A Prayer That Always Works

What Does Stephanie, U.K. Writer And Journalist, Writes About Master PlutoCraft Books - And A Prayer That Always Works?

A Prayer That Always Works... A Best Seller that gets attention again and now - from journalists!

Stephanie P., UK journalist who does work for PlutoCraft got really intrigued by this massively powerful eBook!

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Stephanie got so intrigued by overall PlutoCraft experience, because even working for PlutoCraft is magic!

This is what Stephanie has to tell you:

"At PlutoCraft we know that a happy client is an informed client – that's why we want to keep you up to date on our Magick services and how you can take advantage of them.

We get a lot of requests from clients asking for teaching – but unfortunately, we do not have the resources at this moment in time to provide one-to-one teaching for all of our clients. We are working on it!

We also know that our clients themselves lead busy lives. For these reasons we've decided to offer you our eBooks – so you can dip in and out and learn in your own time. And of course, A Prayer That Always Works too!!!

PlutoCraft offers a range of books to cater to your curiosity, desire to learn and your Magick practise.

If you are a beginner in the craft or at a more intermediate level, we aim to provide quality books specifically designed to help you get a better understanding of Magick, and to perfect your craft with a little more practise.

If you want a quick and easy start in different areas of Magick then you will find the extensive experience of the PlutoCraft team in the pages of these books.

Whether you want to know what to do After Ordering Magick, how to successfully reunite with your ex, or how to cleanse your Karma through prayer, we’ve got you covered with these simple and sometimes free PDF’s that can be downloaded straight to your computer.

We offer books in areas of Magick including;

  • Reunification Magick - FREE
  • Become Psychic Now! Tarot and Diagnostic Magick - Just $97.00
  • How To Attract A Soulmate - Love Magick - Just $27.00
  • A Prayer That Always Works - Creating Miracles! - Just $29.95
  • After Ordering Magick - MUST KNOW SECRETS - FREE

Complete list of all eBooks from Master PlutoCraft is here.

Yes, we do have your most desired miracle-creating, best-selling book “A Prayer That Always Works” by our own Master PlutoCraft – Yevgeniy Grytsenko.

So, if you are looking to dip your toe in the waters of Magick – look no further than PlutoCraft’s selection of eBooks. And Magick Services too... Along with massive amount of products from PlutoCraft Magick Store.

You will need a PDF reader to view these eBooks. We recommend the free Adobe Acrobat Reader."

Stephanie P. - Writer And Journalist At PlutoCraft

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Real Magick Practitioners vs. Spell Casters

Plutocraft Magick PractitionersSometimes we get an email where a person says, “I am looking for a spell caster, I came across your site and blah, blah, blah… But your prices are so expensive, why is that?”


As soon as I read the word spell caster, I want to interrupt the person by saying: “We are not spell casters. If you want JUST a spell caster, PlutoCraft may be the wrong place for you.”

What’s the difference?

Let’s do some wisdom work in here, so you know what you are getting into.

Right away, we will look into 3 different things:

  1. What is a spell caster (and why they often fail)
  2. What is a legitimate Magick practitioner (and why they succeed)
  3. What is the price difference and why that is

You may be shocked to discover the truth, but it is better than not knowing it.

Let’s start with spell casters. Who are they?

Here is my answer: a 14-year-old girl can pick up a witchcraft book and read some lines on how to cast a spell to attract the boy she has a crush on.

Then, she gets a $0.25 pink candle, a pack of $2.00 herb and some $1.00 gemstone.

She follows the instructions and casts a spell.

Technically, she just became a spell caster.

It doesn’t matter if her spell worked on not (and more often than not, it doesn’t, while leading to some terrible consequences). So, it doesn’t matter if her spell worked or not – but technically, she became a spell caster.

Is that someone you want to work on your pressing case???

So, if you are looking for a spell caster, there is an overabundance of them on the Internet. And yes, they are cheap – usually from $25.00 to $500.00 you can get a spell caster.

What will happen then? Most likely, as our experiences show, people come back to PlutoCraft to clear that mess which made things worse and then order the real work. They got burned, lost time and money, and now they have to pay extra money to clear the mess.

Who are Skilled Magick Practitioners?

I can write a whole book on this subject. But I will try to summarize it shortly.

Skilled Magick Practitioners are people who have dedicated a part of their life to Magick, Spirituality and understanding how the human mind works in according to Universal Laws.

They also learn the physics and treat Magick as a science, psychology and Spirituality.

They have gone through many powerful transformations and are extremely connected to the Divine/God part of themselves rather than ego parts.

They do dark work and light work. But they realize the gray area of it as well.

Most of them spent time at the cemeteries at night and at high energy locations.

They are the ones who bear Light and Dark in harmony and use Divine Guidance rather than ego trips.

They are not threatened as threats are just another opportunity for advancement.

They can heal and destroy.

They can bring separated couples together or break up relationships.

They work with big businesses and individuals on acquiring wealth.

They understand that love, wealth, health and general abundance are natural, rather than abnormal.

Skilled Magick Practitioners treat their work as MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CAREER while spell casters treat their work at just casting spells for money.

Skilled Magick Practitioners pull people from the deepest holes. Spell casters usually get people further in the hole.

Please note that under no circumstances am I badmouthing spell casters. Actually, it is the opposite – I give them a huge credit and respect for trying.

But Magick is not a toy.

Before one starts toying with Magick, one must think of the consequences for themselves and their clients. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Did you know that an improperly cast spell, improperly chosen spell type and improper supplies will only make things worse?

Did you also know that not looking into the real depth of your situation will only amplify the troubles already created?

Did you know that spell casting is NOT the route Skilled Magick Practitioners take?

Skilled Magick Practitioners do case work which does involve casting a spell, but that is a very small part of the whole picture.

So, that leads us to the last topic: the cost.

Obviously, Skilled Magick Practitioners respect their acquired knowledge, time and dedication to your case. Therefore, the costs increase.

Also, Skilled Magick Practitioners choose high-quality supplies that make a big difference. For example, I have thousands of dollars worth of supplies.

Several Tarot decks, candles, oils, herbs… It all adds up.

To do your case right, you must want to choose high quality supplies and they are not cheap. There are some roots that are hard to get and they cost hundreds of dollars.

Then, some supplies must be hand-crafted. That requires materials and tools to do them.

I always wondered about this: how can someone offer quality spell work for like $250.00 for a complete love reconciling case if just the cost of supplies can be much more than that?

And what about time? No Skilled Magick Practitioner will work for free (unless, somehow, it is their mission in life). But that gets very tricky there too because it keeps things disbalanced. I often say that it is much better to pay for Magick than to get it for free. At least, that’s what my years of experience show.

Remember, when you hire a Skilled Magick Practitioner, you are INVESTING.

When you hire a spell caster, you are almost guaranteed to lose.

If you have difficulties paying for your case to Skilled Magick Practitioners, I always recommend asking for extra work on attracting money.

For example, you can pay, let’s say $1,000.00 to a Skilled Magick Practitioner and it may seem like a lot of money. But you can also get an extra Money Drawing candle which can bring you way more than $1,000.00 – and not only does your case become free for you, but you actually gain more money than you had! Again, speaking from years of experience here.

As you can see, Skilled Magick Practitioners work to get your desired results AND help you by using developed strategies from years of experience. We think outside the box. We encourage people to think outside the box as well.

A temptation to get a spell casting “miracle” for cheap leads to destruction.

A logical and strategic approach to your case leads to success.

Here is my professional recommendation for you: if you are looking for just a cheap spell caster, PlutoCraft is not a place for that. But if you are looking for a professional approach towards your case, just let us know what your problems and desires are.

Send us an email and we will review your requests. We will respond with a suggestion, either you need to get a diagnostic, or you can go ahead with the Magick work, or there is not much that can be done (that’s a very rare case).

Invest in your success. You deserve it!

Wishing you the best,

Master PlutoCraft