Kemerovo, Russia…

On March 26-th, 2018 a big tragedy happened in Kemerovo.

As Washington Post reports, at least 64 people – many are children – were killed in a fire at the shopping mall. The Moscow Times reveals more detailed statistics.

We hold prayers for Kemerovo, Russia, it’s people, victims, relatives of victims, witnesses and… I don’t even know what to say much…

But why Kemerovo is so important to PlutoCraft?

Many of you don’t know that for me, it all started in Kemerovo…

This is the place which introduced me to Magick. It introduced me to the seriousness of Magick. Who I am today – a huge credit goes to Kemerovo.

All the benefits that I am able to provide to people – huge credit goes to Kemerovo.

Kemerovo, Russia

Located near Novosibirsk, in the Siberian region, it is a very magical land. A land where real shamans, magicians and Spiritualists openly practice the arts of Magick, healing and enlightenment.

It is a place worth visiting.

And with that said, now you know why Kemerovo is very important to PlutoCraft.

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  • Thanabalasingam Niru
    March 27, 2018 5:38 am

    I am sorry, May The Universe, Divine,Angelic Beings bless all the victims souls, give peace and ever goodness and also give strength and courage for those who lost their loved ones.
    Om Shanti


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