PlutoCraft Astrology Report
Love Miracle Couples Series

A MUST HAVE report for ANYONE who wants to get and keep their ex or
have a dream relationship with any person you love!

Get deeper and deeper into your lover’s psyche!

As you know it, the fastest way to your lover’s heart is knowing their
deep secret buttons.

PlutoCraft created. Couples approved. Expert recommended. The only Astrology report that is specifically designed for you and your loved one to quickly reconcile and keep lasting, happy relationship. And most importantly – make your lover fall in love with you so madly, that they think about you and only you.

Specifically designed for couples in trouble:

  • The best and certain way to start getting your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back
  • Find out their most intimate personality secrets they never told you
  • Keep loving, lasting and happy relationship for as long as you like
  • Know how to attract that someone special you like!

Make sure you want it! Really want it!

Deep sky hold the mysteries. Your mysteries. And your loved one’s…

You can unlock these mysteries right now and get the keys to your lover’s heart.

Losing your love is no fun. It feels almost like a tragedy sometimes. All sorts of thoughts fill your head. You feel all sorts of emotions. You ask all sorts of questions.

Confusion is present too. You start searching for the answer to the # 1 asked question: “Why did it happen?”

And then, questions like: “Why did it happen to us? What did I do wrong?” come in your head.

It feels unfair. Unjustified. Inadequate. Embarrassing. You tried your best. Sure, maybe you did some mistakes, but who doesn’t?

Get Excited Because The Cure Is Here!

In a few short days, a mailman will carry an envelope to your door.

In that envelope, there will be your personal and confidential PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series!

In that report, you will find the keys to your lover’s heart. In fact, several!

You can instantly start using these keys right away to win him or her back.

You will find their most intimate personality secrets, the ones they never told you about.

And by knowing that MUST KNOW information, not only you can connect with them on the deepest level possible, but you can even start easily “mirroring” them.

Note on mirroring: mirroring is an NLP technique that is often used to gain access to an individual on a deep subconscious level. Basically, you observe the body language of an individual and copy couple of the “things” to connect to them.

But forget that type of mirroring. It is a burden. It requires lots of study, work, observation and sometimes it is very visible to another person.

I am taking about something much more powerful than that. I am talking about something that goes even beyond subconscious mirroring here!

See, once you know what your ex craves, you can easily let them know that you ARE the person they are always looking for!

And guess what? You won’t even have to say a word to them. They will instantly be able to subconsciously pick up the vibe themselves, and fall for you head over heals before you even know it!

Once you do it right, no longer will you have to chase them because they’ll the chasing YOU!

And you know what’s really cool? YOU AND ONLY YOU will have TRUE access to your lover’s heart. See, their personality secrets are so intimate that your ex never tells them to anyone else. Very often, they are not even consciously aware of some of them themselves!

Others may try to get their mind. You’ll be able to have access to their heart AND mind.

Now, THAT is a true power you’ll possess!

And they won’t even know why, and they won’t even care why YOU will be the person they always dream about – on both, conscious and subconscious levels!

CAUTION: I want you to use this information very responsibly! Because it has more power than you may even be able to realize! Abusing this information for revenge, getting even or evil manipulative purposes can easily fire back on you. On the other side, using this information for happiness and love brings rewards!

It can be your instant, certain and permanent cure for all the problems with getting and keeping your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.


Quick Example How It Works:

I offer an example report below.

You’ll get there soon.

But for now, let’s quickly take a look at some pieces of information from an example report:

In the example report, a girl named Alice Woodinville wants to reunite with Michael Reisenberg.

Since this report is designed for couples, I refer to both parties as “you”, dividing the information under different sections. Don’t worry, it will all be crystal clear to you soon.

So, Alice gets the report and goes to Michael’s section. In there, she quickly discovers the first key to Michael’s heart:


“You need plenty of mental stimulation and you feel close to people with whom you can share thoughts and mental interests. Conversation is very important to you. The strong, silent type of partner is not for you.”

Aha! Bingo!

Alice now understands that Michael NEEDS a plenty of mental stimulation!

So, that’s why he started getting so attracted to other girls who are cheering and talkative!

And look at the other line from the example report that says:

“…you feel close to people with whom you can share thoughts and mental interests”.

Now Alice can go even step further to find out WHAT EXACTLY those interests are.

She looks in the report and again, BINGO!

Here is just ONE key from Michael’s mental interests section:

“You are not interested in subjects that are wholly abstract or technical. There must be a personal, human element to evoke your interest. Your interest is people and their inner motivations, feelings, personal lives, and experiences. You are a natural listener with a talent for getting others to talk about their lives, dreams, desires – the things that are personally meaningful to them.”

Now Alice understands WHY Michael is so connected to girls who are talkative and even deeper interested in girls who are talkative about what motivates them, their personal lives and the emotions they experience!

And this is just ONE key that can be easily and strategically used! Just one quick, minor example!

Of course, it goes deeper and deeper!

REMEMBER: with this report you can know your lover’s hottest likes and nastiest dislikes!

Take charge and win your lover with ease!

Matched For Perfect Compatibility

To make your job even easier, I will also include the compatibility report.

Compatibility report will tell you where you are “lacking” and where you are “excelling”.

This way, you can instantly start getting the clues on which areas you want to start with FIRST.

This way, getting into your lover’s head and heart has never been easier!

Did you know: Compatibility plays the most important role in relationship tranquility. Without knowing it in details, one can have a hard time to find the troubled areas. Start with compatibility and use many, many additional pieces of information to make your strategy as strong as steel! And watch your “competition” left far behind!

Easy Tranquility For Your New Relationship!

No longer will you need to go against the flow because you will be able to read your loved one like a book.

You will be able to know what makes your lover tick, what makes your lover happy and on the other side – what upsets your lover and puts them at rage.

When used right, it is surely the easiest and most certain cure for painful relationship failures and embarrassing break-ups. It is the best remedy against your loved one leaving you!

Use it to go from being apart to being together once and forever (or as long as you want).

This new wisdom and information will be your best weapon of choice!

Strong Love, Passionate Sex, Ultimate Happiness And Everything In Between Always Ready
At Your Fingertips 24/7

Only you can make the choice and take certain specific actions to have happy and lasting relationship with someone you love.

Next time you have a question like:

  • Why did we break up?
  • Why did he or she left me for another person?
  • What does my lover find so attractive in that person?
  • What can I do to bring my ex lover back?
  • How can I keep them?
  • How can I make my lover see me as a person of their dreams?
  • How can I make them love me and only me?
  • How can I make both of us happy once and forever?

Words Of Wisdom You Must Know

Look, let me tell you something. You know that I worked on countless amounts of couples. Anyways, here is a secret I want to share with you: it is nearly impossible to keep your lover with you if your lover is deprived of their inspirations.

And this is a big reasons why so many relationships break up. You first fall in love, all excited, screw like rabbits and then – something happens. Things start slowly (or quickly) to “go down”.

You think that something is another girl or boy, circumstances, other people, schedules, etc… In other words, you think it is external source.

No. I am here to break the grand illusion. Things mentioned above are the consequences of that something. They are the vehicles through which relationship misery manifests and may continue to manifest even after the break up.

That something is usually a deprivation of a certain area of a relationship and personality. For example, a deprivation of your lover’s interest to express creativity.

To you, in may seem like not a big deal. Actually, to their conscious mind it may seem like not a big deal… And usually, it is not UNTIL your lover meets someone who is excited for them to express creativity and the next thing you know – they are “hanging out”…

Here comes a very big challenge: most people don’t even know what makes them tick themselves! They THINK they know, but they don’t.

And usually, their illusion of knowing comes from learned behavior from early childhood.

It’s not like your ex lover can just tell you: “Give me more reasons to be creative and I’ll feel deep emotional attachment to you plus our chemistry will go through the roof. Oh and yeah, I’ll also feel uncontrollable sexual urges towards you that will make us explode in hottest orgasms ever!”.

No, they are not aware of what truly makes them tick themselves! It is deeply hidden and repressed within the realm of their subconscious mind!

That’s why they may feel deep emotional attachment beyond the control towards that other person who encourages them, unrepresses them, to creatively draw pictures or dance!

Remember you experienced those moments yourself? Can you feel what it feels like again?

Because your lover doesn’t know their true selves, they can be so easily manipulated by other people and circumstances. Or, re-attracted by you with even much stronger feelings than ever before! With this knowledge, the choice is yours!

Take control in your hands. With PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series you can know your loved one better than they do themselves. You can know your relationship better than anyone else and ever will. And very importantly – you can truly know and understand yourself!

Let’s face the truth: while you may think you are ready to do everything possible to win your lover back, it is equally and maybe even more important that YOU are happy!

When you are happy, you make others automatically and addictively happy too, even at the distance! And people magically get drawn to you like bees to the honey.

That’s why I do the best report on you, your loved one and your relationship!

My passion and excitement to help you is here. Is your passion and excitement here too?

You Cannot Get This Type Of A Report Anywhere Else

I’ve always wanted to find the best and easiest way for people to take charge of getting their loved one in their hands.

I wanted to find a true miracle, a certain instant and permanent cure for failing relationships.

I started searching within deep and hidden realms of Astrology for the answers and I believe it has finally arrived!

Look at some benefits you can get with PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series:

  • Easily get access to your lover, their being, mind, emotions and ambitions to re-attract your lover quickly!
  • Effortlessly build strong, lasting happy relationship filled with true joy
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest extend and live happily!
  • Have complete freedom from fear, pain, emotional hurts and eliminate the dangers of break ups
  • Explore deepest sexual realms with your loved one while enjoying true sexual companionship
  • Create comfortable and exciting living conditions with your loved one
  • Be # 1 in their life when it comes to romantic and sexual types of love
  • Care for yourself and loved one on the level others only dream about
  • Have excellent social life and full acceptance with the person of your dreams!
  • Never again let anyone lure in or steal your loved one
  • Make your loved one addicted to you in the healthy way, while they love the addition themselves!

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get:

  • 44+ pages of valuable information related to you, your lover and your relationship. It covers the areas of being, mentality, emotions, ambitions and other very important influences for you and your lover. You’ll also get compatibility report on top of it!
  • Professionally crafted, personally reviewed and individually outlined by Master PlutoCraft (what I do is personally outline the most important aspects you absolutely must pay attention to when I craft your report).
  • Additional energy evaluation to let you know what’s very important right now.
  • Suggestions to make the maximum improvement for even easier use.
  • Created in PDF format for easy reading on computer or other
  • Ready to be printed out
  • Copied on CD for you to have as a copy
  • Shipped at no cost on a CD by Priority Mail within USA or First Class Mail Internationally

Release all your fears and anxieties, trust the process and expect miracles!

When It Comes To Your Deeply Desired Relationship, Feel Assured That This Can Be The BEST INVESTMENT EVER!

Add To Cart And I am not talking just about your money investment.

I am also talking about investment of your time and dedication.

I perfectly know that when you have a problem, there is a lot of information available.

However, I want you to realize something.

I want you to realize right now that PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series is NOT a bunch of worthless information.

Treat it as your SOLUTION because I am very passionate and genuinely excited to help you!

And yes, for the price of course! For the total price of $700.00 for everything and it is totally worth it, because you get high-caliber product and service from me.

I would love to put my time and passion to help you reunite with your loved one!

And I am very excited to hear YOUR success story!

Did you know? I actually do read your and your lover’s energies when working on your report. That’s why I outline the very important aspects and information for you. When you’ll be reading your report, you’ll be paying attention to the outlined parts because they have great importance for you!

Psychic Guidance Included Too

As a bonus, I’ll also provide you with important psychic guidance. When working on your report, my psychic powers will be turned on and I’ll be able to channel what’s very important for you.

Pay very close attention to the included psychic guidance. It has been proven over and over again to help tremendous amounts of people in all kinds of situations!

I am staying highly intuned with the Universe to get the best possible help for you and I am very honored to present it to you.

Get Your Report Now!

Add To Cart You can get PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series now or you can get it later, the choice is yours.

However, don’t delay. Seriously.

As you know it yourself, the more you delay in terms of getting your lover back, the harder it becomes.

On the other side, the faster you take the right action, the easier it becomes.

The good thing about PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series is that it helps even with relationships that broke off a very long time ago, for whatever reason.

I can easily assure you that I am very passionate to help you succeed right here, right now. And when someone is passionate, you definitely get better results. You know it yourself. I know it.

Make sure you agree to use it all for good when you order PlutoCraft Astrology Report – Love Miracle Couples Series!

Your Questions Answered:

How does the process work?

It is very simple. You order the report from our store by either using ADD TO CART button below or by clicking here. After you make the payment, Master Plutocraft will contact you by email and will send you a quick form to fill out. All you need to do is provide as much information as possible: your name, date of birth and time of birth if you have it. You must also provide your lover’s name, date of birth and if you have it – time of birth. You must also specify your city, state and country where you and your lover resides.

The most important pieces of information are your dates of birth and current location.

Then, I take time to conduct the report, do the guidance and ship it to you by mail!

And then – you enjoy it and reap the benefits from it!

What happens if I do not know all the birth details?

It is not necessary to have a time of birth, however it is helpful. If you don’t have it – not a big deal. Birth time will be set for 12:00 AM. Again, dates of birth and current location are the most important pieces of information.

I live outside of USA. Can I still buy and are there are any extra shipping fees?

Yes, you can certainly go ahead and purchase your report. There are no extra shipping fees for International mail. The shipping is FREE to anywhere in the World.

Is this confidential?

Yes, absolutely! All orders will have SEM marked on them for the company name on the envelope. Also, we never share your information with anyone.

Can I see the example report so I know what I am certainly getting?

Yes! Absolutely! Click here to download an example! You can also do right click and select “Save As” to save it on your computer.


Astrology Relationship Report Add To Cart


  • Interruption
    June 13, 2015 5:52 pm

    What is the difference between using this and simply just getting a reconciliation spell from you to get my ex back?

    • This is a big question! I urge you to read through this page and also check out the Before Reuniting with Ex Lover ebook to fully understand the differences.

      To put it simply: A relationship report provides you with the tools to understand your partner, yourself, and the full range of your compatibility – and incompatibility – as well as how to make this information work for you. Obviously, it is also focused strongly on Astrological aspects. You can think of a Relationship Report as a well of information and advice you can return to again and again.

      In a Reconciliation Case (ritual work) or a love candle spell, magick is performed on your behalf to allow each of you to come together and rebuild your relationship. The details of this will obviously vary depending on your individual situation and what exact work is needed. This is why a Diagnostic reading is a powerful precursor to any love magick.