Pride In Doing Bad Things… And Why It Always Leads To A Misery…


Many people escape their emotional pains by feeling pride in doing things that they know are bad.

A range of excuses is massive. But the most typical excuses you’ll see are these:

  • Everyone is doing it
  • Government is at fault
  • I didn’t know any better (usually, a lie). They forget to add “for my gain”.
  • “This is America!” – yep, I’ve heard that one!
  • I was afraid to tell you the truth… (Usually, it means “I did not want to go through the hassle of emotional discomfort because I assume too much)

And here are the worst ones for you:

  • When I was a child… (meaning that someone caused a damage and how “all men or all women are “as#holes/bitches” and you need to pay the price).
  • You have no idea what I went through… (basically, the person has their story as number one importance and even if you went through worse – it never counts).
  • You have what I don’t have… (this one comes out in many different variations but it works like this: people think that what you have just fell on your lap while you probably spent years, sacrificed enormous resources and faced the unknown, risking your life to obtain it).

Sounds familiar?

Do People Like That Surround You?

If you carefully look around, a lot of fo people of this nature and attitudes surround you.

They are dangerous. Most of them are thieves. They may not steal your money but they will be stealing your time, energy, resources (money too), and worst of all – they will commit one of the worst Spiritual crimes – they will promise you “Moon And Stars” but they will do it purposely to shatter your dreams.

They will do it for their gain.

And as soon as you catch them, confront them, make them face the truth – you’ll become an enemy in the back of their minds, while they still smile in your face and you will set them on the mission of revenge against you.

They will feel pride in doing bad things against you – just because you confronted them and triggered a roller-coaster of their fears and insecurities.

In reality, you did not do anything bad. But in their skewed reality, how dare are you to even notice these flaws in them?

They spent so much time and energy hiding all these flaws but you just made them feel even more worthless by saying: “no matter how deep you try to hide, I see it well”. Their years of acting practice was nullified and evaluated by you.

That leads to RAGE!

You give them another reason to take pride in doing bad things because they do not view you as a catalyst for a change, or an opportunity, but they view you as someone who harasses them.

And they will be on another mission – trying to make you feel guilty by “hurting” them. If they cannot succeed at that mission, more often than not, they run away from you because you just stopped a bully.

What are all bullies afraid of? How do you stop a bully?

You stop a bully by confronting them and counter-bullying.

In boxing, it’s called counter-punching. When an attacking fighter tries to deliver a punch, you see it, you duck it, you take a position while he loses a balance, and deliver your counter-punch when another fighter is still regaining a balance.

Most counter-punching in boxing is invisible while attaching punches is visible. That’s because an attacking boxer assumes a certain position and you can just read the body language that he is about to try to punch you.

Isn’t it the same with bullies?

You can just feel that something is brewing! It can be a “bad mood”, ignorance, a certain tone of voice, weird behavior, and things like that are preparations for an attack. It’s just energy vampire wants to disbalance you first. They would usually try to make you guilty first or show you some disrespect in a passive-aggressive way.[/vc_column_text]

Do You Desire To End This?

Do you desire to stop being a victim of people who take pride in doing bad things?

I assume that you do.

And I want to tell you what will happen in your life when you do it:

  • First of all, you will feel better. Your energies will go up.
  • You will become much, much more productive.
  • Confusion will be replaced with clarity.
  • Many people definitely report major health improvements. Almost all doctors all around the world will attest to that very quickly. There are numerous miracle healings reported from that.
  • You will definitely have more fun.
  • You will feel so much better about yourself!
  • Your self-esteem and self-worth will skyrocket!!!
  • You will accomplish things much, much faster and over 90% easier.
  • You’ll definitely be richer. Attracting money will become effortless.
  • You will begin to love life!
  • In most cases, you will feel like you are reborn again!
  • By Law of Attraction, more and more positivity will be attracted to you and negativity will be bouncing back. That also includes things like the good life, fortune, good luck, miracles – all of that will be attracted to you while feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, bad luck, and all – just all sorts of evil will be leaving you!

You get the idea!

Wow! How Do I Make This Happen?

From my experience, I know three major ways to reverse people taking pride in doing bad things against you, protect against them, and attract greatness into your life, by automatically making those people leave you alone.

Here we go…

The first method is to learn the psychology of harassment. You can but top three books that resonate with you and study from them. You will be able to understand what’s going on in their mind and you will be able to either withstand the argument (or false accusations) or simply ignore those people. It is a great way to learn psychology but it takes time.

The second way that I know to stop people from enjoying their pride by doing bad things unto you is to simply set pretty powerful Magick protections. My favorite spell that works like magic is Protection Against Psychic Vampires. If those people sucked you dry and you are on the budget, then you can never go wrong with Archangel St. Michael Fiery Wall Of Protection Spell. Preferably, I would definitely do both because that’s definitely an investment to me, no questions asked. The good thing about using Magick is that almost always, it works very quickly, it’s effortless and it’s very, very powerful! No need to spend months or years!

The third way that is cool is learning critical thinking. It is quicker than the first way I mentioned but it will still take some time and learning. It will also take some practice. It’s a good way if you enjoy negotiations!

Actually, all these ways are great! It’s just the question is – how fast do you want to end it? And other questions to ask are: how much effort do you want to spend? How effective do you want it to work? Do you want to do all the work or just pay and forget the problem?

If you just want to pay and forget the problem quickly and effortlessly, then Magick is your best choice. And while you are protected, you can do some critical thinking studies if you choose to. You can also read books about psychology.

But it’s hard to do all of it if you are surrounded by people (or just one person) who is literally bullying you, steals your energy, brings you bad luck, or just makes your life hell.

And one more thing I want to add about this: be careful. A lot of those people need to see a counselor and need to be evaluated. I’m serious. You never know what to expect from them. You never know when they can put a knife in your back. They also conspire against you with like-minded for their so-called “emotional support” and all that b.s.

Be careful.

Protect yourself!!

Especially THESE DAYS!!!

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