Picture representing taurus traits

Taurus Traits

Taurus traits apply to people born from April 20-th to May 20-th. The bull is a loyal and gallant sun sign ruled by the mystical planet Venus, spanning the 30-60th degree of the zodiac.

The bull is a vivacious sign with a need for security and intimacy. The bull is robust – a crowd-pleaser which, much like Aries, can charm and seduce other signs. Taurus is Earthy and known to be kind-natured, popular, and devoted.

The Taurus is very perceptive and slightly judgmental. Bulls are known to have a keen eye on not only their clothes but their surroundings. The bull is kind-natured but can be materialistic and jealous. They lust for love, and there is nothing more jealous than a scorned Taurus.

Taurus Traits In Men

The Taurus man is usually the handsome guy meandering the party, leaving a trail of laughter and gazing eyes in his path. He is often considered to be “metro-sexual”, or at least concerned with his appearance. He looks good, he smells good and he has all of the right things to say.

Taurus men are often playful and full of fantastic conversation. They are generally sensitive, and because they are so perceptive, they are able to get along with all different types of people.

Because the Bull is slightly hard-headed, the Taurus man will often start a debate which he is effortlessly able to finish. His intuitive nature makes winning that much easier, though the bull’s ultimate ambition is never to actually win. Instead, the Taurus man is more interested in the reactions of his carefully selected words.

Taurus Traits In Women

The Taurus woman is a free-thinking woman who loves the attention of her peers. She, much like her male counterpart, is impeccably dressed and is usually the belle of every ball.

Taurus women love relationships, though they are selective of partners. The Taurus woman enjoys creating challenges which she knows she will succeed. She is a “Conquista”, a natural-born winner with all of the right tricks up her sleeve. She is playful, creative, and intuitive.

The Taurus woman loves her conquers, but she doesn’t fall in love easily. The Taurus woman tends to stick to friend-zones, though she enjoys knowing that her pursuers fancy her. She is a strong woman who knows how to have a good time without taking it too far.

Sex With A Taurus

Bulls are excellent in bed. Their playful and perceptive nature makes them fantastic lovers. Because the bull usually falls “in love” with the mind; sex, too, can be a mind-game. From handcuffs to talking dirty – bulls enjoy being in control but are never consumed with it.

Because bulls are natural sportsmen, their libidos run hotter than any other sign on the zodiac. Though other signs are known for their sexually-charged nature and intensity (such as Aries and Scorpio), none can match the endurance of the powerful bull. The bull can make love for hours and can keep going and going…

The Taurus is known for being very sensual, so when sleeping with the Taurus, the partner’s needs are always met before the Taurus’s needs. This keeps lovers of the Taurus aching for more and more, and while the love is being made, the Taurus is eager to give more and more.

Taurus Traits That Resonate In Love

The Taurus does not easily fall in love, as they are very selective of their partners. The Taurus is most attracted to the mind and spirit, where looks may sometimes come second. The bull is romantic by nature, so dates, flowers, and dinners are a part of courtship.

The Taurus is very devoted, so they are not likely to cheat. They make excellent friends and they value the importance of a real connection. Usually, falling in love with the bull is a lengthy process. Taurus likes to be certain of reciprocal devotion before diving into love.

Deep down, the bull longs for security. Sometimes a mentally sound mind is comforting enough for a Taurus to make a selection based on “the odds.” Bulls usually look for a lover with money, not because they are looking to spend it, but because it correlates with security.

Taurus With Finances

Bulls are very concerned with their finances, and the finances of their partners. For a Taurus, money is key to a secure and decent lifestyle. The bull loves to splurge on lovers, as money is one step in the courtship of the Taurus. From expensive meals to lavish vacations, nobody does it quite like the bull.

Because Tauruses are so perceptive and hard-headed, they generally make excellent doctors, dentists, and professors. They enjoy careers where they are mentally-stimulated, in-control, and compensated well.

The Taurus values nice things but isn’t obsessed with them. For the Taurus, material possessions are fun to play with and nice to look at. The Taurus doesn’t necessarily care about the social status associated with them.

Attracting And Charming a Taurus

The Taurus is always paying attention. Bad first impressions are generally last impressions, though the Taurus won’t let you know. Instead, the Taurus will just disappear, as they are very skilled at hiding their distaste.

Bulls crave good conversation and are attracted to interesting minds. They enjoy being challenged, though they aren’t happy to argue or be physical. On the contrary, the Taurus will remain relaxed and will not show their true feelings.

Charming a Taurus is about old-fashion sophistication. They enjoy working for attention and approval, though they won’t ever be walked over. The Taurus is attracted to smart, easy-going people who are polite and generous.

Do’s And Don’ts When Dating A Taurus

  • The Taurus is playful, but not crazy about spontaneity.
  • The bull loves to feel sexy and attractive to others, even if they are devoted to their lover. The bull is not keen on jealous lovers who hold the bull’s vivacious social life back.
  • Bulls are not usually attracted to people who seem too easy or too sweet.
  • Discussing politics and literature is a popular topic with the Bulls.
  • The ego of the Taurus needs to be fed.

Secret Taurus Traits

Making love for a Taurus is like making music: The Taurus values each sexual encounter as a splice of memory that they want to fondly reflect back on. Foreplay is extremely important, and the Taurus enjoys allowing you to seduce them.


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  • Ehhhh…gotta disagree when you said “none can match the endurance of the powerful bull” in bed. None maybe except Leo who’s an even more powerful lion! Leo rules the Fifth House of Pleasure which includes sex and Leo is also a fixed sign so he has immense endurance! Leo is also a fire sign (natural element of passion) and a lion is the predator while a bull although strong, is still its prey! No zodiac can match Leo’s pure physicality! ;)

  • this is beautiful information you have here about a Taurus.