virgo traits
August 23 – September 22

Traits of Virgo

The Virgo is an independent-minded, kind and modest sign that works well with others. Ruled by the silver palm of Mercury, the Virgo is efficient and dedicated to serving others, whether that be in their career or in their personal relationships.

The diligent Virgo spans 150-180 degrees of the Zodiac. The Virgo is loyal and hard-working. Represented by the Virgin, Virgo people know how to please their lovers and enjoy long-term relationships. The virgin is demure and humble and possesses a fine connection with the word around them.

Virgos are often talented people with ambitions for bigger, better things. Virgos are generally peaceful and enjoy good music and good conversation. The virgin is often introverted, though he or she will express themselves when necessary.

Virgo Man

The Virgo man plans details (and notices details) better than any other sign. Virgo men have their schedules and plans down to an art. They live a well-balanced life proportionate with their fair expectations. The Virgo man is loyal to his goals; whether they be career-oriented or mere personal expectations. He is polite, generous and considerate of others.

The Virgo man is a natural success. He strives to excel in tasks which he takes on. He is proficient and skilled in the art of maneuver; he is a regular MacGyver. From simple spills to daunting floods, the Virgo man is always equipped with the right answers and a plan of action.

Though sometimes reserved, the virgin is certainly no hermit. He just prefers healthy outlets in his day-to-day life. From athletics to book-clubs, the Virgo man is refined. Not only can he speak on behalf of literature, but he can discuss politics, love and sports.

Virgo Woman

Virgo women can be critical, but that’s because they know exactly what they want. The Virgo woman is a handful, as she balances her career and relationships meticulously. She is loving and caring, for the Virgo woman has already learned many of the life-lessons that other signs have yet to learn.

The virgin has her values and her virtues; she is not likely to show all her cards easily. She considers her body to be a temple, a gem waiting for the right person. She is generally conservative, though she still knows how to have a good time. Virgo women prefer to spend their free time at cafes and restaurants. They appreciate a good cup of coffee or tea, and the virgin considers herself a bit of an intellectual.

The virgin is known to be athletic, and she usually upkeeps her physique. Exercise, sports and aerobics are passions of Virgo women, as they love to feel strong and look fit. Virgo women love the outdoors as well; from camping to fishing – she’s always down for a simple, good time.

Sex with Virgo

Getting Virgo in the sack for a one-night stand is nearly impossible. Virgos tend to keep their sex until engaged in a solid relationship. Because Virgos are so reserved, sex with a Virgo tends to be straight-forward. Once comfortable and committed, the Virgo begins to loosen up and feel more comfortable.

As lovers, Virgos are sensual and caring. The virgin usually prefers standard sex, as in, what you might expect from someone slightly inexperienced. This is not to be confused with inexperience, as the symbol for the sign is deceptive. The Virgo just prefers intimate bonds and friendships over sex, which they sometimes consider vulgar or carnal.

Virgo in Love

The Virgo in love feels the planets unite. They see stars and they hear music. Virgos tend to go for people much like themselves; intellectuals and the worldly experienced. Virgos develop tight bonds with their partners and are one of the most devout of the zodiac.

A Virgo in love is passionate about their relationship. They enjoy challenging their partners to press them further, as the Virgo longs to expand the relationship to fit new possibilities. Though Virgos are loyal to their partners, they also enjoy the company of others. It is not unusual for a Virgo to need separate time for friends, family and colleagues.

At times the Virgo may play hard-to-get, but this is just their way of testing their partner’s devotion. The Virgo demands that there be no shades of grey when it comes to where they stand.

Virgo with Finances

Virgos are perceptive and analytical. They make excellent scientists, policemen, researchers, librarians, therapists and businessmen/women. They are versatile in their options of career, as they possess so many fine attributes.

Virgos are thrifty with their money. The virgin is excellent at saving and not displaying, his or her income. For a Virgo, jobs are not just about money, but about the mental payoff at the end of the day. The Virgo loves working, which is why their choice of occupation is critical to the Virgo’s wellbeing.

Rather than spending money on fast cars or lavish houses, the Virgo prefers to travel and live comfortably. The virgin loves good food and is known to shop local and organic.

Attracting and Charming a Virgo

When it comes to charming a Virgo, there is no sure-fire plan. The Virgo is most allured by good conversation and a general connection. Topics like politics, books and music combined with a general sense of compatibility are the way to a Virgo’s sincere heart.

Virgos are generally attracted to calm and conservative people. They tend to meet partners through friends or colleagues. Randomly approaching a Virgo could go up in smoke, as they don’t usually like to feel pressured. Establishing a connection with a Virgo is always a good idea before pursuing them romantically.

Because the virgin is so detail-oriented, expect them to notice all of the small things. This could come in handy if one were trying to attract a Virgo, as surprising them with your attention to detail will also not go unnoticed. The Virgo loves to feel like their partner is engaged and paying attention.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Virgo

  • Never sexually compliment a Virgo, he or she might find it overly aggressive.
  • Virgos love to be wined and dined. Local restaurants and eateries make excellent first dates.
  • Brushing up on current events is always a good idea before going out with a Virgo.
  • Virgos are more sentimental than material, a good gift is always something thoughtful.
  • Sarcasm and zealous wit are never the way to a Virgo’s heart.

Secret Virgo

Secretly, the Virgo strives to find a balance to life’s chaos. This is something that they battle with all of their lives. They are constantly searching for more and more; whether that be answers or a higher existence. The Virgo lives in their mind – they scan through the day like a film, and they examine all of the possibilities. Ultimately, Virgos must learn to trust their being and let go of the idea of “figuring it all out.”


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