sagittarius traits
November 22 – December 21

Traits of Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is an adventure seeker; an explorer and an avid thinker. Wise Sagittarius is ruled by the mighty planet Jupiter and symbolized by the Archer. The sign spans between 240 and 270 degree of the Zodiac.

And what is the meaning of life? This is the constant curiosity beckoning the Sagittarius. The Archer is consumed with finding the answers to everything. Keen, intelligent and highly self-sufficient, the Sagittarius is the most quizzical of the Zodiac. Often times Sagittarius’ are wanderers, train-hoppers and frequent travelers. The Sagittarius longs to learn anything and everything.

The Sagittarius is a great listener and blessed with “natural good luck.” It seems that things always fall right into line for the Sagittarius, if not with time.

Sagittarius Man

The male Archer is popular with certain types of ladies. He is never one to seem attention-hungry, rather he waits for the women to come to him. It is hard to tie down a Sagittarius man, as his wandering nature leads him to new lovers frequently. He is generally fit, and his perceptive and mysterious nature makes him alluring to women.

The Sagittarius man is usually an honest man. Though he may not practice everyday principles, he is forward with his words. The Archer will tell you that he loves you, just as he tells the other girls that he loves. Though getting a Sagittarius man to commit is difficult, it is possible.

The Sagittarius man is bold in his thoughts, though not necessarily argumentative. He holds solid beliefs on philosophy, politics and current events, yet he is always willing to hear other sides. The knowledge-seeking nature of the male Archer makes him an outstanding listener and a fantastic person to converse with.

Sagittarius Woman

The female Archer is all about having a good time. She is confident and independent; the way she likes it. She never commits herself to a certain group of friends or a certain lover. Everything for the female archer is strictly about in the moment. Men who fall in love with the female Archer are sure to have their hearts smashed into many pieces.

The Sagittarius woman is comfortable in her skin. She loves the outdoors and the night-life. Any exciting activity catches the attention of the Sagittarius woman. She loves wild and interesting new things and places; she is as versatile as they come.

The Sagittarius woman is not likely to settle down. She enjoys her rendezvous and holds no “future expectations.” For the Archer, life is all about living in the moment. Though dating a Sagittarius woman may seem hard, locking her down for a relationship is not impossible, just time-consuming.

Sex with a Sagittarius

The Archer is a known explorer. Sex for the Archer is no different. The Sagittarius loves to caress and examine the bodies of their lovers, all while tantalizing themselves. For the Archer, sex is about a journey. They see it as a start with a finish. This is why archers are so notorious for one-night-stands.

The Sagittarius loves pushing the envelope. Their adventurous nature enables them with all kinds of fantasies and fetishes. From sex outdoors to sex on the ceiling- the Sagittarius is willing and excited to try all kinds of new, kinky things.

Sex with a Sagittarius seems committed and real while it is happening. It is the end that most other signs find offensive. The Sagittarius is not likely to stick around.

Sagittarius in Love

Archers have difficulty with love. One day they are head-over-heels and the next day they are off to someone new. This is something that the Archer struggles with for their entire life. Their mood is like the wind – in one door and out the other.

When a Sagittarius is in love, they hold solid and stable relationships. Their intuition and pursuit of knowledge keeps the ball bouncing. Other signs that settle down with the Archer usually feel as though their lover (the archer) is apathetic. This can be a real endeavor for partners of the Archer, as they do sometimes come across as cold and unemotional.

Sagittarius and Finances

Because the Archer is so afraid of commitment, any job which doesn’t lock down the Archer is ideal. The well-spoken and wise nature of the Sagittarius enables him or her to seek any number of professions. Generally, Archers make excellent comedians, actors, writers, artists and any other career which might enable an Archer to travel.

The Sagittarius is not stupid with his or her money, though they are not much of planners. Generally, the Archer meets his or her day-to-day needs with a little wiggle-room. This is just fine with the Sagittarius, as they never really take their careers too seriously anyway. To a Sagittarius, a career is just a means of making money; one speed bump on their quest for life‘s true meaning.

The Archer is quick on his or her feet, which makes them wonderful at crafts like spoken-word poetry, tennis, debate and comedy. Their is no other sign that works better under pressure.

Attracting and Charming a Sagittarius

Attracting a Sagittarius is an art. One must never give away too much; as the Archer will be frightened away. The key to winning the Sagittarius is to simply relate to them on a superficial level. Sharing stories, poems and conversations is the first step in attracting a Sagittarius.

Archers like to feel your attention, but not at an overwhelming rate. They like to feel as though their options are always open. For the adventurous Archer, everything is about “falling into the right place,” as this is how the Sagittarius learns his or her life lessons.

Charming a Sagittarius is about keeping it simple and visceral. Never tell your whole life-story. Let the Archer find out on their own.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Sagittarius

  • Never talk about kids with a Sagittarius, you’ll scare them away.
  • Compliment the Sagittarius on something worldly, such as their views on a particular subject.
  • Keep conversation with a Sagittarius light and flirty, this is the best way to get them hooked.
  • Never bring up ex-lovers. Keep the Archer away from your stash of secrets.
  • When asking a Sagittarius out, suggest an unexpected place.

Secret Sagittarius

People who fall in love with the Archer are perhaps the most vulnerable. The Archer is quick to shift his or her mood, and the people who care usually feel the butt of it. To the Archer, there is nothing wrong with this. They view this as something that could very well happen to them; something that would be perfectly okay. The Archer just has a different view on life, as the world is a journey worthy of exploration.


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