What Is A Love Spell?

While Many People Want Love Magick, They Have No Idea What A Spell Is, To Begin With… And That’s How They Get In Very Serious Trouble!

What is a love spell? Good question, right?

I would say it is the most important question that you need to know the answer to 24/7/365 if you ever did one or plan to do it.

Especially if you did one and it failed. See, many people think that a failed love spell is just a failed love spell. No, it’s not and I have very bad news for you. News you don’t want to hear but will be forced to hear.

In order to explain what’s this “love spell deal” is all about, you must first understand what a love spell is and only then think further.

Quick Description Of A Love Spell

Love Spell is an intended “ritual” performed using several combined abilities, methods, and techniques in order to bring desired results in the love area of life by the method of transformation only,

It can be a candle love spell, it can be Remote Influencing set to act as a love spell and it can be something like cheap spell casting for $25.00… (later, I explain to you how it turns into a love curse if you ever pick it because the cost of Love Magick supplies is much higher to perform a low-mid range love spell). A failed love spell is a love curse.

So, the bottom line is this: love spell is a very powerful, very serious, very dedicated, and carefully executed energy transformation.

Transformation is the keyword here. Most people forget the basics: energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, love spell transforms love problems (bad energy) into desired results (good energy). Let’s just put in this way in very simple English. I know some people may have a deeper question, but that’s later or just contact me directly if you can’t find answers.

It is a powerful transformation. But just how powerful – that’s something 99% of people underestimate.

How Failed Love Spell Turns Into A Love Curse

Here comes something bad for you if you ever did some sort of love spell but it failed.

There is no such thing as a failed love spell…

Almost always, it is stuck energy in your love area that cannot get transformed right. When it cannot get transformed right, it becomes literally a love curse.

It’s not like it works against you, it’s just it continues its transformation for about the next 5 – 7 years most likely ending up leaving you with a very serious permanent energetic wound.

Also, it can create emotional and mental wounds.

One of the most common proofs of a failed love spell is something like this: you ordered the spell because someone promised you results you wanted to hear and matched the price… Then you waited… And the bottom line is that all you’ve got left with is stress, anxiety, and worry.

Oh! And of course – nothing improved in your love department (like your ex can care less about you, especially these times…)

If something like this happened to you – “congratulations”.

And you know what? For most people, I have no mercy. I know why it happens: most people want super quality Magick for cheap. They don’t do research because they want it now and they want to believe in what they want to believe. Therefore, charlatans are more than happy to welcome you.

What To Do If A Love Spell Failed

For those people who are more responsible for a failed love spell, I have proven methods to take care of it. These are the methods I use.

I’ll give you a real picture of how they work and why they work.

Yet, clearing a failed love spell is usually a lengthy process that requires dedication and true self-evaluation. You must answer a question of why it happened to begin with and have a solid strategy not to repeat it again.

Some people go to several Magicians with already failed love spells, order new spells on top of failed ones, and wonder: “why, why, why???”

“Where’s my loved one?” He is far away…

You must do the clearing first.

  1. The first method I can recommend is getting A Prayer That Always Works PDF. And please, do yourself a favor – get a paid copy if you want it to seriously work. With me, everything is not that simple… A “free” pirated copy on the Internet will not work, I promise you that.
  2. I assume you realized your mistake, built some mental strategy that you will not put another failed love spell on top of an already serious problem… I assume you used A Prayer That Always Works or I assume you may jump right into the action. In this case, you need to do at least an Uncrossing Spell. That’s the very least. Something that will bring you close to where you began…
  3. Then, I do the Pluto Transformation spell. It acts as an additional uncrossing and sets you up for a transformation. Since it’s a love issue, I add love mojo to it and set it to already do the requested task (get ex back, reestablish the connection, increase sex drive, draw sex partners, etc).

That’s pretty much it. And I would also suggest you consult me if you are unsure.

Is Cheap Really Cheap?

There is a Russian saying: cheap pays at least twice more.

Let me just touch on this topic because some people are eager to get Love Magick and they want it cheap. There is no such thing as cheap Quality Love Magick!

And there are no “100% guarantees” – EVER!

At least they are not what you want them to be.

Forget cheap. Forget a guarantee that you wish you’d have. In 2020, that’s impossible.

Speaking of 2020…

These energies with public chaos and changes require you to have at least one reasonable protection spell if you ever even ask the question of “what a love spell is” or anything of that sort. I’m very serious. I will not explain why too much because I assume you can only imagine the energy flow of fear, panic, uncertainty, and chaos.

Back to the original topic…

Runaway from “cheap”, “guaranteed” or anyone who uses parts of this combination to sweeten you into the deal. What they want is your money and they can care less that if they do a spell – it will turn into a curse.

The majority of Karma here is on you because you sought it. That’s why I don’t even want to deal with clients who come to me and seek “cheap help” for “cheaply failed who knows what”.

I know that if you want quality Magick, you will pay me. Then, you will listen to me because I instruct you, I teach you, and how many say – I transform people.

What Are The Most Powerful Love Spell?

If you read my article up to here, I have a surprise for you.

It’s a surprise that will make you think.

Here it is: most powerful love spells are strategic. In other words, it’s not just about casting a love spell, it’s more of using a strategy to find which ones to cast.

Let me give you my most powerful love spells and then, I will give you the strategy!

I’ll sort them by power for you.

“Get Ex Back” types of love spells:

  1. Inevitable Change Love Pluto Spell. Everyone wants it! Its name says it all. It causes a transformation of an inevitable change in any love situation. It’s expensive but you can never go wrong with it. That’s what it’s for: bring results despite all the odds! No questions asked! The most powerful love spell I’ve ever seen and I cast it with huge pride!
  2. Intranquility Spell. This spell is one of the most known spells, often abused and it’s very dangerous. However, whenever cast right – it brings “beyond the amazing” results! A lot of people buy it for casting after they go through a consultation with me. Consider it if you want your ex back or someone to love you whenever you think you are ready to be with them.
  3. Reconciling Love Spell. This is an excellent love spell! I love it and I lost a count of how many of them I’ve cast. They work very smooth and beautiful. The results are amazing and unforgettable. It is used to re-establish the communication between lovers too. I successfully use it to reunite people from all over the World. Pick it, its seriously that great!

Attraction Love Spell:

  1. Secret Desires Wishing Candle. This spell is the # 1 choice, and my # 1 choice for the recommendation for attracting anyone you like. It’s not so good for attracting an ex, unless it’s just for sex… But it’s an excellent spell to attract someone special you’ve never been with. It’s excellent to bring you the hottest dates… Or both!
  2. Ace Of Wands Miracle Resolution Spell. Inspired by Christmas, this spell is used daily to cause all sorts of miracles. Just tell me what you want and I’ll put your request into the candle. I noticed it works very, very well! So far – there are no requests that did not happen – not that I know of! And people stay with me for years! I’m serious! Buy it if you want miracles! Especially now. It’s that simple!
  3. Attraction Spell. This is a lovely spell for anyone who wants to attract anything. It’s not just to be attractive more, even though combined with Neptune Spell, it is a serious formula to create Celebrity Status Magick Glamour. It’s a must for anyone who has any sorts of dating or attraction problems. Also, it’s a massively powerful supplement to other love spells.

Sexy Love Spell:

What are the kinkier love spells? Here they are:

  1. Moon Magick Spell. I use this spell to free up stuck and unexpressed emotions, making you much more comfortable and very confident in all your affairs. As a result, your love and sex lives improve dramatically. New experiences show up and sex becomes more emotional. Therefore, your partner enjoys an extasy of “forbidden pleasures” when you have sex and it is out of this World experience! It’s like you and your partner are all in one, or “in sync”. It’s wild!
  2. Attract Sex Vampires Magick Spell. It’s mostly ordered by guys to attract those shy girls… You know… And plenty of them! It’s also used by women to attract hot men for wild sex! This spell gives you a lot of fun. It easily draws people who are up for sex. Not exactly for one night stands but more for friends with benefits. Yet, with one exception: those friends are sexually hungry all the time!
  3. Look Me Over Spell. I’ll do this spell for you if you want someone to be obsessed with you. All I need is your picture. After that, the person whom you are interested in shall lose power over you (in a very good way) and desire you all the time! It’s often used to have a wild sexual experience with somebody, while many others will begin to pay attention to you as well!!! In other words – that’s very hot!

Anything Else You Need To Know About Love Spells?

Let me give you some quick tips about love spells that I learned for over 10 years of practice!

  • Love spells are not toys. You must never play with them.
  • Great love spells require intelligence, not just power. Otherwise, it’s a massive amount of energy that gets transformed for no good reason while blocking you from getting results. This is something you’ll not be happy about…
  • The most powerful love spell in the World is Inevitable Change Love Pluto Spell. I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to it! You may always consider it as an alternative to anything – even if you have massive amounts of love spells that failed.
  • Intranquility spell is not always your best choice.
  • Before you get any love spells, take a look at my free educational books on them!
  • And as always, instead of playing a guessing game, it’s always better to just contact me, explain your situation and build the best strategy for you!

With this said, you know you have two choices:

  1. Contact me now to resolve your love issues or
  2. Browse my Magick Shop for all ranges of spells and services. It’s deep and vast with over 111 spells! When your intuition calls on the right spell or their combination, go ahead and buy them or let me know if you have any questions! As always, I’ll assist you the best!

All my consultations are free and confidential. All my services are paid and quality only.

Let’s work together and build a relationship for life with you!

Therefore, your expectations must be the best!

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