Without True Divine Mission, PlutoCraft Would Not Survive! And Divine Mission Is YOU!

PlutoCraft mission statement is to help as many people as possible to solve the most challenging problems by applying best, fastest-working and safest Universal metaphysical strategies, while creating maximum amount of comfort for you.

All cases are different, all people are unique and even time itself is changing. Nothing is constant except change itself. Therefore, you must understand that it is a wrong idea to use “general ancient methods” to solve your case.

For example, when I had a client with a health problem, I used Remote Influencing at 7.0 Hz diapason. When another client had another health issue, I solved his case with Remote Influencing at 7.83 Hz diapason.

Same goes for Magick. Two different clients may have the same problem: they want to get their loved one back. One may need an Uncrossing Spell because his relationship is blocked by evil-eye due to too much bragging on Facebook and another may need Come To Me Spell because his girlfriend is straying away with a vampiric male who overinfluences her subconscious mind.

Yet, someone with the same problem may need my most powerful Pluto Irresistible Change Ritual – because they have a curse put on a relationship, their loved one hasn’t contacted him for over a year and even worse -time, energies and locations play negative roles against them along with 100’s of other negative aspects.

For some, a solution may be as simple as reading my 2-nd version of A Prayer That Always Works and using a special Magic Seal that comes with it.

A doctor who is prone to attract negative energies from ill patients may simply need my newly invented Kahuna Disk. Not only she will protect herself from nastiness, but she’ll also radiate a healing aura that will greatly help her patients.

A psychologist comes to be and asks how to solve her problems with finances. I helped her by firing a Money Drawing Candle and giving her Money Kahuna Disk. As a result, her business magically picked up.

PlutoCraft Mission Is To Help As Many People As Possible Using Right Magic – GUARANTEED!

That’s why I never take a case without evaluating it first. Some people complain that it takes me longer time to respond and even that my Magick works “slow” (those who never tried Magick but read scammer claims, like “Results In 24 Hours, etc…). Yet, those who tried other practitioners already know that I have fastest-working Magick that is also 100% Karma safe.

One thing that I do not practice is charlatanism. I don’t sell my soul to the devil. If I would choose to do that, I would structure PlutoCraft as multi-sales team business with skilled salesmen who know how to pull money out of your wallet, using your temporary vulnerability and promising you moon and start – everything you want to hear.

Haven’t you already come across of some of them in your life already?

PlutoCraft Mission Is 100% Honesty

At PlutoCraft, you don’t have to worry about me hising good news from you or hiding bad news from you. People know me – I tell things as they are. I don’t use scare tactics to make you buy and at the same time, I do not hide upcoming dangers from you.

I tell you things as they are. It is what it is.

I am not afraid. Do you know why?

Because my studying magic and miracles, applying them daily for all kinds of situations and dong it professionally since January 4-th, 2010, I learned that any problem can be solved. And it can be solved quick. I don’t care if you believe it or not. I don’t care that you may think that for some reason, your problem is impossible to solve…

I reply on my power to solve your problems. And I rely on my confidence. My wisdom. My knowledge. My experience. My secrets. That’s what you get when you work with me and as a result – some times goes by – and you laugh about that problem that was “impossible” to solve.

That’s why you have me!

PlutoCraft Mission Is To Transform Dark Energies Into Light!

Remember at the beginning I told you that PlutoCraft mission is to help as many people as possible by utilizing speed, right metaphysical means and keeping you at comfort as best as possible?

That’s a process of transformation.

Right when I opened PlutoCraft, my slogan was and still is: PLUTOCRAFT – TRANSFORMING DARK ENERGIES INTO LIGHT!

Another punchline that I used and still use is this: PLUTOCRAFT – MAGICK DONE RIGHT! GUARNTEED!

Believe it or not, there are many people on the Internet who claim they can do miracles. But statistics show that you have less than 5% chance to run into a real Magician.

Therefore, all I can tell you is this – use your judgement whom you do business with.

I wish you only the best.

Master PlutoCraft!