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Protection Against Psychic Vampires on Supreme Levels!


Recover What Was Lost And Protect Against What Is Being Lost Along With What Will Be Lost! From Love To Money – They Take It All, While You Serve As An “Energy Battery” To Them!

No, psychic vampires don’t have fangs. In fact, they usually look so charming and sexy that you would want to “hook up” with one as fast as you can. Masked sexuality (not a real one) is one of their “weapons”, but not the only one – so keep reading. And if you “hook up” with one – oh, if you would only know what kind of evil is behind it all.

Think carefully. Seriously think carefully. Do any of these things happen to you:

  • Loss of energy, especially after talking to someone
  • Feeling “down” or depressed after seeing a certain person
  • Feeling like a “sponge” sucking people’s negativity
  • Fear, shaking, confusion after boss gives you “the talk”
  • Intaking on someone’s problems
  • Telling someone your plans and then your plans do not turn out
  • Feeling like someone “sucks you dry”
  • The irritable feeling when you are around someone
  • Irritation in certain parts of the body when you are around someone
  • Someone you deal with is always in drama mode or negativity mode
  • You feel like you want to run away from someone
  • Your life does not work out like it should: love, finances, plans (in this case, you may be attacked by several psychic vampires).
  • Headaches
  • Loss of youth
  • Getting skinny and tired
  • There is a “friend” who calls you with consistent problems and it is all drama
  • You do things for someone without getting much in exchange
  • You do things for someone but don’t know why
  • Other unexplainable symptoms after dealing with someone or people

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, you are most likely a victim of psychic vampirism. What are the consequences? Here are just some:

  • Your relationships don’t work out
  • Money loss, or what’s called “money slipping through the fingers”
  • Your plans do not work out
  • You age faster and get energy depletion
  • You may get sick and that sickness is NOT yours, but you still carry it
  • Negative Spirit attachments attach to you
  • Nightmares
  • Your life just does not work out

Psychic vampirism is a very serious issue these days. VERY SERIOUS. And here is why: more and more people are getting used to getting what they want, without putting effort and responsibility into it. So, they look for co-dependent victims to “glamorize” through all sorts of stories while subconsciously connecting to you.

Vampire’s biggest FEARS are responsibility, facing reality, adequate people who see “through them” and breaking illusions. Anyone who calls them out – instantly complains that such a person is an “as@%le”.

They usually blame others and you feel very sorry for them. But it is all done on purpose to get inside your compassionate soul and suck you dry! Or they connect to other dark people for “mutual dark support” to “recharge their drained batteries”.

So, they look for victims. Someone who has a weaker subconscious mind and someone who has self-worth issues. Usually, these are the perfect victims of psychic vampires.

These vampires have their own tricks: they glamorize you, make you feel important, even loved, and tell you how valuable you are (or the opposite – they don’t pay much attention to you so you cling to them. That’s another manipulation tactic).

Usually, a vampire can play the “push and pull” game with you. Today, they are hot towards you, and tomorrow they are distant. This is done on purpose to keep you at bay.

They know their tricks. They have strong projection powers and know how to get under your skin. Sometimes, you try to lose one but somehow, they end up winning.

At PlutoCraft, we take this issue VERY SERIOUSLY.

And we offer a very special, extensive, and powerful candle spell to:

  • Disconnect vampiric cords from you
  • Cleanse you of vampire garbage that was thrown at you (and yes, they willingly throw their problems at you)
  • Protect you ageist them
  • And a couple of other “goodies” we will not write about

But I want to URGE you to take care of your issue with psychic vampires as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more damage you sustain.

In fact, psychic vampires are masters of creating co-dependency. Watch out for that! It is a big trap. They know tricks on how to keep you. An inexperienced person is nearly guaranteed to lose against a psychic vampire.

And consequences can be VERY HARSH, I am NOT kidding you! I saw it personally. They can turn an athlete into a nearly handicapped person.

The problem is you MAY be dealing with several of them at the same time.

And Oh My God if you have sex with one of them. Then, you need some VERY SERIOUS CLEANSING!

Some vampires know they are psychic vampires. Some don’t. But it doesn’t matter, because YOU suffer anyways!

Sure, they get their own suffering, but they know how to compensate for that using people like you.

If you believe you are a victim, urgently write us or order our Psychic Vampire Protection Spell as soon as possible!

You WILL see the difference! And it is ALWAYS good to be protected against these people. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THIS LIGHTLY UNLESS YOU WANT YEARS OF HEALING!!! I am VERY serious!!!

We offer SUPREME power protections on multiple layers so they cannot get to you and provide you with instructions on how to beat them.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: I REPEAT AGAIN – THIS IS NOT A JOKE and this “disease” is spreading fast!!!

Don’ be a victim – BE A VICTOR!


There are two main ways to do protection against psychic vampires: the HEALING process if the vampire is dear or to you DESTRUCTION process if you can care less about them and want to take revenge. We do both.

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