aquarius traits
January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Traits Explained Easy

Know Aquarius traits for a better understanding of humanity. The Aquarius is an intellectual with vivacity for life. Represented by the water-bearer, and bound by distant Uranus and Saturn, the Aquarius spans 300-330 degrees of the Zodiac.

Aquarians are witty and humanistic. They are highly autonomous signs with a physical need for space. The water-bearer is clever and an excellent problem-solver. Though they are sometimes stubborn and sarcastic, the Aquarius loves to think through problems to find a solution.

Quirky, imaginative and inventive, Aquarians always have something interesting to say. They are compelled to help others, as their humanitarian ways give them meaning in life.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are stimulated by knowledge. Unlike many other male Zodiac signs, the water-bearer is not turned on by aesthetics alone. The most beautiful woman in a room will not turn the head of an Aquarian if she seems dull, superficial or boring. For the water-bearer, attraction is about good discussions and wit.

Aquarius men are often involved with groups and clubs which embrace their interests. He is often compelled to involve himself in local politics and charity. The water-bearer is cultured and prominent, as his keen understanding of world-issues is unparalleled.

Aquarius men can be hard to “date.” They have an adventurous streak which drives them to explore, sometimes leaving them aloof. Aquarians are known to have a small attention-span, as their quest for knowledge pushes them to keep moving.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are caring and bold. They seem to have a rough exterior but they always have the best intentions. The female water-bearer is consumed in breaking new ground, as she involves herself with radical and prestigious groups and movements.

She is forever on a quest. The Aquarius loves to learn new things, whether that be through experience or visceral stimulation. She is a compassionate friend, though her true friends are scarce. For the Aquarian, finding a real connection is about intelligence and understanding. In addition, the stubborn and sarcastic nature of the Aquarius steers less independent signs away.

Aquarian women are well-balanced. They enjoy a good time but also take life seriously. They are smart and clever, which helps them maneuver through life smoothly. The female water-bearer is the ideal woman; smart, strong, involved, and independent.

Sex with an Aquarius

The Aquarius doesn’t take sex too seriously. For Aquarians, sex is about relieving a tension or about having fun. Aquarians are naturally spunky and creative, so sex is usually like a fun game.

The water-bearer is never reserved during sex. The Aquarius is confident and willing to explore new realms. Sex with an Aquarius is usually unexpected and sometimes refreshingly kinky.

The Aquarius views making love as an experience. The act of it is like a moment which they scribble in their mind’s notebook. They enjoy making each experience different and unusual, as this is all apart of the careless game.

Aquarius in Love

Getting an Aquarius to fall in love is an endeavor. They are often scattered and traveling to and fro. The Aquarius is a bit of a wanderer by nature, though it is always in the pursuit of knowledge. It takes time and effort to secure an Aquarius, as their minds are split between two different sides: their ambitions and their seemingly vacant emotions.

Aquarians fall in and out of love fast. Much like sex with an Aries, it was never meant to be a lasting bond. Rather, the Aquarius lives life by the seat of their pants. One moment they are deliriously in love, and the next they are off to Africa to do some humanitarian work. The self-determining nature of the Aquarius makes settling down nearly impossible.

If the Aquarius finds the right mate, a solid relationship can flourish. It takes the right person, someone who shares the common interests of the Aquarian, to dock the ship. All in good time, as the Aquarius never wants to miss out on any fragment of life.

Aquarius with Finances

Because the Aquarius is so clever and inventive, they do well in many fields of work. Social workers, scientists, teachers and any other career which stimulates the mind of the Aquarius is ideal. Aquarians are excellent at working through issues, so jobs in communication suit the water-bearer well.

Monetarily speaking, the Aquarius is never obsessed with material objects. The goal of the Aquarius is often to help people. The water-bearer usually engages in jobs which he or she finds fulfilling and gratifying.

Because of the creative and ever-thinking mind of the Aquarius, they are often a mess. Aquarians could use a lesson in organization. Many times Aquarians should seek the aid of a secretary or the help of a personal assistant.

Attracting and Charming an Aquarius

There is no set way to attract an Aquarius. The wise and perceptive nature of the water-bearer enables them to sift through the banter and determine the real level of attraction. Therefore, charming the Aquarius is a mixture of chemicals, the weather, and the conversation.

Aquarians are very intelligent, and find interest in others who share their same beliefs and ideologies. Aquarians are known to be somewhat argumentative, so in a sense, they are stubborn. But they are never too stubborn, as some signs on the Zodiac. For the Aquarius, it is all about dedication and spreading knowledge.

Though the Aquarius has an adventurous side, they also enjoy good, old-fashioned courtship. They are not turned on by audacious or aggressive compliments.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating an Aquarius

  • Surprising an Aquarian with bubble-gum or a gag-gift is always appreciated.
  • A wonderful way to catch the eye of an Aquarius is by suggesting charity or humanitarian work. He or she will think very highly of you.
  • Never be too audacious with a water-bearer, their quick tongue will put you in place.
  • Traveling with an Aquarius will only strengthen your bond.
  • Aquarians love kind-hearted people. Anything that has to do with kids, pets or the Earth will soften the exterior of the water-bearer.
  • Aquarians love trying new foods and drinks. A hip health bar will excite them.

Secret Aquarius Traits

Though the water-bearer is a wanderer by nature, they can still settle down and wander in different ways. For instance, books, blogs, bike-trails and city debates can keep a traveling Aquarius content in one city and in one home. The Aquarius will still find the need to break free from time-to-time, so trips and planned adventures are always a good idea.


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