Aries Traits

aries traits

March 21 – April 19

Traits of Aries

The capable and the courageous Aries is a force to be reckoned with. Ruled by the crimson planet Mars, Aries is a sun sign spanning the first 30 degrees of the Zodiac.

Aries can be quite head-strong, and after all, they have the horns to prove it. The ram is never without great conviction, as people with the sign of Aries are renowned for the gung-ho persistence of their passions. Aries are born leaders and have a sense of magnetism that seems to allure, intoxicate and convince.

Sometimes argumentative, the Aries is bold and mentally vivacious. This can lead to impulsive behavior, a competitive nature and the ability to break new ground.

Aries Man

During the great and colossal days of Rome, Mars was the king of war. Majestic and undaunted, he was said to never back down. Much like the god of war, the Aries man is competitive and enjoys a good fight.

The Aries man is strong and loves a chase, whether that be a sexual game of cat and mouse or the victory of a great debate. And astray Aries men may roam – as the Aries man is generally a wanderer with specific desires and goals imprinted in the scheme of his brain.

Aries men are either all in or scattered to the breeze. They possess a unique charisma that seems to relentlessly charm women. They are highly masculine and deeply independent.

Aries Woman

The Aries woman is every feminist’s dream come true. She has innate intelligence along with common sense. She too is highly independent, and craves competition; whether it is being the best looking or the best at her craft.

Aries women are known to be heartbreakers. They are keen and know how to get what they want when they want it. Just like the Aries man, she can be a sly (and sometimes manipulative) vixen or the dedicated partner of a lifetime.

The Aries woman is adventurous and craves new experiences. She is stubborn and knows what she wants and how she wants it. Sometimes judgmental, but always pragmatic, the Aries woman is the woman on top.

Sex with Aries

Aries is a fire sign, and that’s exactly what you will get.

Both the Aries man and the Aries Woman love tantalizing, enticing and often “deviant” sex. It is the competitive drive within the Aries that beckons differing signs to reach fulfillment. The Aries loves the satisfaction of satisfying their partners.

Aries love to be in control, and sex with an Aries is always interesting. They love being the aggressor, often times developing kinky fetishes for things like bondage. Sex with an Aries is like being taken over by an entrancing spider, as the Aries will leave a sexual partner in a web of lustful nostalgia.

Aries in Love

Aries do not easily fall in love, but when they do, they fall hard. This is due to the strong headed nature of the Ram. Aries are very selective of who they wish to date, so casual flings and/or sex will not usually lead to an enduring relationship.

When Aries are in love, the world is golden. Aries love to keep their relationship alive by spoiling their partners, remaining sexually adventurous and by being simply spontaneous. The competitive nature of the Aries keeps conversation and sex ablaze.

Often times, Aries fall in epic, Shakespearean love, that is, it is romance at its highest magnitude. This will usually be during the initial phase of infatuation, after which the Aries might fall off the bandwagon the moment someone more interesting strolls by.

If a partner is able to keep the attention of the independent Aries, he or she can count on a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Aries with Finances

Aries are impulsive and sporadic, and their spending habits are no different. The Aries loves to suddenly splurge on a bonus; whether it is that night’s redeye to Italy or the next big thing in electronics. Aries love spending money, therefore they need to make a lot of money. Aries make excellent entrepreneurs, CEOs, business-owners and any other profession where they are in control.

Aries are specialists in their fields and should focus on careers which challenge them to move forward. Because Aries are so self-involved, competitive and motivated; they usually always seem to succeed in whatever endeavors they pursue.

Attracting and Charming an Aries

Charming an Aries boils down to winning, but also by letting them win. For instance, a conversation between parties could arise where the Aries coyly tests the intellect of whomever they are aesthetically drawn to. Because the Aries is idealistic, and slightly egocentric, the way to “winning” the Aries is by creating a mental stead-fast.

If the Aries asks a question which you cannot answer, do not fret. Instead, pause and retort with a question which the Aries cannot answer. The key is to play the game, and to never really let the Aries win. This should also be practiced delicately, as the competitive nature of the Aries is likely to be riled.

In order to combat this type of reaction, remember to remain calm. Do not say too much or too little. Imagine the Aries to be a shark. You do not want to swim too fast or to test the shark. Instead, keep your place and hold your center. Slight signs of attraction combined with the knowledge of the game will send you soaring into the Aries’ heart. Deep down, the Aries wants to be impressed.

Do’s And Don’t of Dating Aries

  • When it comes to dating an Aries, never show your horns. Two sets of horns equals one disaster.
  • Aries love fancy and elaborate gifts.
  • Because Aries are spontaneous and energetic, same-old dates and sex will leave an Aries unsatisfied.
  • Aries like partners who are open-minded and who will surprise them.
  • When it comes to dinner-dates, ethnic food or a new restaurant should be the destination.
  • Aries love strange and unexpected “forks,” therefore, impressing an Aries is all about going-with-the-flow and seeing where the night leads.
  • If you don’t want to get beat, then never show an Aries all of your cards.

Secret Aries

Aries has a need for sexual empowerment. Regardless of the gender, the Aries wants to be in full control of the direction of sex. Aries can be rough in the sack, so if you enjoy being taken over, Aries is just the fire sign to light your fire.

Aries have an exceptional insight into feelings, moods and body language. Because Aries is so gifted at the art of competition, the art of manipulation is no different. Even if the manipulation isn’t negative (for instance, an Aries surprising you with flowers), the potential for heartbreak is enormous, as Aries is one of the keenest star signs.


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