Venus Love Talisman


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This Fleur de Lis Venus love talisman is designed to help you attract true, lasting love that overcomes all obstacles.

The Rose Quartz stone is perfect for love attracting energies. It is surrounded by Hebrew text for Love and Victory and the symbol of Venus. Venus is the Goddess of Love and rules pleasure, value, and beauty in our astrology. The entire talisman is cradled by the mystical Fleur de Lis for peace, harmony, and love’s purity.

After ordering your talisman, we will ask for details of what you desire. Then, we cleanse, bless, and powerfully charge your talisman for weeks to ensure great strength. Your talisman is also tied to your personal energies so that it is even more effective.

Materials: Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver. Comes with black cord and purple satin pouch.

Approximate Size: 1½” x 1″


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