leo traits
July 23 – August 22

Traits of Leo

The Lion has a courageous heart and a zest for life. Ruled by the powerful sun, Leos are magnetic and majestic by nature, though they are sometimes autocratic and overbearing; traits that you would expect from the king of the jungle.

The Leo is always in the limelight, which is why it is appropriate that the Lion be symbolized by the sun, whose sign spans 120-150 degrees of the Zodiac.

Leos are often great athletes and actors. They are born leaders with strong personalities. Indeed, the Leo enjoys to conquer, and because of the Leo’s pragmatic personality, they are able to accomplish great feats.

Leo Man

Leo men often are charming with great, big personalities. They are generally boisterous and happy-natured. Leo men are extremely territorial of their friends and lovers, and can sometimes roar. The lion is known for his loyalty, though sometimes his pompous nature may detour strangers.

The Leo man is confident and generous. He carries himself with pride as he strides through the crowds of people. To the Leo man, there aren’t other people, just himself and his acquaintances.

The lion is usually concerned with his physical health, as much of his confidence is derived from his physical strength. He is ambitious and crafty, but sometimes vain, and rightfully so – women swoon over the sexy confidence emanated by the lion.

Leo Woman

The Leo woman is independent and strong. She never feels a need for a man, rather she enjoys the thrill of the attention. The lioness is loyal to her kin and generous to her lovers. She enjoys being pampered but also loves to pamper her own. She can sometimes be domineering, but often times this is a trait which draws people toward her.

The lioness is blessed with charisma and stamina. She can work all day and party all night. She is brave and never afraid to put herself on the line for the things she believes in. Sometimes she is stubborn, but she always will listen even when she seems lost.

The Leo woman takes pride in her appearance, and she loves the outdoors. Many Leo women enjoy exercising and meditating. For the lioness, life is an oyster ready to be shucked.

Sex with Leo

Leos love being bitten and scratched. Though they aren’t the kinkiest or the most intense of the zodiac, they are the best at what they do. Leos like a bit of experimentation from time-to-time but generally like to stick to the same routines and scenarios. This is because, simply put, they are connoisseurs in their field.

Leos are passionate lovers who enjoy fancy environments. They love plush beds and crackling fireplaces. Burning candles and scented oils drive Leos locos. They have a primal taste for the finer things.

Leos take pride in their sexual performances, which is why Leos are so good at what they do. They are so good in fact, that Leos love videotaping sex and watching themselves in mirrors.

Leo in Love

Leos generally fall in and out of love quickly. They start a relationship believing this is it but soon realize that their expectations fell short. The Leo needs a partner who can keep the Leo grounded. Leos crave to have their egos stroked, so any suitor of the lion needs to be affectionate and complimentary.

Leos in love can be adventurous, and they crave new and exciting things. The Lion is somewhat stubborn, so the thought of another mate will be sure to rile a Leo’s tail. Leo is territorial, and will sometimes result to violence if intimidated.

Leos are passionate and enjoy the essence of life. For the lion, finding love is an absolute necessity. The lion is a vivacious lover who enjoys making his or her partner feel good.

Leo with Finances

The lion is a natural born leader born to succeed. Leos always excel at work, and are often the one’s in charge. Leos make excellent managers, police-officers, business-men/women and any other career where the Leo can dictate the rules.

Because Leos are prideful, they see a failing business as a reflection of their own failure. This keeps the Leo motivated when it comes to finances. The Leo is independent by nature and never without a job.

Because the lion can be stubborn, it is not uncommon to see a Leo job-hop. Much of the time Leos overstep their boundaries, as they naturally seem to take the reigns. This can lead Leos to bigger and better fortunes, but for some Leos, it can lead to constant jumps from job-to-job.

Attracting and Charming a Leo

Leos are hard-bodies, usually physically and mentally. They are generally attracted to other people who take care of their figures and who have an athletic tone. The lion has been known to sometimes be vain, so good looks go a long way for a Leo.

Leos also love compliments. From the simple to the extravagant – no compliment is too overzealous for the king. Leos like their partners to be aggressive emotionally and submissive sexually, as in, they want to be hit on, they just want to feel in control. The Leo melts like ice to the sound of a voice complimenting them.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Leo

  • Leos are drawn to fancy things: nice dinners, wonderful surroundings and posh gifts.
  • Never tell a Leo “no.” Instead, find a less challenging way to disagree.
  • Never try and make a Leo jealous, it will usually end in someone being hurt.
  • A compliment a day keeps a Leo at bay.
  • Leos love the outdoors. Sports and competitive games keep a Leo stimulated.
  • Never take the spotlight from the Leo; they will work extra hard to make you feel like a fool.

Secret Leo

Though Leos are known to be stubborn and strong-headed, they do have a soft-side deep down. Communicating with a Leo can be difficult, as they can be very one-sided and sometimes narcissistic. The best way to relate to the sweet, hidden core of the Leo is by relating situations to themselves. Deep down, the Leo longs to be tamed.


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  • Awesome! Yet another of the few astrology websites that mentions Leo’s more forceful and dominant qualities not just his creative and generous side! He’s a powerful lion after all!

  • Hmmm…but I strongly disagree about he “deep down Leos long to be tamed.” No one can tame a Leo or should they unless the Leo really wants it. Most, however, prefer to stay the wild, powerful and dominant lion they are!