capricorn traits
December 22 – January 19

Traits of Capricorn

The strong and resourceful Capricorn has life fit, snug, and organized. Represented by the sea-goat, Capricorn is ruled by the swirling fires of Saturn and spans between 270 and 300 degrees of the Zodiac.

The Capricorn is traditional, elegant and refined. Manners, cleanliness and proper organization are paramount to the active Capricorn. Capricorns are traditionalists who hold strong values when it comes to the little things. From a Capricorn woman cooking a decadent meal to please her partner to the male Capricorn paying all of the bills, the sea-goat is most concerned with tradition.

The sea-goat makes an excellent friend and a devoted lover. Both sovereign and serious, the Capricorn is the ideal mate to plan a life and settle down with.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn men love their cigars and velvet loafers. They enjoy a home-cooked meal and the awaited smile of a loved one. Indeed, the Capricorn man is a traditional man with old-world values. The Capricorn is the type of man to open a door for a lady, or place his jacket over a puddle. For the sea-goat, chivalry is not dead.

The Capricorn man is perhaps the most faithful of all the Zodiac. The sea-goat is independent but nurturing, as he craves to be the male figure in a unit. He is almost always passionate and highly physical, though he is known to seem frigid and sometimes hard.

The sea-goat takes his masculinity seriously. He is somewhat of a jock at heart, and he expects his lover to make him feel like a man.

Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is classy and polished. She will not waste her time on people who she deems unsophisticated or trashy. The female sea-goat makes her love a challenge; a feat worth working for.

She is very stylish. The Capricorn presents herself in a clean and fresh manner at all times. She is very “by-the-books” when it comes to dating and love. It takes a certain type of man to win over the Arctic-seeming heart of the Capricorn. Deep down, she is a romantic at heart. She just needs her partner to work for her.

The Capricorn woman is well-read and a fundamentalist. She holds strong beliefs and is not easily swayed. She is independent in her thoughts, and strong in her beliefs. The sea-goat is a noble woman who knows how to carry herself, and when to carry herself.

Sex with a Capricorn

Sex with a Capricorn is like a scene from a movie. Though Capricorns are not typically overzealous in the bedroom, they are great at leaving their partners satisfied.

Capricorns are traditional in the bed. Candles, flowers, kissing and everything that you would expect from an old-style romanticist. Capricorns are also physical; they can go all night and then again. The sea-goat has the stamina of a school-kid and they love to make love.

Though Capricorns are not explorative in the bedroom, they still manage to make their sex epic. Capricorns, much like Libras, love lavish surroundings with champagnes, fruits and sensual oils. Capricorns are night owls who enjoy the physical act of having sex.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorns make the best partners when it comes to the passions of love. The sea-goat is driven to make a relationship last. They are always there when you call, and they are always amazing in bed.

Though it may be difficult to initially court a Capricorn, once done, the relationship is smooth waters. Capricorns love to settle down, and get comfortable being close very quickly. This is never too soon for the lover of the Capricorn though, as the sea-goat is perceptive and spacious with their love. The Capricorn always makes their intentions known.

Capricorns lead white-picket-fence lives. They love weekly date-nights and continue their courtships with age. The Capricorn, though stern, has a sweet frilly side that only their partners witness.

Capricorn and Finances

Capricorns are creative in their own ways. This creativity usually surfaces in the work environment. Sea-goats make excellent accountants, investors and managers because of their wise and sturdy decisions. The Capricorn is usually the person that everyone turns to when a deal goes bad or when things seem out of control.

The sea-goat always makes money and is wise with where he or she puts it. The Capricorn is a natural success when it comes to the stock market, as the sea-goat always knows the right place to invest. Sea-goats make excellent consultants and are very perceptive toward trends.

Sea-goats tend to be difficult to work under. They usually have type-A personalities, which rub subordinates the wrong way. The Capricorn never means for this though, and after some time the work relationship usually develops into a mentor-esque relationship.

Charming and Attracting a Capricorn

Capricorns are all about “old Hollywood glamour.” They enjoy being courted, and never give away too much at once. Some people find Capricorns to be prudish or even stuck-up, but this is just a misunderstanding of the true sea-goat nature. Deep inside, the sea-goat wishes to be won over. They are confident and desire the same from partners and friends.

Capricorns love flattery, but never at the sexual level. Any type of sexual advances should be well-thought out and metaphorical. The sea-goat is never one for tart behavior. The Capricorn finds this disgusting, as he or she knows what they are capable of getting.

Capricorns are suckers for dinner and movies. Anything classic and romantic is sure to win the Capricorn. Though the female Capricorn might take the romance slightly more seriously, the male Capricorn is only willing to date another sign who values the same type of old-fashion courtship.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Capricorn

  • Never be too abrupt with a Capricorn – you will be sure to leave bad impression.
  • Compliment the Capricorn, they love old-fashion flattery.
  • Never argue with a Capricorn, they tend to always want to be right.
  • Always dress nice around a sea-goat, they notice appearances.
  • Keep away from immature conversation, this will bore a Capricorn.
  • Southern charm is enchanting to a Capricorn.
  • Don’t ever talk about bodily functions around a Capricorn; they find toilet talk disgraceful.

Secret Capricorn

Inside the structural heart of the Capricorn is a little devil that wants to be pinched. Though the Capricorn is not kinky, they do enjoy to be “pushed.” It just takes the right amount of time and the right verbal compliment-boosts to secure the deal.

Capricorns are very concerned with their public appearance and their prestige. Keeping a Capricorn happy will take a complete shift of life, as the Capricorn will expect their mate to schmooze with their friends and look the way they find presentable.


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