What To Know About Lack Of Motivation.

lack of motivation Lately, more and more people experience the lack of motivation.

I decided to write what I know about lack of motivation. This information comes from my personal experiences and experiences working on motivation cases for the clients.

Here are some most common reasons for lack of motivation:

  • Lack of awareness of what you want
  • Disbalance between conscious and subconscious mind
  • Negative experiences from the past
  • Involvement of Black Magick
  • High sensitivity
  • Allowing other people to tell you how to love, what to do, etc…

How do I “fix” lack of motivation for clients?

I can’t answer this question because each case is individual. There is no set in stone rule.

Sometimes I do remote influencing and sometimes I run an uncrossing candle. Sometimes the whole set of rituals is needed.

But I will provide a list of possible solutions and see if any of them resonates with you:

  • Do an uncrossing candle to uncross your motivation, no matter what caused it.
  • Do Mars planetary candle to bring in motivation and passion.
  • Meditate on the situation and ask yourself what may be the cause. See what comes up. Pay attention to your body and see if you actually feel it anywhere in your body. If you do, try to recall the first memory that comes to your mind and is associated with this feeling.
  • Figure out if you are aware of what you want. If you want something one day and the next day you want something different, and you can’t stick to what you want – then your awareness may be blocked and you may be gong through emotional roller coaster. You may also have feelings that you can’t get what you want.
  • Do prayers. They are very, very powerful! Read A Prayer That Always Works! You can get it here: www.APrayerThatAlwaysWorks.com
    This prayer works true miracles and it is especially good when conscious, subconscious and Higher Self issues are involved.
  • See if you have anyone’s “voices” in your head when you try to do something. For example, you want to take a mini vacation but your ex bosses voice rings in your head that “you need to work hard to get somewhere”, even though you don’t work for that boss for over 5 years.
  • See if your current Astrological location supports your dreams, love, money and of course… motivation. Lately, I discovered the importance of the current Astrological location. I was amazed how important it is! I’ve done several experiments of turning on my sensitivity and driving distances to “love and money” areas, “easier life” areas and “crazy” areas. I also took someone else with me who also felt the shifts. What you can do is locate your desired areas and take a drive there. You can be amazed how suddenly your love life improved within just hours being at your love area! I am personally very excited about this that I plan to offer individual reports for best Astrological areas!!! This will be a new service on PlutoCraft because I tested and it works amazingly well! And if you want yours sooner, contact us and we can do it!
  • See if you have a depression or other problems. Obviously, you need to see a qualified doctor for that. I am a big adviser to see the doctor AND work metaphysically too. Medicine and doctors are there for the reason. I know that some people feel ashamed to see “mental” doctor but there should be absolutely no shame. Hey, it may not even be your fault that lack of motivation happens! And it can be a very fun experience!

No matter what, don’t let a lack of motivation stop you. It can become more and more of an issue. I think it is much better to deal with it as early as you become aware.

Take action!

Wish you only the best,

Master PlutoCraft

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