gemini traits
May 21 – June 20

Traits of Gemini

Outgoing and quick-witted, the Gemini is one of the most intriguing signs of the zodiac. Ruled by the stony planet Mercury, the Gemini is represented by the twins and spans 60-90 degrees on the Zodiac.

The Gemini Is known to have two sides, thus the twins on one hand are flirtatious, outgoing and emotional, yet on the other hand erratic, indecisive and unpredictable. But this unpredictable nature of the Gemini leads to many exhilarating chance encounters. The twins always have an interesting story.

The twins are known to leave lasting impressions, as their friends are always left wanting more. Sometimes flakey, the Gemini always has multiple plans on their plate. Because the Gemini is so popular, they tend to spread a little of themselves everywhere.

Gemini Man

The Gemini man is a man of many faces. Just when you believe that you have conquered the mind of the Gemini man, he will shock with great force. This is due to the outgoing and erratic nature of the male twin. Just as he has many faces, he has many eyes. Keeping the attention of the Gemini man can be tricky.

Mercury is represented by the “Messenger God,” which explains the quick-wit and shift of emotions within the twin. Gemini loves relationships but also enjoys the spontaneity of the nightlife. For the Gemini man, it isn’t about conquering women, rather new possibilities…

The Gemini man is one of the easiest signs to communicate with. This ensures that enduring relationships continue to endure, as the twin is always devoted to his counter-part.

Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman loves to dress sexy and flirt. She finds great satisfaction in large groups with close friends and acquaintances. She is expressive and zealous, which attracts people from all corners. She is the honey comb in the forest.

The female twin loves to gossip. She is extroverted and never shies from expressing her feelings and concerns. She is verbal and quick on her feet, but never for narcissistic intent. Rather, the twin loves to entertain her peers with exotic tales and juicy drama.

The Gemini woman can be one of the hardest signs to peg, as her unpredictable nature can lead close friends to be hurt by her seemingly affectionate tendencies. On the contrary, the Gemini woman views her friends as flowers in her garden; ones which she may pick when she chooses. Some of her flowers wilt.

Sex with Gemini

The Gemini knows exactly what to say to land a sexual partner. Because the twins are so communicative, sex with a Gemini is fantastic. They are very perceptive to the desires of their lovers, and their extroversion enables them to get right to the source of their partner’s fantasies and needs.

The twins are prone to focus on their lovers during sex. They aim to please, and they always aim high. Because the twins are so flirtatious and spunky, sex with the Gemini can be just that. From nibbling on the ears to small bites of lust, the twins love to explore how far they can push their lovers.

One distinctive trait about sex with a Gemini is their ability to change. One sexual encounter could be focused on role-play while the next liaison, intimate and intense. Geminis are characterized by having distinctive eyes, which often explode in the bedroom. They love deep eye-contact, and are the best kissers of the zodiac.

Gemini in Love

Gemini falls in love and then falls out of love. The split-personality of the twin is often confusing to partners. One moment the Gemini is all in, calling every thirty minutes, ready to whisk away to a foreign country, and the next moment they have fallen off the side of the Earth.

Once a Gemini is really all in, they can become somewhat obsessive. The twins are prone to violence, and because of their sharp tongues, can get nasty during confrontations. But the Gemini only does this because they care, for the twins are devoted to partners whom they trust.

Geminis generally settle down later in life. They tend to choose partners who they would have never envisioned themselves with. This is due to the outgoing nature of the Gemini, which enables them to explore new people and possibilities.

Gemini with Finances

The twins do not like to work. For a Gemini, work is something that has to be done in order to sustain life and prestige. If a Gemini could have it their way, they would win the lotto and never work a day. Although the Gemini would soon find themselves bored and then again want to work, they wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do about it.

Because Geminis are so outgoing and flirtatious, they make excellent speakers. Jobs in sales, call-centers and even teaching are splendid career options. The Gemini also loves variety, so a career in which the Gemini can drop everything and pick back up somewhere else is a bonus.

The twins are one of the most giving signs of the zodiac. They love to pamper their lovers and suitors and see money as a way to travel and live. The Gemini is not skilled in long-term planning or saving, thus the Twins find themselves in money debacles frequently.

Attracting and Charming a Gemini

Geminis love witty banter, thus, the way to the twins’ heart is through excellent conversation. The twins also love someone who can make them laugh. In fact, the Gemini views humor as one of their biggest turn-ons.

Geminis love being social, so they seek the same traits in a mate. Charming a Gemini is like playing a game of seeming social and popular while still paying attention to the Gemini at stake.

The twins love intense eye-contact, so a great way to seduce a Gemini is by not veering away. Eye-contact is a sign of dominance, and the Gemini can see through the eyes into the soul.

Do’s and Don’ts of dating Gemini

  • Don’t try and make-up with an angry Gemini, wait for them to cool off.
  • Don’t avoid eye-contact, the twins will see that as a weakness.
  • Gemini is not a homebody, rather the opposite. Never try and lock down a Gemini.
  • Gemini sometimes uses sarcasm as a flirtation mechanism. If this happens, be flattered.
  • The Gemini loves compliments, especially off-centered ones.
  • Don’t try and make the Gemini jealous unless you are ready for confrontation.

Secret Gemini

If you were the girl who got her pony-tail pulled in class, chances are it was by a Gemini man. And if you saw someone get a drink thrown in her face, chances are it was by a Gemini woman. The Gemini is no stranger to drama. The Gemini is jealous and enjoys riling potential lovers. From sarcasm to witty debates, the twins love challenges.


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  • “Gemini falls in love and then falls out of love. The split-personality of the twin is often confusing to partners. One moment the Gemini is all in, calling every thirty minutes, ready to whisk away to a foreign country, and the next moment they have fallen off the side of the Earth.”

    Hahaha! I’m an astrologer and I haven’t figured how how to manage this one. I don’t act on it impulsively, but God forbid he pisses me off during the time I want to fall of the side of the Earth. He Leo, so he can be a total ass hole. That usually pushes me off the side of the Earth and he loves the challenge of bringing me back.

    Those who intend to win our heart mistakenly thinks just because we are talking to them, spending time with them and making passionate love to them that they are in and they relax and do something so repulsing. In reality they never made it past our critical minds and into our hearts. To win our hearts we have to feel that we can totally be ourselves. If you try to censor what we say, who we talk to, how long we should do this or that we become very annoyed.

    Our gift to our lover is freedom, anytime-anywhere-great sex and resilience. If you sulk, control or flounder in bed we get irritated! Other than that if you can get through the mountains of mental energy and into our hearts we will love you forever and take anything you throw at us.

    People mistakenly think we are superficial. It’s the opposite. We start off that way and welcome anyone who can takes us to depths we’ve never seen before. We will remain surface until the right one pulls us into the abyss and then we are done! So if you don’t go deep we will keep it light. If you take it deeper, be ready cause we can engulf you.

    You did a great job interpreting!