pisces traits
February 19 – March 20

Traits of Pisces

The gentle Pisces is the kindest and most empathetic of signs. Represented by the fish, Pisces spans 330-360 degrees of the zodiac. Often emotional and sensitive, Pisces make the most dedicated friends and lovers.

Controlled by the powerful orbits of Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces is known to care deeply about worldly issues. There is no friend quite like a Pisces, for they are always there – through the thick and thin.

Pisces are mild-natured and crave the companionship of others. They are easily consumed by the burdens of family and loved ones, as Pisces takes all matters personally. The fish is kind and sweet, highly romantic, and very spiritual.

Pisces Man

Pisces men make excellent partners. They are true romantics who fall in love deeply. Pisces men are the most sensitive of the male zodiac, so they make perfect companions for women who have problems with trust. The male fish takes relationships very seriously, and he is usually highly committed.

The male fish is often artistic. This enables the introverted Pisces to express himself without actually saying how he feels. The fish is known to hold back his feelings, as he is concerned with making sure his friends and lovers are always happy with him.

The Pisces man is often confused, and sometimes depressed. Because his feelings are so intense, he is known to bottle them up, just to be able to cope with reality. The male fish is a dreamer, and many Pisces men struggle with the hardships of reality.

Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman longs for true love and commitment. She often has her mind set on a perfect mate, and she is constantly let down by the fact that nothing is ever perfect. Pisces women find themselves lost and sad when they are let down by life.

Pisces women are fantastic wives and mothers. They are also very creative and take pride in their looks and surroundings. Just like her male-counterpart, the female fish is always dreaming about new possibilities and possible adventures.

The female fish enjoys taking care of others. She is highly feminine and a romantic herself. Pisces can often be found reading fantasy and romance novels, consumed in other dimensions. She enjoys being pampered, but feels guilt in accepting the gestures. It is not unusual for a Pisces woman to quickly respond with a gift herself, as she takes pleasure in pleasing others.

Sex with Pisces

Sex with a Pisces is highly stimulating, sensual and intense. For a Pisces, sex is about communication and spirituality. The fish enjoys erotic, titillating sex that binds them emotionally with their lovers.

Pisces are known to enjoy mixing things up. From role-play to candle-lit, emotional sex; the Pisces is quite versatile. For the fish, sex is about expressing love and sharing pleasure together.

Pisces are not likely to seek hook-ups or one-night stands. They are much more inclined to wait for love before actually making love. If a Pisces is to have promiscuous sex, it is usually because of some underlying issue where they are compelled to make themselves feel better.

Pisces in Love

A Pisces in love is devout and loyal. The fish loves until it hurts. Because of their sensitive nature, Pisces are thoughtful with their words and actions. If a partner of the fish feels upset, the Pisces feels the same pain.

Pisces are said to be the most spiritually connected of all the Zodiac. Many fish have psychic abilities, which assists them in understanding their lover’s feelings and needs. The fish is known to have “gut feelings” that usually pan out to be true. This intense connection with spirituality enables Pisces to fill in the gaps in their lovers’ lives. The fish is kind and gentle, and sees no bounds when it comes to love.

Pisces with Finances

Pisces always struggle with finances. The fish often doubts his or herself, which keeps them from excelling in a corporate environment. Their sensitive nature makes them difficult to critique or be bossed around.

Pisces are passionately artistic. The fish is probably the most talented of artists in the Zodiac. From music to painting, the Pisces is usually better than they believe themselves to be. Pisces need strong friends to support their goals and desires, as they can be very self-doubting.

Attracting and Charming Pisces

Pisces are romantics at heart. They yearn for serious connections. Visceral chats and humble run-ins are not enough to capture enchanting Pisces. Instead, Pisces usually end up starting romances with close friends and people whom they trust.

The fish is never attracted to bold, vulgar individuals. Instead, they prefer to talk and feel equal. They are optimistic when it comes to love, though they are never excited by sexual compliments.

Pisces need affirmation. They are always second guessing themselves, so in a sense, a bold person can attract a Pisces. The only difference is that the fish prefers a bold person with positive intentions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Pisces

  • Never tell a Pisces that you’ll call and then bail. Gentle Pisces will take this to heart.
  • Pisces love massages and human contact, especially when it comes to their feet.
  • Don’t ever insult a Pisces, even in a joking way; the fish takes everything seriously.
  • When promising a Pisces, make sure that you come through. The fish is easily devastated by people who are flakey.
  • Pisces love romantic gestures. From flowers to chocolates, the Pisces loves old-fashion courtship, though the fish is certainly no stickler.
  • Pisces enjoys going out and being around people. For the fish, this is a comforting way of not feeling alone.

Secret Pisces

Pisces often experiences many hardships in life. The fish often believes that it is pure “bad luck,” though the dreaming Pisces often causes his or her own problems. This is due to poor choices in friends and lovers, as the Pisces is desperate for human contact. In reality, Pisces is usually blessed by good luck, they just don’t play their cards right. The ideal mate for a Pisces is a man or woman with a strong head on their shoulders; someone to support and encourage their sensitive souls.


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