Thank you for contacting PlutoCraft.

I get a lot of emails about Love Magick when situation is very similar to yours.

Let me explain the right protocol of performing reconciling Love Magick and how PlutoCraft does it (and why).

First of all, we cannot just do some spell, hoping it will work. It can cause more harm than good. It can make your situation even worse and push your lover even further away.

Since this is a reconciling case, all reconciling cases absolutely must start with comprehensive Case Diagnostics.

What is Case Diagnostic and what does it do for you?

Here are top 10 information explanations of Case Diagnostics:

  1. Case Diagnostic is a comprehensive psychic service that is performed for about 3 – 5 business days, sometimes 7 days in very complex situations or schedule availability.
  2. Case Diagnostic uncovers behind the doors, hidden secrets relevant to your situation. For example, your lover told you he or she wants a break up because of reason X. But in reality, the reason may be completely different and even your lover may not be aware of the reason. One of the prime examples is energetic incompatibility. While your lover may feel they do not love you anymore, in reality, adjusting energies using certain planetary spells brings back feelings of love and being in love with you.
  3. Case Diagnostic checks for true mental, emotional and sexual position of your lover towards you. While these things change sometimes, the general grand energetic aura still stays the same. Even your lover may not be aware of this or they may be too shy to tell you things.
  4. Case Diagnostic checks for hidden secrets, if any, and when they are discovered – they are reported to you.
  5. Case Diagnostic completely evaluates if there is a chance of you two being together. This saves you time, energy and money. If the chance is very low, you are often provided with alternative solution and explanation of what can be done. Only about 0.01% of cases cannot be saved.
  6. Case Diagnostic determines the right course of action and right spell work. It is a very well known fact between reputable Magicians that doing just Love Spells without diagnosing the situation can cause severe harm with severe Karmic consequences for you. For instance, from example above, two people would need Astrological Energetic Balance, not love spells! If love spells are done instead without a proper balance, too much energy will create repulsion from lover 1 towards lover 2.
  7. Case Diagnostic determines which supplies must be used for spell work. Not all supplies are created equal.
  8. Case Diagnostic determines time (when) each spell or series of spells should be performed. Doing spells during wrong times not only decreases speed and power of outcome but can also nullify the whole work, making you pay for absolutely nothing.
  9. Case Diagnostic may even determine that no Magick is needed and completely different route must be taken OR that your lover will come on his or her own to you. In this case, Magick is not needed (except, maybe Relationship Security Magick) and again it will save you time, money, energy and will only make your relationship stronger.
  10. Case Diagnostics are very easy to do and nothing is required from your side, except providing basic information such as names, dates of birth and photos if you have them. I do the rest and send you full report!

More information and details about case diagnostic can be found on this page:

Now you understand why so many people come back to me after hiring other Magicians! Yes, they try to cast all sorts of spells without performing a Case Diagnostic first and then wonder why things get only worse.

Not only I have to begin everything from zero, but I also have to uncross the spell work of the casters. This, of course, results in extra time and extra cost.

Do not do the mistake that 99% of people do.

Do things right!

Go to Case Diagnostic page to learn more about the process!