cancer traits
June 21 – July 22

Traits of Cancer

Ruled by the glowing moon, Cancers are independent, loving people with strong maternal instincts. They are perhaps the most in touch of the Zodiac, and their sign spans 90-120 degrees of the Zodiac.

Represented by the tidal crab, Cancers, much like undulating currents, are all about the cycles of change. Cancers are devoted to their families and love the simple pleasures of their home. Cancers are nurturing and wise, sometimes emotional and other times moody.

The crab usually falls right into their place in the world. Life is often a cycle that plays just the way they always envisioned it. A less adept Cancer will try and change others to fit their own ideals, which can wreak havoc on lovers and partners.

Known for their enormous amount of empathy, Cancers often wear their hearts on their sleeve. They make excellent friends and parents, and they are loyal to the world.

Cancer Man

Cancer men are very involved with their families. They usually participate in their kid’s little league team, and they take pride in cooking family meals. The Cancer man is usually quiet and thoughtful, though he can sometimes be irritable. When these moods strike, the Cancer man can be a brooder.

Male crabs are naturally good at fixing things. From cars to familial arguments, the Cancer man is characterized as a problem-solver. Cancer men have a heart of gold and are known to be truthful and sentimental. They crave relationships, though they also crave their space. In a sense, the crab enjoys to explore in the sand but will instantly retract into his shell the moment he feels uncomfortable.

The crab is a cordial sign, as people with this sign generally get along with all kinds of people. Cancer men are humble and good listeners, which makes them compatible with just about anyone.

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman has all of her swans in a row. She has her finances organized, her garden watered and her floors swept. She enjoys pleasing her family; from cooking to cleaning. Many Cancer women are stay-home moms, though many work and balance the two magnificently.

The Cancer woman is ruled by the ancient moon, which means her tides are always changing. This is never an erratic type of change, rather a month-to-month change. The female crab can indeed be a crab during certain parts of the month, though this could be due to the enormous amount of work and passion that she puts into everyday life.

The Cancer woman is loved by all, as she is great at helping her peers work through problems. She gives excellent advice, and she connects with other signs on a deeper, less superficial level (as opposed to signs like Aries). The Cancer woman is suave and well dressed, as her keen sense of space and design effect her taste in fashion.

Sex with Cancer

Cancers are not likely to be as aggressive as signs like Scorpio and Taurus, but they do love to make love. The crab is the type of person to make a joke about sex when they are serious all the while. In a sense, the Cancer can be a bit awkward with one-night stands and flings. On the contrary, Cancer’s sex in a relationship is outstanding. Cancers are extremely passionate, and love to please.

Cancers are known to crave sex for hours at a time. Crabs are no strangers to art-forms like the Kama Sutra and Tantra. They enjoy body heat and touch, as sex for a Cancer is all about balancing intimacy with intensity.

While Cancers may not be as wild in bed as other signs, they do enjoy a little bit of kinkiness. Cancers moods are constantly shifting, so from time to time a standard, hour-long roll in the hay might not suffice. They too enjoy quickies and random sex, just in smaller doses than others.

Cancer in Love

Cancers are not likely to prolong love. If inclined, the crab is quick to fall face-in, and is ready to go 100%. If a Cancer draws out an engagement, chances are they are not actually planning on marriage. Cancers are very loyal and devoted, and once drawn, are hooked.

Cancers make exceptional partners, though they are not well-suited for individuals craving constant adventure. The Cancer enjoys the simplicities in life, and can find pleasure in a delicious home-cooked meal or a stimulating novel. Cancers think best when they are at their home.

When the crab is in love, the Earth has spun off its axis. Cancers’ love reach Shakespearean heights. When they are ready to settle down, they will find a compatible partner and fade away into the hearth of their home and soon-to-be family.

Cancer with Finances

Because Cancers have such an incredible insight into the world, they rarely have problems with finances. Cancers are naturally great with money, and are never obsessed with extravagance or superficiality. Instead, Cancers are concerned with family vacations, saving up for tuitions and improving the quality of their homes. Cancers do splurge from time-to-time, but never on anything detrimental to their well-being.

Cancers are so well-rounded that they succeed in nearly any type of career. Because they are so caring and perceptive, they make wonderful nurses, teachers and social workers. But Cancers aren’t limited to just these types of jobs. A crab can take on anything that they put their mind to – as they are also good speakers and financially savvy.

Attracting and Charming Cancer

Cancers don’t usually trust the advances of people whom they meet in a drinking environment. Clubs, bars and parties are no place for a potential long-term suitor. In fact, Cancers rarely even attend events such as these, and when they do, they are usually the ones who leave early. Charming a Cancer should be done outside of a party atmosphere, as this is where a Cancer will take an individual most serious.

Cancers are not attracted to show-offs or people who seem to play games. Cancers see through these types of behaviors and generally just make friends. The crab is attracted to a person who shares the same values as they do.

Because Cancers are so versatile, their banter comes off as sincere and charming. The crab hopes to have the same reciprocity when being seduced.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Cancer

  • Cancers pay attention to details – from words that are used to jewelry that is worn. Reminding a Cancer of something that they might not have thought you would have remembered always looks good.
  • Cancers tend to love animals, therefore, showing an interest in their dogs or cats will put you on the mark.
  • Cancers are not usually fond of people with addiction problems or baggage.
  • The crab is more impressed by a home-cooked meal than a fancy meal at a restaurant.
  • Cancers are great listeners but don’t always just want to listen. Make sure that they still have a bit of spot-light time.

Secret Cancer

Because cancers are so passionate, they love massages and just lying around bed all day. Cancers are content with watching a favorite television show and then just making love. Once a Cancer feels comfortable with a lover, she or he will be ready for sex whenever they are.


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