There are some days when out of a blue, PlutoCraft starts getting emails from our clients saying:

“I feel bad today. I feel anxious. What’s going on?”

The reason I decided to make this post is because I have a feeling that our customers associate it with Magick work that’s being done for them.

Seriously, there are days when several people would complain about feeling bad or anxious.

Let me clarify some things: 99% of the chance, it is not due to Magick.

That’s because on such days, there are a lot of other people feel bad. Collective conscious anxiety seems to go up on some days.

I think it would he helpful to give some clues at what may be happening, so people get help at the right place.

Let’s look at what makes some days “bad” or “anxious”.

Here are some of the things:

  • Moon phase. Some people feel bad and anxious when the Moon is full. Hey, Moon controls feelings and how you feel…
  • Moon position. Moon goes into what’s called “void of course”. It happens when Moon changes it’s position between signs. When Moon is leaving one sign, let’s say Capricorn and before it enters Aquarius, it stays in the “void”. Some of these voids can last a long time and longer voids can affect mood changes, causing feelings of anxiety.
  • Weather. Seriously… During some periods, weather seems to be abnormal. Just recently, there was abnormally high amount of tornadoes in USA. Besides that, weather can cause barometric pressure changes, which can affect mood.
  • It’s just one of those days. Meaning, there is no logical, clearly visible reason.

No matter what happens, don’t panic.

However, if your mood issues become an issue, I highly advice to see a specialist (therapist) for this purpose.

It is very unlikely that someone “cursed” you when some anxiety arises. The reason I’m saying this is because some people start to panic “if someone cursed them”.

Please also note that a lot of people who seek Magick had some sort of a trauma happen in their life. Relationship break up, enemies, life doing downhill – it can cause trauma for some people. And if it is the case, then I highly advice seeking help of a licensed therapist as well. Therapy is strength, it is not weakness.

With this said, I hope this short post will help few people at the right time.


Master PlutoCraft

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