Supreme Protection From PlutoCraft

PlutoCraft aids in the following levels of protection:

  • Physical protection from dangers
  • Protection of automobiles from car accidents
  • Safe travel protection
  • Protection against unwanted people and/or guests
  • Protection from harmful gifts
  • Spells to remove harmful or bad energy objects from your house or place of business
  • Protection on mental level
  • Protection on emotional level
  • Protection on Spiritual level
  • Astral protection
  • Phantom Warrior protection is also available)
  • Protection against psychic vampires
  • Exorcism at the distance
  • Uncrossing/unbinding
  • Counteracting other “magicians” and root workers who do harm to you or your loved ones
  • Look at our page of Protection Products And Services

We offer very wide rage of protections! If you feel that you need custom level of protection, simply contact us and let us know your needs!