Scorpio traits
October 23 – November 21

Traits of Scorpio

The sultry yet stubborn Scorpio spans between 210 and 240 degrees of the Zodiac, and is ruled by the sweltering heart of fiery Mars and the icy grasp of Pluto. The Scorpion is an intriguing master of the senses with a highly dynamic character.

The passionate coo of a Scorpio is no shallow song. The Scorpio is intense and intuitive, and longs for a deeper and more profound knowledge. For a Scorpio, the truth is their bread and butter. The Scorpio is known to be a seducer with the sex-appeal of a god and the hunger of a wild animal.

If tamed, the Scorpio can be a passionate and loving partner and/or friend. Scorpios are excellent articulators, and are perceptive to body language, auras and feelings. The Scorpio is driven to understand; thus they make excellent listeners. Don’t ever think that a Scorpio is just observing though; often times the Scorpio juggles many thoughts at once.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are desired by all. He is handsome, confidant and well-spoken. He seems as though he always has the right things to say. This is no coincidence, as the Scorpion is extremely perceptive and naturally intuitive. He does know the right things to say, and sometimes he uses this as a strategy of manipulation.

Scorpio men have a bit of a shell, and sometimes a chip on their shoulder. Getting the vulnerable Scorpion man to unfurl can be a timely process. The Scorpio man often carries baggage and is hard to fully win the trust of. He can be jealous and suspicious, though his fantastic sex leaves women lusting for more and more.

The Scorpio man is extremely independent. He craves his space. At the same time, the Scorpio man can just as easily crave the attention of a lover and/or partner, which he will expect to happen on his time. The Scorpio man lives in his own world.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are always fantasized about. The female Scorpion is usually either a leader or a rebel. Regardless, she excels when she is on top. The Scorpio is independent and used to making lasting impressions.

Scorpio women are intense and form intimate bonds with lovers and partners. They are incredible friends, and fantastic in the sack. Unlike most other signs, the Scorpion woman can differentiate between a “one night thing” and an “actual thing.” The Scorpion is perceptive to her lovers and she makes it a rule that both herself and her mate climax.

Scorpion women are often thinking. There always seems to be something up her sleeve. She never gives away all of her secrets; part of the allure of the dangerous Scorpion woman.

Sex with Scorpio

Sex with Scorpios is electric. The Scorpion is consumed with teasing and tantalizing their lovers – seeing just how far they can take them. Scorpios love games, and the bedroom is no exception. From bondage to role-play, Scorpions love a good, rebellious romp in the hay.

Scorpios are “known” for their sexuality. People look at a Scorpio and think about lusty sex. Eye-contact is paramount for the Scorpio, another intense use of allure that keeps spectators of the Scorpion captivated.

Scorpio in Love

A Scorpio in love sees no bounds. They are loyal, devoted and passionate. The intense nature of the Scorpio makes the “falling in love” process long and intimate, as the Scorpio yearns to know every nook and cranny of their partner.

Scorpios are known to have a dark side. They can be extremely jealous and manipulative; two traits that when combined, can lead to a disaster. These qualities combined with the determination of the Scorpio can lead to bitter arguments and fights.

For the long-haul, Scorpios keep their sex lives alive. They seem to always remain in their twenties, and they never feel ashamed of their ravenous desires.

Scorpio with Finances

Because Scorpios are so independent, they make excellent leaders, business-men/women, managers and doctors. Scorpios are generally good with their finances, though they are known to spontaneously spend. This need to “treat themselves” is never over-board though, as the Scorpio is usually sensible.

Scorpios are suspicious with their finances, so they often don’t let others have free range over it. The Scorpion is known to hide money and to even lie about finances. This all routes back to the sometimes untrusting nature of the Scorpio.

Scorpios tend to be wealthy. They have an inclination of working their way up in the corporate world. They generally are successful at what they do, and they usually enjoy it (both the work and the success).

Attracting and Charming a Scorpio

The Scorpio is cunning, so attracting a Scorpio is about being honest. The Scorpio enjoys a challenge, but never wants to feel as though there is some sort of ulterior motive. The key to catching the Scorpio’s eye is to seem honest, but never too easy.

Scorpios enjoy people who can surprise them (in a good way). They like to hear interesting facts mid-way through conversation, rather than all at once in the beginning. The Scorpion likes to dig and understand, so an “easy” subject will usually be classified as a friend or brief sexual encounter.

Scorpios like partners who can flow with their sometimes erratic flow. They never want to feel as though there is any sort of deception or ill intent. The Scorpio craves power and control, so a good balance of earnest conversation with intense eye-contact is the easiest way to succeed with a Scorpio.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Scorpio

  • Scorpios may forgive, but they never forget. Once you have lied to a Scorpio, winning back their trust can be nearly impossible.
  • Scorpios love surprises; whether that is a new piece of information that they have yet to have learned or a gift.
  • To seduce a Scorpio, play up the eyes; whether that is matching a colored shirt or smoking up the eyes.
  • Scorpios are attracted to sensual and/or deep voices.
  • Always take the feelings of a Scorpio seriously, they are always genuine.

Secret Scorpio

Deep down inside, the Scorpio is haunted. They deal with underlying issues for their entire lives. Sometimes they even bring their current partners into their drama, causing even more chaos.

Scorpios are dominant in bed. They enjoy being in control. They are happy to let their lover take the reigns from time-to-time, but tend to fall back into “being on top.” Much like their careers, Scorpios take sex seriously.


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