Know About Moon Magick And It’s Correspondance Days For Casting Spells!

Moon magick in itself is very powerful. Many people are interested when exactly they can deal with magick and when it’s not allowed. The right choice of the day is really important.

It influences the power of the ceremony and also the subject of it.

Dates Of Magick Powers!

The main holidays for the ancient peoples where the days of power: summer and winter solstice (20-21 June and 21-22 December), vernal and fall equinox ( 20-21 March and 20-21 September).

These dates where the astronomical beginning of every season. They can vary 1-2 days depending on the calendar moves. These days compel rituals to be successful.

Also the great power is in the days after the solar and lunar eclipse, especially for rituals against celibacy, for attraction of luck and money. From ancient times the power days were the folk holidays: “Holy Days” (from Christmas to Baptizing), Pancake Day and Trinity.

But if during Pancake days and Holy days all rituals are working, Trinity and Mermaid week are good for love magick!

During Honey Salvation Day and Apple Salvation Day the rituals for the harvest, profit and luck are extremely strong.

Everybody knows that congruent intentions come true at Christmas and New Year Eve. But your “personal New Year” (your birthday) is the best time for your magic arts.

The most important star on your birthday is the Sun. Get to its rays, thank it for today’s life, for last year tell him your wishes and dreams for the next one.

One more magic date is the night from April 30 th to May 1 st . It’s called Walpurgis Night. That’s when the evil creatures, the witches celebrate. The best time for black wizards.

But this is valuable moment for white wizards as well. The herbs gathered this night have incredible power, for magick and medicine. The dew gathered on the 1 st May morning is the best for the medical or spell remedies.

And if you bathe this day you known to clean your body and brain from negative stuff and diseases.

Moon Magick Days

Full moon is considered to be the most powerful moon during the Magick work. All rituals held this day will have very long influence. But how is the Magick and other lunar phases are connected?

On the 1 st and the 2 nd days of lunar calendar, on the new moon, it is better not to do any rituals that require maximum power. It is better to do riyuals that require greater intelligence and are aimed for new beginning.

The new moon’s energy is considered to be weak and your energy is on the bottom level. It is very good, to charge with some Earth energy walking barefooted, or from the trees. It’s useful to hug with birch for women and with oak for men.

On the 3-7 th days of lunar calendar the Moon is growing, also the magical power is growing. You can conjure for attraction of love and money.

On the 8-14 th days of lunar calendar – is the best time to make rituals for health, the fate and character of the person into a better direction. You can make amulets, mascots and talismans.

On the 16-22 nd lunar days the Moon is waning. This time fits for getting rid of diseases, bad habits, extra people in your fate.

On the 23-29 th lunar days the Moon is taking all negative energy accumulated during the month. It’s a finally high time to get rid of spells, evil eye, different illnesses.

Moon Magick And Days Of The Week

There is a rotation of man’s and woman’s days. All rituals for men should be held on their days.

Monday is ideal for Moon Magick spells because it is actually the day of the moon. You can produce the protective amulets, love talismans, mascots for trips. Very useful are water spells.

Tuesday (Mars day) is perfect for rituals for life changes, financial improvement and also the return of cheating husband.

The ladies days like Wednesday (Mercury day) are good for health rituals, money, protectionof house and family from evil eye.

Thursday (Jupiter day) – is day ritual day for recovery of lost feelings and romance. It is also an excellent day for business magick and Spiritual growth.

On Friday (Venus day) you can do some magick for marriage or beauty.

On Saturday (Saturn day) is very easy the spell for pregnancy and the protection of kid’s health. Also this a day for making amulets and talismans.

Sunday (Sun day) is not connected to sex. All people who are baptized are better not do magick on Sunday IF they have a belief that Magick and Christianity contradict each other. But… At the same time, anyone can actually do any positive rituals on Sunday. For example, blessings, protections, asking for guidance is great!

Something Else Besides Just Moon Magick

Some readers have asked if it’s allowed to do magick on periods and while pregnant.

Magick rituals require huge energy source, so when it’s time of your periods, it’s better to save your energy. Also at this period women are extremely sensitive, they can be more affected by evil’s energy.

Be careful because if you do not know what you are doing, devil can take the energy from you. And it smells the blood! So it is not advised to conjure if you got any wounds, after the surgeries.

But if you realize, that during the periods you are full of energy and power, you can actually do some magick rituals. But never do rituals for someone else if you are not protected well because you can get someone’s troubles on your side.

Do not apply magic influence onto others. In this period (pregnancy, wounds, post-surgery) you should solve only your problems. But work in magick circle which you draw around yourself with a chalk or salt. It will protect you against evil.

Talking about pregnancy, you should remember that “our grandmothers” coped with pregnancy and did use magick. The rituals protected the baby inside the mother’s womb.

Women expecting babies are recommended to do meditation, communications with the Power of the Earth, it will teach the soul of a baby and will support mother energetically.

Now ask yourself:

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God bless you,

Master PlutoCraft.

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