Past Life ReadingsDear Reader,

I know we are living in a dark yet very interesting time and we are all affected by events worldwide, both positive and negative.

Many supernatural activities are currently taking place, for a while now I’ve been noticing a strange pattern play out.

Each time there is a worldwide crisis in the physical realm, such as natural disasters and war, there is an increase of spirit activity.

Those who are gifted with the ability to see spirits are experiencing more visuals while their psychic abilities increase. Psychic children are feeling it intensely. I’m sending a ton of peace, protection and blessings to them. I can relate, because I have gone through that myself as a psychic kid lol — you will learn to get used to it, and yes, it does get easier the longer you go with it instead of fighting it.

Each time the balance is disruptive those who are gifted will pick up on this the most and it’s never easy. Strength will get you through and we must trust in ourselves and the universe that we will be where we are supposed to be in time.

There’s too many people doubting themselves more than ever; my advice is to put yourself in your peaceful place while meditating and tune out the negativity. Follow your passion, go after your dreams. It may have its moments of hardship but never give up. Learn to embrace it and enjoy the ride. Don’t be afraid to be happy — instead of wishing for it, allow yourself to already have it.

There’s been interesting archaeological discoveries of ancient history and, our ancestors backgrounds aside, we are all connected to them. I personally don’t agree with archaeologists invading tombs, burial sites and moving everything out. There were curses and magick placed for a reason. Those who believe in the power, practice of magick understand how this stuff actually works.

I feel that these events are also causing disruption in the supernatural world. I don’t think anyone would want their grave to be distributed, wouldn’t that upset you too?

There are tombs with guardians for a reason. In ancient times these guardians gave not just their physical life but their soul to carry out its mission for all eternity. Not too many people these days practice loyalty and swear their soul to protect a grave, etc. I respect the Native Americans who protect their ancestors and let them rest in peace. Many had been encountered by outsiders who wished to dig up the burial sites.

I would love to hear about your stories and experiences, feel free to post them below.

Master Plutocraft

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