Can I Make You Psychic?


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So, How To Become Psychic?

Can I make you psychic?

I’ve had several emails coming to me from people who ask me if I can grant them Psychic abilities. People want them because being a psychic simply means an acquisition of huge prestige in all areas of life. Think about it…

I noticed that most people want the psychic abilities for three major reasons:

  1. Know if their lover is faithful and
  2. How to get money really fast and
  3. They don’t like to be lied to…

Of course, there are hundreds of other reasons…

In reality, you already are a psychic. You are already hardwired to be psychic. However, because this is probably not something that was developed in you from early childhood, you may experience problems with being psychic.

Now, what will happen if you suddenly become a psychic?

It can actually end up devastating. Very devastating. I’ve seen it too many times.

Imagine you can suddenly read people’s thoughts, pick up on what just happened in a room, pick up what your friends and family think about you, know the secrets of your lover, see Spirits, sense tragedies, have wild dreams, know events before they happen – and this is just the beginning – it can get extremely overwhelming, and you may not be able to handle it.

And another big danger is that negative Spirits will start attaching to you like bees to honey. That will not end up well at all! Some people have ended up in an asylum and some almost did; I’ve seen it happen.

But can I make you Psychic? Yes, I can.

Safely! No asylums. No dangers. No demons.

You will be able to do all the things mentioned above and yes, you will be able to read Tarot cards professionally once your psychic channels are SAFELY opened.

And yes, I can do it for you.

Forget about third eye exercises either. That will take months of practice and will frustrate you.

What I can do for you is a very powerful Hoodoo spell to make you a psychic fast! And most importantly, safely.

What can you expect?

I can write a whole book on what you can expect after it. In a nutshell, expect intuition and psychic abilities that are so powerful that you will be able to outperform nearly everyone.

This is not a theory. This is my practical experience…

You will be able to know things before other people know them.

You will be able to sense dangers before they start to manifest.

You will be able to instantly sense if someone is telling you the truth or a lie if it is important.

You will instantly be able to tell if your lover is not telling the truth or is covering information from you.

You will be able to get an instant red flag signal from the Divine if you are doing something wrong.

You will be able to manifest your deepest desires hundreds times faster.

You will be able to read Tarot cards professionally and maybe make a career out of it, or just make extra money charging people one dollar a minute. I usually charge more.

You will be able to know the sources of getting money – fast! I call it “psychic treasure hunting”.

You will be able to get answers to your questions very fast.

You will be able to amaze people. I do it all the time. Sometimes I openly tell them what they think. You should see their faces.

You will be able to always know who your true friends are and who your hidden enemies are.

You will be able to communicate with Spirits and Deities safely.

You will be able to remote view places, events, people from past, present and future.

You will be able to project to any place and any time in the Universe.

Your Astral Travelling abilities will skyrocket.

Your Magickal and manifestation abilities will be extremely intensified.

You will feel the real power!

And this is just a beginning of what is possible.

The cost will be $500.00 which includes the supplies and work. This is the total price.

If you want to become super psychic fast, easy, and safely,all you have to do is order the service, send your photo, name and date of birth.

I will check to make sure there is no interference on you and that all roads are open for you to become a psychic. If anything, I will make an adjustment to overcome it.

I will start this spell during appropriate Moon times, maximum within a week after your order.

This is very important to calculate the right Astrology for this service, so you get the maximum benefits.

WARNING: If you are currently diagnosed with a serious mental illness, you must inform me first. I strongly suggest NOT proceeding with gaining any additional psychic abilities if you are being treated by a doctor for mental illnesses. Speak to your doctor first about this service before ordering it.

To Your Success,

Master PlutoCraft


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