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PlutoCraft Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have sex with a family member or someone underage, but they’re not interested. Can you make it happen anyway?2021-06-18T19:00:00-05:00

I do not perform sex spells for these kinds of situations. Not only is it illegal, but forcing someone to go against their deeply ingrained moral beliefs would cause immense mental suffering. I can, however, help attract a new, better-suited love to you.

Do you grant impossible wishes?2021-06-18T18:58:50-05:00

Sometimes, I am a bit confused by this question, but I am asked this question frequently. Here’s my best answer:

If it is truly impossible, then by definition I can’t. If you think it’s impossible, but after doing divination I find that there’s a good chance for success, then I may be able to help you.

However, I’m not God. I cannot turn the sky neon green or teleport you to France in the blink of an eye!

Can you send me candles dressed with herbs and oils for spells?2021-06-18T18:56:36-05:00

Sometimes I perform this service. Please contact me for more details.

Can you teach me Magick?2021-06-18T18:55:28-05:00

Right now, I do not provide magick lessons. Cases keep me quite busy! However, I am working on creating products to help you learn different aspects of Magick.

The Become Psychic Now course was recently released if you wish to master tarot reading quickly and easily.

You can also take a look at My Magick Books section!

I want to win the $1,000,000,000 lottery!2021-06-18T18:52:38-05:00

So do I!

Can you turn me into a man/woman, change my hair color, make my whatever bigger, or otherwise alter my physical body with Magick?2021-06-18T18:51:44-05:00

No. This is what doctors, hair dye, etc. are for. Magick can help attract these tools into your life and create opportunities for change, but it is not the same as a Hollywood special effects team.

Can you make him/her love me and ONLY me forever? Can you make him/her do only what I tell them to do?2021-06-18T18:49:59-05:00

Short answer: Yes I can, but I do not do this for your own benefit.

Long answer: This requires dark Magick being performed to force another person to be possessed by a spirit or other controlling force. This “person” will no longer be who you knew, but a tortured soul that would no longer have free will.

I do not do this kind of Magick.

Please note that this kind of work is completely different from what I do in our Reconciliation and Love Magick. Ethics and Karma are always important in any spells I do. You can read more about how that works in my free love Magick ebook.

How Long Does Magick Take To Work? Do I Have To Pay And Why?2021-06-18T18:45:37-05:00

The cost of Magick depends on the work that needs to be done. Usually, the amount of work and the total price is determined after a Diagnostic reading.

Individual candle spells, oils, powders, and more can be found in the MAGICK STORE.

I accept payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit and Debit cards or Western Union in some cases. Sometimes, we can also arrange other forms of payment.

Feel free to contact me if you’re seeking something that isn’t listed in the store. We are happy to make products and spells to order for you.

How Long Does Magick Take To Work?2021-06-18T18:42:59-05:00

Every case is unique, and there are many aspects involved – including your free will.

If you are asking this question, then you have not read our RULES which explain our policy on time frames. Please read all of the rules before choosing us to take your case.

What Is A Case Diagnostic?2021-06-18T18:37:37-05:00

We’re glad you asked! A Diagnostic is an extremely detailed reading performed for you using multiple forms of divination to answer questions about a situation and determine a plan for Magick. You can read all about them HERE.

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