“50 attempted and carefully planned suicides in 10 months…” Wow…

See, what happened was, not a long time ago, I released this one prayer…

And I knew that it was powerful. Very powerful!

But! At the same time, I think I could have UNDERESTIMATED how

Why would you want to know it in the first place?

Because, read Ahmed’s gut-wrenching, lay awake at night, deeply emotional,
tear dropping real story
of what this prayer caused to him!!! And what I did from
my part, and where you too can get the prayer….

And you will read the full story from beginning to the end,
you will never think the same!

I GUARANTEE it is dramatic, hypnotizing and most importantly – EMPOWERING,
because this is a true story of a REAL HERO!

And I also want you to send blessings for him, so he can
experience abundance on all levels faster than ever!

And you know, what emotions you send out, same comes back, right?

So, here is the real Warrior Ahmed’s story:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I will give you my full story and give you permission to post it on your websites. I will talk about the build-up of events that caused me problems and how I overcame them.

I first contacted you on 19th March 2012 (on my 22nd birthday) because I was sick of being lonely on yet another birthday and I wanted you to do some love and sex magick work. As you did the case diagnostic a lot of problems came up.

Let me explain my history first.

I didn’t have the best of upbringing. I was abused as a child by family and the local religious community, from the age of 3 stabbed, dislocated joints, broken bones, cigarette burns…

Abuse went on and got much worse from 13 and onwards because that’s when I decided I no longer wanted to go to mosque (because of abuse and not happy on having beliefs forced on me). Around 13 was when shamanism and witchcraft found me.

I had a hidden stash of books which was found by my “family”. It was a really bad thing because generations back my ancestors used to stone and burn people for being accused of witchcraft.

Due to my beliefs I had been stabbed and suffered from broken bones (being hit by hammers and crowbars) since my early teens. Had I not defended myself on each occasion (almost daily for the past 10 years), I would had been fatally hurt. They believed it was totally ok to treat me like that, they believed in their “religious law” I should receive the stoning and burning to death punishment which is still practiced on other parts of the world today. Unfortunately my “family” are one of those crazy religious people and due to abuse at a very young age it took me until now (23) to get out of it, it wasn’t easy and it could have cost me my life so many times.

I just want to say that it’s not specific religions that are bad, its people. Unfortunately crazy nutjobs are found in all societies.

I kept it together all these years until July 2012 when I had a cancer scare, I kept it hidden from “family” but they found out in November 2012 and once again was beaten and wounded. I finally left home and moved into university accommodation. I was studying social work, specialising in child protection because I don’t want others to go through what I had been through.

But I should have left home sooner, instead of moving on with my life I spent the last 10 months trying to commit suicide. In the UK we have the “right to die for the terminally ill” organisations holding “rational suicide” workshops where you not only are educated in a number of quick and painless ways to die but we get to “dress rehearse” our suicide to remove the ingrained fight or flight reaction.

I tried to commit “rational suicide” myself around 50 times over the last 10 months. I would check into a hotel room, put a note on the bathroom door and lock myself. Then I would proceed to do my own ritual which would end with me killing myself. But every time I stopped at the very last moment, even though I desperately want to leave this world, it just didn’t seem right. The “ritual suicide attempts” as I call it helped me cope, even though I didn’t go through it (I’m glad I didn’t now) they gave me a release from everything.

This wasn’t about attention seeking or because of anger towards “family”. I had left behind my old life but I was still left with the pain. It was about live free or die.

Then there was a period of being homeless for the past 3-4 months and only eating every few day. However a homeless charity for young people recently helped me, they help young runaways by providing a place to stay and food. It’s been 4 weeks since my problem of being homeless has been resolved.

Now this is where you came in. I was too far gone for anyone to help me or to help myself; I couldn’t work with things like Logical Soul but I had A Prayer That Always Works PDF on my laptop. It was just there, unread, never even opened the folder.

Then one day I was clearing out my laptop and came across A Prayer That Always Works, I thought I would at least read it as I have respect for your works. After reading a few pages, I couldn’t move away from my laptop, I read it all in one sitting. It was as if the Divine Creator have me a nudge in the right direction.

I not only learnt the theory that your past is just memories and with this Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer you can not only delete the beliefs, lingering energies and roots of the problem, but you can also delete the actual memory of the problem! It’s as though the problem didn’t exist in the first place!

It’s so easy to do and after reading the book I wrote a 5 page word document with all my problems that needed clearing. Everything is memories (past) and we are in the NOW. This Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer aligns the Universe, Higher Self, Conscious Mind and Subconscious mind (inner child) in harmony and erases all your problems.

I used the prayer to erase all emotional traumas from my past, erased suicidal tendencies, and got myself off the streets and living in a safe and comfortable place. When I’m using this prayer opportunities land on my lap.

Not only did the Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer save my life but it also gave me the opportunities to help others. It’s lit this fire inside me, a power and has guided me to help so many people and it feels amazing it help others!

I want to end this testimonial by thanking Plutocraft deeply from my heart; this guy does an amazing and rewarding job. Honestly, there couldn’t be a better job in the world, this guy helps others heal on all levels and empowers them to find their path, what better gift can one give to humanity?”

First of all, I want to thank Ahmed not only for an opportunity to share his story, but also
for courage to be himself, express his real feelings and not pretend to be “something else”,
like many others do.

Then, I want to congratulate him on overcoming the challenges of such a high caliber!

And then, I want to say that when Ahmed was in crisis, he came into my thoughts
several times and I prayed for him. I mean, I cleared. I cleared whatever that’s in me
that is causing all of this…

Wait, wait, wait! What do you mean “cleared in me” you may ask?

See, whatever is going on outside of you is a mirror of your subconscious mind,
which is in a heavy pain. It hurts. While you want your ex back, or a new car, or more money,
your subconscious mind cries in tears because you neglect it.

Surely enough, you don’t get what you want because only your subconscious mind
can send out the request to Higher Self.

So, I was clearing whatever that’s in me that attracted Ahmed’s pain. Once I release it in me,
we both can be released. And then, not only me, but also him can get more abundance
and prosperity.

In other words, his experience is a reminder of some sort of the memory my
subconscious mind was holding.

And yes, same applies to you! When someone complains to you, it is a projection of you
subconscious pain! Most people don’t care and then wonder why same experiences
may be happening
to them later.

So, let me ask you this: are you ready to release the pain and be clear, so
you too can finally start getting what you want within just hours?

If your answer is YES, and I expect you to say only YES, then I invite you to visit:
www.APrayerThatAlwaysWorks.com to start YOUR transformation right now!

And again, send blessings for Ahmed. And don’t be surprised to see this guy
soon as an honorable Spiritual Leader because this is what true Warriors
like him achieve!

Also, instead of sitting in pitty, pain, jealousy, burdens or whatever else there
may be, take charge RIGHT NOW with www.APrayerThatAlwaysWorks.com !!!

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A Prayer That Always Works is a pleasure and a healing for your inner child!