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A Prayer That Always Works A Prayer That Always Works – BEST SELLER!

You can use this powerful prayer to:

  • Clear your karma, including past lives, ancestors, and relationships.
  • Heal your life with deep forgiveness on all levels.
  • Let go of painful memories and move on to a better future.
  • Reconcile your relationships with family, friends, and ancestors.
  • Resolve any problem with the help of your higher self, inner child, and the Divine.
  • Cleanse your aura and balance your chakras with a simple request.
  • Remove harmful attachments to other people, places, or things.
  • Ask for answers to your most important questions (e.g. What is my life purpose?).
  • Relieve nightmares, insomnia, and fears.
  • Attract what you actually need, not just what you think you need.
  • Work on any issue you can imagine!
Candle Magick Ebook Written: September 22, 2012

Updated: January 14, 2014

A free magick book for you! Read this before (and after) getting any Magick work done with Plutocraft to increase your personal success & avoid many common mistakes that people make when having Magick done.

If you don’t want to download it through PayPal, you can download the pdf directly below:

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Master the Tarot in One Day!
  • How to become a psychic medium and solve your problems with precision and accuracy
  • How to go to THE SOURCE to manifest what you want and correct problems automatically — while you are doing the reading!!! THIS IS POWERFUL!
  • Discover hidden secrets of all kinds using your newly developed psychic powers
  • Know what people truly think of you when and where it matters most
  • Always know the truth and uncover cheating with a special Tarot spread
  • Find out where your wealth and money is, so you can automatically attract it
  • Know how to seduce that special someone by knowing their deepest secrets – instantly!
  • Overpower those who plot against you by doing just one psychic reading
  • Open your third eye the right and safe way to become clairvoyant
  • How to become more psychic and control the world around you without leaving your home!
Ex Lover Spell Published April 6, 2012

Updated: January 14, 2014

This ebook uncovers a lot of the “ins and outs” of Love Magick and contains information on the dangers of using or not using Love Magick.

It is a big eye opener written based on practical experience.

If you ever considered using Love Magick to reconcile a relationship with your ex by yourself, or hiring someone to do it, then you must read this ebook.

The information in this ebook is not found in any of the modern books which are mostly written by theories and installed belief systems.

This ebook is written by PlutoCraft (AKA Yevgeniy).

If you don’t want to download the pdf through PayPal, use the link the below!

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