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Do you want to stand out from masses by having your own, Magickal hand-made Kahuna Energy Disk, developed and made from scratch especially for you – by Master PlutoCraft? It comes with special charge done by Remote Influencing and my powerful Orgone Generator to gain 325X power! Now, that’s VERY POWERFUL!

From hand-made spells to art work, from Personal Servitors to Wish-Granting Genies – your wish will become a reality and a command!

The only question becomes, what is it that you want? Either select from what I have in this store category now and I will custom-charge or for you or let me know your unique request – and in a few short days you will have your reality!

Here you will find unique, hand made Magick products made by Master PlutoCraft with maximum energy charge. These products are created during right Astrological times, Moon cycles, days of week, hours of week and seasons. They are designed to attract the right customer and each unique Magick product will go to the customer that needs it.

If you got to this page (Law of Attraction at work…),then it’s a will of the Universe – and you know it! Because you know it – you will always respect and remember it! Therefore, pick what’s urgently calling to you now!