libra traits
September 23 – October 22

Traits of Libra

The diplomatic and seductive Libra is an artist in every fashion of their existence. Ruled by the seductive planet Venus, Libra is an air sign represented by the scales. And how appropriate – as the Libra has two sides: one side which makes them fantastic listeners and another side which desires to be listened to.

Spanning from 180- 210 degrees on the Zodiac, Libras are natural artists, and enjoy beauty and luxury. From fancy houses to posh night-clubs, the Libra craves imagery in his or her scenery. Libras are natural social-butterflies, and they tend to have a following of friends and colleagues.

The Libra has a taste for the unusual, which makes them adventurous and daring. Libras are highly erotic and enjoy flirting and attention. Though sometimes lazy, Libras still make excellent speakers and leaders.

Libra Man

Libra men are mysterious and seductive. They are smooth talkers and enjoy flattery. Libra men come off as light-hearted and low-key; two traits which the Libra man uses to his advantage. He is polished and well dressed, as aesthetics are important to the Libra man.

The scales are known to be alluring. Much of the time the Libra man uses his casual friendships as outlets for potential hook-ups. The scales are devout to his friends and his chums, as he is often a participant in lively social gatherings and fraternities.

The scales are an empathetic sign. Though the Libra man takes pleasure in charming women, he is not likely to use and abuse. The Libra man always likes to keep things collected, as he hates to be hated.

Libra Woman

The Libra woman enjoys compliments and old-fashioned etiquette. The scales need to be the center of attention, which often makes the Libra woman popular and well-liked. She has an array of friends stemming from all walks of life. Indeed, the Libra woman is an eclectic person who enjoys the company of others.

Libra women are known for their excellent taste in couture and design. The scales are often artists – from painting to decorating; the Libra woman has it more than just covered. Though the scales can be disorganized, it is only a reflection of their creative minds burning with ideas and potential.

Libra women are generous and graceful. They are hospitable and throw amazing parties and get-togethers. From the cooking to the décor, the Libra woman has everything squared away.

Sex with Libra

Libras are bold in bed and view sex as an art-form. They are sensual and see no bounds. The only deal-breaker for a Libra is the ambiance, as Libras can be somewhat prude about dirty and unsavory locations.

Libras love to give, but also love to receive. The duality of the scales makes sex with a Libran explosive. They are known to leave an impression, as they take each movement during love-making as a stroke of a paintbrush. Libras love the thrill of new challenges, and they love to feel that challenge in the bed-room.

Many people classify sex with a Libra as enchanting. Previous partners of the Libra look back at sexual encounters and later fantasize about them; because, Libras are that good. The scales utilize all of the senses during sex, from their soft caresses to their sweet kisses.

Libra in Love

Libras are known to fall in love easily. They are very verbal and expressive. This makes courting a Libra a fast stage, as Libras are not ones to forget to tell you about their baggage. In fact, Libras are very honest about their intentions and their pasts.

Libras in love are like high-school kids. They are quickly drawn and devoted. Sometimes obsessive, but always well spoken, the Libran can be jealous if challenged by a member of the same sex. Part of this is due to the vain nature of the Libra.

Libras make excellent partners, but not without a fight. The sometimes lazy Libra counts on his or her mate to keep the fire burning. Libras are quick to fall out of love as quickly as they fell, so it is important for the Libran partner to be fun, spontaneous and thoughtful.

Libra with Finances

Libras are not very good with their financials. It is often difficult for a Libra to hold onto a steady job, as they are easily bored. Once this happens, the Libra tends to slack off and fall down the corporate ladder. On the contrary, Libras make excellent bosses. Their diplomatic and empathetic nature make them fantastic to work with. The only issue for the Libra is becoming the boss.

For a Libra, a perfect job is something that combines the hobbies of the scales with profit. Many Libras make excellent writers, musicians, painters and designers. For the scales, these are the only options of career.

Attracting and Charming a Libra

Libras are usually the seducers. Even if someone thinks that they are working the Libra, it is most likely the other party being worked. Libras are perceptive and can easily manipulate the aggressor.

Libras love attention and compliments. Making a good first impression on a Libra is paramount. The Libra will want to know that you are stable and calm before becoming interested. The Libra will then expect flattery or flirtatious gestures. Libras are very touchy-feely, and are very fine-tuned with their senses.

The Libra will expect a formal date in a nice location. Something beautiful, exciting or exquisite will charm the daylights out of classy Libra.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Libra

  • Never try and hookup in a weird or dirty place like a bathroom, a Libra will be turned off.
  • Libras love poetry and art. An artistic gift charms a Libra like no other.
  • Never try and “outsmart” a Libra – you won’t succeed.
  • Libras are popular and love to go out to places where they can show off their incredible looks.
  • Complimenting a Libra in an intelligent way will win them over more than a casual compliment.
  • Libras are romantics. Candles, records, satin pillows – these are things that get a Libra feeling hot.

Secret Libra

The scales have a slight domineering sense about them. They are independent, but sometimes self-centered. It takes someone like a Libra to mentally gratify them. Though somewhat narcissistic, the Libra takes great pride in being “the best artist” or “the best in bed.” In the long run, these are things that make the Libra feel good about themselves.


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