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On March 24, 2015 we improved the power of your case diagnostics by including additional
Gemstone Readings. See how it can greatly benefit you!!! All explanations below!

Tired of hearing the same vague scripts from other so called psychics? Are other psychics trying to scare you that something bad will happen soon if you don’t pay money? I will teach you how to differentiate a REAL psychic from a fake one.

Fortunately, there are many gifted and talented Psychics, mediums and astrologists all around the World. Unfortunately, there are many more charlatans, especially on the Internet, who claim to have psychic abilities.

They use very common psychological triggers that penetrate your subconscious mind and make you listen to what they tell you. What do they tell you? They are actually telling you the truth! The only thing is, that truth is told differently, and anyone can tell you the exact same thing, only in a different way.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a typical charlatan script that’s used in phone readings.

It usually goes something like this: “I see that there is a huge wall of negativity that prevents you from getting all the good things in your life.”

Or: “I see that your girlfriend used to love you, but someone who loves you as well put a break up spell against both of you. If you don’t take care of this, your girlfriend will marry someone else soon.” And the list goes on…

After such a so-called reading, you are asked to give some amount of money for the situation to be resolved. Of course, don’t be surprised if after giving money – that person disappears, or will ask you for more money, for whatever reason.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, there are many gifted psychic readers. So, how to spot the crook and how to tell when someone is real?

  • First of all, look at the origin from where you seek a reading. Is it the Internet? A psychic shop? A phone line?
  • Most legitimate readers will take time to at least prepare their divination tools, such as Tarot cards, Oracle cards, pendulum, scrying ball, etc.
  • On the other hand, charlatans will often start with your “reading” right away. I personally never saw anyone who starts doing a reading right away. Sure, I know people, including myself, who sometimes don’t need any tools to do a reading, but even then – it takes time for what’s called psychic attunement. And usually, it takes minutes, not seconds, especially if you’ve never seen the person and are talking to the person for the first time.
  • Then, look for vague answers to your question. If someone tells you something like: “She used to love you and left you.” – you don’t need a psychic to guess that this probably happened to you if you are asking about your ex-girlfriend.
  • Also, look for things like: “You have so many problems in life”, “There is a huge wall of negativity around you”, etc. Something that completely lacks details doesn’t even require a psychic to tell you. I’m sure you can figure out that stuff on your own.
  • A real psychic will be able to diagnose what exactly happened, whether it is one factor, or – as is very often the case – a combination of factors.
  • Watch for “money transition”. Usually, a charlatan will ask you for a certain sum of money right after a reading, and some will try to scare you that if you don’t pay – some very bad things will happen soon.
  • Real psychics (if they practice Magick) will usually explain your options and might include quoted costs for the work. Some real psychics will not even do any Magick work for you. They might suggest a spell or suggest that they assist in doing a spell, or might not even suggest anything at all.

Not all psychics do Magick.

Look at some websites that say something like “30 years of experience” and then, when you call, you hear the voice of a girl who sounds like she is 17, and usually reads you a SCRIPT from paper!

I don’t have anything against people who are older and sound young, in fact I think it’s very amusing, but watch out for that, especially with the combination of factors mentioned above.

Watch out for claims like #1 Love Spell Expert! I know extremely talented love spell workers who resolve pretty much any case, but I never heard any of them claiming to be #1.

Watch out for claims like “results in hours”, “results in 3 days”, etc. Most legitimate and professional Magick practitioners will either say “fast results” or give you an approximate time frame for your results, while most will not even do that (at PlutoCraft, we don’t).

All of the above information should give you an idea of how to tell the difference between a real psychic and a charlatan.

Now, let’s get back to PlutoCraft Tarot Readings and Case Diagnostics.

What’s the difference?

Tarot readings are good for people who just want a general Tarot card reading, or have a specific question(s) about a situation or several situations. These are very straightforward readings designed to give you answers.

Case diagnostics sound similar to a Tarot reading, except they are done when someone wants to resolve a case using Magick work. Usually, case diagnostics take much more time and often more means of divination.

Therefore, case diagnostics are much more in-depth and look at the root of the problems.

This is a CRITICAL POINT you must remember and understand if you plan to get any Magick done.

Not all Tarot readers are capable of doing case diagnostics. Reading on “what just happened in this situation” and diagnosinghow to successfully resolve YOUR situation using Magick or other means” are two COMPLETELY different things!

This is something a lot of people have a problem understanding, and end up spending countless amounts of money on so-called Internet psychics, wasting time and never getting their results. Even worse – they push results away, get in obsessive cycles and lose all the hope.

Armed with this information, you can now make an intelligent choice!

If you are thinking to resolve anything using Magick, you MUST, I repeat, you absolutely must DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM very carefully! Why is it so important? Because it can actually be dangerous to perform Magickal work on a poorly diagnosed or, even worse, undiagnosed problem.

More about Case Diagnostics: think of case diagnostics as getting to the root of the problem. Any problem usually consists of LAYERS. For example, someone may say
“I want to get my ex back because he/she left me”. That’s a surface of the problem.

The real problem may be that there is MALICIOUS ENERGY between you and your ex.

A simple Tarot reading will read only the surface of the problem, something like “You had fights, she fell for someone else, etc, etc, etc…”

A comprehensive diagnostic will discover what REALLY happened. Whether it is Magick attack, influence of the parents that needs to be cleared, Astrological incompatibility, personality incompatibility and so on. It looks at the CAUSE of the problem rather than the effect.

Treating the effect will not get you far at all. Treating the CAUSE not only repairs the damage, but can also PREVENT the damage from happening again!

Therefore, case diagnostic looks at the SOLUTION to the problem, while Tarot reading looks at just the surface idea with a suggestion on how to ease the pain of the crisis.

Case diagnostic gets to the original problem that causes the surface problem (symptom).

In the mentioned example, the break up between two lovers is the symptom of the much larger problem (the CAUSE).

So, how can you even think to successfully do Magick if you do not know the real cause?

Sure, that’s why 99% of spells fail!!! Because they are aimed at the symptom, not the cause, which is very deeply hidden from your awareness.

Symptoms are very clear in your awareness, but causes are deeply hidden.

That’s why most love cases rarely require work to be started with just Love Magick. They require much deeper work like uncrossing, banishing. healing and so on.

Treating the surface is a trap. Treating the cause is the solution.

We now introduce a new level of diagnostic including Gemstones reading! On March 24, 2015 our prices for case diagnostics increased due to a very good reason: you will now get diagnosed for gemstones that will automatically start you with instant healing of any problem and situation!

This is a powerful addition to any Magick work that we can do for you. However, should you wish to speed up the process, you will know which particular gemstones will also start healing your situation without you doing any Magick work whatsoever.

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Master Plutocraft will read on your situation and will advise you on getting specific, easy to get gemstones that want to help you right away!

This is extremely powerful, because now you have additional synchronized energies working on your behalf! It is like getting help of additional deities that stand behind your shoulders, conquering your problems for you!

Whether you want to get your ex back, get more money and wealth, improve your health and solve any other problem, you will know which exact gemstones will be helping you in that particular situation.

These gemstones are very easy to get and you can get them in so many places. The cost for them is very low but the benefits they deliver to you are priceless!

Don’t delay, get your new comprehensive case diagnostic right now by clicking on the image below and start resolving your problems in your favor with intense speed and power!

Below I present a sample of a case diagnostic without a gemstone reading. This is an old example of how we used to do diagnostics before. All diagnostics ordered after
Match 24, 2015 WILL include powerful gemstone reading as an addition!

Case Diagnostic Sample By PlutoCraft

This is a sample of a case diagnostic
performed by Master PlutoCraft.

Your case diagnostics might be shorter or longer,
depending on the question. A different format might be done, depending on the situation and divinatory means.

Case diagnostics are performed for people who
want me to do Magickal work.


Problem Described: “I have a very difficult problem. My husband and I have a terrible relationship, and our family is falling apart. He listens to his mother more than he listens to me, and she is constantly telling him what to do. I can’t stand how she controls him as if he were still a little boy. Is there anything you can do to help us move out of his parent’s house? Also, he owns his own business, but he’s always hiding the money from me. Is there anything that can be done to make our family happy? I suspect that he may be with another woman. Can you verify this suspicion for me, too?”

Current Situation: I clearly see that your husband is a business owner, and I also see that his business is successful. I do see that he is a money saver. It is not that he doesn’t have money, it is more like he doesn’t want to spend it on the things you want to spend it on. I do not see any other women on the side. However, I do see that his mother is being extremely influential. I see her being very controlling and abusive in her control. It does seem like she thinks she knows what’s best for him. Regarding moving, I see it would be very beneficial for you and him as a family. It would definitely make you a happier family and it will remove his mother’s negative influences. But don’t forget that he owns a business, and moving a business to a new location might not be convenient at all. There is an alternative to moving which I will explain below.

I do see that your husband is a very busy businessman. To him, making money is very important, otherwise how will he provide a comfortable living for the family? Plus, he is just a man who loves having a good bank account. I do see that he is attached to his mother, which is perfectly normal, and there is absolutely no need to completely break that attachment. But I can do work on her control and influence. She is a loving mother, but she is also negatively manipulative.

As far as your husband hiding the money, this will change after I reconcile your family situation. Keep in mind that your husband appears to be more logical and analytical, while you are more emotional and you highly value home life. This is normal between a man and a woman, but can be sometimes conflicting.

Magickal Work: I can perform work for you. No problems here. I can do work on removing unwanted control, bring both of you closer to each other, and make you a happy family. I will try to adjust your elements for better harmony because this is what you both need. As far as moving, it is absolutely not necessary. You are thinking about moving because of all these problems. But an escape from one set of problems can lead to another set of problems. Remember, the two important aspects here are: the control of his mother and the amount of time he spends on the business.

I can also do a Peaceful Home spell for you to make your home be comfortable and what I call a “true family”. As I said earlier, balance is necessary. This should create a situation where your husband spends more time with you and the kids instead of being preoccupied with financial thoughts all the time.

Finally, I will seal my work for future happiness. I do not tell my clients the exact course of work and exact dates when work will be done. I also never promise exact timing of results. But it seems like in your case, you should start seeing results within approximately 2 weeks, then full results should show within 3 months. It will take some time because there are quite a bit of the blocks and unwanted energies I have to remove.

While diagnosing your problem, I noticed that your sex life has lost its spark. This is perfectly normal for married couples. It just happens. Most relationships have peaks and declines. I will do some work on this area too to restart the spark and bring the excitement back.

I will work on raising your feelings towards each other again. Having a happy family is important, but it is always good to have feelings of romantic love towards each other as well. I am not saying that you both don’t love each other, but raising them again on a romantic level would be very beneficial.

If you want, I can start working on your case as soon as the Moon goes into its waning phase, which will happen in 3 days.

Please let me know if you want this work to be done in the way I described, and I will do it. If there is anything that you want to add, please let me know.

Keep in mind that I can add things to the work later as well.

All of my work comes with invisibility and protection. It is very important to keep full secrecy and a positive attitude about the situation at all times. Those two things greatly speed up results.

Thank you,

Master PlutoCraft