Why Case Diagnostic Are Performed

PlutoCraft performs Case Diagnostics for many reasons, however, the major reason is this:

To get you the fastest, most efficient results at the lowest cost.

What Is A Case Diagnostic?

A Case Diagnostic is a DISCOVERY process of your case. Many people THINK that they know what is going on, but our practice showed that this is far from truth, Thinking what is true and real truth have nothing in common.

Thinking what is true while it is not is an ILLUSION. So, just imagine what you are doing when you do Magick under illusion. More often than not, you are making your situation even worse and self-cursing yourself, digging yourself into a deeper hole.

Again, here is a typical example as I provide:

Jane thinks she needs a Love Spell to return her husband. After performing a Case Diagnostic, we discover that Jane needs counter-Magick and Uncrossing work to return her husband. Why? Because someone else likes Jane’s husband and hired a root worker to lure him in. This strategy brought total success. IF Jane would proceed with the Love Spell, she would create hate in her husband towards her. Why? Because casting Love Spells on someone who is bewitched creates counter-productive effect. On top of that, Jane herself would get a back-fire of Love Spell itself, making herself obsessed and illusional. This is just a very minor example of the story.Do not forget about past lives, Karma and other variables that go into the Love Magick, It is the most demanded, yet the most complex field of work that only handful of Magicians know how to resolve properly.

What Does Case Diagnostic Discover?

  • The root of the real problem (for example, cheating can be an effect of the cause of Black Magick), therefore “stop cheating” spells will not work. However, removal of Black Magick and Protection spells will stop cheating. Of course, the customer automatically thinks to order “Return To Me” spells or “Stay With Me” spells, while they need “Protection and “Uncrossing” spells. Only after Protection and Uncrossing is done, it makes sense to do other “returning” spells – IF they even need to be done. That’s because, very often, once negativity is takes down, a lover returns and all cheating stops on it’s own. Same principle applies to all kinds of Magick: Love, Money, Protection, Custom, Astrological – you name it!
  • Past life connections, oaths, pacts… Anything that has to do with past life and got transferred into this life.
  • Karma
  • Current life situation. The forces that go for you and against you (along with your situation)
  • What type of Magick is the best for your case (what spell work will be performed)
  • How much Magick is needed for your case
  • How long will it take to work Magick for us in order to get your case solved
  • Which Magick strategy will be best for your case
  • Approximate time frames for us, which we do NOT disclose to the customer. I write about this topic on my website.
  • The cost of Magick for your case
  • Whatever else information Universe needs you to know
  • Astrological aspects of the case on the top of the Physic information. Astrology plays a very important role when it comes to Magick.
  • Gemstone readings. We recommend you THREE top gemstones that will INSTANTLY start helping you out!
  • And there is so much more!!!

How Can I Get A Case Diagnostic?

Simply click here to get your Case Diagnostic. Remember, it is a complex process that takes about 3 – 5 days to perform.

Are Case Diagnostics Same As Psychic Readings?

No. They have nothing to do with psychic readings, even though psychic information is used. Put it this way: a psychic reading is several layers lower than a Case Diagnostic.

Case Diagnostics are much deeper, complex, advanced and profound than psychic readings.

They are also down to the point information rather than blah, blah, blah “talk”.