirst to connect the way i crave..? # just a shove in the right direction please..lol

  • i want the girl of my dream to feel the same way about me , but most of all I want to have wild sex with her . I want her to dream about me and lust over me . if this is possible I would be greatfull

  • Mmm sounds d-licious!!! I’ve fantasized about so much group lovin’.

  • lionel georges ouraga
    September 18, 2013 7:30 pm

    I want to have sex with Alanna Alyse (Indigo Mikayla)

  • I’ve been having an affair for almost 3 years, with my much younger neighbor. My husband became aware of it this year….. I think of my “lover” and lust for him ALL the time! I can’t say I’ve fallen in love, but I don’t want things to end. I want him to think about me as much as I do about him. I want a clearer answer on his feelings for me. With this I can, move forward!!!! Can you help?

  • Hey I am
    female and really need to look sexy which I don’t I am a good person just not good looking. Help?

    • Everyone is a perfect Divine creation. Society imposes the idea on how you should feel about your look. It is all internal. Once you find yourself internally sexy, you’ll radiate sex appeal beyond your wildest imagination. And yes, we can surely cast sex appeal Magick. You’ll have to email your details with your photo, make a payment and all the typical stuff.

  • Hello, I recently lost my girlfriend to her ex. I lost her due to having sexual anxiety which caused me to not get it up. We had sex many of times and I need her back in my life but most importantly I need to be able to perform. Had we still have been having sex all would have been well. I grew distant due to my problems with not being able to satisfy her. Please help.

  • i want to enjoy sex as much as possible, i want to know seduction techniques

  • I want to have sec with girls and guys

  • I need a sex spell soonest her name is katy perry a singer.

    • plutocraft777
      January 14, 2014 4:04 am

      Jon-Michael: We do not perform sex spells to attract celebrities. This is simply not a reasonable request.

  • I have fallen in love with a married employee. She was starting to come around to my way of thinking (barely, but kinda) and then she got pregnant from her husband (seems reasonable), but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting her. Nothing non magical will work, I guarantee it. Any thoughts?

    • plutocraft777
      February 9, 2014 1:58 am

      It would be extremely unethical to use magick to pursue a woman who has just become pregnant with her husband, as this would likely tear their future family apart before it even started. I highly recommend aiming for a New Love so that you can have a fulfilling relationship, even if it is only sexual. An Attraction spell can be customized for this purpose: http://plutocraft.com/product/attraction-spell/

      Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Stephen Rigby
    March 9, 2014 8:09 pm

    I am married to a wonderful woman. Since a bad car accident a few years ago,our sex life hasn’t been the same. Also,my wife has never been into oral sex but a blowjob has always been my favorite. I have been married for 16+ years & haven’t had good oral sex with my beautiful wife. She occasionally will give me a half-assed blowjob for like a minute or 2,but only with a rubber on. I have to practically beg for that. I genuinely love her,but it’s very frustrating. Also,I have a good friend. We have been friends a long time. I’ve had a lust for her for 20+ years. My wife is ok with it. The problem with that,I got stuck in the “friends” category a long time ago. I really want to have sex with her. I feel such a chemistry with her. I flirt with her often. It never seems to get me anywhere. I sooo want her to feel the same lust that I feel for her. I sooo want to fulfill my desire to have sex with her. My wife wants me to be able to have sex with my friend. My wife is very open & supportive. Please help me

    • plutocraft777
      March 12, 2014 12:55 am

      Dear Stephen:

      If this woman has made it clear that she does not want to have a sexual relationship with you, then you must respect that choice. Think of it this way: What if you were in her position and someone ordered magick to coerce you into having sex when you really didn’t want to for moral/personal reasons?

      What I recommend is opening communication between you, your wife, and this woman about the situation. That way she knows that your wife truly is supportive of this, and you can know for sure if she is simply not interested or if she may consider changing her mind. Feel free to contact us again if the situation changes or you have any questions!

  • Stephen Rigby
    March 9, 2014 8:27 pm

    Another issue with my friend,even though my friend knows my wife is good with this situation,she says she is reluctant to have sex with a married man. I’ve tried everything I know to do for this to happen. She is fine with the flirting but won’t take it any further. I’ve tried at times to just give up,but I just can’t do it. I really want this to happen!

    • plutocraft777
      March 12, 2014 12:58 am

      If things aren’t meant to work out with this woman, we would be happy to perform a candle spell to draw a new sexual partner better suited to you and your situation. The Kiss Me Now candle spell can be customized for this purpose.

  • I want to have sex with my exwho I used to date. It was the best sex of my life but things ended in an odd way. when I see her I just want her.

    • Dear Jon:

      If you’re just looking for sex and no relationship, it may be more beneficial to attract a new sexual partner without all of the baggage from the past.

      However, if you’re looking to heal this relationship, then a Diagnostic and Reconciliation magick is definitely the way to go!

  • I sent u a message its been 2 weeks ago. But no1 respond me til now.

  • I checked my e-mail there is no mail from you. Can you send me again that mail.

  • I wanna have sexual encounters with my room mate

  • I am in love with a married man and want to have sex with him,i already told him that i want to but he rfused many times,his name is youssef jobaily and i tried so many spells and black magic casters and payed so many people but nothing worked,please help me.

    • Dear Divina: We do not perform sex magick that would cause harm to an existing marriage – this results in bad karma and is simply unethical.

      It is quite possible that the past magick you have ordered is firing back on you and causing a buildup of obsessive energies, which would increase your desire for him while pushing him away. I strongly recommend getting an Uncrossing candle to remove these lingering energies.

      After that, you may want to look into a candle spell to attract a New Love – a person who is meant for you at this time.


  • I want to find a way to control my sexual desires, for they have been self destructive for me. I want to be sure that I dont confuse Love for Lust anymore.

  • I want have one night stand with a girl I saw in my friend house and I want her to be thinking about having sex this girl am talking she does not want luv partner in her life but I just want to taste her that all

    • Tim: If this woman is determined not to have a sexual relationship, then you should respect that. If you feel that you two could have a mutually enjoyable sexual experience, then I would recommend the Kiss Me Now candle. For extra powerful work that hits from multiple angles, I would recommend beginning with a Diagnostic Report to read into each of you and see the best path for success, followed by ritual sex magick if everything looks good.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


  • it is tim Actually she is 15yrs the problem is that I don’t know the date but I no the she was born but she told me was 15yrs but I know her number and I believe u can work on that

  • i am married but i am sexually attracted to my wife’s boss she always talk about sex with me but she is quite older than me and has alot of money she is a widow too i want to a sex spell on her what do you advice me on .

  • I waunt to have sex with Asian women

  • Moses Slaughter
    September 10, 2014 8:39 am

    How do I get my girl to give me more oral sex???

    • Dear Moses: The first step is to figure out why she isn’t and go from there. I recommend a Communication Spell with Akasha oil for truth telling and honest communication. Feel free to contact me for more details :)

      ~ Blessings

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    October 11, 2014 9:30 pm

    I wish to have sex with milf women

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    October 18, 2014 6:08 am

    I would like to have wild passionate sex with milfs and have a fourteen inch penis

  • Astral Traveler
    October 19, 2014 1:30 pm

    I’ve read over this page, and am impressed with your info on top and answers below.

    A little info: I’m married, now 14 years. My wife has slowly adopted her mother’s and grandmother’s attitudes about life and husbands; neither are healthy nor desirable to have in a relationship. I’ve done some prophecy about these, and they seem to be rooted in a traumatic event for their ancestor at least 4-5 generations removed from my wife, who didn’t want to leave the Old Country to come to America. The progenitor husband of this attitude seems also to be a man that cheated a few times with the village… uh… floozy.

    My wife has confided in me that she’s no longer interested in me in a sexual way, and in a separate conversation told me to “find someone else who will do that to you” [me].

    I know 5 other married-into-the-family men on my wife’s side, and all of them have experienced the same phenomena of disinterest and dissociation from their wives, my wife’s sister and cousins. At a family reunion, I looked at the relationships of older, further-removed couples, and the same attitudes of body language and patterns of speech screamed at me from across the room.

    I am, of course, interested in healing my relationship with her; though to do that, I think it would break her mind and spirit to so radically shift a generational, persona-affecting, cursed paradigm.

    #1: Protect my 3 daughters (minors) from this same insanity. I want them to be happy, giving, receiving, sharing in their future committed relationships, despite the horrible tradition they’ve inherited and had modeled for them. I want to break the cycle of retributive abuse that was “earned” by one man, potentially 200 years ago.

    #2: find a woman with whom I can share mutual sexual intimacy and release with, quiet, on the side, repeated; not obsessively habit-forming, but a balancing of the scales for me and her. One with whom I can continue to grow and mature, but not break to ruin my fine-other-than-no-sex marriage.

    Any thoughts?

  • I want to have sex with my cousin,plz let me know in mail how can I do my sex desires fullfilled with her

  • Hello I want to have sex with a lady who is unmarried she likes
    Me very much I want to try your sex spell so kindly help me

  • I am a gay, is there a spell to attract gay’s into my life for a sexual relationship?

  • I want to have sex with my friend.we are really close, but i can’t help having sexual feelings towards her but i don’t want to ruin our friendship. it’d be great if i could become sex-friends with her.

  • I want to have sex with my girl love

  • Tyrone bibby
    April 10, 2015 4:33 pm

    I want a woman that lives close to me but she only sees me as a friend I want her so bad any help would be great

  • how many spells can we have and how much its cost???

  • My name is collins, i love sex too much, i have that energy but the problem is that am not getting it,most every night i do masturbate because of my sexual activeness.
    I feel maybe is because am poor boy and i don’t have money to give them that’s reason they are running a way from me.
    Please can you help me out.

    • Hello Collins,

      Usually, money and sex are very separate things in reality – unless people start to combine them. Confidence is most likely the issue. I highly recommend doing Astrological Mars spells for sex and confidence because Mars rules both. For extra power, you can combine Mars and Pluto planetary spells. We offer both of them on the website. From my experience, they produce excellent results. They also help attracting money too because both planets do have money attracting qualities, even though they are not considered to be “money planets”. I hope this helps and thank you for sharing your life experience with us!

  • hi, I’ve been with my live in boyfriend for a year and a half, and I love him more than anything. I know he loves me too, he is very kind and gentle and loving to me.

    The problem with our relationship is that I fantasize about him constantly, but our relationship isn’t very sexual. We make love less than 3-4 times a month. He always initiates it. I am very shy when it comes to that with him because he is extremely attractive and I’m… Not so much. He says he loves me for my heart and my mind.

    I want a spell that can boost my confidence as well as make him lust after me the way that I do for him. I want no doubt that I am what he desires.

    Do you think you could help me?

  • Hi,

    There is this girl at work who every time I see it feels like my heart is going to explode. I have a lot of emotions all mixed in with passion for this woman. Since day one I felt this attraction for her I can not described. She currently holds a management position at work. She is very career minded I guess, and sometimes her attitude is very “bossy” and not a lot of people like it. For some reason I can not explain I have this crazy attraction for her. The problem is that she doesn’t even look at me at all. Sometimes I tell mysel I should not dream too high because she is way out of my league. Am I right thinking like this? What don’t I have that other guys might have? I would love to embark in a sexual adventure with this lady, it’s the one fantasy I have I would anything for it. Could you do something to help me out?

  • Hi can someone help me to get sex with my girl I want sex with my girl but she don’t want to

  • I would like to have sex with my sister nomatemba